Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fixin Up Bathrooms and Hal The Jalopy

"Life's full of bad but it's also filled with awesomeness"  Papoose #2's words from yesterday keep running through my head.  Love them, absolutely perfect.  Love that kid.

She is doing an incredible job on the bathroom at the tepee.  Papoose #1 had started a very LOUD colored project in there before she moved out, and when it didn't go according to her plan, she abandoned it.  So that bathroom has been horrid for awhile now.  Papoose #2 wanted to get it all redone, so I've been buying her the things to do that with. She even contributed some of her own money towards the overhaul.   She bought textured wallpaper for the wall Pap #1 pulled wallpaper off of and painted.  She chose fun but very pretty and easy on the eyes colors to use over it as well as the other walls.  She has taken her time and taped everything off like she should, and just is really doing a smash up job on it.  So proud of her!!

Taking the jalopy in to a collision center right by the new tepee today to get an estimate of what it's going to cost me out of pocket to get the front and rear bumpers back up to snuff as well as getting the dent repaired from the chickie that hit me all that time ago.  Need to get to budgeting.  The jalopy is paid off in two more payments.  Time for that dough to go into fixing it all up pretty pretty.  Sooooooo excited.  I was disproportionately excited to order the ambient temperature sensor and the shocks for the trunk yesterday. I'm not sure a girl is supposed to get so excited about auto parts, but Hal has been shutting the A/C off of me during triple digit Texas summers for long enough because he thinks we've crashed into a snow bank and it's -33 degrees out so he needs to cut off the A/C and turn on the heater!!!!  I'm ready to get everything repaired now, thankyouverymuch!!

Monday Hal the jalopy goes into the regular mechanic to get the prognosis on what needs to be done to repair whatever is fucked up in the front end.  Crossing my fingers that it won't be too freaking expensive.

Passive aggressive people just piss me the fuck off.  Get some balls, if you wanna be a fucking prick or bitch, have the fucking balls to just fucking do it already.  Man.  Some people just need a good ass kicking.

Molly, is there any end at all to your ability to be pathetic???  Really hon, it's time to give it up and move along on your merry way to fucked up psychosis, mmmmmkayy????

I'm never quite sure what to do about the people that fall for absolutely anything they hear or read on the internet.  You know, the people that are forever sending you forward emails or posting on FaceBook about bizarre shit that is all a bunch of bullshit??  I get so embarrassed for them, sometimes I want to figure out a nice way to let them know what a fool they are being, but I never do.  I'm sure just shutting up and letting them find out on their own is the right thing to do, right???

The other office chick just shared a hilarious dream she had last night.  Our minds are amazing and impossible to understand machines, aren't they?  Haha!!

Off duty fireman strippers.  All I gotta say.

Well, it's time to get some work done and earn this short timers paycheck.

Have a great day, all, and make sure to have some wicked cool dreams tonight.

Oh, and remember that life is full of bad, but it's also full of awesomeness.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Life's full of bad but it's also filled with awesomeness"

Part of a text conversation I had with Papoose #2 this morning.  She is such a happy and content person. Really knows how to be happy with herself and what she's got, that one.  We make each other laugh, chatting about how awesome and wonderful life is for us, haha.

Heard from Papoose #1 this morning as well. That was an incredibly welcome surprise :-D  She sounds great and is doing well and is happy.  That's all I pray for.  Oh, and she has her first photo shoot in a couple of weeks.  Hotness!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bitches In Stangs and Disco Sucks

So there is a chick I seem to end up commuting near pretty much every morning, unless I get out of the house and on the road very early.  She drives a red Mustang and is a total bitch and a shitty and rude driver.  I dread her every time I see her coming.  She's one of those that will tail gate rather than change lanes and go around you, and every single morning when we turn left onto Meachum off of Beach she cuts right and passes in the middle of the intersection, thinking she can get around all the other cars that are ahead of her in the turn lane and jet off.  It never works, and she is nearly hit every fucking day she does it.  Why the fuck doesn't a police officer ever see her an ticket the dumb bitch?  So frustrating.  Then she hard charges it and terrorizes everyone on the road west on Meachum till she thankfully turns right on Syvania and is off to fuck with other people.  Man it would be awesome if she's someone that reads this blog, because if she does FUCK YOU RED MUSTANG BITCH.

