Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrong Kinda Hole There, Buddy!!!!

Very very sore today.  Got into a huge train wreck with a horse last night.  Whew!!  Every muscle in my body is sore sore sore.  It's super fun though, that I'm not afraid to get behind anything and drive them now.  Nothing I can put a cart behind will ever be as dangerous or crazy as this one has been.  I had hooves flying past my head and then he reared up and almost landed on me.  Good thing I had a moment of NOT being my usual clumsy self when I stepped out of his way!!  So freaking much fun though!!

So I get home at around midnight last night, because after the rodeo we still had to haul bags of grain to all the barns.  I go around the house checking on everything like I always do, making sure everything is locked up, dogs in kennels, blinds closed, and I finally get to my bedroom.  There is a hole in my bedroom door, about 8" wide by about 10-12" tall......I was so sore and exhausted I didn't even stop to check it out.  I showered and poured myself into bed.  This morning I ask Mister Wonderful what happened to the bedroom door and he laughed and said "oh, I locked myself out".  Huh????  Who the fuck knocks a hole in a door because they locked themselves out????   Besides, there is a key to the bedroom hanging with all the other spare keys on the mirror in the entryway.  Moron knows this.  It's been that way for the 6 or so years we've lived there!!!  So now my bedroom door is all ghetto with a massive hole all the way through it.  Unfreakingbelievable.

Bummer.  My friends community service has been switched from the police stables to some recycling place. No more fun stories.  Darn the luck.

So, when you live right on the water, like Jar does, do you have a lot of bugs and such around your yard??  Not being facetious,  I've really always wondered that about houses on lakes and ponds and such.

Still totally in love with how much better the jalopy goes down the road with new shoes on.  Man, I feel so spoiled now.

Papoose #2 has A LOT of homework every night from all of her pre a/p classes.  She is doing really well so far about being dedicated to hitting the books and not putting it off.  She is really being responsible about it without needing to be reminded.  That is a huge change from every year before.  All of the work has always come so easy to her, and she's always been one I've had to battle to get her to take her homework seriously. She is really impressing me with how mature she's become.

Piss off Jar!!!  Yes I just got that ice cream truck emailed to me yesterday.  So sue me, I haven't seen everything on the internet yet!!!!   :P   Show off.   *snicker*

God Almighty.  Everyone here at Job #1 are in loud obnoxious pissy moods today.  The other gal in the office and I were just saying how it's good we don't have any weapons or it'd be all over with.

I've never understood people who 'can't wait' to get their kids out of the house so they can have 'their' life back.  I've never felt that way and never will.  

James Earl is beginning to look like a tick.  Man those pugs can pack some weight on in a hurry.  He's in a stage of choosing when he will listen to me and mind me, and when he won't.  MW's idiot dog has been a naughty influence on him.

I'm a boring person today.  I have to go work now.  You guys have a great day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not On MY Plate, You Don't!!!

I'm never eating calamari again!!!!!

My dad made me try these ONCE. Bleh.

Man, I don't even like my steak too rare.  Those videos grossed me the hell out!!!

Texas Ice Cream Truck

Friend of mine emailed this to me today and it made me giggle.

Texas Ice Cream Truck 


Have you ever done or said something so absolutely retarded that you sit back in your chair thinking "How the FUCK did that get far enough through the normalcy sensors to make it through my brain and out of my mouth, or in this case down my arms through my fingers?"?????

Holy mother of God.  I can't believe the 'conversation' I just had with Jar.

I used to be a fairly intelligent woman.

I have evidently dissolved into something that could be one of Barrys commentors, in light of the dumb ass shit I just did/said.

God Almighty.

SOMEBODY JUST SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, Always Your Favorite Sins That Do You In...

Girl (And Boy) Interrupted, and The Car With New Shoes

Finally have new and safe tires and wheels on the jalopy.  I cannot begin to describe how beautifully it handles and rides now.  Wow what a difference. The jalopy loves his new shoes :-)   Money I didn't want to spend, but nothing to be done about it.

Our A/C went down some time before Papoose #2 and I got home from Job #2 last night.  Walked into the house and it was sweltering.  Mister Wonderful was holed up in the master bedroom with his head set on, deeply involved in some war in video land with a couple of empty beer bottles sitting next to his chair and was quite perturbed that I interrupted his bid for world domination by asking for help in trying to get the air conditioner back up and running so we girls could get a decent nights sleep.  With the help of Papoose #2 crawling into the tiny crawl space under the unit and cleaning it out and doing some other things for me, we finally had a cooler home to sleep in later by about 10:30pm or so.  Our A/C unit is the most jacked up poorly designed thing in the history of the world.  Piece of crap.  At least it's limping along for now. Thank God.

Worked at both stores yesterday, first at Euless then headed over to Grapevine to unwrap chairs, move tables and just generally start setting everything up.  We will be opening Wednesday.  Finally.  Yay!

Wednesday is also Papoose #1s 19th birthday.  I have no money to buy her anything, and she has to work till 9pm that night, so I am at a loss as to what to do for her.  She's so far away, I can't even drive out there just to see her at work.  Idk.  Very sad times right now.  Darkest before the dawn, I hope???????????

Got up early Saturday to go help my friends haul hay. That is a sucky job and I hate it more every time I have to do it.  The older I get, the more I 'sling' the bales around to get them where I want them, so I end up more sore every time.  I know better, but man it's a beating and I tear myself up every time.  We got out early, but still, by the time we got it out of the field, in the trucks, back to the farm and stacked in the different barns, we  were beat.  I am still so sore, esp my lower back, from slinging the hay sideways like I know I shouldn't.  Dummy.

This nonstop heat is kicking my ass and making me incredibly cranky.  I'm so sick of it.  When do I get to move to Tahoe again??????????????????????????????????????

MW announced Sunday morning while I was folding laundry and he was playing his killing games, that he had to break the news to some Kathy chick at one of his customers that he is married.  I asked him why the heck he would bother doing that, and to take her out for God sake, if that's what he wants to do.  He said nah, he'll screw around with her, but is liking the whole "married" card keeping him from having to actually have a relationship or put too much effort out there to woo them or be forced to spend a lot of quality time with them.  Wow.

Yes, my life is bizarre.

T-8 days till my house is auctioned off if I can't do something to stop it.  Somebody shoot me.  I'm too chicken shit to.

