Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home From Work

Well, I actually managed to get into trouble TWICE at work today.   Felt like a damn kid!!!   The first time, I was on the floor checking on customers, and one of the managers started chatting with me.  After a few minutes I hear some noise behind me, and it's The Real Deal, wiping trays and not looking too happy.  Oops.  I should have been doing that.  Plus, he was pissed at the other manager for being his usual worthless self and not doing his job too.....

The second time was because Papoose #2 had been trying to lock a cabinet, and in trying to get the key out, she broke the key off in the lock.  I grabbed the keys from her and sort of got on her butt about not being careful enough, and I went to lock another cabinet and broke the key off in it.  TRD was a tad hot.  Didn't say a word though, just took the keys and went to the  back to the office and entered in his managers notes to call someone to come replace the locks and keys on the cabinets.  That man has the patience of Job.

We found out for sure what the salary deal will be for us, once the second store opens.  It was very good news.  *happy squeeks*


We may finally feel some relief from all of this.  The money problems, the ugliness, the fighting.  The tolerating poor treatment and angry outbursts.......

The Mary Kay makeup isn't working any better on me this time than it did the last time I tried it years ago.  The Almay I've been using lately was working way better.  Now, how to tell my 'mother in law' that??  Ugh.

One of the girls that used to work for us over dosed last night.  Can't say it was a surprise, but have to say it makes me so sad for her.  Beautiful girl, and just has absolutely zero interest in bettering herself in any way.  So sad.

When I think of our youth of today growing up and running things, I get very sad and very scared.  People just aren't made of the same stuff they used to be.  It's getting pretty grim.

Papoose #2 worked her first hours officially on the clock at her first real job this weekend.  Between her hourly pay and the minimum amount of tips, the kid is banking more than many adults are.

My eyes seem to be adjusting ok to the daily wear contacts we are trying out.  The first couple of days were pretty bad, but I think that is because my eyes were so sore and irritated from the crappy old contacts I had to wear for a couple days.   Doc also put another pair of temporary plugs in my eyes, so that may be helping some as well.  Really need to get those glasses fixed.  When I say I'm blind without my glasses, I mean BLIND.  It's hell getting up in the morning blind.  Also can't see before bed, if I have to take the contacts out to get more comfortable.  Ugh.

Ok, I'm going to go do some laundry.  You all have a good evening.  

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  1. suicide is such a horrible thing... i cannot imagine being in so much internal pain that the only way out seems to be death... tormented souls... sad

    yea for papoose#2! i bet she's thrilled to be earning some $$ woot! she's great worker... i could see that!