So anyhow, I spent about eight thousand hours working on Goggle Sketch Up this weekend, designing the new bar for one of our stores.  The Real Deal and I had a fun time giving each other hell as one of us would figure out how to do something and give each other shit when we messed something up.  It was actually really fun.  We can have fun doing the most mundane things, I swear.

Spent part of Saturday at the house in Boyd visiting with Papoose #2.  Mister Wonderfuls car had another part blow up or something, and when he stopped at the part store to buy a replacement, the motard that worked there sold him the part for a V6.  I guess it's tough for a dude that works at a parts store to realize there is a difference between a V6 Mustang and a Cobra?  Wow Einstein.....anyhow, MW gets the car all torn apart and puts the new and expensive gasket on that he had to buy to go with the new part and lo and behold discovers the idiot sold him the wrong thing, some bolt bracket was on the opposite side.  So he calls me asking if I'm busy.  I really wasn't, was just putzing around the new lil tepee, so I jumped in the car and drove up.  Visited the baby while he took my car into town to get the correct part.  Had a nice visit till he came back and turned disco music on top volume in the mancave just to get my goat.  I fucking loath disco music and he got a huge kick out of watching me fuss about it.  Papoose #2 danced around doing the John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever........*rolling eyes*  The neighbors had to have thought we'd lost our ever lovin minds.

Sunday morning TRD took me out to breakfast to a place we have been wanting to try.  One of our cooks works part time there and wanted us to try it.  The food was fantastic, but some nimrod of an employee had filled all their salt shakers with sugar, so we salt and pepper our eggs, hashbrowns etc., and take a bite and about throw the fuck up.  Poor waitress takes our plates and has them remade.  We try salt shakers from two other tables and find they are all sugar and had to break the news to the waitress when she came back by.  Poor gal.  She knew it was our first visit and was mortified this happened.  We kinda thought it was funny.

She had a barbed wire tattoo around her upper right arm.  Does that really mean that she was a stripper when she was younger??  I've heard that so many times.......nice gal, real nice gal.  Definitely rode hard and put away wet though, rough life, it looked like.  We tipped her great, of course, especially after how upset she was over the great sugarsalt incident.

After breakfast we did our grocery shopping then headed home to start back on the damn Sketch Up of the bar area.  TRD is so funny, he will go along behind me and add or replace things I've put in the buggy.  I am such a penny pincher from being broke for so many years that I am a major price comparer etc.  He is trying to get me to realize that while it is awesome that I'm tight with our money, it is ok for me to get a different type, brand or style of something that I like better or is a better quality now.  Still haven't wrapped my mind around that though.  Probably never will.

We found an entire bedroom suite that we both love.  That is really saying something, since our tastes run opposite of one another on decor.  We definitely took down all the names, numbers and details on that suite, so we can get it ordered up in the next month or two.  Complete with brand new mattresses, that are like a little slice of HEAVEN.  So excited!!!!

I can't wait till his bachelor couch dies.  He bought it brand new, but I hold out hope that it will give up the ghost over the next couple of years.  One way or another, I'm not keeping that hideous fucking thing.  I give him hell about it all the time.  He loves the damn thing though.  You win this battle, awful couch, but you will not win the war!!!!

We didn't get to bed till midnight last night, then TRD couldn't sleep so he kept snuggling up to me and whispering in my ear so I would rouse up and visit with him.  Love that man to death, he is such a sweetie pie. Then we were up at 4:30 this morning to get ready and go open the store for the day, after that I hit the road to get back up here to Boyd for my regular job.  Whew!! Haha.

Really though, life is so ridiculously easy and good, I have no complaints at all.

I am blessed.

I am spoiled.

