Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, It's That Day Again

So, the ho bag that shorts me a couple of hours off each weeks paycheck was in here this morning trying to make chit chat with me.  Anyone wanna lay money on how THAT went for her???  Yeah, you're probably right.

I do believe I know why she has a problem with me though.  The Real Deal and I invited her to be an investor in the first store.  Well, she drug it out and insisted on guarantees of when she would start seeing money come in from it and was a real bitch about it.  She wasted sooooo much of TRD's time and then finally said, no I'm not interested unless you can tell me exactly how much I'll make and when I will see the profits.  Yeah.....that's SO not how it goes when you invest in a business, but oh well.  Come to find out, she had another business venture she was trying to get involved with at the time, through someone she should have been smart enough to have less faith in than TRD and his family.  So, of course that venture fell through and she was screwed.  Fast forward six months or so...she sees how incredible our first store is going and approaches TRD about being an investor in the second store.  She does all this behind my back, I don't hear a peep of it till TRD tells me about it.  She and her live in boyfriend (an old coworker of TRD's back in the day) hounded TRD for weeks and weeks about wanting in, now that we are a sure fire win investment.  Well, TRD's family only needs a couple of investors, we are doing this pretty much all on our own, for good reason, and the couple of investors allowed to play in the second and future stores are the ones that took the gamble on us in the first one, period.  Boy did little miss 'the world shall play by my rules and it's all about me' get pissed off when we told her "Thanks, but no thanks.  We have all the investors we need, thanks for asking though"  They were fuming pretty good.

So now, in my own little way, I suppose I'm paying for her not getting her way with investing in our stores.  Sorry woman, we asked you in the beginning and you shafted us.  Karma on a couple of levels for both of us, I guess.  Oh well, when I can finally afford to leave here I will remember the treatment of not being paid for some of the work I've done for this place.

Did somebody get married somewhere??

I think anyone being treated the way royals are treated is absolutely ridiculous.  What makes them better than anyone else?  I don't care how rich or famous anyone is either, nobody should be treated like they are better than anyone else.  Not even a clan of inbred bad dressers.  Rock stars, politicians, actors, european royalty, people who get all uppity and move to the lake (snark, Jar), none of them deserve to be bowed down to and treated that way.  But that's just my opinion, and we all know about opinions......

Mister Wonderful had a last minute "business meeting" with a customer he had to go to last night.  I told him to have fun, wrap it up, and be careful.  He wasn't too sure how to react to that.  Hahahahahahahaa.

He was home pretty early, said he got stood up.  I felt really bad for him, actually.  Made me hope/wish it really was a customer.

Ok, I have stuff to do.  Have a good day all.  Have a good weekend too.  You know how I drop off the face of the world on weekends.  Too many long hours at Job #2 and no computer at home = bad combo for gripin on a blog  ;-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I'm Here Working, PAY ME

I'm so pissed off right now.  Just got my check for the week, and YET AGAIN I have been shorted.  The f**king bookkeeper here just randomly decides what she is going to pay everyone for.  It being a family run operation, and her a part of said family, complaining about this does absolutely no good, because she lives in her own little world and has never had to function in the real world where what she says doesn't mean law.

I could kill someone right now.  She gets paid a HUGE salary whether she is here or not, and she doesn't do very much when she IS here.  Works short hours, talks on the phone on personal calls allll the time, takes off for hours whenever she pleases and still gets paid assloads of money.

Then just shorts my paycheck???  EVERY damn week??????  This is pure nonsense.

Last Thursday, for example, I took 30 minutes.  Got charged for an HOUR.

On days I stay in, because I'm sorry Princess, but unlike the rest of the crew, I CANNOT afford to eat out every damn day, I still get docked a minimum of 15-30 minutes.

And no, I'm NOT interested in just getting in my damn car and GOING somewhere for an hour every day.  Even the thought of wasting that much gas every day is LUDICROUS.

As counter productive as it is, the very thing I feel like doing right now is walking the hell out the door.  No explanation, no nothing.

There are people here that take hour long lunches and only get docked for half an hour.  I know it because you can look right on the time cards and see that.

Then I get the opposite treatment???  Just going to pay me for whatever you FEEL like paying me??  Seriously?????

And to think, I've always taken great ownership of this company, and worked and given my best as such.

Fuck this, and fuck her.

Controlling Bitch!!!!!!!

I Gots Nuthin

Why won't my stupid blogger thing load right this morning???  Very irritating!!!  Maybe I've been hacked??  So be forewarned everyone!!!  If my blog posts suddenly have cursing, complaining, whining, rude, suggestive or mentally unstable topics and verbage, it is because someone has taken over.  Wait.  Nevermind, those are my types of postings.  Hmmm.

I'm reading a book right now that is very hard to read.  It's about horrific child abuse, and the "Lord of the Flies" pack mentality that can arise around it.  Tough read, but making myself finish it.

Papoose #2 wanted grilled tuna sandwiches and chips for dinner last night, so thats just what we had.  Good stuff man.

Do men realize the effort, time and money it takes for us ladies to remain as unnaturally hairless as they prefer??  All to please them?  I seriously doubt it.

The doors to the office are open and it's a beautiful morning out there.  I so hate the Texas summer heat.  Gross.  So I soak up and enjoy ANY and EVERY bit of fall or spring like weather we get.  I'm loving it.

I am totally caught up at Job #1.  I don't like that.  That is wayyyyy too similar to being jobless.  This is not a good thing.  We need more business.  Praying for more business.  Part of the problem is that one of our repair guys decided to start a side business.  Doing all of the testing and inspections that we do here.  Ummm, and poaching our customers.  Why he still has a job here is beyond me.  It's an incredibly strange situation.  All I know is, HOURS of the paperwork I used to be responsible for is just POOF, gone.  Because all of those customers are poached off and not coming in for the regular stuff.  NotAGood.

Have I mentioned how absolutely fabulous I would be as a kept woman??  Hehe.  May happen sooner than I planned........

I honestly don't think working only one job, or no job for that matter, would be such a bad thing.  But for now, still can't pay my bills.  It's a bizarre situation to be in, not be able to meet my bills right now, but by the end of the year may be in the position to just pay them all off.  Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

Please let something go right for once. Please please please.

That's all I've got for now.  Gotta go see if I can get the other blog pages to load correctly so I can peep em.

Happy Thursday, all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thumbing Your Nose At Opportunity and Wandering Jews

So, Mister Wonderful's boss and good friend has approached him about a job offer.  He would be traveling Monday through Friday and home every weekend.  MW loves to travel.  Also, the job would be going to different national accounts and setting up their service and store room areas.  MW loves to micro organize things like that, and that is one of the reasons he works way more hours on salary for the job he does now than he really should and is always pissed off about the long ass days he works.  So, really, this job would be perfect for him.  By his own admittance.  But as soon as I told him that I agree, it really sounds like something he would be well suited for and he might really like it, he says "are you trying to get rid of me???"  and refuses to talk to the boss about the job.   Really??  Pay increase, change of pace from a job you hate, shorter hours, less gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, home every weekend.......yeah, that really sounds like something an intelligent person would pass up.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Damn.

Besides, I AM trying to get rid of him.  For the love of all that's holy, DO something with yourself and attempt to find some happiness somewhere.  After all, you've been bitching for 20 years about how miserable you are with me and the Papooses!!!!!!  This man makes being miserable an art.  Really takes it to a whole other level.

So, since the D-Hall teacher won't wait the extra 5-10 minutes for Papoose #2 to get out of practice and get over to serve her daily D-Hall, and the coach won't let her out 5-10 minutes early to make it to D-Hall, she is back to serving her sentence for our tardies at Saturday school.  So she is taken off the work schedule for the next two Saturdays at Job #2.  She is not a happy camper.  Poor Poose.

Speaking of Papoose #2, you all remember that she has received her first official paycheck.  Well, Monday morning I am walking through my room to get a cup of coffee and I see Papoose #2's butt sticking up in the air as she looks under my bed for lord knows what.  I ask her what she's doing and she sits up really quickly and says "Ah!!!  I found your flip flop!!!  I knew you would be looking for it, so I decided to get a jump start on it and find it for you!!!"  Jumps up and leaves the room.  I'm standing there scratching my head.  Then a little bit later, she is in the master bath with me, putting on her makeup as she does each morning with me in there, and she says "Mom, is my social security card back in the purple book?"  (We have a big purple binder where I keep all sorts of copies of important documents)  I tell her no, I hadn't put it back in there yet from when we were down filling out her paperwork to get official at Job #2.  Then, on the way to school I ask her to please tell me the truth about what she was doing looking under my bed that morning.  She says she was looking for the purple book.  Under my bed?  And why?  She needs her ss card.  Ummm, why???  Are you in trouble with the law, Poose???

