Thursday, June 30, 2011

America The Beautiful

Vacation Time At The Reservation

Well, Mister Wonderful finally noticed the dent and scrapes on the jalopy.  That was fun.  I mean really??? Why the hell is it MY fault that someone else hit me??  How in the world is that even remotely my fault? Seriously?

Doc appt this afternoon to see if they are gonna cut my head open.  Good times.  Super good times.  I sure hope if they decide to do surgery, they find a way not to shave my hair.  I just now finally like my hair!!!

Our office at Job #1 is closed down tomorrow and won't reopen till July 11th.  I sure wish I had some money to actually go do something and enjoy the time off, but I surely am going to be in heaving just not having to BE anywhere for a couple of day.  Of course I will still work some at Job #2 but not every day, that is for dang sure!!!

It's fun getting paid to shop and spend other peoples money.  Just sayin.

Papoose #2 texted me yesterday evening asking permission to go to a friends house.  I said yes.  Boy was I surprised and disappointed when I got home and she hadn't done her chores.  Then MW figures out that she didn't feed his goats, assuming he would do it when he got home.  Ummm, lil missy???   You know that is one of your few chores, and you KNOW we always take care of our animals before anything else.  So now MW is on a tear and is insisting that every animal on the place must go immediately.  He's just in a snit because he has actually had to put his own dog out the past couple of mornings.  He is used to me doing all that for him.  And before anyone gets their panties all in a bundle, the goats always have free access to horse quality coastal hay.  They just get spoiled with sweet feed once a day.  That's all they missed out on, the fat little fuckers.

Be that as it may, very big no no to ask permission to go somewhere when you haven't done your chores.  Taking advantage of mom because she isn't home yet?  I'm gonna go with YES on that one.

Papoose #2 has extra chores today.  Needless to say.  She's a great kid and I know will not pull this stunt again.  For awhile anyway.  Fingers crossed.  Haha.

Ok, there was way more to this post but fucking blogger kicked me off and didn't save it and I don't have the patience to retype all of it.

Have a great 4th, everyone.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bumper Cars and Gettin Sexy With The Horse Liniment

Ok, I actually slept last night!!!   Only woke up a couple of times!!!  Mess told me to try using Tiger Balm on my legs for the cramping, and I'll be damned if it didn't just work like a charm!!!  THANKS MESS, LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!   The muscles still crawled and squirmed, but didn't cramp up.  What a blessing!!  Sleep, blessed blessed pain free sleep!!!  The stuff is actually like a horse liniment.  I was laughing as I slathered it on.  SEXY!!!!  NOT!!!!!  But if it gets the job done, I'm totally on board.

Met the NICEST guy last night after work.  One of my coworkers and friends here at Job #1 has a buddy that has been a mechanic forever.  Builds hot rods and does all sorts of great work.  Coworker took me by to meet him last night so I could start having him work on the jalopy.  He's a great guy, and I am so looking forward to having someone I can trust taking care of the lil jalopy.  It's a great feeling!!  To make it even better, he reminds me of my dad and my uncle, and hanging out talking to him and listening to him talk so excitedly about the hot rods he's working on took me right back to when I was younger and used to go to all the big car shows with my dad.  His hot rods used to make all the hot  rod magazines and everything.  He loved building those cars.  He even had one make it into Street Rod magazine when it wasn't even painted yet!!!  He took it to one of the shows still in primer because his buddy insisted he do it, and damned of they didn't love it and publish it primed out!!  That was fun!

I use a soft brush to apply my foundation with.  It gives perfect smooth coverage and feels like a mini facial every morning when you put your makeup on.  But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I manage to poke myself in the left eye at least once a week.  Always the left eye.  It's not like I'm not paying attention, for goodness sake.  I'm staring at myself in the mirror and stippling away and POKE, burn, cuss cuss, giggle. Then I have a red eye for several hours that morning.  I also sneeze uncontrollably whenever I have to tweeze my left eyebrow.  I'm a kook.  Definitely need some therapy.

So Papoose #2, her boyfriend and I all went to the farm to work the horses last night.  After we were done, we headed into Azle because I needed to find some Tiger Balm before attempting to sleep and the kids wanted Sonic.  Got to CVS six minutes after they closed, and as I left CVS to try WalGreens, a gal in a white Nissan Titan was in a big hurry evidently and decided to crash into my little jalopy.  We were practically the only people on the road, and she smacks my little car.  Everyone is totally fine.  The little jalopy is so solidly made that we didn't even FEEL the impact really, just HEARD it. The sound made me sick.  Of course, the gal that RAN INTO ME had to get out of her truck cussing me for being on the same road or something.  I stayed very calm and asked her why she came charging up on me like that, when she had three other lanes to choose from if she wanted to pass me, since I was entering the left hand turn lane and had my blinker on and she came up at about 60 like I was in HER way.  She said well if you wouldn't have put your brakes on I wouldn't have hit you!!  Ummm, as I mentioned, I was TURNING INTO A PARKING LOT, I TEND TO PUT MY BRAKES ON WHEN I DO THAT.  Basically what it boiled down to was, she was in a fight with her boyfriend and pissed off at the world and for some reason that culminated in my left rear quarter panel being destroyed and my bumper being pushed down onto my back tire.  Ah well, life goes on, no?  I am going to have my new mechanic look at it when he's looking over the jalopy this weekend, see what he thinks.  If we can fix it on the cheap I'm not hassling with the insurance on it.  We shall see.

Well, I need to go earn my keep.  Have a fabulous hump day, all.  I get to see The Real Deal today, yay!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Donut shop gauntlet, smooth, nothing to report.  Wow.

I think I am beginning to get a little delusional from lack of sleep.  This leg cramps are killing me.  From my hips to my feet.  Incredible pain.  I know that's way less than a lot of people have to deal with, but I guess I am a big baby, because I'm exhausted and so sore.

The beautiful brand new harness that came with Deuce is way too big for him  :-(  So I have to sell it and buy him one that fits.  I put it on him last night and was like "something is not right here....."  Incredibly disappointing, to say the least.  We have a parade to get ready for.  Don't have time to waste with selling that one and finding another one.  Looks like we will be using pieces and parts of harnesses we have at the farm to frankenstein one for him for training purposes so we don't lose valuable training time.  Damn the luck.

The kitties are being so good.  They have free run of the house now.  Well, we keep the girls' bedroom doors shut, but other than that, they have earned their freedom, and they are being VERY good.  Moses is still a snuggler and Gracie is still hell on wheels.  You can just see it in her eyes, she is looking to tear some shit up at all times.

Someone keeps calling here and hanging up.  Starting to piss me off.  Bastards.

Last night after working the horses Papoose #2 and I made a munchie run to Taco Casa.  We made it with ten minutes to spare.  The open sign was on and we zipped around through the drive thru.  When we get to the speaker thingie, nobody acknowledges us.  So I drive to the window.  KidFatFat finally opens the window and says "Dude, we're closed"  I said "Dude, you are open for another 10 minutes, your open sign is even still on" he looks over at the sign and says "Nuh uh, that sign is off now".  The little bastards saw us pull in and shut the sign off while we were driving through the drive thru!!!  He basically gave us the fuck you attitude, so I asked for a number to call and complain.  Took them 5 more minutes to keystone cops it up and finally come up with a number.  I will certainly be calling.  We took our munchiness to Taco Bell.  Why oh why do I love cheap ass bad for me food so much?  We don't eat that crap very often, but man when we do, it's damn good!!!

