Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Repeat Tuesday

I was informed yesterday that if you spray your deck, tables and chairs with a spray bottle of Listerine, the skeeters will not come around.  Supposed to last a couple of days.  Spraying around your doors and windows is supposed to keep em away from the house too.  Heck, for $1.88 you can get the big ol jug of Equate brand stuff.  Gonna give that a go.  We have horrendous skeeters in the back yard.

The whacko neighbors across the street bought them a pitbull.  Now Corner, don't get upset here, because I don't profile anyone, not even dog breeds.  But here in Texas it's pretty hard to find a pit that has been bred from anything but fighting stock, and if they aren't raised right, and in the wrong hands, they can be a menace.  This one is full grown and has bad manners.  He has already made his way across the road into my yard after our cat. I used my most polite sawed off voice to explain to them what would happen the next time he set foot on my property.

Saw a guy peeing on a pile of rocks on my way in this morning.  Now there's something you don't see on your morning commute too often.

Wonder if all these wingnuts at Job #1 have managed to shake of their Monday moodiness.  Sure hope so.  I am not interested in a replay of yesterday.  Beating.

Anyone out there ever had someone new come in to the company, say, a new supervisor type person, and all that person does is run your ass ragged, making up shit for you to do just to make HIM look busy??  Beating.

I have a hard time understanding someone that doesn't have to work for a living complaining about how busy they are.  I mean, you take care of the house, you shop, you pay bills, you take care of the yard, you run kids to school and activities, you cook.  How can you act all overwhelmed?  I don't get it.

I've always wanted to be really really good at something.  I've always wanted to find something that I am passionate about.  I have finally figured out what that is.  I am going to be passionately good at being a kept woman.  Haha.  I seriously cannot wait to quit one job and just be there to help TRD out when he needs me at Job #2 and just have a little time to myself.  Gonna be SO amazing to be able to actually clean my house and do my dang laundry during normal hours.  Midnight is a dumb time to clean house and do laundry.

The jalopy has been the best car.  Very reliable and runs great.  Fun to drive.  Never given me trouble.  Well, there was the tire incident, but I don't think that counts.  Anyhow, when I left out of here last night it wouldn't start.  It kept acting like it was just about to start, but never would catch or whatever.  I tried it four times then stopped, afraid I would drain the battery.  Just bought a brand new battery about two months ago.  Got out, opened the trunk and moved some stuff to one side so the guys could get to the battery area in case they needed to.  Thought I better try it ONE more time before I go hunt someone down in the shop to take a peek at it, and that time it started right up without any hesitation, just like it always does.  I have an unsettled feeling now every time I go to start it.  Makes me sad that that happened.  I've never doubted my little jalopy before  :-(

One of the guys I work with here at Job #1 was sharing some stories of back when he and his wife met.  So sweet.  43 years ago.  I really enjoyed listening to him tell about the stuff they did together.  I just love listening to someone who truly loves their significant other tell tales about it.  Very touching.  He was talking about how he can't believe he is the age he is, and how time has flown.  I hear ya, brother.

I've rambled enough.  Have a good day, all.


  1. Honestly I don't think that is racial profiling dear.
    I feel the same way about Pits. My daughter and her BF have one and it scares me to death to be around it. He has never been anything but calm around us, but I shudder at the thought. I forbid it to be around the baby.

  2. My old Decatur neighbor and I used to make it a point to never pee indoors when we we were at each others' houses. He was a cop and I would make it a point to piss on his car whenever possible.