Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crack Whores, Pussys and STD's

Ok, so I ended up with THREE kittens.  Oops.  I don't know how that happened.  Hmmm.  They are SO cute and sweet though.  Three very different distinct little personalities too.  Papoose #2 and I are having such fun with them!!  Mister Wonderful has picked his favorite out already and wants to keep that one.  Papoose #1 wants one too, but the whole moving back into the dorm in the fall thing sorta puts the kibosh on that idea.

I have been given an STD by my dear sweet friend Mess!!!!   Now I need to figure out how to play my part in this  :-)   Too funny, I love it!!!  Thank you for thinking of me, dear friend, and for sharing the gift that keeps giving too  ;-)

I love love love me some vanilla yogurt!!!   Corn nuts too, another fave.

Jar, why haven't you popped in to harass me lately??  Starting to make me nervous.  

So anyway, someone (I won't name any names) wanted a flip off smiley/emoticon on her Yahoo Messenger to use on a coworker who was giving her hell.  This person thought that would be hilarious.  Thing is, once they were downloaded and unzipped, and she used it and hilarity abounded, she decided she wanted them back off of her computer and now they won't remove.  She has even done the 'change your computer back to another date' thing, no luck.  So now, anytime someone uses an emoticon in any sms or im message to her, or she to them, the smilies are doing rather, ahem, naughty things......again, not naming any names, but if ANYONE out there knows how to get the blow job and flip off smileys off of Yahoo Messenger, that advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Mister Wonderful evidently took a loan off his 401k.  I accidentally opened the check the other day, thinking it was a report that we get every quarter.  Good thing about it is, the ONLY time MW is in any kind of a decent mood is when he has money, so he should be pretty mellow and easy to live with for a little while, till he spends it all anyhow.

Went by to see The Real Deal on Tuesday and we ended up sitting outside in our lawn chairs most of the evening.  Couple of reasons for that.  One is that he has no A/C and it was hot as hell in his little tin can.  Second reason was because five of his neighbors had a big old fashioned rumble going on.  I mean to tell you, they had a serious Hatfield and McCoys thing brewing and man was it ever entertaining!!  Ended up with five police vehicles, two naked men, an old woman pulling her dentures out of her mouth and throwing them at a meth head crack whore that was calling her a pedophile, and an unmanned motorcycle taking out a lit bbq pit after the rider jumped off mid ride, trying to kill the granny bashing crack whore.  Good times, super good times.  We sat there with our giant Whataburger ice teas and watched the shenanigans.

Well, gotta go for now.  It's taco shack Thursday with all the guys so have to run and get some stuff done first.

Good day, all.


  1. I like keeping people on their toes and not too comfortable with me.

    It's all part of my charm.

  2. :) friends share and share alike.... and i knew how you'd love sharing an STD with me! hope your week is going well!! we are hitting the road tomorrow for McAllen... coach going to do his he-man power lifting, ego stroking, ain't he cool stuff

  3. who is Jar and should I check him out?
    what's the story with all these awards I see?
    Is that where they shoot the show "Cops", outside the real deals place? That was hysterical. Video?
    Happy to be back in the blog community.

  4. this is so weird. i know I left a comment last night and this is the second blog comment that never went through. Very cool stuff. Wanna see the movie.