Got myself a jalepeno piggie at the donut shop this morning.  Another foodstuff that is horrifically bad for me but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so yummy!!  Put it in the microwave to warm up and just as it was getting done, had someone come in and need help, now I'm trying to eat it and its sorta stiff.  Hehee.

You know, if you are going to have people responsible for answering phones for you, have the common courtesy of letting them know when you are leaving the office.  Don't sneak out the back door without saying anything, it's incredibly inconsiderate to those of us that have to field calls for you.  Makes us look like idiots when we have no earthly idea you aren't here and we are trying to take care of customers for you.  Jeez.

I am in a foul temper today, and I don't know why.  I don't mean to be, I just sorta am.  I guess it's because I'm tired and I feel like there are knives sticking out of my legs.

Jalapeno piggies are the shiz.

Just got caught fucking off blogging instead of working.  Got caught by one of the big dogs.  Oops.  Oh well, I'm still getting gigged for time off my time card that I shouldn't be, so I guess I can rationalize it that way.  Doesn't make it right though, so I better get to work.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Handling The Seasons Of My Life

Perfect Ponys, Loving Labs, and Almost Being Fired By Your Lover

I am so freaking sick and tired of these asshole spammers hacking my f*cking email account and sending spam and malware bullshit to everyone in my address book.  Makes me want to wring someones neck.  I mean, who GAINS from that?? What kind of loser no life piece of shit gets off on creating that crap, just to jack everyone up?  F*cking bullshit!!!!!   That email address is the one I use for business contacts, family, things like that.  It couldn't even be the bullshit one I have that I use when I buy or sell stuff or things like that.  Seriously?  FML!!!!!

So, I had a FABULOUS weekend!!!  Took Saturday off and went to Oklahoma with my friend to pick up my new pony.  He is fantastic!!!!   Amazing amazing horsie!!  And the cart and harness he came with are super duper quality.  All in all, this free horse was an incredible investment.  I can't believe what a great score this turned out to be!!  Did lots of inspecting, measuring and playing around to see what he can/is willing to do.  Then went and worked him in the round pen yesterday after I got off of work.  Gonna be an incredible little horse to have around for many many more years.  He is younger than the lady thought, too.  Yay for me!!

I can't believe that all those girls on facebook don't realize how ridiculous they look pulling the duck lips in EVERY damn picture they take of themselves.  And really girls, are you incapable of taking your photo anywhere but the BATHROOM?  Seriously, what is that all about???  And the guys....come on dudes, stop trying to look so 'cool' or 'tough', all you manage to do is make yourselves look like idiots.  Ugh.  I wish there was a nice way to let these kids know how silly they look, without hurting their feelings.  Oh well, I guess my facebook page will just have that goofiness on it.  They are all good kids, so there is that.

Papoose #2 is officially in first car shopping mode.   Lord have mercy.  That kid is bound and determined to find something reliable and good on gas that she can save her money and buy so she won't have a payment, and the insurance will be lower.  And when that girl puts her mind to something, she gets it done!!  It is fun watching her doing all of this.  What a card that one is.

I hit another armadillo on my way home from the farm last night.  This time Papoose #2 was with me.  It made her cry.  I felt awful  :-(    I'm a murderer, again.

I almost got fired by The Real Deal yesterday.  One of the cooks was ripping my ass about sending back an order wrong, and I was explaining to him (he is also a manager, so the bastard should KNOW better) that, in fact, I sent the order back exactly as it should have been, but he is a know it all never wrong idiot asshole and wouldn't stop talking long enough to hear what I was saying.  TRD walks up during this and tries to interject to the other manager/cook that yes, the order was indeed sent back correctly, but the cook was on a roll by then and not hearing anything.  Finally he turns and throws the entire plate into the trash can and stomps back into the kitchen.  I double barreled him.  Yep, gave him the ol' middle finger salute in stereo.  Told him he was number one, with both hands.  TRD yells "WTF ARE YOU DOING??? I CAN'T HAVE YOU BEHAVING LIKE THAT!!!"  I even shocked myself.  I have no idea where that came from.  But of course, even though by that point I WAS in the wrong for that part of it, did I back down and apologize?  Nope.  My dumb ass pitches a fit till I had myself nearly fired.  I have no earthly idea where that came from.  Boy was it a tense afternoon.  He chose to send me on break to cool off, instead of sending me home.  Interesting part of this is, another manager, who happens to only be 19 years old, decided to come sit where I am at 'cooling off' and proceed to tell me that I have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.  Really dude???? Seriously???  THANK GOD you shared that little life lesson with me, because at 42 years old, I had no f*cking idea I was held to the same standards as the rest of the world!!!  TRD walked up as that gem was being shared and interjected that I KNOW damn well how to conduct myself, and have been doing so perfectly for 42 years thank you very much, and to please leave me alone to cool off before someone was hospitalized.

It was a funny day.  Hehe.

I roasted a chicken Saturday night when I got home.  Mister Wonderful was supposed to be picking Papoose #2 up from Job #2 and coming home by 7.  Well, he had gone to the Rangers game with his BestFriend and BestFriendsWife (they are the ones pregnant with the baby with down syndrome, sweet baby boy), which is why he was in the neighborhood to pick Pap #2 up for me.  He told me they'd be home for dinner, but since he had his buddy with him, they sat up at Job #2 and visited and had a couple drinks and didn't show up at home till about 10pm.   While I am glad he had a nice visit with his BestFriend, I was a little miffed that I ended up eating alone once it was obvious they weren't going to show up, then putting the food away and going to bed.    Then I come home from work via the farm last night and MW is sitting on the couch with the WHOLE F*CKING CHICKEN in front of him on a plate, going to town.  I'm not sure what look I may have had on my face, but he says "great, you are gone all day then you come home and immediately start bitching at me!!!"  Huh?   Get after it, caveman, do yo' thang!!  Sheesh.  Haha.

Oh, also last night.  Evidently MW volunteered to dogsit BestFriends psycho untrained Lab for him while he and his wife go to Mexico for a wedding.  They will be gone almost two weeks.  That's not a wedding, that's a freaking vacation!!!   But he is always crying poverty to MW, so he says "we are going down for my sister in laws wedding" again dude, two weeks counts as a vacation. Just sayin.  So now, the dog gets dropped off on Sunday, so of course it's up to Papoose #2 and I to take care of him, as MW won't lift a finger.  The thing is completely psychotic.  You can't leave him in the yard, he tears EVERYTHING up and barks his fool head off.  You can't leave him in the house because he is in no way house trained, pisses everywhere and tears everything up.  He doesn't walk on a leash, so taking him outside is a nightmare.  Anyhow.  Demon doggie, and I've been pimped out to take care of him.  Yay.  Thing is, MW is the one that will get the credit for being such a great guy and watching the dog for him.  Oh well. Whatever.  When I was putting them out in the yard this morning, Demon Dog jumped on me and nearly knocked me over.  LabPup knocked him on his ass and stood over him growling at him and being dominant.  It was greatness.  Demon Dog didn't jump again after that.  I have like the coolest dog ever  ;-)

Ok.  Have to work now.  Oh, and print out the paperwork to send in to start Parent Taught Drivers Ed for Papoose #2.  Who's excited????????   Heheheee.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mama Has A Day Off Of Work This Week!!!!