Last night as I was cooking dinner and she was in there with me, she finally fesses up as to what she was up to.  A few weeks ago I fell in love with a big beautiful Wandering Jew at a local store.  They were my mothers favorite house plant, and this one was just glorious.  I would admire it every time I was at the store, and one time Papoose #2 happened to be with me.  Anyhow, she was hoping that if she could find her social security card, the bank we use here in town would cash her paycheck for her so she could buy me that plant before it was sold to someone else.  She hoofed it all over town begging the bank to cash it for her, but of course they could not, without picture id, even though she does have a savings account there.  Now is that not the sweetest, most thoughtful thing you have ever heard?  My kid rocks!!!!  Love love love her heart and soul.

More good news.  Just got word that we will be given 2.5% ownership interest in the next store that is opening.  That is on top of the 2.5% we already had.  So, 2.5% in the first store, and 5% in the second store.  Target opening date July 1st, 2011.  Once the place is paid up and making money, we will start getting our payout.  Probably looking at 6 months or so.  The Real Deal and I are over the moon with excitement.   The day may actually come where I can go to the grocery store without a calculator, after all.  That has always been my idea of making it, of being ok.  To be able to shop for groceries without a calculator.  It's gonna happen baby, totally gonna happen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Jalopy Named Hal, and Running The Donut Shop Gauntlet Again

So, I got out of the house in time to snap a pic of the poor drunken armadillo, but alas, I was too late.  He has deflated.  Barely clinging to his beer now, and wouldn't be nearly as good of a picture.  R.I.P. Otis the Armadillo.  You will be missed.

When the girls were much younger, we rented a house where there was an armadillo that would come into the yard every evening.  Even if we were out there doing things or riding horses or playing around or doing yard work.  He would come right thru and walk right past us.  The kids got the biggest kick out of it, to see one up close that was still breathing.  He liked to dig under the little windmill out there.  He did this for about 6 months, till the damn neighbor ran him over in the driveway.  Still pisses me off.

So, the ambient temperature sensor on the jalopy is broken.  This means that the little gauge that is supposed to tell me how warm or cold it is outside is never correct.  This also means that the built in safety feature in the jalopy attempts to do it's job, but does it at the wrong time.  And THAT means that we will be rolling down the road with the A/C going, and the ambient temp sensor will suddenly decide that its -27 degrees outside and cut the A/C off and turn the heater on.  While I appreciate the fact that the jalopy has these built in safety features, should I ever actually get in a wreck and crash into a snow bank and need to be kept warm till help arrives, it can be a bit frustrating in the heat of  a Texas summer.  Because of the car taking over control of the comfort systems this way, we named the jalopy Hal after the first couple of times it did this.  I am hoping to have the money to fix the sensor within the next few months.  Hopefully we won't melt before then.  Yes, I know I can roll the windows down, but can only stand that for so long with the contacts in.

Honestly, I'm really NOT as high maintenance as I sound.  I sound like a spoiled little ho.

Also on the way to dropping Papoose #2 at school, we drive past one of her friends houses every morning.  This morning there were two sheriffs cars in the driveway, lights blazing.  Looking past them, there is a small black car in the middle of the field behind them, just on the other side of said friends fence.  Driving a little further we see the skid marks running for yards and yards, then the raw spot where the car, after skidding on the brakes for that long, still had the momentum to hit a 6' embankment, tear its way up the embankment, through the fence and a line of rather good sized trees and tons of brush, and still carry itself about 50' into the soft muddy wet overgrown pasture.  Wow.  Whoever that car belonged to was hauling some MAJOR ass down that road when they hit that dead end.  I hope they are ok.

After I dropped Papoose #2 off at the school, I pulled out of the school and was nearly clipped by a flat bed wrecker that was heading to that house to pull that car out of the field.  Bastard wrecker was speeding through the entire school zone, too.  Cut off another car full of kids and tail gated another vehicle back down the road to the house.  Nut muncher.

So today is safety meeting day again.  You know what that means, donut shop day!  Again, waited for the lady to load up my two boxes with one dozen glazed and one dozen chocolate with someone breathing down my neck.  This time a big Ichabod Crane looking jerkoff.  And again, I could barely get turned around with the two boxes in my arms and squeeze along the glass display case to get out of the line after I paid.  Seriously people????  Did your parents not teach about respecting people space??? I swear, one day I am going to go all Falling Down on people.  Idiots!!!  Then, when I say "ExCUSE me!!!  Can I please get the hell out of line now??????"  I swear he just stood there looking at me like a cow staring through a fence.  I wonder how some people function all alone without a keeper sometimes.  Damn.

So I run the gauntlet of people jonesing for nasty sugar encrusted fried dough, get out the door and to my car.  I go to get into the car and my flip flop gets hung up on the runner of the door frame and I fall INTO my car.  Thank goodness the little locking flap on the donut boxes work well, or that would have been something to contend with.  As it was, I took an emergency brake to the ribs and got the damn beads that hang from my rear view mirror hung up around my head.  As I'm cussing and untangling myself and trying to find my flip flop, which had flown out of the car, I look up and see a delivery guy giggling his BUTT off.  I just shrugged and gave him a little wave, put my damn flip flop back on and made my merry way to work.

I guess it's time to finally replace the cheapo two dollar black rubber flip flops I got at Wally World a couple of years ago.  They are awfully stretched out.  Hehehe.

Happy Tuesday, all.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Roadkill and Ruined Rib Eye

So, when Mister Wonderful is home, he is involved in his favorite past time, online gaming.  He has a Playstation 3.  Last Wednesday, the Playstation Network was hacked into and has been down since then.  Let me tell you, boys and girls, this does not make for a happy MW.  There is nothing pointing to the network being repaired and back up any time soon, either.  I have never been a video gamer, even as a kid.  But I can tell you this, I am counting the days till they get that stupid network back up and running.  Get him back into his man cave and out of my hair.  If any of you are the one that hacked it, please fix it.  Have mercy on a poor Squaw, will ya???

So, I had yesterday off work.  I cleaned the house.  I completely cleaned out, disassembled and scrubbed down the freezer and the fridge.  I pulled all of the old meat etc out of the freezer from the great thaw when the electric company jacked my place up.  Yes, I JUST now did that.  Sorry, but what very few hours I have at home, I'm usually trying to cook, do laundry, take care of animals and sleep.  Did the fridge, left the bigger project, the freezer for when I had more time.  Anyhow, I was in A LOT of trouble for cleaning the fridge and freezer out, because since there is a burn ban on and MW blew up my explorer, he was at a loss as to what exactly to DO with all the crap I cleaned out of there.  Boy was I in trouble.  House looks great though  :-D

MW didn't want a ham for Easter.   He wanted steak.  It was on sale at Albertson's, boneless rib eyes for 4.77/pound.  When I got there yesterday morning, they had taken them off sale Saturday night.  I bought a package of chicken and some pork ribs for the week.  I had one steak left from Friday night at the house, figured I'd cook that for MW and the ribs for Papoose #2 and I.  I get home and MW has a fit when he sees the ribs before I can get out of my mouth that I have a steak left over for him in the fridge.  Proceeds to tell me he doesn't care for pork ribs much at all.  I was like, well that's interesting to find out, after I've been making them for the past 20 years!!  So, steak and ribs go on the grill, he's keeping an eye on them.  The storm rolls in and he pulls everything off.  Charred and raw spots on the ribs.  Yay.  I put them into the oven.  When we sit down to eat, he takes a bite of his steak and pushes it away, proclaiming that it's ruined and inedible because it tastes like pork from being cooked with the pork ribs.  Sheesh.

There is a dead armadillo near the house, off of 730.  It's reclining in typical dead armadillo pose.  This weekend someone stopped and put a beer bottle on top of it.  I wanted to stop and get a picture, but Papoose #2 and I were running way too late and didn't dare stop, for fear of being lit up by the principal again.  Made us both laugh our hineys off all the way to school though, that is for sure.

The storms were beautiful this weekend.  Sat out on the front porch with LabPup last night enjoying the show.  The big hail rolled over our house at 3:20am this morning.  Tore our shingles up pretty good.  Deciding if I should call the insurance agent on it or not.  Any input from you home owners out there, please??

The food delivery semi hit TRD's pickup this morning.  Have to find a body shop for an estimate now.

