Monday, May 21, 2012

Hal Bringin Love and I'M A SHORT TIMER!!!

The jalopy is paid off.  Yep, paid that sucker off last week.  How fucking cool is THAT??  And this vehicle is mine and mine alone.  All in my name.  So freaking stoked.

Have a big old great dane/lab mix that I am fostering.  Getting him trained up and taught some manners and healthy and fattened up for  a new home.  However, The Real Deal is pretty enamored with him, so we may have a new dog.  Ugh.  Gorgeous boy though.

Papooses are doing great.  Papoose #2 has a boyfriend.  Sweet damn kid, too.  She is really happy.  Love seeing her like that.

Papoose #1 is still off doing her thing, and seems happy.  She has her own path to follow.

I've got her designing a tattoo for me.  No, I do not have any tattoos yet.  Been waiting.  Bout ready now though.  It will be where it'll be covered by clothing though.  I still don't think they need to be out where they show all the time.  Especially on women.  But that's just me.

Fucking bungee cords.

Only have a couple small debts to pay off and then I'm outta here.  Yep, in a few months I will not be working at Job #1 anymore.  I will be doing this and that helping out with Job #2 and helping those stores grow and profit.  No more 9-5 for this Squaw!!!!

So fucking stoked.

Life is so fucking good, I can't stand myself.

I know I never post anymore.  I guess I just don't have anything to share, really.  I no longer have drama in my life, so there's never anything entertaining to share anymore.  Sorry all!!

Take care of you and love the ones who need it.



  1. i miss your writings! so you've spent your time blogging about the drama... now you can blog about the sickeningly sweetness that is your life!

    and surely you have tales about customers and pt cruisers and stupid walmart people?

    xoxo from a fellow short-timer

  2. I am not posting much either.

    What are you going to do with the extra cash? Not having a car payment is so nice!

  3. Good to hear!! Keep posting - you are so real!!