I knew you guys would come up with some fabulous names to choose from for the newest addition to the tepee!!!!!!  You guys rock!!  I'm loving it, seriously!!

Ok, so I live outside of town, at the very edge of  Wise County.  One of the towns I roll through to get to the ranch my good friends own is Reno, population like 2500 or so, if that.  They have one police officer I think.  He will give you a ticket.  He is not a warning kinda guy.  Anyhow, he evidently made the news on a pretty big scale because he is currently laid up recuperating from a gunshot wound.  To his pinkie. That he did to himself.  Checking out his brand new hand gun.  There just isn't anywhere I can go with that but to giggle.  Glad he is ok, but damn dude!!    Don't think I won't give you hell about that the next time you pull me over by the church on my way through man!!!  I mean hell, you're gonna give me a ticket anyway, right??

Was stuck behind a guy in a brand spanking new white massive chevy something or other this morning.  He went 45 all the way down 730, then 45 all the way down 114 too.  Even the guy in the lowrider was getting pissed off at him.  Things kept happening to where none of us could get around the goofball too.  He must really think he is number one today, with all the one finger salutes he was getting by everyone once they could get around him.  I had to laugh, it was priceless.

Another odd thing this morning on the way to work.  The car ahead of me ran over a giant turkey leg bone or something, and it was rolling down the road in the same direction of travel as my lane.  It was a very strange feeling to be following a turkey leg down the road.

I poached some cod fillets in chardonnay last night.  That was the most amazing fish I have ever made.  It was absolutely out of this world.  Thanks for the wine suggestion, Kathleen!!!

Getting pretty super stoked about going to pick up his highness tomorrow.  I love me a road trip.  A road trip to pick up a horsie is just out of this world exciting!!!

All of those names are so good, I can't decide.  What a fun dilemma  :-)

Got my hair cut last night.  She just didn't take enough off and shape it up like I had hoped for last time, so when I called to talk to her about it she said come on in after work and we will fix you up.  So I did.  And she did.  She is an absolute peach.  And talented!!!  That girl knows her stuff.  She wants to put extensions in my hair, to add volume.  She's so funny.  I am INCREDIBLY happy with my hair now.  It's fun to feel good about yourself.

My kitties are getting so big!  I switched them from Taste Of The Wild to Blue Buffalo and they've sprouted up!  Their coats are already better too.  I love the Taste Of The Wild for LabPup, and will most likely keep him on it, but for the cats, Blue Buffalo can't be beat.  There is absolutely no smell to their litter box when they are on it either.  Between the food and the World's Best Cat Litter I use, it's totally manageable to have two cats in the house.

Moses is a sweetie pie snuggler.  Total lover boy.  Gracie is hell on wheels.  She is a holy terror.  They are so much fun.  So glad LabPup doesn't try to eat them so much anymore  :-)

Papoose #1 is a little miffed.  Seems that the kitty she took home keeps peeing on her clothes.  That's not good.  But I guess it will keep her picking up her clothes, haha.  Seriously though, we may need to talk to the vet about that boy.  That's unacceptable behavior.

Coworker and I just made a few of us some McMoobie muffins.  Yummmy!!

Note to self:  Check that the pepper shaker isn't opened to the pour spout before using it on your McMoobie muffin.  Whew.  :p

I am going to thoroughly enjoy being a grandma someday.

It's Friday!!!!  I am actually excited about it being Friday for once, because I am spoiled and don't have to work tomorrow.  I get to goof off and have a horsie road trip!!!  I'm a lucky Squaw!

Life is good.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Help, Please!!!!!!!

This is him in his civvies, haha.
 Ok folks.   I have inherited this lil fella.  He needs a name.  Needs to be creative.  I am not a creative person.  Please send any thoughts and ideas you have for a very cool name for him!!!  Anything goes.
This is what he does to earn his keep!


Cat Fights, Road Trips & Forced Menopause

I feel pretty darn good today!!!  I did NOT take one of my meds last night, and I did NOT have any leg cramping, did NOT have any horrific night sweats.  So that WAS the culprit all along!!!   So happy to have discovered that!!!!  Ok doc, you've got some 'splaining to do!!!!   Leave it to me to NOT have any menopausal symptoms yet at 42 years old, and the doc gives me medication that CAUSES them!!!  I only woke up one time last night.  That is a record!

On the way to work this morning I was behind a couple of laborers in a very old pickup, pulling a flatbed trailer that was falling apart, stuff flapping off of it everywhere, bouncing along all crazy all over the road.  On this trailer was a massive pile of ash.  As I was driving along behind him, watching all the parts flapping on his truck and trailer, threatening to blow off and come through the jalopy windshield, I got to wondering where that ash came from and why they would be on the highway without it in some kind of container or at the very least tarped.  By the time I pulled off the highway at work my imagination had the ash being from all of the people they had killed and burned in their backyard and were then going to spread the ash everywhere as they drove so as not to be linked to the killings.  And there I was not even calling the authorities.  Damn.

Got into a massive cat fight with a passive aggressive coworker first thing this morning.  I don't tolerate that kind of treatment anymore when it is totally unwarranted.  She remembers that now.  *snerk*  She is family to the owner and for years has bullied everyone with her mood swings and shitty treatment whenever she has her panties in a bundle.  Over the past four years that I have worked here, she has learned the meaning of boundries.  I will let stuff roll off my back to a certain extent, but once you've pushed your luck you need to realize that this ISN'T your world and you DO have respect other people at all times.  The other girl in the office here will put her in her place too.  We never stop learning in life, and that is a good thing  ;-)

A couple of new computers have had to be ordered here at Job #1 lately, and somehow we ended up with a spare keyboard and mouse.  My keyboard and mouse are very old and didn't work very well.  Since the new boss has had to use my computer quite often lately, he offered me the extra keyboard yesterday.  I didn't realize just how bad my old keyboard was, till I got to use one that actually works!  haha

Still holding our breath for Store #2 of Job #2 to open....looking like the first part of will be amazing to be able to actually breath.  I've never in my entire life had enough money to live without robbing Peter to pay Paul, no matter how careful we've been, how much we've done without or how responsible we've been.  I cannot wait to go to the grocery store without a calculator, and actually buy what we need.  I can't wait to be able to fix things on the house and car when needed.  I will feel so very spoiled.  I am a simple person, and I don't miss the things that so many other people feel are absolute necessities in their lives.  But man, am I going to enjoy some of the little things I will be able to do and have now.

LabPup is finally learning not to try to eat the kittens.  He still tries to play with them like they are dogs, which has to be curbed do to the 100 pound weight difference, but it's become much more manageable.

Got to see TRD last night.  What a sweet and wonderful few hours.  My soul has been soothed....

Taking Saturday off of Job #2.  Making a road trip to Ardmore OK to pick up a horse and cart.  Really looking forward to it.  I really miss doing all the horsie stuff with all of my horse friends.  What good times we had at shows.  Heck, the days and weeks doing things with the animals to get ready for the shows were just as fun.  Hard work, but so fun.  I didn't realize just how much I missed it till I got the call yesterday for this road trip.

Chicken Express is dangerously good.  Ugh.

