Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thumbing Your Nose At Opportunity and Wandering Jews

So, Mister Wonderful's boss and good friend has approached him about a job offer.  He would be traveling Monday through Friday and home every weekend.  MW loves to travel.  Also, the job would be going to different national accounts and setting up their service and store room areas.  MW loves to micro organize things like that, and that is one of the reasons he works way more hours on salary for the job he does now than he really should and is always pissed off about the long ass days he works.  So, really, this job would be perfect for him.  By his own admittance.  But as soon as I told him that I agree, it really sounds like something he would be well suited for and he might really like it, he says "are you trying to get rid of me???"  and refuses to talk to the boss about the job.   Really??  Pay increase, change of pace from a job you hate, shorter hours, less gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, home every weekend.......yeah, that really sounds like something an intelligent person would pass up.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Damn.

Besides, I AM trying to get rid of him.  For the love of all that's holy, DO something with yourself and attempt to find some happiness somewhere.  After all, you've been bitching for 20 years about how miserable you are with me and the Papooses!!!!!!  This man makes being miserable an art.  Really takes it to a whole other level.

So, since the D-Hall teacher won't wait the extra 5-10 minutes for Papoose #2 to get out of practice and get over to serve her daily D-Hall, and the coach won't let her out 5-10 minutes early to make it to D-Hall, she is back to serving her sentence for our tardies at Saturday school.  So she is taken off the work schedule for the next two Saturdays at Job #2.  She is not a happy camper.  Poor Poose.

Speaking of Papoose #2, you all remember that she has received her first official paycheck.  Well, Monday morning I am walking through my room to get a cup of coffee and I see Papoose #2's butt sticking up in the air as she looks under my bed for lord knows what.  I ask her what she's doing and she sits up really quickly and says "Ah!!!  I found your flip flop!!!  I knew you would be looking for it, so I decided to get a jump start on it and find it for you!!!"  Jumps up and leaves the room.  I'm standing there scratching my head.  Then a little bit later, she is in the master bath with me, putting on her makeup as she does each morning with me in there, and she says "Mom, is my social security card back in the purple book?"  (We have a big purple binder where I keep all sorts of copies of important documents)  I tell her no, I hadn't put it back in there yet from when we were down filling out her paperwork to get official at Job #2.  Then, on the way to school I ask her to please tell me the truth about what she was doing looking under my bed that morning.  She says she was looking for the purple book.  Under my bed?  And why?  She needs her ss card.  Ummm, why???  Are you in trouble with the law, Poose???

Last night as I was cooking dinner and she was in there with me, she finally fesses up as to what she was up to.  A few weeks ago I fell in love with a big beautiful Wandering Jew at a local store.  They were my mothers favorite house plant, and this one was just glorious.  I would admire it every time I was at the store, and one time Papoose #2 happened to be with me.  Anyhow, she was hoping that if she could find her social security card, the bank we use here in town would cash her paycheck for her so she could buy me that plant before it was sold to someone else.  She hoofed it all over town begging the bank to cash it for her, but of course they could not, without picture id, even though she does have a savings account there.  Now is that not the sweetest, most thoughtful thing you have ever heard?  My kid rocks!!!!  Love love love her heart and soul.

More good news.  Just got word that we will be given 2.5% ownership interest in the next store that is opening.  That is on top of the 2.5% we already had.  So, 2.5% in the first store, and 5% in the second store.  Target opening date July 1st, 2011.  Once the place is paid up and making money, we will start getting our payout.  Probably looking at 6 months or so.  The Real Deal and I are over the moon with excitement.   The day may actually come where I can go to the grocery store without a calculator, after all.  That has always been my idea of making it, of being ok.  To be able to shop for groceries without a calculator.  It's gonna happen baby, totally gonna happen.


  1. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I heard about a new store opening in Roanoke over the weekend -- yours? That'll be a HIT, for sure. Hell, my BFFs were talking about a new place for us to go. =)

    And GOOD riddance on MW. Let him wander the happy work trails and leave you in peace.

    Wandering Jew is one of my favorites too. It's just lovely. And, as a matter of fact, my gorgeous Bridal Veil jew will need some trimming throughout the summer......;-) That stuff starts right up in the rooting in water or anything. Love it!

  2. ....and what a darling child, attempting to surprise you with your find. xo

  3. Thanks Kathleen!! No, we are in Euless right now and store #2 will be in Grapevine. We will probably be in Bedford next, then Hurst. I told you that you need to come see me one weekend and I'll buy you lunch!!

    I'd totally trade lunch and a margarita for some Bridal Veil trimmings....hmmmmmmmmmm heehee.

  4. woot!! movin' on up!!

    poose #2 is a keeper... sweet soul she has...

    you should've told MW "please don't go... please, i don't want to be alone like that..." guarantee he would take it then :)

  5. CONGRATS on the percentages. Hey, I might want in on 1-2%. <----- :-))
    That's so sweet of the Papoose. Our youngest came in from Walmart the other day with a video that he found and thought I would like it(Nascar History). Those kids just touch you sometimes. One day you want to strangle em, the next day you want to hug em to death.

    As far as MW........Whatthehellever!

  6. This is just the post I needed tor read right now, this morning. Sherri is is right. Tell a kid no and that gaurantees that's what he'll do. I hope he did agree tot ake that job and that you did a good cry act as he was packing.

    I love the part about your daughter and her dancing around about the real reason she was looking under your bed. Wow, getting a jump on your flip flops - what a save. She's a good woman.

    Wandering Jew is one of my favorites and filled a good part of my garden in Israel and I had unspeakable amounts spilling from hanging baskets. When we got to Florida with its similar climate, I went to the loal nursery and asked it they had any Wandering Jew. The man looked at me - stunned in that freeze moment - he stumbled, mumbled and I finally figured out that he thought I was making a really bad racial slur freely because I just came from the local neo-nazi party meeting. While I was grateful for his reaction, I knew I would embarrass him when I told him it was a plant. Quick decision on my part. Better his mild embarrassment than my being thought of as a . . . . .
    Since I have a slight accent, I explained that maybe it's not called that in English and proceeded to describe it.

    No, they had nothing like that. I still think he was glad I left.

    Happy to hear it IS called that in Englsh.

    But I am happier that small miracles are finding their way into your life. God Bless.