Friday, April 1, 2011

All PT Cruisers Must Die

My stainless steel travel mug that I've had for a zillion years died yesterday.  Crap.

Everyone at Job #1 is pissy and stressed out.  It's year end here and I am so freaking ready for this week to be over, I can taste it!!!   I love my job though, I've got it easy, and I know it.

I was petulant and pouty with The Real Deal again last night.  Yeah, I admit it.  Dammit.  But I really do feel like he could take an eentsie bit more effort to text or something sometimes.  I'm being spoiled, but I do feel that way.  So sue me.

I was stuck on 730 behind a line of cars on the way home from work yesterday.  We were collectively stuck behind a maroon PT Cruiser that would not go any faster than 40 mph.  Not only that, but the motard behind him wouldn't take the multiple opportunities to pass him so we could all follow suit.  I tried really hard to think positive thoughts like "well, maybe he's sick, or having a bad day, or elderly...."  but in the end I was using every curse word in my vocabulary and wishing ill will on the bastard.  Then, when I was driving back from the store the opposite direction on 730, I'll be damned if I got stuck behind a line of cars that were collectively stuck behind a blue PT Cruiser that was going, you guessed it, 40 mph, tops!!!!   I now officially HATE PT Cruisers.  Jerk offs.

I'm beginning to dread taking my meds each day.  It's like punching yourself in the face.  There comes a time when it just gets hard to do something like that to yourself, no matter the cause.

Found a place to do Papoose #2's birthday bash.  It's going to be a blast.  We are waiting till April 16th to do it though, because of scheduling issues with her best friend and Papoose #1.

Papoose #1 wants a sugar glider.   Papoose #1 barely has time to shower and eat.  She also has a tendency to not feed and water things.  She is really more of a goldfish kinda gal.  Just sayin.

I emailed a perfect stranger asking for some help with something.  Mere hours later, he had followed through with the favor I asked of him.  Mike, you rock socks, dude.  Thank you.  You are good people.

CTM blogged about productive procrastination.  I wish that was the kind of procrastination I suffered from.  I just have the regular kind, where you don't get squat done.

I'm worried about my long time friend.  She suffers from bi polar disorder.  She is back living at home.  She is lonely and overwhelmed by her life.  I wish I could do something to help her.

What the hell is causing this major twitch in my right eye??  I swear, my boss must think I'm flirting it up with him or something!!!  It's been going on for a few days now and is making me crazy!!!  Uh, crazi-ER.

Papoose #2 and I are playing hookie Monday to have a girls day out for her birthday.  She asked me if we could play hookie and spend the day together, asked me while we were getting ready for school/work yesterday morning.  That is the first time she has ever asked to spend time with me.  Made me a happy squaw.

Gotta go work now.  I'll try to come up with something more entertaining later on.   Sorry guys.


  1. you are always entertaining!! i love the rants ha... damn PT cruisers.... i always wanted one of those cars but um, not anymore ha

    Mike does rock! i can't believe he jumped on it so quickly! fingers crossed, lots of prayers and hope thrown in there too

    petulance... it's a girls perogative to be petulant.... pouting is cute! ha! i bet TRD doesn't maybe think so though ....

    i hate taking meds too.. i swallow so many pills in a day that my tummy should be full with no room for food.. but alas, i always find room for the food...

    i love to eat..shameless...

  2. see?
    (i totally spelled it wrong earlier ha)


    a : an exclusive or SPECIAL RIGHT, POWER OR PRIVILEGE: as (1) : one belonging to an office or an official body (2) : one belonging to a person, group, or class of individuals (3) : one possessed by a nation as an attribute of sovereignty
    b : the discretionary power inhering in the British Crown
    : a distinctive excellence