I am blessed.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fucking JoshHartnettChanningTatum With Somebody Else's Dick

Ok, so as far as I know, the only drug I have ever done is alcohol.  But maybe in another life I was an acid tripper or something, because I had one of the most bizarre dreams last night that I have ever had.

Ok, so I wake up in a place I don't recognize and realize I'm late for work.  I can only find one of my shoes, and it's raining outside where I miraculously end up wandering around a multi level parking garage in my one shoe, the other socked foot is drenched and filthy.  The place had a Gotham feel to it.

Then all of a sudden, I'm in a room, still in one shoe, and I'm getting it on with a guy that's a combination of Josh Hartnett and Channing Tatum in looks, but has Mister Wonderfuls whatchamahoozie.  So we're going at it hot and heavy when I remember again that I'm late for work and get up to continue looking for my shoe. While I'm walking around the room (which had trashy fake wood paneling and was a mess), I notice some bills crumpled on the floor, about ten bucks, so I pick them up to put on his night stand and he sits straight up and screams "NOT TILL EASTER!!!!!!!" and then a camera I hadn't noticed before swings down from the ceiling on a wire (like the ones they use to film and broadcast NFL games) and smacks him square in the face to which he responds "Oh that's right, I'm on punishment" and it was his dad watching everything through the camera the whole time.

I'm freaked out and still trying to find my shoe, worried about being late for work, and wander outside where I get on a pink train that ends up going the opposite direction of where I needed to go for work.

I still only had one shoe on, and my other foot was still drenched and filthy.

At some point in the dream I was in a group of people in an arena, and I was trying to find a ride to work, but everyone was watching a fish rodeo and Reba McEntire was there, so nobody would listen to me.  Yes, still only one shoe.

Seriously, who the FUCK has this kind of shit go through their heads????

And I'm not even really attracted to Josh Hartnett OR Channing Tatum!!!!!

Only thing I can figure, some kind of delayed acid trippin from my previous lives or some such thing.

Ok, I've purged.  I'm done here.

***Every time I think about this crazy assed dream, I get into a hysterical fit of giggling, to the point where I'm crying.......the whole time I typed this, it was through tears of laughter.  Greatness.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hairy Legs and Bungie Cords

Ok, so I'm a good girl and make sure to always keep myself all shaved up and pretty like, but I would like to know how in the hell a hairy legged man can even tell if we are super clean shaved on our legs, or if we have cheated and skipped a day?  I mean, dudes are covered in hair on their legs, how can they even feel our legs?? TRD and I were discussing that last night, and I just can say as I believe him when he says guys can tell anything thru those hairy ol legs.  But thank God I'm a good girl and keep it real, soft and smooth baby. Haha.  Sherri's post was pretty hilarious timing today, considering my convo last night in bed with TRD.

TRD was put on Paxil by his doctor about a year ago, to help him with all of his anxiety issues with everything he had going on in his life.  Now that things are settled down and he is in a good place, it's time to wean him off of it.  He has been working on that gradually for weeks now, and it is still making him sick as a dog and really fucking him up.  I feel awful for him and am kinda worried about him.  But he HAS to get off that shit. He randomly gets like vertigo and it'll make him throw up just immediately out of the blue and gives him these random like brain zaps and makes it hard for him to concentrate.  All of that is quite inconvenient when you are as busy of a man as he is.  Please let this be over soon.  Poor baby.

Staying busy with Job #1 as well as hiring people for Job #2.  With the loss of Papoose #2 at Job #2 plus the new stores we are buying and the ones we will be opening in the next couple of months in other areas, we are in need of good employees.  I don't think anyone in the world can understand how hard it is to staff a place with good people.  It is incredible how many yahoos there are out there in the world, truly amazing.

That jalopy has a serious serious issue.  It needs an oil change in the worst way, but more importantly I need to get whatever it is in that rod thingie in the front drivers side that goes out to the wheel fixed.  It is so bad that any time I have to turn to the right like in a sweeper turn type thing, it shakes so bad I can barely hang on to the steering wheel.  Just keep asking it please please please hang in there a couple more weeks till I have the money to get you fixed, please!!!!