It's amazing how quick MW was to get his Cobra running again, after he drove my Explorer into the dirt and blew it up.  Any bets on my being told he can't afford his share of the upcoming mortgage for May?  *heavy sigh*

Daily wear contacts do not handle crying very well.  FYI.

I'm thinking about adding more hours at Job #2, now that the doc has me feeling a little bit better.  I'm feeling like a lazy ass for hesitating to do so.  Ugh.

I hate this part of being a mommy.  Thank you for the comments and support, friends.  They are greatly appreciated.

Somebody please fix the Playstation Network.  For the love of all that's holy......

Thanks Jar, *sniffle*

Growing Up, And Letting Go

I don't hear much from Papoose #1 anymore.  She is away at school and working her jobs and busting her ass to get through school.  I know she is busy and has her own life going on.  But it kills me when I see a post on FaceBook or something that shows she is having a rough time or struggling.  I know she doesn't come to me with it because she knows I am not in a position to help anyway, but it still hurts my feelings that she doesn't come to me at all.  Also totally breaks my heart that I can't help her at least monetarily yet.  I freaking hate that.  By her own admission, she took too heavy of a course load this last semester.  Plus, she is already paying her student loans back, which is good, but with such a heavy course load, plus working so many hours, she's not only fallen behind in her classes, but she still never has any money because it all goes to the student loan payments.  Add to that, her car has something terribly wrong with it, and she is full on smack dab in the middle of one of lifes harshest lessons in stress.

I know that this is a learning experience for her.  We had agreed that she would stay home for a semester or two and work and save money and live at home and take some basics at Weatherford College.  Then she went ahead and applied to the University on her own, and 'surprised' me with the news.  So, it was her choice to do things the way she has, and for the most part, she has really pulled it off.  Just this last load she took on sounded doable in theory, but she's learning the difference between theory and real life.   I suppose as a mother, the greatest gift I can give her right now is to stay back and let her work through it.  It surely does break my heart and kill me to do though.

Papoose #2 got her very first real paycheck.  I told her that she WILL be putting half of every paycheck into her savings account.  The other half she can spend as she sees fit, but I think I will have her start buying her own makeup and hair products, as a foundation for learning to manage her money AND her 'stuff' so she's not so wasteful and learns just how much things cost.

It is an absolute blessing to have The Real Deal in our lives.  He has been such a huge help with so many things, including helping me to make the right decisions in how to deal with many things with the Papooses.  I've never had any family that gave a shit or kept in touch with us.  I've not had anyone to help me learn how to parent these kids, or to help me make decisions on how to handle different situations with them.  Lord knows Mister Wonderful has been absent in the parenting department, except to yell or blame or throw fits.  TRD calmly talks to me about these things and helps me work through the best way to handle so many things.  Is always willing to talk to the Pooses about things too.  It's been hard for me to relax and learn how to allow assistance, but I'm learning.

Crying sure does mess up my contacts for the day.  Urg.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Needed To Hear It Again, Today

Got Us Some Friday Goin On Up In Heah!!

The owners sister is also the bookkeeper here at Job #1.  She decided to make all of us here in the office a nice breakfast this morning, as a belated Secretary's Day celebration.  I thought that was awfully thoughtful, and I enjoyed it very much.

Have Easter off.  I'm not leaving the house.  At all.  I am going to be home all day for the first time in months.  Life is SO GOOD!!!

Mister Wonderfuls Best Friend got married in November of '10.  He married a gal he had only met three times. She was his dental hygienists sister.  He traveled to Mexico two times to spend time with her, and brought her up here to his home in Texas once.   The next time they saw each other, it was on the beach in Mexico to get married.   Since bringing her here, they have had their share of growing pains.  She had had one miscarriage before they got married.  Once they got married and she moved into his house as his wife.  She started practicing her wifely duty of getting pregnant again.  And learning how to use his credit cards.  And throwing a fit when he doesn't come straight home from work.  Or when he hits the strip clubs, one of his many favorite past times.  Tension ensued.....

Well, she finally ended up pregnant again, much to their joy.  But when they figured out the time frame of her becoming pregnant, they realized that she was a couple weeks pregnant when she had gotten the required immunizations to get her green card.  So they worry about the affects of the immunizations on the unborn baby.  They go to each monthly doctors appointment worried and waiting to hear good news.  Add to that, he is 41 and she is 43, and they have a few things to be concerned with.  Also, his penchant for hookers gave him the gift that keeps on giving a few years ago, which I understand can cause some issues too.  So each month we wait to hear news.   Evidently they got some blood work back yesterday that leads the doctors to believe the baby may have Downs Syndrome.  The doctor said that so little is still known about what causes it, they can't really pin point any one of their issues as the cause, but does it really matter?  I know they are confused and angry and worried and so many other things right now.  I keep praying for them, and for the baby.  All Best Friend has ever wanted was a family of his own.  He has always been incredibly good to my Papooses.  He is incredibly 'my way or the highway' when it comes to relationships though, so he has never really managed to have a long term relationship, much less marriage.  Now this late start at a family with so many draw backs/strikes against them.  With the fragile foundation their marriage already has, I worry about what this may mean for them, and for the sweet baby they are bringing into this world.

I'm so blessed to have my healthy Papooses.

Mr. Corner's  question of the day really got to me yesterday.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to keep this in mind at all times, and behave accordingly.

Gotta run for now.   You all be safe out there, and hug the peeps you love.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Absolute Favorite By Them


It is gut wrenching to see the homes, land and life destroyed by these wildfires.  A heartbreaking disaster to observe.  I cannot send up enough prayer for all of the lives touched by it.

Not to mention the storms, tornados, all the other majorly catastrophic things that go on in our world.

I feel so small minded and selfish, to be so consumed by my own trials and tribulations, as small and insignificant as they are.

Shame on me.

Bumper Cars & Trading Saturday School For D-Hall

I am easily amused.  I still get a kick out of my rain sensing wipers on the jalopy.  Too much, hehe.

MW actually wrote me a check for the rest of his part of the mortgage payment and left if for me this morning. Will wonders never cease?

I am obsessed with being on time.  For as go with the flow as I am in every other aspect of my life, it absolutely makes me insane to be late to something.  Appointments, meeting up with friends, work.   This was the cause of many a melt down over the last few years, once Papoose #1 got into high school and not so good about rolling out of bed and making it out the door to my jalopy on time for a ride to school.  Stressful and bitching and bickering mornings so often.  Never had a problem with Papoose #2, she got herself up and ready and would be tapping her foot at the door waiting on Papoose #1.  I finally get Papoose #1 graduated and off to college and on her own clock, and now this year it has taken an act of God to get Papoose #2 up, ready and out.  All this is mentioned to lead to this:  For the first time in my life, I got called into the principals office.  We both were.  Concern over tardies.  Uh oh.  I got a stern talking to and Papoose #2 got two rounds of Saturday school.  Come to find out, after the fact, Papoose #2 went to the principal and asked if there was some alternative to Saturday school, because she was concerned about having to miss two consecutive Saturdays from work, after just recently being hired.  I thought that was very responsible of her, to handle that all on her own.  So now she has three weeks of D-Hall, which is about half an hour each day after school lets out.  This is all so incredibly bizarre for us.  The Pooses never get in trouble.  The fact that I was part of the reason she got into trouble makes me feel absolutely horrid.  Ah well.  We will be good girls from now on.

Shut up Jar.   ;-)

You know those work trucks that have the tool boxes mounted on each side?  I've seen those all my life, but have never once seen one that is anything but pretty beat up and 'worn in'.  Well, got an up close and personal look at a brand spankin new one in front of the IGA last night when it backed into my little jalopy.  Freaking dude didn't even look over his shoulder before he started backing up across the parking lot.  Busy time too, cars everywhere.  Thank goodness he was at an angle and the Tahoe parked next to where I was driving stopped him before he could do any real damage to the jalopy.  Just kissed the front of it with the hazard sign on the back of his bumper thingie.  I think it broke some clips on my lower spoiler/bumper thing though, it seems to be loose now.  Tahoe owner had more serious issues to worry about than I did though, so not complaining.....beautiful shiny brand new black Tahoe.  Pretty truck.  Ooops.

My friend had to shovel sh*t with a bad case of the flu yesterday.  Poor guy.  Felt so bad for him, I didn't even give him any grief about it like I usually enjoy doing.

I am the worlds toughest sell and biggest nay sayer on a lot of products, but I have to admit that my skin is making incredible changes from using this Mary Kay skin care stuff.  I am absolutely shocked and very happy with the results.  The actual makeup however??  Nope.  Doesn't work on me.  Gave it to Papoose #1 when she was here for her sisters birthday celebration this past Saturday.  She loves it.