I am constantly amazed at all of the blessings I receive every day from my friends and acquaintances.  Both in 'real' life and people I have met and/or stay in contact with on the net.  I learn to appreciate how blessed I am as I worry after them, pray for them and follow their struggles.  I learn camaraderie as I rejoice in their happiness or successes.  I am calmed and soothed by the personalities I am blessed to share space with.  I learn more and more everyday how to be more centered, less selfish, less spoiled, and more compassionate from these people I share my life with one way or another.  Every one of them is a role model to me one way or another, no matter who they are or how I know them.  This is a blessing that I cherish and hold dear beyond any comprehension.

It is never a good idea to push a 20 pound cat off of your lap without warning him first.  Bactine to the rescue.

I love black licorice.  I don't buy it often.  I also love the fact that it is one of the few treats I can have around and not ever have to worry about anyone snarfing it all down.  Heehee.

Have a great day people.  Thanks for being here today.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I am totally going to vacation here in my freedom year 2014.  Not even kidding.

One day I will live surrounded by water, mountains and pine trees.

And I can't wait.

I Didn't Even Hear It Squeal

I wake up this morning actually feeling pretty good.  Not too many leg cramps last night, although the new meds have me suffering through disgusting and unrelenting night sweats now.  Go figure, I don't have hormonal night sweats, been lucky that way, but they give me meds and jack me all up.  Haha.

Let Mister Wonderfuls yappy little dogs out, start the coffee and head back into the master bath, where it appeared that a hog had been slaughtered.  There were massive amounts of blood splattered and dripped all over the place.  I still keep the kittens in the master bath at night where they can be contained and have all of the stuff they need right there, so there were bloody little foot prints all over and everything too.  I thought one of them was dying.  I picked each of them up over and over and checked them over time and time again, but they were happy and healthy little campers.

I text MW, asking why it looks like a hog was slaughtered in my master bathroom and his answer is "I woke up with a bloody nose"  Uh, you wander all over every square inch of the bathroom and drip blood everywhere??  Really??  Then you walk away from it and don't clean it up?  Seriously dude????

So I clean up the mess and proceed to get ready for work.  I poke myself in the eye with my mascara brush, drop my lip stain on my shirt so I have to change again.  Go to fill my travel mug with coffee and realize I forgot it at work yesterday, use my backup travel mug only to find out someone left orange juice or something in it yesterday and it smells like it's fermenting, finally find my keys and head out to the car, only to realize that I had a shirt on that I had just worn Monday then washed and hung up last night, run back inside and change shirts, mess my hair up horrifically doing so, fix my hair again, cuss a little, head back out to the car only to realize that yet AGAIN I have walked out of the house in my house shoes, head back inside to find some flip flops, search for the kitten that snuck into my closet and secreted herself away, head back to the car and finally leave for work.  Balance my regular coffee mug full of hot coffee while I run the manual jalopy and off we go.  Still made it to work on time.  I have no idea how that happened, but dang it, I'm happy  :-)

Papoose #1 was in town for Monday night and last night.  I was thrilled she showed up to surprise me again Monday.  I made her dinner, homemade spagetti sauce and garlic bread, per her request.  Cheesecake for dessert.  Then  yesterday she went fishing and swimming with Papoose #2 and several of their mutual friends.  A good time was had by all.  I get home from work yesterday and Papoose #1 is in the shower then getting cleaned up.  Evidently, after my only getting to see her a few hours here and there over the last SEVERAL months, she chose to spend last night visiting her ex boyfriends family, the mother whom she loathes, for dinner and the evening, instead of spending it home with her family.  Needless to say, I am hurt.  Oh well.  She is a great kid and I hope she is making a great life for herself and enjoying all of her friends.

Papoose #2 has a boyfriend.  They never intended to like each other like that, but it has sort of just happened on it's own.  They have never done more than work together at Job #2, but they are just identical souls.  They really are fabulous friends, and are a wonderment to watch for everyone around them.  They finally got to spend some time together yesterday, away from work.  Even Papoose #1 approves of him, and she doesn't approve of ANYONE.  It was nice having him over.  He also went fishing with all the kids.  A good day for everyone.

My friend is hard at work shoveling shit for the mounted police again today.  I feel bad for him in between giggling at him.

I think The Real Deal has the day off and I may get to see him for a little while tonight.  That will be nice.  I'm kinda forgetting what he looks like and what his voice sounds like.  It's rather scary to me how I can shut my emotions off from someone to avoid missing them or being hurt by either their absence or their lack of effort to stay in touch.  It scares me how easily I can shut myself off when I want to.

Oh shit, I forgot to bring LabPup in.  He is still in the backyard.  Dang it.

Everyones computers here at work are going tits up.  One by one, each computer is biting the dust and having to be replaced.  My boss has done nothing but buy computers for the past few weeks.  That's gotta suck.

I want to hire a teenager or something to detail the jalopy.  I absolutely HATE cleaning the inside of it and detailing it to get all the little dust and whatnot cleaned out of everything.  But damn does it need it.

Ok, gotta get over and peep the other blogs and see what is up with all of these wonderful people.

Have a fabulous day, and all my hopes are with you that it's a fo' reals Hump Day for ya!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhh, yes

Be Careful Who's Around When You Flash

I am way too busy to go online or anything all weekend.  So it really ticks me off when I can't view all of the posts on my facebook page on Monday and get caught up with my family and friends and what all is going on with them.  Bullshit, 'There are no more posts to show right now.'  It's a small and very unimportant thing, on the grand scale of life, but it still pisses me off.

On the way in to work today, a guy in a big white Ford pickup in the oncoming lane was flashing his lights to everyone in my lane, letting us know there was an officer up ahead.  Sorry for you guy in white Ford....there was also an officer in my lane that you couldn't see because he was riding my bumper.  Poor guy in white Ford was pulled over.  Oopsie.  Hope the rest of his Monday goes a little better.

Nothing quite compares to waking up to the sound of a dog preparing to hurl.  Glamorous.  Meh.

The leg cramps were back again last night.   So of course the one and only time I dozed long enough to dream was when I woke up to the urpa-urpa-urpa of LabPup preparing to spew.  Ah well. Hehe.

Fathers Day sorta sucks balls.  I have two fathers.  One that raised me till I was ten and he and my mother divorced, but he wasn't my biological dad, and the other one that was my biological dad but I only met a couple of times.   Neither one have ever bothered to stay in touch or try to visit or call or even send my kids cards.  Therefore, Fathers Day means nothing to me.  They are both selfish bastards.  Whatever.

Made a Fathers Day dinner for Mister Wonderful last night.  Tri Tip, Scallops, Mushrooms, Onions, Garlic and Shrimp on the grill.   Also had a cheesecake for dessert, but we were all so full after dinner, we didn't eat any.  I guess tonight will be Part Deux.

I am ever grateful that if you get screwed over in the family department, you can more than make up for it in the friend department.  Life is good like that.  I am blessed.

I used to get pissed off when I would find out that someone I had always been a friend to and considered to be a friend to me had been making things up about me or bad mouthing me behind my back.  Then I got to where instead of pissed, I would be hurt.  Nowadays I've moved on to where when it happens, I just feel sorry for the person doing it, that they are so unhappy with themselves or their life that they feel the need to lie about or talk trash about me.  Is that a sign of maturity, or saturation?  Hmmm.

I wonder how many fatalities we will hear about that are heat related??  The softball place behind Job #2 had a death from heat stroke on Saturday.  So awfully tragic and avoidable.  Poor family.  Then I think of all the people that live without a/c, or the ones that lose power thereby losing any fan or a/c they may have.  Scary.