Do people actually make any money with the Snap On business anymore??  Sure doesn't seem like they would.  I only ask because the payroll wench here at Job #1 had to buy her boyfriend a Snap On truck after the idiot quit his regular job, just so he would have a job and she wouldn't have to be embarrassed around her friends and family about it anymore.....

So, since we will have so many stores, etc., the guys have rented an office from the office pod behind the Euless store, so they have somewhere to go and actually get some work done without being interrupted by every little thing that the managers on duty should be handling.  Well, every so often, The Real Deal and I will sneak over there for a little quiet time.  It's fun.  Adds a little young life to our hectic nothing but work and stress lives we live.  Anyhow, yesterday TRD's Brother/Business Partner walked in.  There is a main front lobby, then you go down a hall where there is a door to the big garage bay that belongs to the office space on one side and a restroom on the other side, then you get to the back where there are two big offices.  Of ALLLLL those doors, he heads straight into TRD's office where, had he shown up about 30 seconds earlier, he would have been murdered for interrupting a SUPER good time.  Haha.  The funniest part about it was, Brother says "Oh man, don't even worry about it, Pop's caught 'wife' and I doing the same thing in MY office last week"!!  I was like boys, we are a twisted group of people.  Hhahahahahahahahaa.

Well, have to pop some more advil for the stress headache and sore muscles, and get to work.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Everything Happens For A Reason

I ate a bunch of jalapenos with my dinner last night, and man were they ever tasty.  I am paying for that enjoyment today.  Nuff said.

I had an appointment in the Colleyville area yesterday afternoon.  Had to leave work a couple of hours early to get there.  After the appointment my stupid Google Maps GPS sent me across North Tarrant Parkway. The thing is massively under permanent construction and all I saw was miles and miles of cars standing perfectly still.  Jumped off that mess at the first street I found and had me a very nice tour of some gorgeous homes, winding my way around till I found Rufe Snow and headed north.  All I have to say is, it's a sad sad day when the traffic in Keller is a gloriously flowing respite from the traffic anywhere else.  Once I got back up into my neck of the woods, I realized how lucky I was that the GPS put me through that.  I would have been attempting to come across 114 where the tanker was burning out.  THAT would have really been a pisser, since there are so few ways off of 114 through there.  I stopped at the gas station at the exit of 35 at 114 by the Speedway and everyone in there was talking about the tanker right down the street.  What a mess.  Sorry I was cussing you, GPS lady.

Speaking of GPS ladies, Papoose #1 told me there is an app you can download so you can choose different voices for your GPS on your phone.  I can't seem to find it.  Anyone know anything about that??

James Earl the Pug is the funniest and sweetest dog ever.  However, it has been very frustrating to me that even though I'm the one that does everything for him and spends the most time with him, he seems to pretty much ignore me and want to run to or play with the other dogs or any other human around, other than me.  It has really bothered me.  Well, FINALLY he seems to be coming around and is following me around a bit.  Not totally, but he's getting there.  That was a small triumph that made me feel a little better this morning.

Thank you to my friends that took the time out of their busy lives to send me comments and/or emails yesterday.  I know I didn't respond much, I've been pretty withdrawn, but every word you sent meant the world to me, honestly.  Thank you.  I keep re reading all of it, and it helps.  I'm a mess, I know.

Please, for the love of all that's holy, please please please let the last two damn tires come in today.  That donut is a serious trooper though, gotta say.

When I got up this morning, the coffee was set up and there was a clean mug sitting next to the coffee maker. I was incredibly touched.

Papoose #2 is loving all of her classes this year so far.  She is still a little adrift with all of her friends scattered about, but she will do fine.  She and I have become so much closer with our one on one relationship blossoming.  I am enjoying it like no other.

Papoose #2 would love to be able to attend her chosen church every Sunday and Wednesday, but its half an hour away from the house, and with my work schedule, it's just not possible to get her there.  I feel horrible about that.  She is actually a very good role model as a Christian.  She holds true to her beliefs and her faith, no matter what comes at her or who tries to sway her.  I find myself amazed by her quite often in that, as well as other things.

Papoose #1 is also kicking ass and taking names.  I can't believe the amazing woman she has become.  She handles more than I ever could, as far as working to put herself through college and staying on top of all her responsibilities.  She too amazes me over and over again.

I am ever grateful they are both growing up so great.  I pray for their happiness and success always.

I have started reading a book that is about a late thirties aged woman who has a nervous breakdown and is put in a mental hospital.  I have mixed emotions about how the character makes me feel.  I begin to wonder if I should maybe be concerned about the parallels in our thought processes.  Hmmmm.

I know for a fact that everything will be ok.  It always is.  I just need to figure out a game plan.  I'm working on that.

And the beat goes on.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Collateral Damage

First off, the scarlet letter posting yesterday was not in answer to anything Mister Wonderful has said or done.  It was in reference to the response I have had to my rather peculiar living arrangements/lifestyle for the moment.  MW has actually been rather un jerk like lately.  He has his own thing going on, so that keeps him pretty occupied.

I find it strange that, after an entire life of living merely to please others and always trying to do the right thing, no matter the cost to my own happiness or well being, now I am just throwing my life out there, not caring what anyone else thinks.  I was 39 years old before I finally said ENOUGH and started living my life for me.  Stopped taking the abuse and mistreatment and started doing what made ME happy.  Before that, every breath I ever took was geared around making everyone else happy.

I still haven't gotten it all right, but I am working on it.

Money is a shitty thing when you don't have it.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn Job #2.

No matter how big of a dick he is, I can't stand to live like this with MW much longer.  Even though he has his own plans and agenda, I can't stand to do this anymore.  He is my friend, and I can't do this anymore.  It's wrong on so many levels.

I don't even pray anymore, because I really don't feel like I've got any right to ask for help on anything or forgiveness for anything, when I'm living the way I am.  I am at the end of my rope, truly.

I want to do all the right things so badly.  But I don't want to mess up Papoose #2's life for my own selfishness either.  I know MW would rather live like we are now, and keep the comfort of our home and keep things ok for Papoose #2 until she graduates, but I am not handling it as well as he is.  Especially since the house is on shaky ground now, financially.  I was doing ok when the house was secure, now, not so much.

All of the other people that are entwined in this, I hate it.   Everyone involved, from the Papooses to our friends, all want The Real Deal and I together.  Everyone knows it is the best thing, the right thing.  The girls tell me all the time, that they miss the peace and serenity that was our life when TRD and I were together full time.  

