Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fixin Up Bathrooms and Hal The Jalopy

"Life's full of bad but it's also filled with awesomeness"  Papoose #2's words from yesterday keep running through my head.  Love them, absolutely perfect.  Love that kid.

She is doing an incredible job on the bathroom at the tepee.  Papoose #1 had started a very LOUD colored project in there before she moved out, and when it didn't go according to her plan, she abandoned it.  So that bathroom has been horrid for awhile now.  Papoose #2 wanted to get it all redone, so I've been buying her the things to do that with. She even contributed some of her own money towards the overhaul.   She bought textured wallpaper for the wall Pap #1 pulled wallpaper off of and painted.  She chose fun but very pretty and easy on the eyes colors to use over it as well as the other walls.  She has taken her time and taped everything off like she should, and just is really doing a smash up job on it.  So proud of her!!

Taking the jalopy in to a collision center right by the new tepee today to get an estimate of what it's going to cost me out of pocket to get the front and rear bumpers back up to snuff as well as getting the dent repaired from the chickie that hit me all that time ago.  Need to get to budgeting.  The jalopy is paid off in two more payments.  Time for that dough to go into fixing it all up pretty pretty.  Sooooooo excited.  I was disproportionately excited to order the ambient temperature sensor and the shocks for the trunk yesterday. I'm not sure a girl is supposed to get so excited about auto parts, but Hal has been shutting the A/C off of me during triple digit Texas summers for long enough because he thinks we've crashed into a snow bank and it's -33 degrees out so he needs to cut off the A/C and turn on the heater!!!!  I'm ready to get everything repaired now, thankyouverymuch!!

Monday Hal the jalopy goes into the regular mechanic to get the prognosis on what needs to be done to repair whatever is fucked up in the front end.  Crossing my fingers that it won't be too freaking expensive.

Passive aggressive people just piss me the fuck off.  Get some balls, if you wanna be a fucking prick or bitch, have the fucking balls to just fucking do it already.  Man.  Some people just need a good ass kicking.

Molly, is there any end at all to your ability to be pathetic???  Really hon, it's time to give it up and move along on your merry way to fucked up psychosis, mmmmmkayy????

I'm never quite sure what to do about the people that fall for absolutely anything they hear or read on the internet.  You know, the people that are forever sending you forward emails or posting on FaceBook about bizarre shit that is all a bunch of bullshit??  I get so embarrassed for them, sometimes I want to figure out a nice way to let them know what a fool they are being, but I never do.  I'm sure just shutting up and letting them find out on their own is the right thing to do, right???

The other office chick just shared a hilarious dream she had last night.  Our minds are amazing and impossible to understand machines, aren't they?  Haha!!

Off duty fireman strippers.  All I gotta say.

Well, it's time to get some work done and earn this short timers paycheck.

Have a great day, all, and make sure to have some wicked cool dreams tonight.

Oh, and remember that life is full of bad, but it's also full of awesomeness.

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  1. i love auto parts!!

    did i mention that i am getting a ol beat up karmann ghia??!! talk about wet dreams! i have been trying to get my hands on of these babies for about 20 years now... after i restored/rebuilt my MG midget i decided next project was a ghia... but hell, people who own them don't get rid of them lol

    a teacher here has one that he is GIVING me... as in free! woot!

    ok... enough about me...

    you'll have to post some pics of the newly remodeled potty room... fun stuff!