Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hump Day Nothin'

Awwwww, Molly The Cunt is still sending I MISS YOU messages to Mister Wonderful.   Get over it, bitch, even if he was looking to date right now, you are the last used up psychotic slut he would bother to hook up with now, trust me.  He has more than learned his lesson about what you are.  Stupid whore.

I think Mister Wonderful needs to get a new car.  The Cobra keeps finding new and unique ways to fall apart.  It seems that car creates new parts that can break or seize up somehow.  I swear everything on it has been replaced at least once, and new obscure things keep fouling up on and on and on.  Sheesh.  Time to put a bullet in it and move on, methinks.

Taking Papoose #2 to lunch today.  Really looking forward to it  :-)

Still don't know where Papoose #1 is, of course she's not speaking to me because I am the epitome of all evil in her world.  Yeez.  She did tell her dad that I was asking for her address, which is utter bullshit.  I haven't asked her for any information whatsoever.  Pfft, as one of my dear friends would say.

Well, have to go.  Papoose #2's lunch is at 11:15, so I'm outta here to see the baby!!!

Peace, all.


  1. eh she'll come around.... she is testing out the rebel inside... you know most of us have done that at some point or another.... but i do know it's hard when they are out there like that...

    pfftt is such a great little word isn't it? :)

  2. She stole the "pfft" from me, you know.

    Glad to see you happy!

  3. pffftttt .... i didn't steal shit :)