MW and I have never been in love.  That's not what this whole thing was based off of.  But on the other hand, even if the financial aspect of it wasn't involved, he's been part of my life for so long, I don't know how to let go either.  I am a train wreck.  I am a horrible person.  I wish I could have kept MW as my friend, so that I wouldn't have to give him up or hurt him in order to have true love and happiness in my life.  I wish I could somehow just feel that for MW.  I wish for things that cannot happen.

And, in the end, I did this.  I created this mess.  All me.  The guilt I feel over the chaos and ups and downs I've caused in the lives around me feels like it's pressing my heart out of my chest.  I couldn't even manage to find happiness the right way.  I even manage to fuck that up.  Man, I piss me off.

I just want everything to be ok.  I just don't know how to make it that way.

I need therapy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Silence Is Deafening.....


Hackycat makes me giggle every time.

Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You

From a Near Threesome to Back to School Blues

Back to school time is always an incredibly sad time for me.  Even though I've always had to work full time plus, it's always made me happy that during the summer break I can at least pick up the phone and talk to my kids, or have them here with me sometimes for this and that.  Back to school time is a sad time.

Papoose #2 had mixed emotions about going back to school this year.  She was very excited about all of her classes, just not sure she is ready for all of the bs drama that comes along with school.  Also, all of her very best friends graduated last year.  She feels adrift.  Each of her besties texted and called last night to wish her luck and tell her they love her.  What a super group of kids they are.  Love each and every one of them.

Papoose #1 has another week of heavy duty Residential Leader training before her classes officially start.  She is going to be completely beat down by the time she actually starts back into her education.  Poor kid.  But man, the experiences she's having and the memories she's making!!

This was the first year ever in the history of my parenting career that I actually got everything needed early enough that we didn't have to fight any back to school crowds, and my kid actually got everything she needed and got to pick and choose the colors/styles of things she wanted as well.  First time ever.  I have failed in so many big and small ways as a parent over the years.  I hate me for that.  Finally starting to get it together and do some things right, and one of them is already gone, the other one nearly gone......

I refuse to lick envelopes.  The mere thought of a papercut on my tongue makes me almost throw up.  Glue sticks are my friends.

Tires and wheels STILL aren't in.  Seriously guys????  That donut surely is a trooper though.

So, Mister Wonderful was recruited to take some customers to the Cowboys game yesterday.  About 30 minutes before they are all supposed to meet, the customer says "oh, sorry, can't make it".  So MW shows up at Job #2 to see if The Real Deal and his Dear Brother would like to go with him.  TRD couldn't go for a couple of reasons (neither one having to do with me) and Dear Brother was too far out of town.  Everyone was in a tizzy for having the opportunity to go and not being able to.  Strange life, this one, all of us there together trying to figure out how my husband and my boyfriend could manage to get to the game together.

MW ended up finding a few other customers that wanted to go, and headed out to the game.  As Papoose #2 and I didn't have a ride home because of MW being at the game, TRD took us home when we got off.  He very patiently took us around to run our errands first.  I made him some turkey sandwiches and sent them home with him.  When we first got in his truck at Job #2 to leave, it made a clicking noise and wouldn't start.  Then when he tried it again it started.  We made about four different stops at different stores and it started up every time.  We got to the house and I made his dinner and he headed home, it started up at my house.  He stopped to get gas at Race Track and it did the clicking thing and refused to start.  MW was heading through that way and was going to stop and help him see if they could get it running, but another fellow jumped it and they got it started before MW got there from the game.  MW thought it was the solenoid on the starter, but since it started with a jump he doesn't think that is what it is after all.  He told TRD to bring it to the house one night and they will work on it.  Again, bizarre life.

A couple of years ago when MW and I were fully seperated and living apart, TRD and I decided it would make more sense and save money if he put his cell on my account.  He took over paying for the cell bill each month, which includes his line as well as both Papooses phones and my phone.  Well, since it's my account, my name shows up no matter which phone is used to make a call.  You can call them and have that adjusted to show each users name on their number, but I've let it slip my mind to do so.  Well, yesterday I get a text asking why my name would show up on MW's work caller id when TRD called him??  (MW's company is doing business with TRD's company now).  Along with the text was a phone pic of the caller id and lo and behold, there was my name.  What could I say?  Told MW that years ago TRD got a line on my account and still has it that way, but I would call and have his name added to his line so that when TRD calls MW, he will know it's him at a glance.  MW's response to this new bit of information???  "That's cool, was just wondering, Toots".  Again, my bizarre life.

I have to call the mortgage company today and try again to figure out some kind of deal on the jacked up house thing.  I am not looking forward to this call, but I'm beginning to go numb about the whole thing.  I think the whole deal with the caller id thing and the game thing yesterday sorta pushed me over the edge to the point where I'm floating in a dream state.

I have to get to work now.  You all have a fantastic Monday.

Friday, August 19, 2011


The Gift of Flowers

Instead of just dropping Papoose #2 off at cross country practice this morning, I took a travel mug of coffee with me and stayed there and watched her, drank coffee, read my book....it was really nice.   On one round as she passed my car, she threw a little flower on my windshield.  She later told me that she saw it on one round and thought it was so pretty, so she scooped it up on her next round.  She is so incredibly thoughtful with things like that.  I like that kid.  I think I'll keep her  ;-)

Had a WONDERFUL drive with Deuce last night.  He did so ridiculously good.  I'm so happy to see his training coming along like it is.

LabPup Milo is like a displaced citizen lately.  First Mister Wonderful takes his kennel, which is his bed, out of the bedroom so he can set up his stupid tv and gaming crap and all that.  Then we have to separate the raping donkey from the traumatized goat, so the horney donkey is in LabPup Milos outside doggie yard where his swimming pool is....the poor guy doesn't know what to do with himself.  Such a sweet guy.  Turning into a really good doggie.
Growing Into
Such a Handsome Boy

Loves Some Tubby Swimmin!! 

Sweet Muddy Faced Boy 

It's not looking good on the money I need for the house.  May be searching for a place to rent soon.  Sucks balls.

All hell is going to break loose if we lose this house.  That'll define the divorce date for sure.

Had  a cute little praying mantis on the grill when I was outside with the dogs this morning.  Phone didn't want to focus when I got to close to him, but got a fairly decent pic anyhow.  I had never seen a real live mantis before moving to Texas years ago.  But then, I'd never seen a lot of things before moving to Texas.....