Boss Man is in da houzzzzze, gotta get to work!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Found On Road Dead

My newest boss keeps throwing banana peels and other food stuff in the office trash cans.  We have become overrun with little gnats.  Nasty little suckers.  I'm afraid to even answer the phone and have to speak, because they keep buzzing my face and I don't want one to get in my mouth.  Gross.  The entertainment value for people passing my office and seeing me batting frantically at what appears to be nothing has got to be worth something though.

So, Mister Wonderful's car has been parked in the driveway with a jacked up catalytic converter for a few months now.  He has been driving my Explorer.  He blew my Explorer up last night.  Claims it was running fine and wasn't due for an oil change and had plenty of oil in it and was running just perfectly peachy then just STOPPED running in the middle of 287 on his way home last night.  Got it off the side of the road and it's life blood ran out all over the pavement.......

A friend towed it home.  MW had me buy him a 30 of Stones in payment for the tow.  How the f*ck do I end up the one dishing out the money on everything?

So MW wants me to get up at 4 to take him to work today.  I told him he needs to figure out a long term solution to this problem.  So he drives his Cobra in to work today and sends me a text that I need to call my mechanic and find out how much it will cost to get the catalytic converters fixed.  Told me to find someone to  buy the Explorer for 800.00.  For 20 years now I've been taking orders and expected to just make magic happen.  Life sure must be easy when you have someone to delegate every single shitty job in your life to.  

I just don't  know.

Papoose #2 just sent me a quick text asking how my day is going.  Said she knows I've been having a hard time lately and wanted to check on me.  I have awesome kids.

And he won't do a damn thing to see about what exactly happened to the Explorer, why it quit running, or what it would take to get it fixed.  That truck will sit there till I do all of that.

I am incredibly frustrated.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Repeat Tuesday

I was informed yesterday that if you spray your deck, tables and chairs with a spray bottle of Listerine, the skeeters will not come around.  Supposed to last a couple of days.  Spraying around your doors and windows is supposed to keep em away from the house too.  Heck, for $1.88 you can get the big ol jug of Equate brand stuff.  Gonna give that a go.  We have horrendous skeeters in the back yard.

The whacko neighbors across the street bought them a pitbull.  Now Corner, don't get upset here, because I don't profile anyone, not even dog breeds.  But here in Texas it's pretty hard to find a pit that has been bred from anything but fighting stock, and if they aren't raised right, and in the wrong hands, they can be a menace.  This one is full grown and has bad manners.  He has already made his way across the road into my yard after our cat. I used my most polite sawed off voice to explain to them what would happen the next time he set foot on my property.

Saw a guy peeing on a pile of rocks on my way in this morning.  Now there's something you don't see on your morning commute too often.

Wonder if all these wingnuts at Job #1 have managed to shake of their Monday moodiness.  Sure hope so.  I am not interested in a replay of yesterday.  Beating.

Anyone out there ever had someone new come in to the company, say, a new supervisor type person, and all that person does is run your ass ragged, making up shit for you to do just to make HIM look busy??  Beating.

I have a hard time understanding someone that doesn't have to work for a living complaining about how busy they are.  I mean, you take care of the house, you shop, you pay bills, you take care of the yard, you run kids to school and activities, you cook.  How can you act all overwhelmed?  I don't get it.

I've always wanted to be really really good at something.  I've always wanted to find something that I am passionate about.  I have finally figured out what that is.  I am going to be passionately good at being a kept woman.  Haha.  I seriously cannot wait to quit one job and just be there to help TRD out when he needs me at Job #2 and just have a little time to myself.  Gonna be SO amazing to be able to actually clean my house and do my dang laundry during normal hours.  Midnight is a dumb time to clean house and do laundry.

The jalopy has been the best car.  Very reliable and runs great.  Fun to drive.  Never given me trouble.  Well, there was the tire incident, but I don't think that counts.  Anyhow, when I left out of here last night it wouldn't start.  It kept acting like it was just about to start, but never would catch or whatever.  I tried it four times then stopped, afraid I would drain the battery.  Just bought a brand new battery about two months ago.  Got out, opened the trunk and moved some stuff to one side so the guys could get to the battery area in case they needed to.  Thought I better try it ONE more time before I go hunt someone down in the shop to take a peek at it, and that time it started right up without any hesitation, just like it always does.  I have an unsettled feeling now every time I go to start it.  Makes me sad that that happened.  I've never doubted my little jalopy before  :-(

One of the guys I work with here at Job #1 was sharing some stories of back when he and his wife met.  So sweet.  43 years ago.  I really enjoyed listening to him tell about the stuff they did together.  I just love listening to someone who truly loves their significant other tell tales about it.  Very touching.  He was talking about how he can't believe he is the age he is, and how time has flown.  I hear ya, brother.

I've rambled enough.  Have a good day, all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

You do NOT Want To Do That Today!

I am getting less and less able to be polite and behave in a pc manner when people come at me in this office just for the purpose of taking their bad mood out on someone.  If you have a legitimate issue, sure, let's work on a solution.  But just walking in here because you are looking for someone to be an asshole/bitch to??  Uh, no.

I honestly do not care if you are the boss.  Or the boss's sister.  Or f*cking Santa Clause Claus.
*thanks Jar(shit)head*

Surely I will get myself fired one day.

But I refuse to be the go-to dog to kick.


So many people are unaware of how to utilize their 'inside' voice.  Beating.

The beauty of the blog world is, if you don't like what someone blogs about, simply don't read their blog.  Really super duper easy.  Just about the most simple thing in the world.  If you like em, follow em, if not, don't  ;-)

We had a crazy lady have a melt down at Job #2 this weekend.  Like a major heavy duty melt down to the point where we were VERY close to having to call the police on her.  She was screaming and yelling about just wanting a, b, and c on her plate and not understanding why no restaurant can just DO that.  I told her we do that all day every day for thousands of customers.  She ended up slinging a plate full of food all over the floor, breaking the plate, then sat back at the table with her party, cussing and complaining so loud and obnoxiously that several other customers moved to different tables.  Funny thing was, everything on her order was exactly what she asked for.  Even the other people in her party confirmed that.  She ran through four other employees before I got her.  It's incredibly bizarre, how much I actually enjoy dealing with people like that.  I'm beginning to think that the reason for that is, in dealing with amazingly crazy and/or ugly acting people, maybe it makes me feel less nuts.  Idk.

We also had someone crap on the ladies restroom floor.  Ummm, what would make someone do that?  Can you tell me what would go through someones mind to think "Hey!!!  I know what I'll do!!!!!  Take a dump on the floor of a public restroom!!!!  Fabulous idea!!!!!"

The jalopy has a sunroof in it.  Even if I only have the sunroof cracked up, not all the way open, I will close it every single time I park somewhere.  Even if I am only going to be inside for a minute.  Phobia.  I am 110% convinced that if I leave it open, even a crack, someone will throw something gross in there.  I don't know why.  It's never happened before, knock on wood, but I absolutely cannot leave it open.  Makes me crazy if I try to.


Every single person in this office is talking right now.  Very loud voices.  I am the only one NOT talking right now.   Which leaves me to wonder, if every single person is talking, who's listening??

Mister Wonderful, in yet another passive aggressive I hate my life moment, deleted his FaceBook account.  Guess who's inbox is full of messages asking about what happened to him?  Sheesh.

Papoose #2's birthday celebration was Saturday.  Papoose #1 took the day off of work to attend.  Pap #1 had to drive in on Saturday and leave late that night after the festivities, because of work on Friday and Sunday.  Not only did MW not bother to speak to Papoose #1 when she showed up, he proceeded to go in and lay down on the bed when it was time to leave for the party.  Yep, he ditched his youngest daughters birthday party.  No excuse, no explanation.  We all still had a fabulous time.  Better time, I'm sure, than had he attended, given his propensity for foulness.

We are actually going to close for Easter Sunday.  This was a surprise.  Paycheck will suck, considering I just took this past Saturday off for the party, but I'm going to feel so spoiled, having a whole day off again!!!  Yay!!!

Hope all of my friends out there are doing well.  Miss talking with some of you.

Have a good Monday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Eyes!!!!

Yay!!!  My new contacts just got delivered!!!!  I have happy eyes again!!!!

Scratch that.  I wore the wrong prescription/fit for so many days, now the correct prescription has me blind!!!  But hey, at least they don't HURT like the other ones did.

