Monday, April 18, 2011


So many people are unaware of how to utilize their 'inside' voice.  Beating.

The beauty of the blog world is, if you don't like what someone blogs about, simply don't read their blog.  Really super duper easy.  Just about the most simple thing in the world.  If you like em, follow em, if not, don't  ;-)

We had a crazy lady have a melt down at Job #2 this weekend.  Like a major heavy duty melt down to the point where we were VERY close to having to call the police on her.  She was screaming and yelling about just wanting a, b, and c on her plate and not understanding why no restaurant can just DO that.  I told her we do that all day every day for thousands of customers.  She ended up slinging a plate full of food all over the floor, breaking the plate, then sat back at the table with her party, cussing and complaining so loud and obnoxiously that several other customers moved to different tables.  Funny thing was, everything on her order was exactly what she asked for.  Even the other people in her party confirmed that.  She ran through four other employees before I got her.  It's incredibly bizarre, how much I actually enjoy dealing with people like that.  I'm beginning to think that the reason for that is, in dealing with amazingly crazy and/or ugly acting people, maybe it makes me feel less nuts.  Idk.

We also had someone crap on the ladies restroom floor.  Ummm, what would make someone do that?  Can you tell me what would go through someones mind to think "Hey!!!  I know what I'll do!!!!!  Take a dump on the floor of a public restroom!!!!  Fabulous idea!!!!!"

The jalopy has a sunroof in it.  Even if I only have the sunroof cracked up, not all the way open, I will close it every single time I park somewhere.  Even if I am only going to be inside for a minute.  Phobia.  I am 110% convinced that if I leave it open, even a crack, someone will throw something gross in there.  I don't know why.  It's never happened before, knock on wood, but I absolutely cannot leave it open.  Makes me crazy if I try to.


Every single person in this office is talking right now.  Very loud voices.  I am the only one NOT talking right now.   Which leaves me to wonder, if every single person is talking, who's listening??

Mister Wonderful, in yet another passive aggressive I hate my life moment, deleted his FaceBook account.  Guess who's inbox is full of messages asking about what happened to him?  Sheesh.

Papoose #2's birthday celebration was Saturday.  Papoose #1 took the day off of work to attend.  Pap #1 had to drive in on Saturday and leave late that night after the festivities, because of work on Friday and Sunday.  Not only did MW not bother to speak to Papoose #1 when she showed up, he proceeded to go in and lay down on the bed when it was time to leave for the party.  Yep, he ditched his youngest daughters birthday party.  No excuse, no explanation.  We all still had a fabulous time.  Better time, I'm sure, than had he attended, given his propensity for foulness.

We are actually going to close for Easter Sunday.  This was a surprise.  Paycheck will suck, considering I just took this past Saturday off for the party, but I'm going to feel so spoiled, having a whole day off again!!!  Yay!!!

Hope all of my friends out there are doing well.  Miss talking with some of you.

Have a good Monday.


  1. I hate your blog but I still read it. You wanna make something of it?

    LMAO at the dump on the "ladies'" room floor. That's effing gold.

  2. Jar hates any blog but his, but he sticks with us just to see what its like to live in Wise County. He secretly misses us.
    You and Jar talked to much about crap today though......just saying.

  3. I don't read a lot of blogs anymore. Too many jackholes out there these days.

  4. You're the jackhole, Kathleen.

    I hate you, too.

  5. Isn't it great to have Jar back, like we once had him?
    Oh those were the days Obi!

  6. i cannot believe someone did their business on the floor! oh wait, yeah i can... did you call 9-1-1? because you know, that's what those operators live for! hahaha

    glad the birthday festivities went well... a shame MW is such an asshat though....

    and crazy people are delightful... you can mess with them on a whole other level and they just dive right in ha!

  7. If someone will take a dump on a public restroom floor, it's not too far-fetched t0 believe someone would throw something disgusting through your sun roof.


    It was probably Jarhead.

  8. Jar's been sniffing too much puppeh poo....poor s.o.b. :-)