Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bumper Cars & Trading Saturday School For D-Hall

I am easily amused.  I still get a kick out of my rain sensing wipers on the jalopy.  Too much, hehe.

MW actually wrote me a check for the rest of his part of the mortgage payment and left if for me this morning. Will wonders never cease?

I am obsessed with being on time.  For as go with the flow as I am in every other aspect of my life, it absolutely makes me insane to be late to something.  Appointments, meeting up with friends, work.   This was the cause of many a melt down over the last few years, once Papoose #1 got into high school and not so good about rolling out of bed and making it out the door to my jalopy on time for a ride to school.  Stressful and bitching and bickering mornings so often.  Never had a problem with Papoose #2, she got herself up and ready and would be tapping her foot at the door waiting on Papoose #1.  I finally get Papoose #1 graduated and off to college and on her own clock, and now this year it has taken an act of God to get Papoose #2 up, ready and out.  All this is mentioned to lead to this:  For the first time in my life, I got called into the principals office.  We both were.  Concern over tardies.  Uh oh.  I got a stern talking to and Papoose #2 got two rounds of Saturday school.  Come to find out, after the fact, Papoose #2 went to the principal and asked if there was some alternative to Saturday school, because she was concerned about having to miss two consecutive Saturdays from work, after just recently being hired.  I thought that was very responsible of her, to handle that all on her own.  So now she has three weeks of D-Hall, which is about half an hour each day after school lets out.  This is all so incredibly bizarre for us.  The Pooses never get in trouble.  The fact that I was part of the reason she got into trouble makes me feel absolutely horrid.  Ah well.  We will be good girls from now on.

Shut up Jar.   ;-)

You know those work trucks that have the tool boxes mounted on each side?  I've seen those all my life, but have never once seen one that is anything but pretty beat up and 'worn in'.  Well, got an up close and personal look at a brand spankin new one in front of the IGA last night when it backed into my little jalopy.  Freaking dude didn't even look over his shoulder before he started backing up across the parking lot.  Busy time too, cars everywhere.  Thank goodness he was at an angle and the Tahoe parked next to where I was driving stopped him before he could do any real damage to the jalopy.  Just kissed the front of it with the hazard sign on the back of his bumper thingie.  I think it broke some clips on my lower spoiler/bumper thing though, it seems to be loose now.  Tahoe owner had more serious issues to worry about than I did though, so not complaining.....beautiful shiny brand new black Tahoe.  Pretty truck.  Ooops.

My friend had to shovel sh*t with a bad case of the flu yesterday.  Poor guy.  Felt so bad for him, I didn't even give him any grief about it like I usually enjoy doing.

I am the worlds toughest sell and biggest nay sayer on a lot of products, but I have to admit that my skin is making incredible changes from using this Mary Kay skin care stuff.  I am absolutely shocked and very happy with the results.  The actual makeup however??  Nope.  Doesn't work on me.  Gave it to Papoose #1 when she was here for her sisters birthday celebration this past Saturday.  She loves it.

Boss Man is in da houzzzzze, gotta get to work!!!


  1. I hate being late also. W-spouse and stepson are always running late. For everything. It doesnt matter what the cause, they are late. I have left for church many a morning by myself and they come walking in late.
    RE: Mary K...Go back and look at the pictures from the races that we posted and in the background you can see a huge green Prevost bus/rv. That was her first coach that she purchased. She sold it through a broker to a guy that is friends with the president of our comapny. better post this, don't make me come to the South part of the county today!

  2. I'm always late. [sigh] BUT, I've learned to trick myself

    MW paying = 'bout time. [hmmph]

    And don't take all the blame on those tardies either....I recall moments when you two came out to NO CAR!! Remember??

    Mary Kay = when I was a teen, Mother let me use their skin stuff to clear up my face. Worked wonders. I still use the anti-puffy eye stuff for those early morning bags. The makeup? I'm like you; the couple of times I let a consultant do-me-up, I looked like a becolored cartoon character. Uh, no thanks!

  3. This world is full of 'tardies, unfortunately.