Still, try to stay off the roads whenever I get off work and am driving.  haha

Money Is Great, If You Have Some!!!

Dammit.  I don't have enough money to make the jalopy payment and the mortgage payment on time.  God I hate that!!!  So freaking frustrating to work seven days a week and still have to do this dance.  Man, I'm so ticked at myself right now.  Jeez.

Still have to pay for Papoose #2's little birthday get together this weekend, too.

Still need to pay for my contacts today too.

I can't wait till the financial thing eases up a little.

Sorry to whine, I'm done now.

My friend cancelled on our dinner at GoGo's at the last minute last night.  Yes, that means I didn't get my new contacts and I have the crappy painful contacts in that I can't see out of, again.  And she wants to do GoGo's tonight.  No can do sista, no gotsie the fundage.

What can I sell???? Hmmmm, thinking cap firmly in place.

Papoose #2 has a softball game tonight.  I'm looking forward to watching her play.  Sweet thing.  She tries so hard at everything she does.

Papoose #1 will be rolling in to town tomorrow to help celebrate her sisters birthday.  A good time will be had by all, I'm sure  :)   Looking forward to having my Papooses both with me for the day.  Happy Squaw dance  :)

Listening to Yahoo Music on my computer, as I always do.  I usually have it on the station Cougar Music, but today I have it on Love Songs.  Funny how I like a lot more of those sappy songs, now that I have actually felt what true, pure unconditional love feels like.  Love songs used to make me so sad, because they never applied to me.  They just bummed me out, because I had never loved or been loved that way.  Not anymore!!

Ok, been trying to get this finished for hours now.  Too many interruptions!!  Sheesh, what???  They actually want me to WORK??  Hahahaha.

Gotta go, boss man needs my assistance.  You all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Try not to blow away in these winds.  Thanks for letting me vent and for actually coming on over to visit once in awhile.

Good therapy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


That's it!!!!!!   I can't begin to tell you how often someone else in the office leaves like one or two squares of toilet paper on the roll, just so they're lazy ass doesn't have to put a new roll on there.  Come on, seriously???? How stupid is that???  I draw the short straw pretty much every damn time that stuff needs to be replaced.

No more.  From now on, if I go in there and there's only a square or two left, I'm pulling the empty one off the holder, throwing it in the floor, tossing the holder under the sink, and taking my new roll with me back to my desk.

I just did that very thing.

AND I took all of the spare rolls and put them in the furthest cabinet where you can't reach it from the commode without getting up.  Stranded.  Phooey!!

Yes, I understand the importance of choosing your battles.

This just seems like a fun one for today.

Dancin' Around My Office :-)

SUCH A Fun Concert!!!!

I Learned To Swing Dance To This, At Their Concert In Denver

Worry Warts, Testosterone, and Getting "That" Phone Call

Man, I used to be a major worry wart.  I functioned under such a huge amount of stress for such a prolonged period that it got to where I would literally lay awake all night, worrying over things I could do nothing about, especially in the middle of the night.   But my boss, dear as he is, takes worrying and over thinking and stressing to a whole other level.  He is a pro.  Yesterday his teenage daughter crashed her H3 into the side of their house.  To hear him tell it yesterday at top volume, the truck was ruined and the house needed major repairs.  We find out today that there isn't even a mark on the brick of the house and the truck just has a broken blinker cover.  BUT, now he is in the other room going on and on about how the broken blinker could cause a major fire in the car on the way to taking it to the dealership to have the light cover replaced.  Ummmmm.  Yeah.  He's been obsessing about this for about 45 minutes now.  Love ya boss, but DAMN dude.

I had the NICEST visit with TRD last night.  Just absolutely wonderful, sweet, fun and perfect.  Too short, but soon enough it won't be that way anymore.

Found out last night from my cousin that my uncle passed away Tuesday night.  Our family isn't close anymore, and somehow this particular cousin is designated as 'the notifier' anytime something like this happens.  Then we have the customary "we need to talk and catch up when it's under less somber circumstances" which of course never happens.  Although I haven't seen my uncle in several years, I was really looking forward to going out and seeing he and my aunt this summer.  Just goes to show you, there's not always a tomorrow.   He was diagnosed with cancer on April 1st, told that treatment was not an option, and passed away on April 12th.  Wow.  My aunt let my cousin (not her daughter) know via email, and asked that she let the family know.  My aunt and uncle were very much like parents to me when I was younger, and my mother was off doing whatever it was that she was doing.  They were incredibly good to me in many ways.  He was a wood worker and an incredible chef, she was an artist.  They spent the last 18 years or so traveling all over in their very nice motor home, and ended up settling down in a picture perfect little coastal town in Washington.  Anyhow, I'm glad they had time to enjoy life after retirement, and spend so much time together.  I am sad that she is left all alone now though.  They've been together every day since she was only 17 years old, when they married.

That is the one and only thing that scares me about finally finding true love after all these years.  The thought of ever losing him and having to live without him.  Life before him was unfulfilling and lonely.  Life without him now would be devastating.

Had two different jackasses tailgate me on the way to taking Papoose #2 to school this morning.  One in a full size Toyota pickup on 730, because obviously my 70 mph just wasn't doing it for him.  Then the other one was some beotch in a, you guessed it, PT CRUISER on my ass IN THE SCHOOL ZONE who nearly hit me when I put my blinker on to turn into the high school.  Dumb cow.   Then after I dropped the kid off and got back out onto 114, I get stuck behind a Yukon from West Virginny with some blond bimbo in it who was so concerned with her cell phone that we did 20 mph until we got to where it widens and I could get around her.  Had to giggle about that one though, after being a tailgate victim only minutes before.  I kept my distance, hehe.

MW is convinced that someone keeps coming into the house during the day and using his deodorant.  Huh??????  Seriously man????  He went to the doc appointment I set for him today.  Doc decided to put him on testosterone pills for awhile instead of going straight to anti depressants and/or anti anxiety meds.  Shit, mean as that snake is, I was voting for lithium or a lobotomy or something!!!  Doc seems to think that it's the incredibly low testosterone level that's making MW 'distracted and easily angered'  Sure doc, whatever you say.  You try living with him for a week or two, see how that may change your diagnosis.  MW is so good about faking people out.  Ugh, we shall see.

I'm ready to be a kept woman, just sayin.

My correct contacts have come in, but instead of sending them by to me yesterday with her husband when he was on his way to work, like my friend that works for the eye doctor said she would do, she held them hostage to force me to go to dinner with her tonight.  So I am still bumbling around in these temporary contacts, tripping over stuff and running into door frames.  They are KILLING me with head aches because they aren't the right prescription.  Damn I wish I could have just found the lense to my glasses.  Grrrrr.

Ok, enough boring you people.  I'm off to attempt to screw up some paperwork over here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Gonna Be Some Humpin Goin On Day

I really really don't care for Maroon 5.  Don't like any of their stuff, just don't like their sound.  Seems like when you don't like a group or a song, they are everywhere.  And I'll be damned if one of their songs isn't stuck in my head.  Grrrr.

MW screwed my whole morning routine up this morning.  He is usually up and out the door before I get up.  This morning he slept in and was there doing his thing while I was trying to do my thing.  I didn't even get a turn in the shower until 7:00!  Had to roll in to work with wet hair and no makeup.  Have mercy.

My kingdom for a pedicure!!!!!!!

There is a special place in hell for parents who hurt their children.  Bastards.

MW has a Mustang Cobra.  It was a really reliable car until this past year.  One thing after another keeps going wrong with it.  He has had to have all sorts of work done on it.  Most recently, he put an $800.00 clutch in it, drove it for about a week, and it started running funny.  Next issue.  The catalytic converter is jacked up in it.  He was messing with it this past weekend and part of the converter shot out of the tail pipe.  It was this kinda sharp, rough material, and it was burnt looking and completely solid and smooth on one side.  We were told that buying cheap gas is what causes this problem.  That the water and stuff that is in cheaper brands of gas gets in there and causes something to happen that destroys the converter.  In researching the quality of gas angle, we've been informed that the highest grade of gas at mom n pop places, QT, Race Track and the likes is about the same as the cheapest lowest grade at a Shell or Exxon type place.  If this is true, I'm ticked off.  Gas is just as expensive at QT etc, so if it's lower quality and jacking up my jalopy, I'm ticked.  I always put premium in the jalopy, but evidently I need to be using premium at Shell or somewhere.  QT and Race Track are always so convenient though!!  Dang it.