I ran the sprinkler in the back yard last night to cool the area off and man what a difference that made.  We have about half the acreage in trees and the other half is open.  We ran the sprinklers right at the edge of both and it really made it comfortable out there while we were grilling.  LabPup refuses to play in the sprinklers.  I've never had a dog that would lay there panting and overheating and refuse to get in the water.  Usually I'm having to yell at them to leave the sprinklers alone.  I finally made him get over there and get good and wet so he wouldn't stroke out on me.  Goober.

Tri tip is the absolute best piece of meat that ever kissed a grill.  It's always been my favorite.  So happy I finally found somewhere I can pick it up again.  Although it's three times as expensive as it is back where I'm from, at least I can find it finally.  

I also bought a rack of baby back ribs.  Going to try cooking my first rack of ribs ever. I usually just buy the individual beef or pork ribs, country style cheaters.  This should be fun!!!

I have to work now.  I've bored you all enough.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gots Nuthin'

Papoose #1 will be in town for a few hours today unexpectedly.  Called and asked if I would like to go to lunch.  I'm happy  :-)

My hair came out nice.  She did some kind of super conditioner on it that she's going to have me do at home once a week, and it made my hair like brand new hair.  Really impressive stuff.  She left all my length and just added a few long layers.  She really made it look different without cutting it all off.  Very happy.  The color is gorgeous.  It's one of those where people keep looking at me like "something is different, what is it...." and so far the people that have said anything about it say it looks good and to keep it that way.  So far so good.

Doc appointment to find out the outcome of all these damn tests.  2:30pm today.  My fave girl that used to run the front office at the docs office doesn't work there anymore.   Now I'm stuck with the ditzy old lady that has no clue what's going on, can't answer ANY questions about anything, and is also the one that called in my opthamologist appointment wrong and got me sent to the wrong type of opthamologist because she's a bimbo.

Speaking of bimbos, the one at Job #2 seems to have gotten pounced on by the cooks enough that she's actually attempting to learn the job now.  Thank god.  Hate to lose a gem like her.  *sarcasm font, bold italic* She has to work with me this weekend, instead of all the horn dog guys that she's worked with all week.  This will be a different school of learning for her, methinks ;-)

Man, everyone jumped on the bash Jar for being boring and domesticated band wagon, didn't they?  He's a good sport though.  Hope you are house training those mutts, buddy  ;-)

I miss hearing from/talking to Kathleen.

I'm worried about Mess.  Going to make the drive to visit her during our plant shut down in July, I reckon.  Give coach some hell.

Mister Corner, drink plenty of water out there.  Be careful.  I had an awful drilling rig dream the other night, and black beauty was there.

That third kitty really needs him a home.  Any takers?

Breakfast for the office tomorrow morning.  McMoobie muffins.  Or, egg mcmuffins and sausage mcmuffins.  And of course orange and apple juices.  Love Fridays!!

Both of the pairs of capris I bought at Ross the other night without trying them on first actually fit me.  That has never happened before.  It's the little things in life that make you smile.  I am easy to please I guess. Haha.

I'm going to go read some other blogs now.  Then I will get back to work.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jar, Where The Hell Have You Been???

Hump Day Minus The Humpin

Note to self:  Do not apply heavy duty foot cream and then wear rubber flip flops.  You will slide off your shoes.  You will do this the entire day, because you cannot get all of the cream off of the flip flops, no matter how hard you try.

My headache and sore throat are off the charts bad today.  Was a miserable night, both kept waking me up over and over.  Hate me a sore throat.

Better than being sick to my stomach though.  I'll take pain over nausea any day of the week.

I'm excited about getting my hair did tonight.

The office is doing Panda Express for lunch today.  The closest one is in 20-25 minutes away.  Last time we did this, the other gal in the office rode with me to pick it up.  It was pretty fun, visiting and cutting up on the drive.  We can't go together today though, I don't want to take the chance of making her sick in the close quarters of the car.  She offered to drive in and get the stuff if I don't feel up to it.  I thought that was really nice of her.

Got into a nasty but short lived fight with The Real Deal last night.  I'm really not feeling well and am crabby and bitchy, but last night was partly his attitude too.  He's a good guy and smoothed the mood over and was sweet to me till all the evil ran out of me and I was nice back.

One of the kitties shit on my bed yesterday.  So much for them having any unsupervised freedom for awhile.  In his defense though, he seems to be having tummy troubles.  He was making some nasty noises in the cat box this morning too.  I'm beginning to wonder if the vet really did worm them and give them their shots before I took them home, like they said they did.  I'm sort of doubting it.  When they took them in the back, they really didn't have time to do all that to all three kittens, and I commented on that when they brought them back out 30 seconds after they took them the runs are looking like maybe they're wormy, and that does not compute with having already been treated......I'm calling them today.

I'm really thankful that my favorite spread wasn't on the bed when disaster struck.  It was an old ratty blanket  that I don't even really care for.  Thank goodness for small favors.

One of the younger managers at Job #2 hired a new cashier strictly because she's 'hawt'.  I had to attempt to train the snotty little bitch Saturday and Sunday.  Within the first 15 minutes I let the manager responsible for her know that she was not going to make it.  She was already rolling her eyes and checking her phone.  She has obviously made it through her first nineteen years being cute and acting helpless and getting her way.  I was ready to wring her neck within an hour.  She obviously has some kind of engineering degree though, to manage to pile that much makeup on one face.  Seriously, it's an incredible feat of engineering.  Even The Real Deal asked me how  a person can get that much crap to stick to their face.  There is no end to the hell that young manager is getting over hiring this dimwit.

I had to wait 15 minutes to get out of my driveway this morning because the drilling company was hauling all of their equipment out of their latest drill site down the road, and they had all traffic stopped so the giant trucks could get down the road.  All of our trees on the road have been shaped into a pretty little tunnel from them running all that huge equipment up and down the road.  Pretty cool.  Had fun watching the parade and talking to the little man that was manning the stop sign.  He has a granddaughter that just graduated high school.  I told him he better take care of himself working out in this god awful heat.

A friend of mine is a volunteer fire fighter and was on a call this weekend and something happened where some debris flew up and set his beard and unruly bushy hair on fire.  Thankfully he was not burned, but had to trim that nasty beard he always wears down to a goatee and cut his hair into a flat top in order to get all the burned/singed hair off of there.  He was incredibly handsome with his new look and I told him so!!!  He said his wife loved it and made a big deal over it too.  Hopefully he will keep it that way now.

I abhor scruffy facial hair.  It just grosses me out to no end.  Seems so dirty and funky.  Bleh.  If you're gonna have it, keep it trimmed and neat and clean looking for God's sake!!

I have to eat my oatmeal and do some paperwork now.

Have a fabulous hump day my friends.

**Edit:  My lovely coworker is making the drive to hunt and gather our lunch at Panda Express.  I am ever so grateful to her.  I am being a baby today.  I feel like doodoo and the thought of driving in the heat and bright sunlight really was not blowing my skirt up AT ALL.  Thank you coworker girlie!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Has Reminded Me Of My Dad For As Long As I Can Remember

Pedicures Are A Little Slice Of Heaven

Headache is back today.  Yay.

