Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bumper Cars and Gettin Sexy With The Horse Liniment

Ok, I actually slept last night!!!   Only woke up a couple of times!!!  Mess told me to try using Tiger Balm on my legs for the cramping, and I'll be damned if it didn't just work like a charm!!!  THANKS MESS, LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!   The muscles still crawled and squirmed, but didn't cramp up.  What a blessing!!  Sleep, blessed blessed pain free sleep!!!  The stuff is actually like a horse liniment.  I was laughing as I slathered it on.  SEXY!!!!  NOT!!!!!  But if it gets the job done, I'm totally on board.

Met the NICEST guy last night after work.  One of my coworkers and friends here at Job #1 has a buddy that has been a mechanic forever.  Builds hot rods and does all sorts of great work.  Coworker took me by to meet him last night so I could start having him work on the jalopy.  He's a great guy, and I am so looking forward to having someone I can trust taking care of the lil jalopy.  It's a great feeling!!  To make it even better, he reminds me of my dad and my uncle, and hanging out talking to him and listening to him talk so excitedly about the hot rods he's working on took me right back to when I was younger and used to go to all the big car shows with my dad.  His hot rods used to make all the hot  rod magazines and everything.  He loved building those cars.  He even had one make it into Street Rod magazine when it wasn't even painted yet!!!  He took it to one of the shows still in primer because his buddy insisted he do it, and damned of they didn't love it and publish it primed out!!  That was fun!

I use a soft brush to apply my foundation with.  It gives perfect smooth coverage and feels like a mini facial every morning when you put your makeup on.  But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why I manage to poke myself in the left eye at least once a week.  Always the left eye.  It's not like I'm not paying attention, for goodness sake.  I'm staring at myself in the mirror and stippling away and POKE, burn, cuss cuss, giggle. Then I have a red eye for several hours that morning.  I also sneeze uncontrollably whenever I have to tweeze my left eyebrow.  I'm a kook.  Definitely need some therapy.

So Papoose #2, her boyfriend and I all went to the farm to work the horses last night.  After we were done, we headed into Azle because I needed to find some Tiger Balm before attempting to sleep and the kids wanted Sonic.  Got to CVS six minutes after they closed, and as I left CVS to try WalGreens, a gal in a white Nissan Titan was in a big hurry evidently and decided to crash into my little jalopy.  We were practically the only people on the road, and she smacks my little car.  Everyone is totally fine.  The little jalopy is so solidly made that we didn't even FEEL the impact really, just HEARD it. The sound made me sick.  Of course, the gal that RAN INTO ME had to get out of her truck cussing me for being on the same road or something.  I stayed very calm and asked her why she came charging up on me like that, when she had three other lanes to choose from if she wanted to pass me, since I was entering the left hand turn lane and had my blinker on and she came up at about 60 like I was in HER way.  She said well if you wouldn't have put your brakes on I wouldn't have hit you!!  Ummm, as I mentioned, I was TURNING INTO A PARKING LOT, I TEND TO PUT MY BRAKES ON WHEN I DO THAT.  Basically what it boiled down to was, she was in a fight with her boyfriend and pissed off at the world and for some reason that culminated in my left rear quarter panel being destroyed and my bumper being pushed down onto my back tire.  Ah well, life goes on, no?  I am going to have my new mechanic look at it when he's looking over the jalopy this weekend, see what he thinks.  If we can fix it on the cheap I'm not hassling with the insurance on it.  We shall see.

Well, I need to go earn my keep.  Have a fabulous hump day, all.  I get to see The Real Deal today, yay!!


  1. woot!! gotta love some Tiger Balm!

    shit woman, you have more trouble with your vehicles that anyone i know! and people are running in to or over you!! i'm gonna get you a big red or orange reflective flashy wing ding to put on all your cars to make you more visible lol

    love you!

  2. You need a tank!

    Just saying it before Jar does.....