I surely do hope the tires and wheels we ordered come in today.  I'm really tired of rolling the donut.  It doesn't quite give the ride and performance I've become used to in the old jalopy, if ya know what I mean.

I'm so stressed out about the house thing that I feel like I'm functioning on pain meds or something....hazy, stressed out and upset tummy, but foggy and detached from everything around me.

I keep telling myself that things will be better soon.  That however everything works out, it will all be ok.

I'm an idiot.

But over and above all of this, my kid loves me and gave me a sunflower on the run today.  That just doesn't happen for you every day.

I am blessed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sad Leavings and Goat Donkey Porn

Drove Deuce last night for the first time since we went back and restarted his training from the ground up.  He did really really well.   So smart, that one.  I love love love him.

Payroll chick brought breakfast for everyone today.  The little chicken shack here in town is serving breakfast now.  It tasted really good, but lets just say, my tummy is sorta not used to greasy down home cookin anymore.  Whew. Ugh.  Gurgle.

So Corner and Jar gave me hell yesterday over my cussing too much.  Come on guys, you know you love it.  :P  It really is therapeutic to have my friends to joke around with and harass.  Great stress reliever.  Such good sports about it all.

Papoose #2 wants to quit band.  She was passionate about band for so many years, then when her incredibly wonderful band teacher left she tried so hard to still enjoy it like she did, but the replacement teachers just don't enjoy it or make it fun for the kids like her original teacher did.  He was one of those teachers that you could tell really and truly loved his kids and loved what he did.  Things have not been the same since he left.  I have seen her struggle to keep the interest up, but it's been waning.  It's gotten to where the current teachers pretty much let a couple of the kids and their bitchy mothers make all the decisions and run things, and THAT isn't a good thing.  I've made the tough decision to let her go ahead and switch to another fine arts credit class.  She is in the office talking to the principal now.  I am waiting on them to call to let me know what her options are so we can decide what class she will be taking instead.  Sort of a sad time.  I'm sorry for her loss.  I guess nobody can understand that unless they saw her and her close group of friends (all of whom graduated last year, making it even harder) sitting around my dining room table visiting, then spontaneously break out into the most beautiful a capella you've ever heard.....then softly laugh and go on with their conversation......

Ok, so we had to pull Jorge out and separate him from poor Pedro.  For the past two days he has nearly killed Pedro, chasing him around and biting his neck and trying to have mad interspecies gay sex with him.  Poor goat never stood a chance.  I will be talking to my friends about what to do here.  I fear the only solution for Jorge to safely live with any other living creature is to get him gelded, but I really don't have the cash for that right now.  So for now, the obnoxious loud bastard is living in the 1/4 acre dog run area, which happens to be rather close to the house.  He now starts braying at exactly 5:00a.m.  FML.

No, I didn't video it, Jar.

Tires and wheels have been ordered for sure, called to double check last night.  But they cannot tell me with any certainty what day they will come in???  Really??  So I'm still rolling on the donut till the damn things get in.   Not safe.  I keep forgetting that I'm not supposed to go over 50mph on that damn fashion statement.  I'm gonna kill myself on that thing, I swear.

Lord, I ate that whole breakfast sandwich.  I need a muzzle, swear to God.

Papoose #1 is still loving her RL training and is making loads of new friends.  I'm so happy for her.  I'm so proud of her.  I love my girls so very much.

I have to get to work now.  You all have a fantastic Thursday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Us Into Our Hump Day Evening

For My Uber Thenthative Gentlemen Readers

High and Dry Humpday

People that act like they know every damn thing in the world just crawl under my skin.  The owners nephew that works here is like that.  Not only that, but he won't shut the hell up and let you talk. Talks over you all the time. And when he talks, he yells.  The boy has no inside voice.  He's a nice guy but man that know it all never wrong I'm better than you attitude makes me want to slap the shit out of him sometimes.

Big boss is out of the office for the day.  Moving his kid back to college.  It will be quiet here today, as far as stress goes.  Nice.

Since Papoose #2 has to go in so early for cross country practice, it has worked out to where I feed the Jorge the Donkey and Pedro the Goat each morning when I take the dogs out.  This morning they were both rather quiet, calm and reserved when I went out to feed, and I was happy thinking good, maybe they are settling in and will be more calm and more QUIET now......I get back in the house, get my cup of coffee and check my phone and there is a text on there from Papoose #2 "I fed Jorge and Pedro already"  so that's why the little turd heads were quiet, they had already eaten.   Little punks.

Papoose #1 is having a good time with her Residential Leadership (RL) training so far.  She said it is so refreshing to be in an entire classroom full of kids that actually want to be there, and are totally mature and respectful to each other and the teaching staff.  That has always been a huge pet peeve of hers, being stuck in classes with the typical disrespectful pieces of shit that are always a part of that.   She said they are doing all sorts of interesting and challenging things, and she looks forward to each day.  She will be exhausted by the time school actually starts though.

Anonymous commenters that have shitty things to say just make me giggle.  How pathetic a persons life must be, that they get off on sending anonymous shitty comments to random strangers they have never even met.  I can't imagine what a person like that must be like to be around in real life.  I make it a point to surround myself with good people that genuinely make me feel good when they are around.  That's what life is all about  :-)

Oh, and btw anony from yesterday??  This IS my fucking journal, and if you don't want to read it then stop stalking my fucking blog, dimwit.  Further, if you are going to be a psychotic stalking cunt that wants to play mind games, you may not want to do it from your employers internet service.  It would be SO easy for someone to call the company and let the powers that be know that ip# such and such is a cyber stalker that makes threats and harasses people.  The police as well as employers take that shit pretty seriously.  *mwah*  love ya, Fuckface!!!!

I made the most ridiculously yummy pork ribs, brown rice and brussel sprouts for dindin last night.  Eeoww it hit the spot for some reason.  Love my grill!!!  I cook on that thing year round.  We didn't have one for a little while and it was worse than not having a stove.  I use the grill for almost everything, no matter the weather.

Louies brother went in to the vet for his shots yesterday, and the dumb as vet gave them to him, even though he has a double ear infection and was treated and medicated for that.  Should have waited on shots till that was cleared up and he was off the antibiotics for a week, at least.  Not only did they give him his shots, they gave a THREE MONTH old puppy his rabies vaccination with only his second set of shots.  I was livid.  Of course, the poor little thing had a horrendous reaction and nearly scared his new mommy to death.  Even took an emergency trip to the after hours vet.  I have some words to share with the vet when I go back in there.  Assholes.