Then he put some kind of gas dryer outer stuff in it Tuesday evening and let it sit there running for the longest time.  Pretty soon I'm smelling fumes inside the house.  Even over the smell of dinner cooking.  I go out into the garage where he is playing video games and tell him to turn the dang car off before he kills everyone.  He says I don't smell anything.  Goes out and shuts the car off (it was sitting in the driveway) and when he walks back into the garage from the fresh air outside he's like "Damn!! it IS strong in here!!!  No wonder I've got a splitting headache!!!"  I told him he owes me his life.  I saved his dumb ass.

Thinking of my dear friend.  It's Wednesday, so he is shoveling shit yet again.  Hehehe.  Poor guy.  Teehee.  His stories about his Wednesdays with the police horses and the cons are always pretty entertaining.

Papoose #1 called yesterday.   She works as a waitress while she is going to college, as you may remember. She used to show horses, still does show for other people occasionally.  One of the most famous horse trainers in the world is the Australian Clinton Anderson.  His DownUnder Horsemanship stuff really works.  We've used it with pretty much every horse we've ever owned or handled.  Well, when she was working Monday night, Clinton Anderson and his wife/girlfriend sat at one of her tables, and she took care of them.  She was just beside herself, getting to meet them and chat with them.  Said that they were both sweet as pie to her.  I think the $25.00 tip he left her made her happy too, hahaha.

Papoose #2 got 1st place in the one mile yesterday.  Add that to the 1st she got in the two mile the day before, and you've got you one happy happy Poose!!!   (Shut up, Jar)

I get to see The Real Deal today.  Yay for me!!!!

Sili cracks me up.

Obi is a ghost now.

Corner didn't feed me any of the yummy bbq food  :(

Mess has my admiration, doing all that she does, dealing with what she does.

There are a lot of pretty cool people that send me messages about this blog.

There are a few wingnuts as well.

But that's ok, because as we all know, I'm a wingnut too.

I do need therapy, after all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Forest For The Trees

I've fallen down on the job of blogging lately.  I use this as a venting spot and just a whatever comes out of my leaky mind spot, so really I shouldn't feel bad when I don't have time to write anything, or I just don't have any words in me, but I sorta do feel bad anyway.

Awhile back, we had an issue with a nephew or some other relation of the odd man across the road from us.  The property across the road from us has a single wide that has been built on to, including a second story, if you can believe that, and then a little tiny house in front of the trailer house.  Evidently, the person that used to own the property, married couple, lived in the trailer, and the husband had the little tiny house built up front for his wife to do hair out of.  Kinda like Truvy's Beauty Spot from Steel Magnolias, I like to think.  Anyhow, now an older man lives in the little tiny house, and his middle aged son lives in the trailer thing.  Every so often, we would notice a third guy there, maybe early thirties or so.  The reason he was so noticeable is because he would do bizarre things, like stand in the front yard with one arm raised above his head, pointing at the sky.  He would stand there like that for HOURS.  We would also see him hoofing it up and down our road, and up and down 730 all sorts of odd hours of the day and night.  Well, one day when Papoose #2 got off the bus and was walking up the road to our house, he came out and walked next to her, asking her name, telling her his, chatting her up, scaring the hell out of her.  Then he says "I'm staying over there (points to trailer) you need to come over."  She says no thank you and keeps walking.  Touches her arm and says "Well, I'm always home, so if you get bored or want to have some fun, you totally need to come over".  Needless to say, Papoose #2 was not allowed to ride the bus home anymore.   A few weeks later, he was gone again.  I don't know where he goes, if he just comes to visits and goes back home, or if he's carted off to the funny farm, or what.  All I know is, we had a terrible time deciding how to handle the situation.  In speaking to the police, they felt that he didn't actually threaten her overtly, so they were concerned with any retaliation if we had them go by and talk to him or the other odd yahoos that live there.  So, we just never let Papoose #2 be home alone again.  Then he was gone, so...

Well, on my way out of the house to go pick Papoose #2 up last night when she got back from her away track meet, I see him storming out of their front yard, cussing, screaming, swinging his arms around, acting very aggressive and agitated.  Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, the whacko wingnut is back.  Super duper.  I called Mister Wonderful and told him to get his ass home, because I had to leave the house to get Poose and I didn't want us to come back to God knows what, alone.  Of course, Papoose #2 was visibly shaken when I told her he was back.  When we got back to the house there was no sign of him, but I still walked through the house and checked under beds and in closets, just to be safe.  Ugh.  I hate feeling that way in my own little neighborhood.  That's why we live out here!!!  Trying to avoid at least some of the craziness I was raised in, being brought up in the city.  Dammit.

We are getting closer to our freedom party every day.  Come on come on.

I tried to break up with The Real Deal.  I just get so crazy in my head, with this nutso limbo life I'm living right now.  I have guilt and frustration and all sorts of other issues I'm dealing with, with things the way they are.  I hate it.  And when I get really worked up, I'm such a bitch to TRD and I get mean and nasty, blowing up.  I just didn't want him to have to deal with that anymore.

I feel bad for everyone involved in this whole situation.  I feel bad for Mister Wonderful, as much of a jerk as he is, I know that in the end, once my work with Job #2 picks up steam, I know that I am going to be ok, I am going to be living better, I'll be happy.  I'll have TRD.  And I know that MW is going to end up alone.  He is such a miserable person.  Just never happy.  I know that the chances of him finding any woman that will put up with what he has to offer are slim to none, and that makes me feel so bad for him.  I just don't know why he is so miserable and unhappy and angry all the time.  I know I'm doing the wrong thing, still living in the same house with him until I can afford to cut the sheets.  I'm using him, and it's wrong.  But I still can't seem to put myself out of my "comfort zone" of having my house and everything, and walk away from it all until I can afford to live.  I'm a shitty person.

I feel bad for TRD.  He is a good man.  The best man I've ever known in my life.  He loves me with absolutely everything he's got.  He is so good with me, with how he deals with me when I get crazy.  Sometimes he will say, in his soft deep calm voice "Baby, you can stop being a bitch any time now".  He wants to make a good life for us so badly, so we can finally be together.  And he's doing it, day by day we are getting closer.  But it's a crappy spot I've put him in too, by letting MW come back to the house last year, out of desperation to afford to keep my home.

I feel bad for Papoose #2.  The short time that TRD, the Papooses and I all lived together as a family were the best and happiest family home life the girls have really ever experienced.  I didn't realize this until a few weeks ago when Papoose #2 and I were at Job #2 and MW and his buddy came out there to eat and drink.  Although MW wasn't mean to her in any particular way, he was just, well, himself.  A jerk.  So, after MW and his buddy left, after being there for a few hours, Papoose #2 and I were getting our drinks filled, getting ready to hit the road and drive home, and I look over and she has tears in her eyes.  I ask what's wrong.  She says "Why can't it just be like it was when you and dad were separated??  We were so happy when it was just you, me, sis and TRD.  That was really the happiest and most peaceful time ever in my life. I was so happy.  Our house was so full of love."  I was stunned.  She had never said anything like that before.  I told her that we are doing our best to get it back to that way again.  She says "Yes, but not till after I graduate."  This is why, after telling TRD about this little conversation, he/we have amped up our plans and turned on the afterburners on trying to make this happen.

I'm trying so hard to do all the right things for everyone involved, and, it seems I'm doing a less than stellar job.

Gotta just keep on keepin on.  We are almost there.  Almost there.  Almost there............

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home From Work

Well, I actually managed to get into trouble TWICE at work today.   Felt like a damn kid!!!   The first time, I was on the floor checking on customers, and one of the managers started chatting with me.  After a few minutes I hear some noise behind me, and it's The Real Deal, wiping trays and not looking too happy.  Oops.  I should have been doing that.  Plus, he was pissed at the other manager for being his usual worthless self and not doing his job too.....

The second time was because Papoose #2 had been trying to lock a cabinet, and in trying to get the key out, she broke the key off in the lock.  I grabbed the keys from her and sort of got on her butt about not being careful enough, and I went to lock another cabinet and broke the key off in it.  TRD was a tad hot.  Didn't say a word though, just took the keys and went to the  back to the office and entered in his managers notes to call someone to come replace the locks and keys on the cabinets.  That man has the patience of Job.

We found out for sure what the salary deal will be for us, once the second store opens.  It was very good news.  *happy squeeks*


We may finally feel some relief from all of this.  The money problems, the ugliness, the fighting.  The tolerating poor treatment and angry outbursts.......

The Mary Kay makeup isn't working any better on me this time than it did the last time I tried it years ago.  The Almay I've been using lately was working way better.  Now, how to tell my 'mother in law' that??  Ugh.

