Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Hope For Humpin Day

I need therapy.

Went to the school track after work yesterday and walked for about 45 minutes, chatting with my dear friend who lives in Cali.  Exercise time surely does fly when you have a funny girlfriend to chat it up with while you are doing it.  Ear buds for your phone do not like the wind.  Found that out without a doubt.  She was walking up and down the road she lives on, skirting road kill.  All I had to maneuver around was a large woman that was bound and determined to be in whatever lane I decided to walk in.  Odd.  She was surely getting with it though, gotta hand her that.

So I get home after our walk/chat session, feeling pretty good about things, walk in the front door, let the dog out and try to turn the ceiling fan on.  Nada.  Yep, you guessed it, no electricity.  Dig up the electric bill to get the phone number off of it and call.  Service disconnected due to non payment.  Uh, what?  I just gave you guys 367.00 on Friday.  Checked my account online yesterday to make sure everything was in order.  Yes, you guys got your money.  Well, the after hours lady told me that until I can do the whole 'prove you paid us' thing AGAIN we have no power.   Told me I should have called before 5, before all of the workers were gone for the day.  I explained to her that I would have called HAD I KNOWN THERE WAS AN ISSUE.  Told her it was just last month that they posted a TWO DOLLAR payment instead of a two hundred dollar payment, and it cost me two hours off of my timecard to take a bank printout to their office in Azle to prove my payment.  I think she missed my point, because all she said to that was "well I see here that we corrected our mistake on that".  So again, I'm without power and this lady is telling me that there is no way in hell she is sending a crew out to turn my power back on, because it's not an emergency.  Because, according to her it "remains to be seen" that I paid my bill.  Again.  Not only that, but everything in the fridge and freezer were warm, so the power must have been out pretty much all day.  Oh well, I really needed to do a complete clean out on the fridge and freezer anyhow.  Surprisingly, I remained pretty calm throughout all of this.

The irony of the electric screw up is that, for the first time in a long long time, I had paid the electric bill up to date.  I saved a whole check from Job #2 so I could get it caught up and paid ahead like a normal person, instead of constantly barely making the minimum payment.  So much for being proud making some progress in my quest to get my shit together.  Go figure.  

I decide I better call Mister Wonderful and give him a heads up about the situation, so he can get a hotel by work or something.  Didn't want him to come all the way home and find that we didn't have a shower (on a well, no electric, no water), couldn't cook dinner, no tv and no video game.  He lost his mind on me.  Started screaming about how he shouldn't be having to deal with bullshit like this at 40 years old, and telling me what an irresponsible pos I am and accusing me of lying about paying the electric bill, etc.  Yeah, because I like the power being shut off, and having to take time off of work to straighten it out, again.  I get all warm and fuzzy from it, so I choose to not pay the electric bill, just for kicks.  After yelling and cussing and telling me how f*cked up I am, he hangs up on me.  Ok.

Now, Papoose #2 was at softball practice during all of this, so I called her best friends parents and asked if I could bring her things into town to their house and let her stay over there for the night.  One, so she will have electricity and a shower, and two, to keep her from having to deal with MW when he rolled in like a tornado.

Called The Real Deal looking for some advice or comfort, I guess hoping he would say "come on over" but he seemed distracted and really didn't say much of anything but "damn, I'm sorry" then sit there in silence.  Hmm.  Ok.  So you all know how I reacted to that, right?  So much for the remaining calm.

So, yeah.  The night ended at about 2 in the morning, after TRD and I fighting it out with me trying to tell him I just needed him to listen and offer comfort, and him saying he just didn't know what to say because he feels horrible that he can't do anything about the whole f*cked up situation just yet.  A huge battle of both of us trying to prove our point, explain our side of it, getting more and more heated and taking on a life of its own.

Enter self doubt.  So then I move on to the thought process of "ok, maybe it IS me.  maybe it is impossible for me to get along with anyone.  maybe the the whole entire malfunction is something to do with me.  i'm f*cked up"

Also, while I'm outside talking on the phone with him, sitting in my car so my nearly dead cell phone can sort of charge on the car charger that barely works and has needed to be replaced for months now, the lens popped out of my glasses and I can't find it.  Seriously?  So, after only a couple of hours of restless sleep, I had to put contacts in my eyes that are monthly disposables and are about 6 months out of date.  Oh yeah, I'm feeling good now baby.  I have incredibly poor vision, so looking for the lens to the glasses that I need to have on my face in order to see to look for ANYTHING, is a pretty futile effort.  Now add the contacts that are so old and dry they feel like sandpaper in my eyes and I can't see out of them, you got yourself a party!!

I'm walking around looking like Keith Richards' twin sister today.  Look like hammered dog shit.  Feeling about the same.

So, because I spent my 'extra' money paying the electric all up to date, I don't have the money to get my glasses replaced or order any new contacts.  Eh, life goes on, no?

So, enough about me!!!  Y'all get out there and have a fabulous day!!

And if you see me on the road in the old jalopy, watch your ass, remember, I can't see!!!!

*maniacal laughter following her slow decent into insanity*


  1. All I can do is send a prayer your way. Hope today is much better.

  2. i hate that you had such an awful time! i hope that today is better... and what the hell is up with your electric company? do i need to send dirtman over there to take care of business? ha!

    me thinks you need a wee bit of a break... you know, vacation... down time...

  3. Thank you, Corner. It is greatly appreciated. You guys have fun at the races!!

    Mess, thanks. And we had some pretty irritating billing issues similar to this a couple of years ago when they changed some things in their system, but never to the point where they shut my damn power off!

  4. I have chased the electric company off several times for trying to shut off our electric. You see, since we live in the country and have very screwed up addresses, when you use a GPS like they use it says we are our neighbors a couple doors down!! These people have had they craziest people show up at our door for the weirdest things!!!
    Once we weren't here and the electric was cutoff for the entire week that we were gone!!! I fought with them for over a month, but they gave me a check for $350 to replace all the food we lost. The morons can't even read meter numbers to make sure they are cutting off the right one!! Hope everything works out for you! Fight to get your food replaced!!

  5. So. Irritating. I empathize 110%.

    MW should pay for you and the Poose to stay in a hotel. Hmmph!

  6. Oh, and the "maniacal laughter" bit gave me the willies. LMAO

  7. And I thought only I had luck like this (single mom of 3 here). Sucks even worse cause you had paid it!!! Good gravy!! Good luck getting it straightened out. Agree with Kathleen, he should pay for a hotel!

  8. I wrote you the other day, check out coastal contacts on FB, they have been doing promos alot lately. As long as you have prescription all you pay is shipping. daughter,husband and several friends have used this site check them out.
    And....don't take that shit from him,who the hell died and made him king? Girl you deserve much better!