The only thing that was wrong with the Cobra was that the connection to the oxygen sensor had been knocked loose or broken somehow.  Whew.  This vehicle thing is about to make me have a coronary. Wouldn't be such a big deal, if MW hadn't blown my Explorer up.  Then I would have a backup vehicle.  But it's sole purpose right now is to sit next to the garage like a giant paperweight and irritate me every time I look at it sitting there useless.  

I'm ready to have enough money to live on now.  The whole poor person thing has run it's course.  I'm ready for the next level.  Hahaha.  Sheesh.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn store #2 and #3!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Time I've Listened To ET Without Crying Since Granpa Died 16 Years Ago...

Granpa Would Play the Guitar, and I'd Sing

The Sound Of My Childhood

Boring Crap

A flea jumped on me this morning.  Now I have one hellacious case of the heebie jeebie creepy crawlies.

So the tires and wheels are ordered.  Ouch.  But I am not rolling on cracked rims.  No thank you.  And no, it's not something I did to the wheels.  The cracks are older, you can tell.  Sumbitch.

I have some, uh, 'interesting' anons that comment on here.  No, not everything gets posted.

I think I may have a line on the money I need for the house.  It's not gonna be pretty, but at least it'll get the dogs off my back once I make it through the next 6 months.

TRD said he will help me out as much as he can too.  Thank God the second store is opening soon.  I will also be working seven days a week at the two stores again.  No more lazy woman with a day off anymore.  I've grown rather fond of my day off, too.   Shame on my lazy ass.

The check engine light came on on Mister Wonderfuls Cobra this morning.  The other day when we were on our way back from tire shopping there was a weird noise like we ran something over in the road, but we didn't see anything, and at the time the car seemed to still be running fine.  Now this morning the light of death comes on.  So idk what's wrong with it.  That car goes down and we're screwed.  That's the last thing we need.

My dear friends showed up at our house Friday night with a miniature jack donkey.  You know you are dear and close friends when you feel ok with just rolling up in someones front yard and unloading a donkey without even asking first.  That fucking thing is LOUD.  I told them last night that I am not too sure he will be able to stay at our place.  I guess since they have like 40 show horses, it doesn't seem like a really big deal for me to have ONE in my back yard.  But it IS a big deal.  Especially a noisy fellow like Jorge is.  Cute as a bug though, have to admit that.  Nobody had handled him or anything, and whenever we went to the farm, Papoose #2 made it her project to play with him and teach him to take a halter and to lead and everything.  So the gals showed up to give him to Papoose #2.  *sigh*

It's open enrollment time for our insurance here at Job #1.  I am in charge of all of that.  We've all done it enough now that it's really pretty easy to manage, but it was such a cluster fuck the first couple of years that I still just automatically get stressed out just thinking about jumping into it.  Can you believe that our boss still even offers insurance in this day and age, and in this small of a company??  We only have like 28 employees, total.  Plus, he pays 100% of the medical insurance for employee only.  The only thing the guys have to pay is if they put their wife or kids on it.  Bossman is a good guy in a lot of ways, that's for sure.

We have changed the pugs name.  We've been calling him Roscoe, but as we've gotten to know him, it just didn't fit for some reason.  His name is now Louie.  Louie is a dang cool dog.  I take him to the farm every time I go.  He thinks he is a farm dog.  We have to really watch him, because he fears nothing.

I'm going to take over the world!!  
I ROCK the doggles, bitches!!! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Days It's Chicken, Some Days It's Feathers

Back at work today.  Took yesterday off.  Had so much going on that I just finally hit a wall late Tuesday night and knew I needed to stop and regroup.

Talked things through with TRD for hours yesterday, then we went by and he and I took some time to be together and talk through all that has been going on.  It was good.  It was a good thing.

PM means private message.  Google is your friend, Anony   ;-)

Looking at the week of the 22nd for the opening of the second store now.  Waiting on the city to get their shit together, of course.  COME ON, COME ON.

So, TRD talked to me about everything thats been going on with us and listened as I told him my side/thoughts/feelings too.  It was very good for both of us.  Pretty much what it comes down to is, things have been so rough that we've both been so stressed and worn thin that the way that each of us handled the stress/exhaustion was offputting and upsetting to the other one.  I had gotten to where I was angry and moody and drinking beer and just not my normal sweet self, and he kept pulling into himself and away from me more and more both to keep from having to deal with my moods and to keep from upsetting me as well as just busting his ass trying to get us to where we don't have the financial stresses on us, for one thing.  All of this happened a little here and a little there and we both got resentful to how the other one was being, until it just got so out of control we could barely be civil and we were NOT being the loving couple we've always been.  I think we've got this thing worked out now.

I have to admit, pretty much the whole thing was my fault.  I can't behave the same way in this relationship that I learned to behave in my marriage to Mister Wonderful.  Those same reactions/habits/behaviors/attitudes I've lived with for 20 years just cannot be included in a real loving respectful relationship.  But he does understand now, that on his end, he can't just ignore me in his hurry to try and make things better for us, and that all of this was a big circle, one thing feeding off the other till everyone was disillusioned and upset.

Papoose #1 has to go back to school this morning.   That sucks balls.  I've really enjoyed her visit.  I am so thankful to have had her here when all of this was coming to a head with TRD.  She hugged me yesterday and whispered in my ear "I never had a minutes doubt that you and TRD would work things out, you guys are too perfect together and too much the epitome of true love.  But I'm glad you feel better now mom."

Every morning I pick Papoose #2 up after her cross country practice and bring her to the office with me so I can take her back for marching band later.  This morning we were rolling down 114 and all of a sudden the brake light on the idiot panel lights up, as does the traction light thingie.  About that time we hear an obnoxious noise and feel the shimmy.  I limped the jalopy in to my work driveway and we get out to see a pretty destroyed drivers side rear tire.  Am I thankful it wasn't a front tire??  Hell yes I am.  Now to figure out the money situation for getting another tire, and praying I didn't destroy the rim to where I have to replace that, too.

Papoose #2 surprised me with her maturity and poise by not only taking a pen and paper out and jotting down the tire size information off the tire, but calling a friend to get a ride to band so I wouldn't have to stress out about that.  Made me incredibly happy.  What good kids I have.