One of the girls that used to work for us over dosed last night.  Can't say it was a surprise, but have to say it makes me so sad for her.  Beautiful girl, and just has absolutely zero interest in bettering herself in any way.  So sad.

When I think of our youth of today growing up and running things, I get very sad and very scared.  People just aren't made of the same stuff they used to be.  It's getting pretty grim.

Papoose #2 worked her first hours officially on the clock at her first real job this weekend.  Between her hourly pay and the minimum amount of tips, the kid is banking more than many adults are.

My eyes seem to be adjusting ok to the daily wear contacts we are trying out.  The first couple of days were pretty bad, but I think that is because my eyes were so sore and irritated from the crappy old contacts I had to wear for a couple days.   Doc also put another pair of temporary plugs in my eyes, so that may be helping some as well.  Really need to get those glasses fixed.  When I say I'm blind without my glasses, I mean BLIND.  It's hell getting up in the morning blind.  Also can't see before bed, if I have to take the contacts out to get more comfortable.  Ugh.

Ok, I'm going to go do some laundry.  You all have a good evening.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sing It, Sista

A New Day, Smile Firmly In Place

Good morning, all.  Got some much needed rest last night and have found my smile again.

F*ck the bastard!!!!

Man, I almost made some bad decisions last night.....not yet, not yet......

My eyes are killing me in these crusty old contacts!!!!   Dear Friend works for a great eye doc and will fit me in today for an exam and to get some new contacts till I can afford to replace the missing lense in my glasses, but I have a guy from Oshcon here at Job #1 today and can't take off till he's done dicking around.  Going to be a few more hours, at least.  The guy likes to hear himself talk WAY too much.  Ugh.

Dealt with a venting phone call from MW this morning, on my way to take Papoose #2 to school.  Seems in the transfer of one company to another on his car payment, they misplaced some payment history and it's showing he owes twice as much on his car as he should.  Called me wanting me to do the dirty work and make all the calls and fight the fight to get it corrected.  Uh, buddy???  You don't pick and choose what wifely duties you want me to perform.  He has always seen it as no problem for me to have to make personal calls from my work and handle personal business, and sees it that he's much too busy and can't be making personal calls from his work.  His work has always been so much more important in his eyes.  And yet, when he's out driving around seeing customers or on route, he has that phone glued to his ear, for his own entertainment purposes.  I told him he was more than capable of handling his own phone calls, thank you very much.  The days of me playing step and fetch it for him are long gone.

Go me.

The Real Deal's mother is a big uppy up in Mary Kay.  Has been driving a brand new pink cadillac for years and years.  Evidently they are having some kind of contest for biggest change on before and after pictures on their makeover thing they do.  I have been volunteered.  Being blond with light colored lashes etc, there is a HUGE difference between me with makeup, and me without makeup, and she has seen that.  Ugh.  I'm not a froofroo girl.  Ah well, it will be fun I hope, and she needed a good victim.  So that's where I will be after work today.

There has been a gnat in my office all this week.  Irritating little bastard comes and goes, but wants to buzz my face, and when I'm swiping at it trying to kill it, someone ALWAYS happens to walk by my office door.  They already knew I was certifiable, but now they are beginning to show a little of what I can only describe as fear in their eyes.

I have a super clean and very roomy fridge and freezer right now.  Silver linings and bright sides of everything, and all that.

I can't wait till I can afford laser hair removal in some key areas.  Genius.

Our President really irritates me.  He is such an arrogant prick.  And his lips look like pieces of liver, and gross me out to no end.

Thank God year end is pretty much over around here.  I thought everyone was going to kill each other off this year.

Papoose #2 went to the service last night for her friend that died over the weekend.  Tough tough experience for a kid.  Sweet girl.

I sure wish the old chinese restaurant was still in Decatur.  That's where I have to go for my eye exam today.  Sure could go for their yummy chicken fried rice.  Boohoo.

Ok, gotta work.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Blues On Parade No More

No Hope For Humpin Day

I need therapy.

Went to the school track after work yesterday and walked for about 45 minutes, chatting with my dear friend who lives in Cali.  Exercise time surely does fly when you have a funny girlfriend to chat it up with while you are doing it.  Ear buds for your phone do not like the wind.  Found that out without a doubt.  She was walking up and down the road she lives on, skirting road kill.  All I had to maneuver around was a large woman that was bound and determined to be in whatever lane I decided to walk in.  Odd.  She was surely getting with it though, gotta hand her that.

So I get home after our walk/chat session, feeling pretty good about things, walk in the front door, let the dog out and try to turn the ceiling fan on.  Nada.  Yep, you guessed it, no electricity.  Dig up the electric bill to get the phone number off of it and call.  Service disconnected due to non payment.  Uh, what?  I just gave you guys 367.00 on Friday.  Checked my account online yesterday to make sure everything was in order.  Yes, you guys got your money.  Well, the after hours lady told me that until I can do the whole 'prove you paid us' thing AGAIN we have no power.   Told me I should have called before 5, before all of the workers were gone for the day.  I explained to her that I would have called HAD I KNOWN THERE WAS AN ISSUE.  Told her it was just last month that they posted a TWO DOLLAR payment instead of a two hundred dollar payment, and it cost me two hours off of my timecard to take a bank printout to their office in Azle to prove my payment.  I think she missed my point, because all she said to that was "well I see here that we corrected our mistake on that".  So again, I'm without power and this lady is telling me that there is no way in hell she is sending a crew out to turn my power back on, because it's not an emergency.  Because, according to her it "remains to be seen" that I paid my bill.  Again.  Not only that, but everything in the fridge and freezer were warm, so the power must have been out pretty much all day.  Oh well, I really needed to do a complete clean out on the fridge and freezer anyhow.  Surprisingly, I remained pretty calm throughout all of this.

The irony of the electric screw up is that, for the first time in a long long time, I had paid the electric bill up to date.  I saved a whole check from Job #2 so I could get it caught up and paid ahead like a normal person, instead of constantly barely making the minimum payment.  So much for being proud making some progress in my quest to get my shit together.  Go figure.  

I decide I better call Mister Wonderful and give him a heads up about the situation, so he can get a hotel by work or something.  Didn't want him to come all the way home and find that we didn't have a shower (on a well, no electric, no water), couldn't cook dinner, no tv and no video game.  He lost his mind on me.  Started screaming about how he shouldn't be having to deal with bullshit like this at 40 years old, and telling me what an irresponsible pos I am and accusing me of lying about paying the electric bill, etc.  Yeah, because I like the power being shut off, and having to take time off of work to straighten it out, again.  I get all warm and fuzzy from it, so I choose to not pay the electric bill, just for kicks.  After yelling and cussing and telling me how f*cked up I am, he hangs up on me.  Ok.

Now, Papoose #2 was at softball practice during all of this, so I called her best friends parents and asked if I could bring her things into town to their house and let her stay over there for the night.  One, so she will have electricity and a shower, and two, to keep her from having to deal with MW when he rolled in like a tornado.

Called The Real Deal looking for some advice or comfort, I guess hoping he would say "come on over" but he seemed distracted and really didn't say much of anything but "damn, I'm sorry" then sit there in silence.  Hmm.  Ok.  So you all know how I reacted to that, right?  So much for the remaining calm.

So, yeah.  The night ended at about 2 in the morning, after TRD and I fighting it out with me trying to tell him I just needed him to listen and offer comfort, and him saying he just didn't know what to say because he feels horrible that he can't do anything about the whole f*cked up situation just yet.  A huge battle of both of us trying to prove our point, explain our side of it, getting more and more heated and taking on a life of its own.

Enter self doubt.  So then I move on to the thought process of "ok, maybe it IS me.  maybe it is impossible for me to get along with anyone.  maybe the the whole entire malfunction is something to do with me.  i'm f*cked up"

Also, while I'm outside talking on the phone with him, sitting in my car so my nearly dead cell phone can sort of charge on the car charger that barely works and has needed to be replaced for months now, the lens popped out of my glasses and I can't find it.  Seriously?  So, after only a couple of hours of restless sleep, I had to put contacts in my eyes that are monthly disposables and are about 6 months out of date.  Oh yeah, I'm feeling good now baby.  I have incredibly poor vision, so looking for the lens to the glasses that I need to have on my face in order to see to look for ANYTHING, is a pretty futile effort.  Now add the contacts that are so old and dry they feel like sandpaper in my eyes and I can't see out of them, you got yourself a party!!

I'm walking around looking like Keith Richards' twin sister today.  Look like hammered dog shit.  Feeling about the same.