Ended up with a good friend tagging along with Papoose #2 and I last night.  We all got pedicures and grabbed a bite to eat at Chili's, where the waiter kept trying to hug me for some reason.  Then we hit wally world for a few essentials.

I avoid Wally World like the plague anymore.  I may go once a month, if that.  Hate that place.  The selection has been so narrowed down I can't find half the stuff I'm looking for, and that whole bullshit deal of having two cashiers and lines to the back of the store??  Ummm, no way am I going to wait in line for 20 minutes to give you my money.  Just not going to happen bucko.  I'll head to another store with better customer service, better selection, cleaner and just faster.

I've had two different people have their horses die of heart related issues in the past week.  So sad.  For those of you who've never had a horse, they are a huge commitment and a lot of work, but they aren't just stupid livestock.  They really are amazing creatures.  They will bond as closely with you as any dog will, and when you lose them after having them in your life every day for 20-30 years, it's heartbreaking.

PT Cruisers.  Nuff said.

When you own a business, people think nothing of asking you for thousands of dollars in donations and sponsorships.  It's incredible.

I don't think I can stress enough, just how badly we need Store II to open.  Come on, come on already.  We had all of our paperwork in and ready to go for all the permits, just to find out that the previous tenants had screwed around and changed some things without obtaining the proper permits, so OUR business is put on hold while we wait for a bunch of red tape bullshit that will amount to nothing for the city, considering the previous tenants went bankrupt.  Government is bullshit.  Bunch of people getting paid way too much to spin their wheels and accomplish a whole lot of nothing.  Ah well.

Acquaintance of mine and his wife lost the baby they were expecting.  Sadly, they lost her almost six months into the pregnancy.  I was so blessed to have two healthy pregnancies and two healthy babies.  I can't thank God enough for that.

I have managed to lose my debit card.  I have always been so anal about money and bank cards, I've never lost one before.  I can't for the life of me figure out where it could be.  It's ALWAYS in that little pocket in my wallet next to my drivers license.  I remember taking it out and putting it in my pocket to go in somewhere and make a purchase, then putting it back in my pocket thinking "make sure to put that back in the wallet as soon as we get to the car".  I also remember using it to get gas at the pump.  I cannot get my mind around what order those events were in or if I'm even remembering them right.  I don't know where that card is.

I feel sad for people to whom money is the all time most important thing.  They are never truly happy people.  I know so many people personally, who have screwed their own family, their own kids, for monetary gain.  Makes my heart heavy to think of every having that skewed of an outlook and mentality.  There is a huge piece of a persons soul damaged when they live that way.

I am 42 years old.  My hair is fairly long, about an inch below my bra strap.  Am I too old to wear my hair long like that?  I've been mulling this over in my head for some time now.  I don't FEEL old inside, then something will come up or happen to make me think "wait, I'm a middle aged woman, should I be thinking/behaving/dressing this way?"

Of course, usually my next thought is "Fuck em if they can't take a joke!!"

But that's just me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Me Being Me

It's eerie how ghost town this little burg gets when the kids are out of school.  So quiet on the way to work, very few cars, nobody mobbing the donut shop.  I picture all those kids home sleeping in and enjoying their well deserved summer vacation.  Enjoy it kiddos.

I still want to kick off my shoes and run in the sprinklers when they are going here at work.

My phone is completely jacked up now.  That's what I get for taking it in to the Sprint service center.  I mean, they had my phone for FOUR hours, and it was still EXACTLY the same way when I picked it up as when I dropped it off.  Their answer to that?  Do a hard reset and lose absolutely everything I had on my phone.  Oh, and still not fix anything that was wrong with it.  I'll have to call someone and go all pissed off customer on them today.  I pay WAY too much for these toys and for the service each month, for it not to work.  Especially after I took it to their worthless little workshop.  Bleh.

I have dubbed my hater The Weasel.  Loving the comments on that post guys.  Made me giggle.   Shoulda seen those fat rolls a jiggling.  Yeah, as if!

So, a friend of mine had a daughter that needed a job.  This was months ago, before we opened Job #2 store one.  Now, I rarely vouch for anyone, especially if I don't know them well personally.  But my friend begged me, swore the kid was a hard worker and dependable and responsible.  So we hired her.  This girl was 19 years old and had twin boys who were three years old.   She was one of the best employees we had.  As a matter of fact, she was on track to be made a shift manager at store one when we all moved over to open up store two.  She was going to be making very good money, with a great job that would/could turn into a great career for a gal that didn't even graduate high school.  Then she broke up with her baby daddy.  Her life turned into one big party.  Drinking, drugging, getting tattoo after tattoo, piercings and gauges everywhere.......she started calling in sick to work, don't have a sitter, everything you can imagine.  Then the money started disappearing.  The tips that everyone shares.  A hundred bucks at a time.  NotAGood.  We all care about her and know what a good kid she is.  We have all taken her aside and tried to talk to her and offer to help her in any way we can.  Nothing has helped.  Then yesterday, she showed up to the store in slippers, boxers and tank top, hair a wild mess, drunk and high on X.  She wandered in the back of the store, wanting her tips, then once she had The Real Deal in the office she hit on him hard.  After that, she grabs the phone when it rings and very rudely and drunkenly takes an order that she trashed soundly.  TRD is trying to figure out how to handle getting her out of the store without actually touching her, the rest of us are up front unaware of what's going on.  Finally she stumbles out front and proceeds to get loud and obnoxious, thinking she's adorable as only a drunk chick can do.  They finally get her out of there.

I explained to TRD that all he needed to do if he wanted her out of the store was to tell me about her hitting on him in the office and I would have been more than happy to take care of dragging her jacked up butt out of the store.  By the hair.  Kicking her ass all the way.  Evidently, that is exactly why he DIDN'T tell me about that particular incident before she was gone.  hahaha.   Anyhow, we are all really sad for her that she has made the choice to live her life this way.   I sincerely hope and pray she will find her way back to a healthy path.  She was such a good mother and great employee.  I pray she gets this out of her system before she destroys everything she has accomplished.  I know I will still help her if she sincerely wants it.

Is it acceptable for the 52 year old woman in our office to rock the piggie tails and twin braid thing?  Seems off to me.  Idk.

The cramps I keep getting in my legs are a tad irritating.  Especially when I am trying to sleep.

Whatever the above mentioned 52 year old female coworker is cooking in the kitchen right now smells horrible.  God Almighty.

Funny aside here....Mister Wonderful paid the electric bill this month.  First time he has ever paid an electric bill.  You remember how he cussed and blamed me for the two times the electricity was cut off, accusing me of not paying it when in actuality it was paid up ahead of time???  Well.  Saturday he announces that I don't need to worry about the electric bill this month, he took care of it.  Chest all puffed out.  It was cute.  I thanked him and told him that was very thoughtful of him.  This morning he is in the bathroom shaving and guess what????  THE POWER WENT OUT!!!!   I was laughing so hard, lying there on the bed, that I was crying.  It was PRICELESS!!!  He finishes getting dressed and comes out of the bathroom and just looks at me.   I put on my most innocent face.  He says OH FOR GODS SAKE, JUST SAY IT!!!!!  hahahahahaa.

I love starting my day off with laughter.  Other than a really good round of sex, that is THE best way to start the day.  Well, that and some apple juice.  And a good cup of coffee.

Ok, so I'm easy to please.