Papoose #1 is going to run my paycheck in to my bank before she leaves town so that I don't have to worry about how to get that chore done either, and can focus on finding a tire and getting the spare put on etc., in between working today.  Again, I have great kids.  So blessed.

I am going to drive out and see Papoose #1 at her place of employment tomorrow, since I'm not working at Job #2 till Sunday.  Then I'll go help her get moved into her apartment.  She is pretty excited.

Ok, it's taken me all morning to get this garbage thrown out there.  Gotta work now.

Have a great weekend, all.

Thanks Paula

You are The Lovers

Motive, power, and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse.

The Lovers represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

Originally, this card was called just LOVE. And that's actually more apt than "Lovers." Love follows in this sequence of growth and maturity. And, coming after the Emperor, who is about control, it is a radical change in perspective. LOVE is a force that makes you choose and decide for reasons you often can't understand; it makes you surrender control to a higher power. And that is what this card is all about. Finding something or someone who is so much a part of yourself, so perfectly attuned to you and you to them, that you cannot, dare not resist. This card indicates that the you have or will come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you will fall in love with. You will know instinctively that you must have this, even if it means diverging from your chosen path. No matter the difficulties, without it you will never be complete.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Through The Dark


Shout out to my home girl....I was SO tickled to see a comment from you, I've missed you!!!  Letting you know that the only reason I didn't post it was because it had one tiny bit of personal info that I don't share on here.  Didn't want you to think I ignored you or anything.  Made me smile so big to see that you are addicted :-D  You're welcome!!!!  Hahahahahaaha.   Wanna invest in a future store?????  Heehee.

For some reason, I have acquired several pairs of capri pants that have the sewn in cuffs on them.  Why can't they make those bastards so they come out of the dryer with the cuffs fully in tact???  Why do I now own four pairs of blue jean capris that I now have to pull the iron out and get after???  That is silly.  Jeans.  An iron.  Good lord.

Papoose #1 made it home last night and we had a girls night in.  Made tacos and looked at pics of her new apartment and watched part of a movie.  I was too beat to make it through the whole movie, and Papoose #2 had to get up early for cross country, so we didn't make it through the whole thing.  Not sure if I like it or not yet, on the fence about it.  It's Limitless, with whatshisname in it.  Bradley Cooper.

Another reason that I'm not sure if I like the movie or not is that I'm incredibly distracted by the fact that The Real Deal and I may be in some serious trouble with our relationship right now.  And my trying to explain how I am being made to feel seems to be making it worse.  He keeps getting more and more defensive and cold, thereby making me try harder to explain how he's making me feel unimportant and left out.  I honestly do not know what's going to happen at this point.  My future with Job #2 will be at stake as well, if things go sideways.

I have never in my life had a relationship with any human being where I could not just make the decision to walk away and wash my hands of it.  As a matter of fact, I always just thought that I was incapable of those emotions necessary to love and be loved that way.  If TRD and I do not find a way to work through this, it will kill me.  I have NEVER put myself out there like that.  I have NEVER been in love, truly in love, before.  Never.  Not even for five seconds.  I couldn't have kept myself from falling for him if my life depended on it.  I was his the first time he spoke to me.  Totally against my will, I fell.

And the beat goes on.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Song Soothes Me....

You Are Welcome :-)

Life Ain't Nothin But A Funny Funny Riddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a friend who loves to get songs stuck in my head.  It's pretty funny actually.  Yesterday I get a text out of the blue that reads "THANK GOD I'M A COUNTRY BOY!!!"  Yep, it's been running on a loop through my head all night and so far all morning.   Heehee.

Horse show went well.  There weren't as many people as we usually have at these things, the heat chased them all away.  It was pretty uncomfortable, actually.  If you were just under the fans you were ok, but the second you had to get to moving around and messing with the horses, you were melting.  Deuce was a good boy in his class, I was very proud of him.  The judges LOVED him.  The lady who is the head of the Pinto Association approached me about showing him in the open shows against the big horses, she liked him so much.  This could be fun  :-)

We did get a hotel room for the weekend, instead of sleeping in the living quarters of the trailer like we usually do.  Just our luck, the night we're there the elevator is out of order and the pump system on the swimming pool is broken.  Piece of shit La Quinta.  Sure was nice to have a/c on us to sleep, after sweltering at the show all day.  Show clothes are long sleeved and long pants, very dressy.  Plus boots and a hat.  It's a killer on hot days like that.

Roscoe is adapting to his brother being gone pretty well.  Helps that I have Mister Wonderfuls little dog to be a buddy to him.  MW's dog is a little bastard though, so he definitely isn't the best influence on Roscoe, but it is what it is.  Evidently, Ace (Roscoes brothers new name) escaped his kennel yesterday in his new home and tried to commit suicide by chewing through a lamp cord.  He is a pistol, that one.

Mister Wonderful has a hook up of some kind brewing.  He announced last night that he has to go to Waco to install a huge account and will be gone at least one night.  It's cute how he forgets that I know him better than he knows himself and can spot bullshit a mile away.  Plus, he bought me a gift last night.  Then this morning he forgot his ho bag on the dining room table, so like the good wing wife I am, I texted him to let him know all of his toiletries were still at the house on the table.  Complete with condoms.  Silly boy.  Heehee.

I haven't seen The Real Deal for like three weeks now.  That's a record.  I don't like it.  It is what it is just for now though.  The second store opens next week, and after that we will be golden financially.  Well, we will have to play catch up for awhile, we've been so broke for so long, but soon we will be much more comfortable.  Thank God.  We also already signed a letter of intent for our third store, which will be at Grapevine Lake or Lake Grapevine or whatever the heck that is called.  That one will be open by December.  Go us!!!

Too bad the mortgage company won't wait just a couple more months to settle up on the BOGUS BULLSHIT fees that they are forcing me to pay.  Bleh.

Papoose #2 had her court date last night.  But come to find out, she had two citations, not just the one for driving without a license.  They also gave her one for no proof of insurance, which is confusing to me because the kid she was with (the owner of the car and the genius that let her drive it through Azle) did have insurance and showed it to the officers.  So we reset another court date for that one till we can get that sorted out.  Fun fun.  Other than the jury duty I served last month, I've never been to court.  Now there I was with my youngest kid.  Sometimes human decision making is impossible to figure.

