Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hairy Legs and Bungie Cords

Ok, so I'm a good girl and make sure to always keep myself all shaved up and pretty like, but I would like to know how in the hell a hairy legged man can even tell if we are super clean shaved on our legs, or if we have cheated and skipped a day?  I mean, dudes are covered in hair on their legs, how can they even feel our legs?? TRD and I were discussing that last night, and I just can say as I believe him when he says guys can tell anything thru those hairy ol legs.  But thank God I'm a good girl and keep it real, soft and smooth baby. Haha.  Sherri's post was pretty hilarious timing today, considering my convo last night in bed with TRD.

TRD was put on Paxil by his doctor about a year ago, to help him with all of his anxiety issues with everything he had going on in his life.  Now that things are settled down and he is in a good place, it's time to wean him off of it.  He has been working on that gradually for weeks now, and it is still making him sick as a dog and really fucking him up.  I feel awful for him and am kinda worried about him.  But he HAS to get off that shit. He randomly gets like vertigo and it'll make him throw up just immediately out of the blue and gives him these random like brain zaps and makes it hard for him to concentrate.  All of that is quite inconvenient when you are as busy of a man as he is.  Please let this be over soon.  Poor baby.

Staying busy with Job #1 as well as hiring people for Job #2.  With the loss of Papoose #2 at Job #2 plus the new stores we are buying and the ones we will be opening in the next couple of months in other areas, we are in need of good employees.  I don't think anyone in the world can understand how hard it is to staff a place with good people.  It is incredible how many yahoos there are out there in the world, truly amazing.

That jalopy has a serious serious issue.  It needs an oil change in the worst way, but more importantly I need to get whatever it is in that rod thingie in the front drivers side that goes out to the wheel fixed.  It is so bad that any time I have to turn to the right like in a sweeper turn type thing, it shakes so bad I can barely hang on to the steering wheel.  Just keep asking it please please please hang in there a couple more weeks till I have the money to get you fixed, please!!!!

It's weird to have a dog that likes other people better than he likes you.  Disconcerting.

The landlord is bringing us a new stove and dishwasher tomorrow!!!!  The ones we have in the duplex are as old as the duplex itself, and lets just say that cooking on the stove or using the oven is, umm, challenging, and the dishwasher can't be used at all.  It runs for like two hours, wasting water and electricity, and never gets the dishes clean anyway.  No biggie on the dishwasher, I'm so used to doing dishes by hand I don't even miss it, but TRD wants us to have a dishwasher, doesn't like to see me wasting time doing dishes.  Pretty cool dude, eh?  He is the one that called the landlord letting him know that the crusty non working appliances that were fine when it was a bachelor pad are no bueno now that it's a real home, with a real girl actually in there cooking and cleaning and doing dishes.

I still can't stand Maroon 5.  I have to be the only chick in the world that hates that group.

Nearly killed myself avoiding a fucking bungie cord on 35 this morning.  I swear to God, those things should be illegal.  Squaw fears very little, but bungie cords top the list.

Not long for Job soon as those last few loose end debts are paid off, I'm out of here.  Will be full time Girl Friday for TRD.  In other words, I will get to be with him as much as I want, and help him with the stores.  And get pedicures.  And work out.  I'm finally gonna have time to do stuff OTHER than fucking work.  Go me!!!

Praying and sending good karma out to my friends who are looking for that new open door.  It's gonna happen, my friends, and it's gonna be spectacular.

Oh!!!  I have actually managed to keep all my cute little houseplants that Kathleen gave me alive!!! Plus, I picked up a couple at Lowes and Wal Mart and those are thriving as well!!  I guess the black thumb that I have had for years no matter what I tried is finally letting up some.  That, or it was the blackness of my heart that kept everything from thriving before, and my utter happiness and good outlook are working on these now!!!

Ok, I'm outta here.  Happy Hump Day everyone.


  1. doors will open...

    or we will be up there slingin' tacos LOL

    i forgot to mention - i'm getting a jalopy too! an old ghia that i'm going to restore...woot!

    man, i can't imagine what it's like to have a dishwasher... i think it's been at least 10 years or more since i've had one of those things...