Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day Minus The Humpin

Note to self:  Do not apply heavy duty foot cream and then wear rubber flip flops.  You will slide off your shoes.  You will do this the entire day, because you cannot get all of the cream off of the flip flops, no matter how hard you try.

My headache and sore throat are off the charts bad today.  Was a miserable night, both kept waking me up over and over.  Hate me a sore throat.

Better than being sick to my stomach though.  I'll take pain over nausea any day of the week.

I'm excited about getting my hair did tonight.

The office is doing Panda Express for lunch today.  The closest one is in 20-25 minutes away.  Last time we did this, the other gal in the office rode with me to pick it up.  It was pretty fun, visiting and cutting up on the drive.  We can't go together today though, I don't want to take the chance of making her sick in the close quarters of the car.  She offered to drive in and get the stuff if I don't feel up to it.  I thought that was really nice of her.

Got into a nasty but short lived fight with The Real Deal last night.  I'm really not feeling well and am crabby and bitchy, but last night was partly his attitude too.  He's a good guy and smoothed the mood over and was sweet to me till all the evil ran out of me and I was nice back.

One of the kitties shit on my bed yesterday.  So much for them having any unsupervised freedom for awhile.  In his defense though, he seems to be having tummy troubles.  He was making some nasty noises in the cat box this morning too.  I'm beginning to wonder if the vet really did worm them and give them their shots before I took them home, like they said they did.  I'm sort of doubting it.  When they took them in the back, they really didn't have time to do all that to all three kittens, and I commented on that when they brought them back out 30 seconds after they took them the runs are looking like maybe they're wormy, and that does not compute with having already been treated......I'm calling them today.

I'm really thankful that my favorite spread wasn't on the bed when disaster struck.  It was an old ratty blanket  that I don't even really care for.  Thank goodness for small favors.

One of the younger managers at Job #2 hired a new cashier strictly because she's 'hawt'.  I had to attempt to train the snotty little bitch Saturday and Sunday.  Within the first 15 minutes I let the manager responsible for her know that she was not going to make it.  She was already rolling her eyes and checking her phone.  She has obviously made it through her first nineteen years being cute and acting helpless and getting her way.  I was ready to wring her neck within an hour.  She obviously has some kind of engineering degree though, to manage to pile that much makeup on one face.  Seriously, it's an incredible feat of engineering.  Even The Real Deal asked me how  a person can get that much crap to stick to their face.  There is no end to the hell that young manager is getting over hiring this dimwit.

I had to wait 15 minutes to get out of my driveway this morning because the drilling company was hauling all of their equipment out of their latest drill site down the road, and they had all traffic stopped so the giant trucks could get down the road.  All of our trees on the road have been shaped into a pretty little tunnel from them running all that huge equipment up and down the road.  Pretty cool.  Had fun watching the parade and talking to the little man that was manning the stop sign.  He has a granddaughter that just graduated high school.  I told him he better take care of himself working out in this god awful heat.

A friend of mine is a volunteer fire fighter and was on a call this weekend and something happened where some debris flew up and set his beard and unruly bushy hair on fire.  Thankfully he was not burned, but had to trim that nasty beard he always wears down to a goatee and cut his hair into a flat top in order to get all the burned/singed hair off of there.  He was incredibly handsome with his new look and I told him so!!!  He said his wife loved it and made a big deal over it too.  Hopefully he will keep it that way now.

I abhor scruffy facial hair.  It just grosses me out to no end.  Seems so dirty and funky.  Bleh.  If you're gonna have it, keep it trimmed and neat and clean looking for God's sake!!

I have to eat my oatmeal and do some paperwork now.

Have a fabulous hump day my friends.

**Edit:  My lovely coworker is making the drive to hunt and gather our lunch at Panda Express.  I am ever so grateful to her.  I am being a baby today.  I feel like doodoo and the thought of driving in the heat and bright sunlight really was not blowing my skirt up AT ALL.  Thank you coworker girlie!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You sure are bossy and demanding this morning....must be the hormones ;-)

  2. sorry you aren't feeling well... sucks to be sick when the whole state has a fever (103 here today)...

    the whole flip flop thing... been there... used to, when this gal had some extra bucks, i would go for pedicures... love me a pedicure... anywho... i would wear flip flops...then slide off them the rest of the day since my barney rubble feet had been scraped and softened and lotioned up lol

    enjoy that panda express! sounds tasty!

    oh, and be nice.... ;)