Papoose #1 will either be home tonight or tomorrow night.  She will stay a night or two, depending on when she gets to come home.  We need to do a little more shopping for her apartment.  I'm looking forward to seeing her.  She has already put in her request for what she wants me to make her for dinner her first night home.  Funny, the things you miss about home, huh?

Well, I guess I better type some invoices.  Have a great day, all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm a Chicken Hawk, and You're a Chicken. Are Ya Gonna Come Quietly, Or Do I Have Ta Muss Ya Up????

I have a TERRIBLE sore throat today.

Papoose #2 and I were naughty and ran to Grandy's before coming in to work today.  Imagine my disappointment when my BET sandwich tasted like it was three days old  :-(  The bread was hard as a rock.  Disgusting.

Papoose #2 is able to keep her shoes on today.  Blisters are still hurting, but getting better.  Poor little thing.

Had some kind of hawk thing almost take my head off this morning trying to attack the dogs.  Scared the bejesus outta me.  He was making these weird screetching sounds and swooped down under the oak trees in our back yard right past my head and tried to get the little dogs.  It was the most bizarre thing.  I hustled them back inside and didn't take them back out till right before I had to leave for work and I'll be damned if the thing wasn't still out there.  It started up it's shrieking as soon as we stepped out the back door.  I guess I'll have to smack it with a broom or something.  Psycho damn bird.  Then when I went out the front door to leave for work, two of them were in the big tree in the front yard, one of them flying in and out of the tree over and over again, making that racket.   Odd.

I have to get to work now.  I'm running a virus scanner on my computer right now, and it's making it nearly impossible to type this up.  Keeps pausing and stopping my dang typing, so I look back and see that most of what I've typed has not actually gone on the screen.  Phooy on this.  I don't have the patience for it today.

Have a great day all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bitching Like The Sissy That I Am

Somehow the alarm got turned off.  I usually wake up before my alarm, but for some reason I didn't do so this morning.  So I wake myself up snoring, flat on my back, fifteen minutes before I have to leave for work.

I jump out of bed, fall over my purse, which is sitting on the rug right beside my bed for some unknown reason, race to the bathroom and throw contacts into eyes that aren't even awake yet, much less lubricated enough for plastic disks to be shoved in them.  Bang my fangs and run through the house throwing on clothes and opening kennels for the dogs to go outside while I race around spackling makeup on my face with one hand while chugging coffee with the other hand and crawling around my closet looking for my other flip flop.

Bring the dogs back in and throw them in the kennel with some food and water, trip over a cat heading for the front door and knock over the stupid foo foo decorator thingie in the entryway, which lands on the other cat who takes off like a shot and burms off of my capri clad leg and down the hallway.

Race to the school to pick Papoose #2 up from track practice (Mister Wonderful had dropped her off earlier) and realize that today is registration day for her grade.  Call work to warn them I'll be late and head in to do battle with the registrar.  Entire process went incredibly smooth, nothing like last years chaos.  I am suspicious.

Get to work and there is yelling and throwing of files.  I am spotted as a likely target of abuse for someone not finding what they are looking for and all hell breaks loose.  I finally take all I can of it and share with the owner of the company my all time favorite 'piss Mister Wonderful off' phrase:  "WHATEVER!!!!!!" and stomp out of the office.  Entire office goes stone silent.  I wonder if I will soon be lightened of one job.

I get a call from The Real Deal.  There is an item that his brother and business partner was all hot and bothered for me to find and purchase a month ago, only to blow me off and ignore the whole thing for a month until today when "It has to be shipped NOW".  The whole deal was for their dad to pick the item up in Arizona, since he was going to be there.  I call the guy with the item and he's pissed off that we've blown him off for a month.  Evidently he'd called my old phone (that died) several times, that phone was replaced a couple days after I had done business with him.  He never bothered to email me when he was unable to get me by phone.  So he assumes we've changed our minds and puts it back up for sale.  I finally calm him down enough to listen to me and find out that the payment never went through because he gave me the wrong PayPal account.  So my money came out of my bank account but is sitting in a nonexistent PayPal account and this guy still doesn't have his money.  Says oh sorry, here's my girlfriends number, call and get the correct acct number from her.  So I have to pay for this thing out of my own pocket now and fight PayPal to get the first payment back from them.  Plus, the guy is so irritated with the whole thing (even tho the payment part was his fault/mistake to begin with) that he refuses to handle the shipping of the damn thing.  So I've been on the phone off and on all day trying to set up the shipping.  Oh vey.

Oh, and TRD and I had it out about his brother being an idiot and making me look like a fool to this businessman by taking off on vacation and blowing off picking this thing up and finishing the deal. So theres that, too.  This is not the first time Brother of TRD has pulled this crap.  Lord I could slap him.  I told them both they can do their own research and shopping, I've had it.  Same shit every time.  Screw that.

Then, I call the mortgage company to get the actual amount I have to come up with to save the house from this debacle and they only had the actual through August 1st.  So now I have to call back Friday to find out the actual, again.  Still no way to come up with the money though, I fear.

I know my issues are small potatoes compared to what a lot of people have to deal with, but they are MY issues, and my life is a screaming train wreck right now and I'm exhausted and stressed out to the max.

Bossman has been in here trying to make nice though, realizing what a prick he was being earlier.  So I guess  I don't have to worry about being down to one job.  That's a good thing.  I live to 'Whatever' another day.

And now I'm loathe to look forward to the horse show this weekend, because the money I was going to spend doing that is now going to pay for that piece of equipment A SECOND TIME, yet I cannot back out of the show, because the dues and fees have been sent in already.  Plus, I can't let Papoose #2 and my show partners down.


And my boobs hurt really really bad for some reason. Thats irritating.

And this weather makes me want to kill someone.

I want my mommy.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blisters, Bitches and the Balance of Respect

I got in trouble for feeding the trolls yesterday....oops!!          

This horrific heat is going to kick our asses at the horse show this weekend.  Whewwwwie!!  Still looking forward to it though, gonna be a blast!!  For the first time ever, we wimped out and got a hotel room for the a/c though.  Usually we sleep in the sleeper of the trailer, but with this heat, we would never get any rest.  Hotel has a pool too, so Papoose #2 is pretty stoked.