Have a great day, all.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I see that there is a anonymous coward coming out of the woodwork bashing me on this blog and others.  Bring it on, asshole.  I'm quite sure you are the one that can't grab your sack and post under your name.  Come on, at least make up a public persona so people can track who the idiot du jour is. Posting comments Anon takes all of the fun out of it for the spectators.  Pathetic little weasel.

Rest assured that any shitty comment you send to me I WILL post for you.  If that's the only way your sorry little pecker can get off, knock yourself out.  Here's the KY and a kleenex.  Loser.

I'd like to thank the academy......wait, it does mean something, that my little old blog and comments have managed to rile someone up enough for them to actually take the time to post ugly derogatory comments about me, right??  *giggle*

And honey, my online persona may be a little trashy, but I am in no way trash, never have been, never will be.  I am quite sure that in real life I carry more class and intelligence in my little finger than you will ever dream of acquiring.   

Maybe someday you can wash my car for me or something, maybe mow my lawn or clean my pool.

YOU need therapy.  Shoot me an email and I'll send you a schedule, we can carpool.

Bless your heart.

I Would SO Keep Him For My Very Own, Rawwwrrrrrrr!!!!

Temporary Blindness and The Longest Short Week Ever

One of the girls in the office and I decided it would be nice to grab some breakfast at Subway this morning.  I volunteered to stop by there, she agreed to stop by Braum's and pick up the ever addictive apple juice they sell there.  She ended up late because it took 15 minutes for the idiots at Braum's to get her rung up, I was 15 minutes late because it took me 20 minutes at Subway to get one order of biscuits and gravy and a ham egg and cheese on flatbread because the bitch that works there spends more time running her mouth to the customers about how overworked she is (there were all of three of us in line for gods sake) than she did just making the damn food and taking care of the customers.  I mean, come on, Papoose #1 worked at that store and ran it by herself MANY nights because they are such assholes to work for they can't keep any help in there and are always short handed.  The bitching manager that was there this morning and the employee humping owner are the assholes that run em all off, then stand there and bitch about it instead of just making the damn sandwiches.  Geez.  She finally called over the cashier from the convenience store side of the place to help her.  I had to tell the woman, who was easily in her forties, to please wash her hands and put on gloves before touching anyones food after handling money etc.  Then I had to walk her through how to wrap up the sandwich.  Really?

One small bit of good news.  My optic nerves are not involved in the mass thats going down in my head, so that makes the surgery outcome a whole lot brighter, considering I will still be able to see afterward.  Next stop, neurologist.  After that, surgery.  Whooo hoo  :-)

They did some heavy duty dilation on my eyes yesterday.  The numbing stuff they put in them was flourescent yellow.  I looked like a movie creature for a few hours.  It was kinda fun.  But man, I've never had my eyes dilated and been in so much pain from all of the crap they did to my poor little eyes.  Of course, they gave me the ever stylish plastic sun shield to wear when I left.  I've never been so completely blind from having my eyes dilated and worked on.  I had to follow Mister Wonderful because I have to admit, I had NO business driving.  Too scared to leave the jalopy anywhere though.  We went to eat and the waitress threw away my snazzy shades at some point.  Had to stop at WalGreens and get some of those sunglasses that are made to go over your prescription glasses, because of course I didn't have my contacts in for an opthamologist appointment.  So now I am officially old, I own what equates to blue blockers.  Remember those? *sigh*

I don't watch basketball.   Never have.   Have to say though, watching The Real Deal watch the Mavs doing their thing here lately has been entertaining and really fun to see.  I am SO thankful he isn't one of those people that behave like they have some kind of personal interest in whether a sports team does well or not.  When someone says something like "I've had my heart broken by (this or that) team so many times before, so I am guarded now" makes me want to hurl.  I mean really?  Commenting about sports like it directly affects your life, or like you have some personal stake in it somehow, or like the teams/players give to farts in  the wind about what your 'professional' opinion is is just skeezy.  Seriously.

I stopped on the way home yesterday and picked up a couple adorable bracelets and an uber cute headband for Papoose #1.  I'm putting together a little care package for her, since she can't come home for the summer because she has to work.  Going to put some of her fave snacks etc in there and send it on to her.

The three amigos are still as funny and sweet as ever.  Having a blast with them.  However, my house is WAY too small for three kitties.  One of them will need another home.  Papoose #1 has made noise about wanting one, but the question there is, what will she do if she moves back on campus this fall?  So not sure on that one.  If anyone needs one of the cutest kittens in the world, let me know.  Otherwise, I'm keeping all three of them and MW can kiss my bootie.  Heehee.

Nobody helped me out on the gas thing yesterday.  Have my feelings hurt now.  *pouting*

Have a great day and weekend, all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stupid Video - Great Song (Shut Up Jar!)

Seriously, I'm Still Here

I'm leaving at noon today.  Have the 1:30 appointment at Baylor for the opthamologist.  Wonder if I would have time to grub the Thursday tacos at the taco shack with the guys before heading down there??  Hmmmm.....

I feel like an idiot talking to Mess about not feeling good.  Jeez.

Mister Wonderful is convinced I'm dying.  He was in tears last night and this morning.  I feel awful for making him so upset.  He wanted to go with me to the doc today, but that isn't going to work out too well.  The Real Deal has been insisting on going with me since the appointment was set up.  On the one hand, I was irritated that MW didn't even offer to go with me to the CT scan Tuesday, but on the other hand I feel incredibly guilty about letting TRD go with me today.

Man, I can make a mess of a life like nobodys business.

It was a beautiful morning this morning.  I sat in the back yard with LabPup and drank my coffee.  Surely didn't want to have to go inside and get ready for work.

Still loving my adorable new purse.  Just sayin.

I'm going to eat some chinese food after my doctors appointment today.  

There are a lot of really good people in this world of ours.  I am so lucky to have met so many of them.  Even the ones I haven't actually 'met' yet.

I'm going to get some work done.  You all have a good day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sitting Alone At A Table In The Cafeteria

Does anyone have any insight on who sells the best quality gasoline?  I always buy premium for the jalopy, but after this last go round with the Cobra and the damage that cheap gas did to the catalytic converters on it, I realize how important it is to buy good gas from a good source, not just premium gas from a lesser source.  Any input is appreciated.

Have I been cut off and cast out of the blog world because of my laziness in posting?  Hmmm, I wonder....

I was out sick all day Monday, here a little over a half day yesterday then had to leave to go to Weatherford for a CT scan.  Here all day today then only a half day tomorrow because I have to go to south Ft. Worth to be checked out with an ophthalmologist so that everyone can get their ducks in a row before they cut into my head.  Something about a problem with the optic nerves being involved and risk of blindness unless all these people figure out what's going on before they jump in there.  And let me tell you, I appreciate the extra effort!!  Hahahaha.

Papoose #1 showed up at the tepee without any warning at all Monday night.  What a beautiful and much needed surprise!!!  Got to visit with her for a few hours before I had to hit the hay so I could get some much needed sleep before work the next morning.  It was the perfect medicine, having both my girls there in the living room, just sitting and chatting and laughing together.  Man, I miss that.

Job #2 business partners are in Vegas this week scouting locations for our stores out there.  This is really going to come together.  It is.  I can feel it.  Someday soon I will be able to go to the grocery store and buy whatever we need, without carrying a calculator and deciding what we can afford.  It will be the first time in my life I've not had to rob Peter to pay Paul.  I'm so ready for that.  All of this never ending ridiculously hard work is going to pay off......finally.

