Friday, April 15, 2011

Money Is Great, If You Have Some!!!

Dammit.  I don't have enough money to make the jalopy payment and the mortgage payment on time.  God I hate that!!!  So freaking frustrating to work seven days a week and still have to do this dance.  Man, I'm so ticked at myself right now.  Jeez.

Still have to pay for Papoose #2's little birthday get together this weekend, too.

Still need to pay for my contacts today too.

I can't wait till the financial thing eases up a little.

Sorry to whine, I'm done now.

My friend cancelled on our dinner at GoGo's at the last minute last night.  Yes, that means I didn't get my new contacts and I have the crappy painful contacts in that I can't see out of, again.  And she wants to do GoGo's tonight.  No can do sista, no gotsie the fundage.

What can I sell???? Hmmmm, thinking cap firmly in place.

Papoose #2 has a softball game tonight.  I'm looking forward to watching her play.  Sweet thing.  She tries so hard at everything she does.

Papoose #1 will be rolling in to town tomorrow to help celebrate her sisters birthday.  A good time will be had by all, I'm sure  :)   Looking forward to having my Papooses both with me for the day.  Happy Squaw dance  :)

Listening to Yahoo Music on my computer, as I always do.  I usually have it on the station Cougar Music, but today I have it on Love Songs.  Funny how I like a lot more of those sappy songs, now that I have actually felt what true, pure unconditional love feels like.  Love songs used to make me so sad, because they never applied to me.  They just bummed me out, because I had never loved or been loved that way.  Not anymore!!

Ok, been trying to get this finished for hours now.  Too many interruptions!!  Sheesh, what???  They actually want me to WORK??  Hahahaha.

Gotta go, boss man needs my assistance.  You all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.  Try not to blow away in these winds.  Thanks for letting me vent and for actually coming on over to visit once in awhile.

Good therapy.


  1. Keep up the hard work, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. i hate money....

    (enjoy the weekend with the girls!!)