It's weird to have a dog that likes other people better than he likes you.  Disconcerting.

The landlord is bringing us a new stove and dishwasher tomorrow!!!!  The ones we have in the duplex are as old as the duplex itself, and lets just say that cooking on the stove or using the oven is, umm, challenging, and the dishwasher can't be used at all.  It runs for like two hours, wasting water and electricity, and never gets the dishes clean anyway.  No biggie on the dishwasher, I'm so used to doing dishes by hand I don't even miss it, but TRD wants us to have a dishwasher, doesn't like to see me wasting time doing dishes.  Pretty cool dude, eh?  He is the one that called the landlord letting him know that the crusty non working appliances that were fine when it was a bachelor pad are no bueno now that it's a real home, with a real girl actually in there cooking and cleaning and doing dishes.

I still can't stand Maroon 5.  I have to be the only chick in the world that hates that group.

Nearly killed myself avoiding a fucking bungie cord on 35 this morning.  I swear to God, those things should be illegal.  Squaw fears very little, but bungie cords top the list.

Not long for Job soon as those last few loose end debts are paid off, I'm out of here.  Will be full time Girl Friday for TRD.  In other words, I will get to be with him as much as I want, and help him with the stores.  And get pedicures.  And work out.  I'm finally gonna have time to do stuff OTHER than fucking work.  Go me!!!

Praying and sending good karma out to my friends who are looking for that new open door.  It's gonna happen, my friends, and it's gonna be spectacular.

Oh!!!  I have actually managed to keep all my cute little houseplants that Kathleen gave me alive!!! Plus, I picked up a couple at Lowes and Wal Mart and those are thriving as well!!  I guess the black thumb that I have had for years no matter what I tried is finally letting up some.  That, or it was the blackness of my heart that kept everything from thriving before, and my utter happiness and good outlook are working on these now!!!

Ok, I'm outta here.  Happy Hump Day everyone.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

And Yet, I Am Here

I always want to drink the Bud Light Platinum, just because the bottle is so beautiful.  I refrain, but the gorgeous blue of the bottle does call to me.  Odd?

Is it a fact that 99.9999999% of those of us who blog are, indeed, mentally touched in some way?? It sure seems like it, doesn't it?  Don't get me wrong, I don't say that in a negative way, quite to the contrary.

I myself have found that living life NOT being crazy is a refreshing change.  Every day I wake up and look around, walk around, in this perfectly amazing life, wondering how I got here, how I reached this point.  I certainly never did anything to deserve such happiness, and I have to admit that a part of me keeps waiting for it all to disappear, to dissipate like smoke into a rainstorm or me, I shove those thoughts into a junk drawer far far back in my consciousness, and don't allow them to hold court for long.  I dig this life. I am amazed and humbled by it, and will never for a minute take it for granted.

We are buying more stores.  We are opening a new one that we still need to finish the remodel on, but we are also buying a couple that are already up and running, just being run into the ground by fools.  Sweet deal. We will be so incredibly busy, but damn if this isn't going to pay off in a big way in the not too distant future.  I am not long for Job #1, once I get some last things paid off and paid up.  I am needed by The Real Deal and family at Job #2 in a big way, and will be doing that full time pretty soon.  I am looking forward to it with great anticipation, but am also feeling the bittersweet aspect of it, with having to give up Job #1 at some point. This is a good job, good people, and I've been so blessed to have been allowed to be here, to know these people, to be a part of this.  Yes, bittersweet, but the call to be at TRD's side is one that I will never pass up again.  I have a future to jump into!!

The knowledge that I am FINALLY able to make concrete plans for paying off some debts that have been impossible to get to, I mean really able to set a date that this one or that one will be paid off, is the most incredible feeling.  Again, how did I get here?  Fuck yeah.

I've lost 30 pounds over the last few months.  Gotta keep that particular train running, fo sho. HAVE to get back to working out though, fucking nasty what a difference it makes if you're shit is toned up or flabby and floppy.  Ugh.  Seriously.

