Monday, April 18, 2011

You do NOT Want To Do That Today!

I am getting less and less able to be polite and behave in a pc manner when people come at me in this office just for the purpose of taking their bad mood out on someone.  If you have a legitimate issue, sure, let's work on a solution.  But just walking in here because you are looking for someone to be an asshole/bitch to??  Uh, no.

I honestly do not care if you are the boss.  Or the boss's sister.  Or f*cking Santa Clause Claus.
*thanks Jar(shit)head*

Surely I will get myself fired one day.

But I refuse to be the go-to dog to kick.


  1. I loved The Santa Clause.

    It was a great movie.

  2. sometimes, when on a rant, it's hard to spell correctly ;) rant on sister!

  3. Love it.....some people think they have the right to jump anyone they choose to single out...stand up to everyone of those assholes,they have it coming!