Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worry Warts, Testosterone, and Getting "That" Phone Call

Man, I used to be a major worry wart.  I functioned under such a huge amount of stress for such a prolonged period that it got to where I would literally lay awake all night, worrying over things I could do nothing about, especially in the middle of the night.   But my boss, dear as he is, takes worrying and over thinking and stressing to a whole other level.  He is a pro.  Yesterday his teenage daughter crashed her H3 into the side of their house.  To hear him tell it yesterday at top volume, the truck was ruined and the house needed major repairs.  We find out today that there isn't even a mark on the brick of the house and the truck just has a broken blinker cover.  BUT, now he is in the other room going on and on about how the broken blinker could cause a major fire in the car on the way to taking it to the dealership to have the light cover replaced.  Ummmmm.  Yeah.  He's been obsessing about this for about 45 minutes now.  Love ya boss, but DAMN dude.

I had the NICEST visit with TRD last night.  Just absolutely wonderful, sweet, fun and perfect.  Too short, but soon enough it won't be that way anymore.

Found out last night from my cousin that my uncle passed away Tuesday night.  Our family isn't close anymore, and somehow this particular cousin is designated as 'the notifier' anytime something like this happens.  Then we have the customary "we need to talk and catch up when it's under less somber circumstances" which of course never happens.  Although I haven't seen my uncle in several years, I was really looking forward to going out and seeing he and my aunt this summer.  Just goes to show you, there's not always a tomorrow.   He was diagnosed with cancer on April 1st, told that treatment was not an option, and passed away on April 12th.  Wow.  My aunt let my cousin (not her daughter) know via email, and asked that she let the family know.  My aunt and uncle were very much like parents to me when I was younger, and my mother was off doing whatever it was that she was doing.  They were incredibly good to me in many ways.  He was a wood worker and an incredible chef, she was an artist.  They spent the last 18 years or so traveling all over in their very nice motor home, and ended up settling down in a picture perfect little coastal town in Washington.  Anyhow, I'm glad they had time to enjoy life after retirement, and spend so much time together.  I am sad that she is left all alone now though.  They've been together every day since she was only 17 years old, when they married.

That is the one and only thing that scares me about finally finding true love after all these years.  The thought of ever losing him and having to live without him.  Life before him was unfulfilling and lonely.  Life without him now would be devastating.

Had two different jackasses tailgate me on the way to taking Papoose #2 to school this morning.  One in a full size Toyota pickup on 730, because obviously my 70 mph just wasn't doing it for him.  Then the other one was some beotch in a, you guessed it, PT CRUISER on my ass IN THE SCHOOL ZONE who nearly hit me when I put my blinker on to turn into the high school.  Dumb cow.   Then after I dropped the kid off and got back out onto 114, I get stuck behind a Yukon from West Virginny with some blond bimbo in it who was so concerned with her cell phone that we did 20 mph until we got to where it widens and I could get around her.  Had to giggle about that one though, after being a tailgate victim only minutes before.  I kept my distance, hehe.

MW is convinced that someone keeps coming into the house during the day and using his deodorant.  Huh??????  Seriously man????  He went to the doc appointment I set for him today.  Doc decided to put him on testosterone pills for awhile instead of going straight to anti depressants and/or anti anxiety meds.  Shit, mean as that snake is, I was voting for lithium or a lobotomy or something!!!  Doc seems to think that it's the incredibly low testosterone level that's making MW 'distracted and easily angered'  Sure doc, whatever you say.  You try living with him for a week or two, see how that may change your diagnosis.  MW is so good about faking people out.  Ugh, we shall see.

I'm ready to be a kept woman, just sayin.

My correct contacts have come in, but instead of sending them by to me yesterday with her husband when he was on his way to work, like my friend that works for the eye doctor said she would do, she held them hostage to force me to go to dinner with her tonight.  So I am still bumbling around in these temporary contacts, tripping over stuff and running into door frames.  They are KILLING me with head aches because they aren't the right prescription.  Damn I wish I could have just found the lense to my glasses.  Grrrrr.

Ok, enough boring you people.  I'm off to attempt to screw up some paperwork over here.

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  1. LOL you are such a nut! Love it!

    I can't believe you ended up behind yet another PT Cruiser being an idiot... must be the car...

    ok... so true love... for me, i am so glad that i have found it and i am willing to spend these days living in that love with coach... now if he goes before i, i will be horrible... awful... inconsolable... so here's the plan...

    you and i will just have to hook up when the men are gone...k? oh paula? i know you are there ;) you can come join us! you will love my squaw friend... and squaw friend you will love paula!