So, because I spent my 'extra' money paying the electric all up to date, I don't have the money to get my glasses replaced or order any new contacts.  Eh, life goes on, no?

So, enough about me!!!  Y'all get out there and have a fabulous day!!

And if you see me on the road in the old jalopy, watch your ass, remember, I can't see!!!!

*maniacal laughter following her slow decent into insanity*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Papoose #2 and I have been wanting to see Burlesque since it came out in theaters but never had the chance.  Rented it from Red Box and watched it Friday night.  I wasn't nearly as impressed as I had hoped to be.  It was ok, but pretty cheesy.

Also rented Black Swan.  Incredibly unimpressed.  I love Natalie Portman, and she did a fabulous job.  It was just a crappy movie.  Too disjointed and haphazard.  Introducing many different characters but bouncing around too much to really develop any of them.  That movie tried way too hard to be sophisticated, intelligent, deep.

It reminded me of someone trying to use big words to look intelligent, and making a fool of themselves doing so.

Also, I hate a movie I can't just enjoy.  I don't care if its comedy, romance, action, thriller or drama, but I damn sure better be able to enjoy it, or I'm not wasting my limited time on it.


I'm Back

It sure doesn't feel like I had a three day weekend!!!!

What the heck is the deal with this new medicine getting stuck at the base of my throat every single day without fail???  Makes me nauseous and the gross sensation of it being lodged there lasts all day.  What the heck can you do to avoid that happening?  The pill is uncoated and rough, diamond shaped with sharp edges.  I never have problems swallowing pills.  This one is giving me hell every single day.

Hookie day for Papoose #2 and I was so so.  She was good friends with the boy that died this weekend.  She found out about him while we were at work at Job #2 Sunday, and was devastated.  She is not a drama queen kid in any sense of the word, but this truly wrecked her.

I have struggled to be a good mother.  I haven't had anyone to teach me or to use as an example in any way.  I came from a f*cked up home/background.  I've struggled with my crappy and miserable marriage to a miserable man, and I know that my kids paid the price for that for many years in many ways, from dealing with my misery and bad moods and taking that misery out on them many times, to doing without so many things I wish I could have given them because of the constant financial problems we've had.  MW has never been a loving dad, unless he is in the mood at the moment.  Never attentive or involved, just leave me alone is his motto.  All in all, I feel that I have failed my kids in so many ways, from my laziness or misery or whatever, idk.

But one thing I made it a point to instill in my girls, from a very young age before they even started school, was be nice to the underdog.  Before they started school, I taught them to go over and be nice to the new guy, or the person that was alone.  To always invite someone to their lunch table that may be eating alone.  Both of them have been absolutely wonderful about doing just that.  I've always been so proud of them for it.  This boy that passed away this weekend was one of the kids that got picked on and treated shitty at school.  He is one of the ones that Papoose #2 invited to her lunch table, and told her friends to piss off if they didn't like it.  When she heard about him on Sunday, she couldn't even talk when she first came to find me.  I took her outside and got her calmed down enough to tell me what happened, what was wrong.  All she kept saying was "I just don't know how he got treated this past year after he moved away.  I don't know if anyone was nice to him, or listened to him tell his stories.  He has had such a terrible life and now it's over, and he never even got to really live."  She didn't know if anyone let him sit at their lunch table......

So, watching my daughters huge and loving heart go through this is incredibly painful.  I don't know what to do for her, what to say.   Needless to say, there was a quiet sadness overshadowing our day yesterday, her birthday.

I'm going to get back to work now.  Sorry for being a debbie downer, but that's just how I feel today.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue Moon

Because some people just need something to bitch about........
Oh my gawd, I'm TOTALLY sending that to them to use for their next ad campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may not be able to remember where I live, but I am a marketing GENIUS!!!!!!

Schooner of Blue Moon Ale:   $3.25
Navel Orange:                     :   $  .50
Poking People with A Stick : Priceless

Beer Makes Me Sing

At Job #2 we sell different beers, among other adult beverages.  One of the beers we sell is Blue Moon.  The yuppies drink it with a slice of orange in it.  If you do not have the oranges for them, they have little sissified melt downs.  Anyhow, every single time I draw a Blue Moon for a customer, that song gets stuck in my head.  For some reason, thinking about working this weekend made me think of that, which made me start singing the song in my head, which led me to thinking about An American Werewolf In London.  By the time I made it over to Youtube, I decided on posting Bad Moon On The Rise though.  Rockin'.   Yeah, that is how my mind works.

Have taken meds, hair is beginning to itch.

Speaking of my brain.  When I was at the bank Wednesday, I was filling out the deposit slip and got halfway through my address and couldn't for the life of me remember what my damn road number was. I mean, I sat there for a full minute, until I finally pulled out my drivers license and got the number off of it.  Who, other than toddlers and the very senile, forgets where the hell they live???  I have lived there for like 6 years!!!!  Wth???

This is funny!!  From now on, I'm writing that on my grocery list whenever we need cereal.  Heehee

Oh no!!!  With the issues I have with my knees and hips, I hope I don't just decide to sit down one day and never get up again!!!  If I miss more than a couple days of blogging, someone come looking for me, ok???

I think this is a prime example of some of the damage and corruption that Mister Corner referred to yesterday. Absolutely appalling.  The entire world is losing touch with reality.  Horrific.

Uh oh, somebody wasn't wearing their rain coat!!!!!

Omg!!!  I totally need one of these to lock Mister Wonderful in!!!  Holy crap!!!  That, a cold beer and a lawn chair, and I would be one entertained Squaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I the only person that has many issues they cannot decide WHAT their stance is on??  Like abortion, capital punishment, etc?

One thing I am sure of my stance on is overly extended unemployment benefits and welfare.  I am very very certain of my stance on that horse shit.

Speaking of unemployment, my sorry hide better get back to work!!!

Best Werewolf Movie Ever Made

All PT Cruisers Must Die

My stainless steel travel mug that I've had for a zillion years died yesterday.  Crap.

Everyone at Job #1 is pissy and stressed out.  It's year end here and I am so freaking ready for this week to be over, I can taste it!!!   I love my job though, I've got it easy, and I know it.

I was petulant and pouty with The Real Deal again last night.  Yeah, I admit it.  Dammit.  But I really do feel like he could take an eentsie bit more effort to text or something sometimes.  I'm being spoiled, but I do feel that way.  So sue me.

I was stuck on 730 behind a line of cars on the way home from work yesterday.  We were collectively stuck behind a maroon PT Cruiser that would not go any faster than 40 mph.  Not only that, but the motard behind him wouldn't take the multiple opportunities to pass him so we could all follow suit.  I tried really hard to think positive thoughts like "well, maybe he's sick, or having a bad day, or elderly...."  but in the end I was using every curse word in my vocabulary and wishing ill will on the bastard.  Then, when I was driving back from the store the opposite direction on 730, I'll be damned if I got stuck behind a line of cars that were collectively stuck behind a blue PT Cruiser that was going, you guessed it, 40 mph, tops!!!!   I now officially HATE PT Cruisers.  Jerk offs.

I'm beginning to dread taking my meds each day.  It's like punching yourself in the face.  There comes a time when it just gets hard to do something like that to yourself, no matter the cause.

Found a place to do Papoose #2's birthday bash.  It's going to be a blast.  We are waiting till April 16th to do it though, because of scheduling issues with her best friend and Papoose #1.

Papoose #1 wants a sugar glider.   Papoose #1 barely has time to shower and eat.  She also has a tendency to not feed and water things.  She is really more of a goldfish kinda gal.  Just sayin.

I emailed a perfect stranger asking for some help with something.  Mere hours later, he had followed through with the favor I asked of him.  Mike, you rock socks, dude.  Thank you.  You are good people.

CTM blogged about productive procrastination.  I wish that was the kind of procrastination I suffered from.  I just have the regular kind, where you don't get squat done.

I'm worried about my long time friend.  She suffers from bi polar disorder.  She is back living at home.  She is lonely and overwhelmed by her life.  I wish I could do something to help her.

What the hell is causing this major twitch in my right eye??  I swear, my boss must think I'm flirting it up with him or something!!!  It's been going on for a few days now and is making me crazy!!!  Uh, crazi-ER.

Papoose #2 and I are playing hookie Monday to have a girls day out for her birthday.  She asked me if we could play hookie and spend the day together, asked me while we were getting ready for school/work yesterday morning.  That is the first time she has ever asked to spend time with me.  Made me a happy squaw.

Gotta go work now.  I'll try to come up with something more entertaining later on.   Sorry guys.