Friday, April 29, 2011

Yes, It's That Day Again

So, the ho bag that shorts me a couple of hours off each weeks paycheck was in here this morning trying to make chit chat with me.  Anyone wanna lay money on how THAT went for her???  Yeah, you're probably right.

I do believe I know why she has a problem with me though.  The Real Deal and I invited her to be an investor in the first store.  Well, she drug it out and insisted on guarantees of when she would start seeing money come in from it and was a real bitch about it.  She wasted sooooo much of TRD's time and then finally said, no I'm not interested unless you can tell me exactly how much I'll make and when I will see the profits.  Yeah.....that's SO not how it goes when you invest in a business, but oh well.  Come to find out, she had another business venture she was trying to get involved with at the time, through someone she should have been smart enough to have less faith in than TRD and his family.  So, of course that venture fell through and she was screwed.  Fast forward six months or so...she sees how incredible our first store is going and approaches TRD about being an investor in the second store.  She does all this behind my back, I don't hear a peep of it till TRD tells me about it.  She and her live in boyfriend (an old coworker of TRD's back in the day) hounded TRD for weeks and weeks about wanting in, now that we are a sure fire win investment.  Well, TRD's family only needs a couple of investors, we are doing this pretty much all on our own, for good reason, and the couple of investors allowed to play in the second and future stores are the ones that took the gamble on us in the first one, period.  Boy did little miss 'the world shall play by my rules and it's all about me' get pissed off when we told her "Thanks, but no thanks.  We have all the investors we need, thanks for asking though"  They were fuming pretty good.

So now, in my own little way, I suppose I'm paying for her not getting her way with investing in our stores.  Sorry woman, we asked you in the beginning and you shafted us.  Karma on a couple of levels for both of us, I guess.  Oh well, when I can finally afford to leave here I will remember the treatment of not being paid for some of the work I've done for this place.

Did somebody get married somewhere??

I think anyone being treated the way royals are treated is absolutely ridiculous.  What makes them better than anyone else?  I don't care how rich or famous anyone is either, nobody should be treated like they are better than anyone else.  Not even a clan of inbred bad dressers.  Rock stars, politicians, actors, european royalty, people who get all uppity and move to the lake (snark, Jar), none of them deserve to be bowed down to and treated that way.  But that's just my opinion, and we all know about opinions......

Mister Wonderful had a last minute "business meeting" with a customer he had to go to last night.  I told him to have fun, wrap it up, and be careful.  He wasn't too sure how to react to that.  Hahahahahahahaa.

He was home pretty early, said he got stood up.  I felt really bad for him, actually.  Made me hope/wish it really was a customer.

Ok, I have stuff to do.  Have a good day all.  Have a good weekend too.  You know how I drop off the face of the world on weekends.  Too many long hours at Job #2 and no computer at home = bad combo for gripin on a blog  ;-)


  1. Hey why wasn't this investment opportunity not advertised. I had a twenty spot I would loved to have made an investment in something like that. WTH?

    I'm so glad your in a better mood today. It makes the whole blog world better when you are in a better mood!

  2. Hey there Corner!!! I try to keep in a good mood no matter what's going on, just sometimes I slip, hehe.

    As far as the investment thing goes, there may be a little room for people I like. When the third store starts rolling, I'll pm you ;-)

  3. Weekends are a part of blogging too. ;-)