Something about the thing that is going on in my head has made me start having seizures.  It's quite bizarre.  They manifest in the craziest ways.  I spent Saturday at Job #2 all day and late into the night and then all night Saturday, Sunday and Sunday night with the muscles and nerves in my legs constantly firing, up till Sunday evening when they went into full cramping mode.  I had massive cramps/charlie horses in both entire legs all night and morning without cease.  The muscles are so sore still that it hurts to even think about them.  Exhausting and bizarre!!

Sometimes the seizures make me see crazy electric lighting in my vision.  It's there in both fields of vision, eyes open or shut.  It works its way from the center of my field of vision outward, until everything goes black.  Sometimes the blackness lasts 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or so.  Afterwards I am uncontrollably exhausted and sleepy.  Very very strange.

Got out of the CT scan around 430 yesterday.  Papoose #2 had ridden over with me and wanted to go by Sally Beauty Supply and Ross.  I bought myself some new lip stain at SBS and a new purse at Ross.  It's the cutest purse that ever existed.  It makes me happy.

The Three Amigos, as the kittens have come to be called, are absolute sweethearts.  So much fun and so entertaining!!  They do have one bad habit that HAS to be curbed their quest for affection, they will climb your leg.  This is bad with one kitten, but when you have three of them jealously vying for your attention, it can make brushing your teeth a very painful experience.

LabPup wants to eat the kittens.  We really need to do something about that.

I have to get to work now.  Can't focus for the life of me, but need to try and earn my keep around here.

Have a fabulous Hump Day, all.

Life Is A Journey......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crack Whores, Pussys and STD's

Ok, so I ended up with THREE kittens.  Oops.  I don't know how that happened.  Hmmm.  They are SO cute and sweet though.  Three very different distinct little personalities too.  Papoose #2 and I are having such fun with them!!  Mister Wonderful has picked his favorite out already and wants to keep that one.  Papoose #1 wants one too, but the whole moving back into the dorm in the fall thing sorta puts the kibosh on that idea.

I have been given an STD by my dear sweet friend Mess!!!!   Now I need to figure out how to play my part in this  :-)   Too funny, I love it!!!  Thank you for thinking of me, dear friend, and for sharing the gift that keeps giving too  ;-)

I love love love me some vanilla yogurt!!!   Corn nuts too, another fave.

Jar, why haven't you popped in to harass me lately??  Starting to make me nervous.  

So anyway, someone (I won't name any names) wanted a flip off smiley/emoticon on her Yahoo Messenger to use on a coworker who was giving her hell.  This person thought that would be hilarious.  Thing is, once they were downloaded and unzipped, and she used it and hilarity abounded, she decided she wanted them back off of her computer and now they won't remove.  She has even done the 'change your computer back to another date' thing, no luck.  So now, anytime someone uses an emoticon in any sms or im message to her, or she to them, the smilies are doing rather, ahem, naughty things......again, not naming any names, but if ANYONE out there knows how to get the blow job and flip off smileys off of Yahoo Messenger, that advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Mister Wonderful evidently took a loan off his 401k.  I accidentally opened the check the other day, thinking it was a report that we get every quarter.  Good thing about it is, the ONLY time MW is in any kind of a decent mood is when he has money, so he should be pretty mellow and easy to live with for a little while, till he spends it all anyhow.

Went by to see The Real Deal on Tuesday and we ended up sitting outside in our lawn chairs most of the evening.  Couple of reasons for that.  One is that he has no A/C and it was hot as hell in his little tin can.  Second reason was because five of his neighbors had a big old fashioned rumble going on.  I mean to tell you, they had a serious Hatfield and McCoys thing brewing and man was it ever entertaining!!  Ended up with five police vehicles, two naked men, an old woman pulling her dentures out of her mouth and throwing them at a meth head crack whore that was calling her a pedophile, and an unmanned motorcycle taking out a lit bbq pit after the rider jumped off mid ride, trying to kill the granny bashing crack whore.  Good times, super good times.  We sat there with our giant Whataburger ice teas and watched the shenanigans.

Well, gotta go for now.  It's taco shack Thursday with all the guys so have to run and get some stuff done first.

Good day, all.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shooting A Man In The Ass Is Very Different Than Shooting A Horse In The Ass

Mister Wonderful has gone for some much needed physicals over the past couple of months and was put on some heavy duty testosterone replacement meds.  Who would have thought that extremely low drops in testosterone could affect so many of the body's functions, plus of course sex drive and mood swings??

Anyhow, the original way the doc tried to give him the meds was with a cream, but he had to take so much of it that it just wasn't feasible to smear that bad smelling sticky crap all over himself everyday.  So the doc opted for injectable this time.  More bang for your buck, so to speak.  Then, out of some crazy mix up in communication, the pharmacy turns me loose with a bottle of testosterone and a bunch of needles.  Really?  Just like that??  No class or disclaimer to sign?? Seriously people????

So, I figure what the heck, I've been giving shots to dogs, cats and horses for years, how tough can it be?  The testosterone has to be an intramuscular injection, so that means that I can't give him the shot like you would inject a dog or a cat, that's done just under the, the intramuscular injections I've given have been to horses, so there ya go, problem solved.  Lie still, trust me, I know what I'm doing here.  *insert evil laughter*

I figured I'd get him liquored up so he would be more relaxed, but the instructions specifically state that you are to give the injection once a month, in the morning.  Now, why it has to be in the morning, when it's only a once a month injection, I couldn't begin to tell you, but hey, you know me, I'm a rule follower (sarcasm font) so morning it is!!!   Sunday morning I'm sitting at the table putting my makeup on in the makeup mirror, getting ready for work and the next thing I know theres a full moon next to my face.  Evidently, MW had screwed up his courage (or insanity) and was ready to trust me with a two inch long needle and his derriere.

I told him to lay on the couch so he wouldn't be standing, thereby flexing the muscle and making it hurt more.  I'm expecting the needle to be a tiny little insulin needle, but this was not the case.  It was a heavy gauge, ridiculously fat two inch needle that you could've used for a freaking iv, I kid you not.  So I'm thinking, well, I'll make sure to just put the needle in about half way.  Plans changed on that once I actually stuck him.  First we had to have an argument about exactly WHERE on the tushy the shot was supposed to go.  Anytime I've gotten a shot in the ass, it's been more in the hip area.  He insisted that any shots he's ever had in the ass were literally in the butt cheek ass area.  So I alcohol swabbed the whole area and then stuck him where I wanted.  Because I was the one with the needle, therefore I was the boss.  Well, the whole use half the needle length thing was blown to hell when he clenches his butt muscles and jumped.  That's right.  To the hilt.  All two inches of metal.  Oops.  Then the instructions say to SLOWLY inject the meds so it has time to disburse.  MW ended up lying there saying things along the lines of "Holy F*ck!!!!  What the hell are you doing back there???? Jesus, are you trying to stuff that thing all the way through my body???  Hurry the hell up!!!!  Good lord, you are ENJOYING THIS AREN'T YOU?????"  Wiggling around the whole time.

Bizarre scene, to say the least.

But I'll be damned if it doesn't seem to be working.  The bastard was almost CHIPPER this morning.

Still think it would have been a thousand times more fun after several frosty adult beverages.  But that's just me.