Ok.  Thats it.  I'm hungry and have nothing of importance or interest to share.

Have a great day, all.

Life fucking rocks.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day Nothin'

Awwwww, Molly The Cunt is still sending I MISS YOU messages to Mister Wonderful.   Get over it, bitch, even if he was looking to date right now, you are the last used up psychotic slut he would bother to hook up with now, trust me.  He has more than learned his lesson about what you are.  Stupid whore.

I think Mister Wonderful needs to get a new car.  The Cobra keeps finding new and unique ways to fall apart.  It seems that car creates new parts that can break or seize up somehow.  I swear everything on it has been replaced at least once, and new obscure things keep fouling up on and on and on.  Sheesh.  Time to put a bullet in it and move on, methinks.

Taking Papoose #2 to lunch today.  Really looking forward to it  :-)

Still don't know where Papoose #1 is, of course she's not speaking to me because I am the epitome of all evil in her world.  Yeez.  She did tell her dad that I was asking for her address, which is utter bullshit.  I haven't asked her for any information whatsoever.  Pfft, as one of my dear friends would say.

Well, have to go.  Papoose #2's lunch is at 11:15, so I'm outta here to see the baby!!!

Peace, all.

I Hear That, Brother......................

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Happy To Be Entertaining

Torture........trapped behind a Mrs. Bairds truck while trying to merge onto 35 north at the Meacham onramp that has been under construction forever now.  Those trucks DO have a gas pedal, don't they??

So many things going on over here, both good and bad, but really don't have anything to write anymore.  My heart has shifted to where I just can't bring myself to share things in other peoples lives anymore.  And since everything in my life personally is so fucking fantastically perfect that I still think I'm in a dream, that really doesn't leave a whole lot to write about.

So I don't write anymore.  Any material I've got right now is at someone elses expense, and that I cannot do anymore.

Molly is still a cunt.  She is still sending mushy shit to Mister Wonderful, hoping to gain his affections again.  Girlfriend, you do not know that man, if you think that bullshit will work for you.  Move on.

That is one person I will talk about anytime I feel like it.  She deserves zero respect from me.

Papooses are doing great.  Papoose #2's bday get together with all her friends this weekend went great.  I had to leave after getting everyone fed and the cake done, felt like I was getting sick. Aching, sore throat, no energy.  Didn't want to share, if that was the case, so headed out early, but got to watch her enjoy her friends for five hours or so before taking off, so it was ok.

Papoose #1 is in a finding herself stage.  Has been for awhile.  There are tattoos and piercings involved.  And a much older man who may or may not be the best choice of characters she could be spending time with.  But alas, it is her life to live.  I will still be here when she decides she wants me in her life again.

Well, that's all I've got, without delving into things that aren't mine to share.

Have a great day all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stupid Video, Awesome Song

Sweet 16

Had THE MOST incredible day and night with Papoose #2.  She turned 16 yesterday.  She spent the day with Mister Wonderful, then early afternoon with both of us.  Then I took her shopping and out to eat, then we headed to the suite The Real Deal reserved for her for her birthday gift, complete with indoor pool and jacuzzi.  We shopped for the usual things, new books and makeup, clothes......then had wonderful Chinese food for dinner and headed to the room to relax in the spa and pool.

We even burst into an impromptu duet of Crazy Girl while we had the pool house all to ourselves, and had a great time with that.

Yep, life really doesn't get any better than it is right now.

So blessed.

So happy.

So alive.

Monday, April 2, 2012


The Cunt is trying to get Mister Wonderfuls attention by forwarding fake emails, claiming they are from me.

Why do psycho stalker women think that guys are actually going to like them for doing crazy shit like that?

I mean, how incredibly pathetic can one bitch be?

Whhooooooeeeeee, am I ever glad I'm not part of either of their lives anymore.

They can't even begin to touch my happiness.

My life is divine.

*MWAH* Molly, you pathetic cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :-D