Thursday, April 14, 2011


That's it!!!!!!   I can't begin to tell you how often someone else in the office leaves like one or two squares of toilet paper on the roll, just so they're lazy ass doesn't have to put a new roll on there.  Come on, seriously???? How stupid is that???  I draw the short straw pretty much every damn time that stuff needs to be replaced.

No more.  From now on, if I go in there and there's only a square or two left, I'm pulling the empty one off the holder, throwing it in the floor, tossing the holder under the sink, and taking my new roll with me back to my desk.

I just did that very thing.

AND I took all of the spare rolls and put them in the furthest cabinet where you can't reach it from the commode without getting up.  Stranded.  Phooey!!

Yes, I understand the importance of choosing your battles.

This just seems like a fun one for today.


  1. OH HELL! that's some funny sheet!!! okay not so funny when you're the one drip drying but the payback is great!!

  2. [moonblinked] I'm so never messing with you! =)