Papoose #2 started marching band practice yesterday, and added cross country beginning today.  Her first day out and she had something happen that she's never had happen before.   Something about the shoes she was wearing didn't mesh well for her, and she has a blister on EACH of her poor little feet.  The blisters are on the inside of her arch, towards the ball of her foot but still on the arch, and they are about two inches long and an inch wide.  They are HORRIBLE.  So now what do we do for her???  She has marching band and cross country every damn day.  What now?????  Poor thing.

Papoose #1 is moving into her apartment today.  They made her Resident Leader at the dorm she really wanted bad.  It's actually a regular apartment complex just off campus that the school bought and made a part of campus.  They have a pool and everything.  She is beyond happy.

I can't believe that is the same little girl that used to dance to Barney songs in my living room.............

There I go again, crying.  Sheesh.

Can't Get Right went on his first trip to the farm last night.  He had fun, but man, he is not afraid of anything, so we have to watch him like a hawk.  The horses are used to dogs, but with his smunched in face, they weren't too sure just WHAT he was.  It was a hoot.

I love to sit in the yard with the dogs in the mornings and drink my coffee.  I cannot wait till the weather is a little more comfy for that.  I love the fall when I can put a sweatshirt and sweats on and snuggle up out there with my coffee.  I am NOT a hot weather kinda girl.  Goodlordamighty.

I was a bitch to The Real Deal again last night.  It sorta started out as a misunderstanding, but then he pissed me off and I was a real shit.  Then of course I refused to back down on it and made it worse.  I would never date me.  Ugh.

TRD had to give Papoose #2's ex boyfriend a pep talk at the store yesterday, because he was so down and hang dog.  He explained to him about how a guy can't be all over a girl and let her think that he is at her beck and call, or the whole balance of respect just isn't there and she will walk all over him and use him.  He is right.  He did point out that it can be the opposite too, where the guy does that to the girl, but that in this instance, as a nice guy, he needs to learn how to handle these situations.  TRD is right on.  He is the first guy I have ever had in my life that has a perfect hand at hitting the fine line of spoiling me and treating me like a princess, but not letting me get away with being a bitch either.  I've always either been in relationships where I was treated like crap by the guy, or in one where I walked all over a guy.  I'm really glad that he talked to the kid about these things, and I think the kid was rather shocked at the angle TRD came at it from, considering his relationship with me and with Papoose #2, the heart breaker.  TRD is a good guy.

Poor Papoose #2 is asleep under my spare desk again.  Such a good kid.

Ok, have to work now.  If anyone has any advice on what to do about her poor feet so she can stand to march and do cross country every day, PLEASE send it my way.  I have no idea what to do for her right now......

Monday, August 1, 2011

Can't Get Right

RoscoeThis is Roscoe, unceremoniously dubbed "Can't Get Right" by everyone in the household.  His older brother Ollie is the one I am puppy sitting for while his family is out of town on vacation.  CGR has his own little personal physical issues, hence the nickname.  He is a living doll though.  I can't wait to see how he comes out of his shell once his brother goes to his own home.    

Broken Hearts and Forgotten Birthdays

I am the worlds worst for remembering birthdays.  Just awful.  I totally forgot one of my dear friends birthdays this past Saturday.   Totally blew her off for it.  I am so pissed off at myself.  It's not that I don't care, I do.  I don't know what the hell my issue is.  I've always been that way.  Hell, I forget when it's MY birthday!!  No joke.  I've been loving the fact that Facebook reminds me of peoples birthdays, but when I'm working on the weekend, I never even look at Facebook, so there went her Saturday birthday.  I feel like a total heel.

Papoose #2 made it back from church camp in one piece.  Had a blast too.  I'm so glad she had fun.  Now today she starts into marching band practice and soon we start cross country every morning at 6am.  That makes for a real pain in the butt for me too, running her in early, going back out to the house, figuring out when they're done running and going to get her and take her home, heading in to work, then back out to pick her up for marching band practice.......we live way out of town too, so it makes it even harder.  And nobody lives near us for her to bum a ride with.  Why can't I be one of the stay at home moms who can do all this running back and forth???  Dammit.

Nuking a left over donut shop cinnamon roll in the microwave the next morning sure does bring out just how greasy they are.  Very upset tummy right now, and I didn't even finish the thing.  Should have been a good girl and stuck with the oatmeal.

Ok, if I was driving and a snake cruised across my car, I would immediately become a danger to myself and others.  Just like that one time my boyfriend tried to teach me to play golf.  Only worse.  Because I'd be in what once was a commuter vehicle that had been suddenly turned into a multiple thousand pound conniption fit missile.

Speaking of snakes......it's disgusting how everywhere I've been in the past few days, there are bits of my dang skin all over.  I keep cleaning it up, but it was coming off my shoulders so fast I guess I missed some here in the office.  Freaking nasty.

Papoose #2 has completely and cold heartedly broken her boyfriends heart.  I let her know last night that although I love her and will always have her back and be in her corner, I will not always agree or approve of her decisions or actions.  Yesterday is definitely one of those times, and I let her know how I felt about it and told her that she needs to figure out how to do some damage control.  Not only did she break his heart, completely out of the blue and without explanation, but she did it when he really needs a friend.  His folks were away on vacation in the bahamas the past couple weeks and then the dad calls him and tells him they are getting a divorce and that his mother stormed off all pissed and hasn't been seen or heard from in days.  Then Papoose #2 dumps him, rather unceremoniously.  So she and I definitely had a talk about how we handle things, and how we need to handle peoples hearts and emotions with kid gloves, no matter what.  Now it's up to her how she tries to minimize this mess.  I really don't know how to feel about it.  Her sister has done this to people as well.  You would think after having their hearts broken, they would be loathe to do it to anyone else, but I guess I was wrong.  Idk.

It has been quite an adventure, having LabPup, both of Mister Wonderful's dogs, and the two pug puppies in the house.  I've always been a one dog in the family kind of person, so it was pretty crazy for awhile.  But it is surprisingly easy, now that all of them know what is expected of them, and we have a routine of sorts in place.  Now it's controlled chaos, haha.  Very fun and entertaining, but sure am glad it's not a permanent situation.  I don't know how people do that.

Haven't been over to the farm to work the horses since Thursday night, I think.  One of the gals that owns the farm is the one that had a birthday Saturday that I totally forgot about.  Eek.

Gotta go.  I'm the only one in the office to get the phones today.  Have a good one, all.  Sorry if I've forgotten your birthday lately.