Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gonna Be Some Humpin Goin On Day

I really really don't care for Maroon 5.  Don't like any of their stuff, just don't like their sound.  Seems like when you don't like a group or a song, they are everywhere.  And I'll be damned if one of their songs isn't stuck in my head.  Grrrr.

MW screwed my whole morning routine up this morning.  He is usually up and out the door before I get up.  This morning he slept in and was there doing his thing while I was trying to do my thing.  I didn't even get a turn in the shower until 7:00!  Had to roll in to work with wet hair and no makeup.  Have mercy.

My kingdom for a pedicure!!!!!!!

There is a special place in hell for parents who hurt their children.  Bastards.

MW has a Mustang Cobra.  It was a really reliable car until this past year.  One thing after another keeps going wrong with it.  He has had to have all sorts of work done on it.  Most recently, he put an $800.00 clutch in it, drove it for about a week, and it started running funny.  Next issue.  The catalytic converter is jacked up in it.  He was messing with it this past weekend and part of the converter shot out of the tail pipe.  It was this kinda sharp, rough material, and it was burnt looking and completely solid and smooth on one side.  We were told that buying cheap gas is what causes this problem.  That the water and stuff that is in cheaper brands of gas gets in there and causes something to happen that destroys the converter.  In researching the quality of gas angle, we've been informed that the highest grade of gas at mom n pop places, QT, Race Track and the likes is about the same as the cheapest lowest grade at a Shell or Exxon type place.  If this is true, I'm ticked off.  Gas is just as expensive at QT etc, so if it's lower quality and jacking up my jalopy, I'm ticked.  I always put premium in the jalopy, but evidently I need to be using premium at Shell or somewhere.  QT and Race Track are always so convenient though!!  Dang it.

Then he put some kind of gas dryer outer stuff in it Tuesday evening and let it sit there running for the longest time.  Pretty soon I'm smelling fumes inside the house.  Even over the smell of dinner cooking.  I go out into the garage where he is playing video games and tell him to turn the dang car off before he kills everyone.  He says I don't smell anything.  Goes out and shuts the car off (it was sitting in the driveway) and when he walks back into the garage from the fresh air outside he's like "Damn!! it IS strong in here!!!  No wonder I've got a splitting headache!!!"  I told him he owes me his life.  I saved his dumb ass.

Thinking of my dear friend.  It's Wednesday, so he is shoveling shit yet again.  Hehehe.  Poor guy.  Teehee.  His stories about his Wednesdays with the police horses and the cons are always pretty entertaining.

Papoose #1 called yesterday.   She works as a waitress while she is going to college, as you may remember. She used to show horses, still does show for other people occasionally.  One of the most famous horse trainers in the world is the Australian Clinton Anderson.  His DownUnder Horsemanship stuff really works.  We've used it with pretty much every horse we've ever owned or handled.  Well, when she was working Monday night, Clinton Anderson and his wife/girlfriend sat at one of her tables, and she took care of them.  She was just beside herself, getting to meet them and chat with them.  Said that they were both sweet as pie to her.  I think the $25.00 tip he left her made her happy too, hahaha.

Papoose #2 got 1st place in the one mile yesterday.  Add that to the 1st she got in the two mile the day before, and you've got you one happy happy Poose!!!   (Shut up, Jar)

I get to see The Real Deal today.  Yay for me!!!!

Sili cracks me up.

Obi is a ghost now.

Corner didn't feed me any of the yummy bbq food  :(

Mess has my admiration, doing all that she does, dealing with what she does.

There are a lot of pretty cool people that send me messages about this blog.

There are a few wingnuts as well.

But that's ok, because as we all know, I'm a wingnut too.

I do need therapy, after all.


  1. congrats to Papoose #2! run like the wind girl (and be greatful your name isn't forrest)

    gas... ugh

    thanks for the kind words... no admiration though... i'm just me doing my thing in the only way i know how... so far it's working out alright...

    and obi... i miss her!

  2. If you ever get to meet me in person or speak with me, I could show you a whole new definition to wingnut!!! Just ask around!

  3. You're not a wingnut, Chele! Except for the OCD party-planning, that is....;-)

    Sorry about being a ghost. Just haven't been on the computer much lately. I still check in from time to time though....glad the break-up didn't stick!!! And it's ok that you don't like Maroon 5. I've love them enough for the both of us. =)

  4. I might be one of those wingnuts of which you spoke, but it's your own damned fault for luring me over here by commenting on my blog.