Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cat Fights, Road Trips & Forced Menopause

I feel pretty darn good today!!!  I did NOT take one of my meds last night, and I did NOT have any leg cramping, did NOT have any horrific night sweats.  So that WAS the culprit all along!!!   So happy to have discovered that!!!!  Ok doc, you've got some 'splaining to do!!!!   Leave it to me to NOT have any menopausal symptoms yet at 42 years old, and the doc gives me medication that CAUSES them!!!  I only woke up one time last night.  That is a record!

On the way to work this morning I was behind a couple of laborers in a very old pickup, pulling a flatbed trailer that was falling apart, stuff flapping off of it everywhere, bouncing along all crazy all over the road.  On this trailer was a massive pile of ash.  As I was driving along behind him, watching all the parts flapping on his truck and trailer, threatening to blow off and come through the jalopy windshield, I got to wondering where that ash came from and why they would be on the highway without it in some kind of container or at the very least tarped.  By the time I pulled off the highway at work my imagination had the ash being from all of the people they had killed and burned in their backyard and were then going to spread the ash everywhere as they drove so as not to be linked to the killings.  And there I was not even calling the authorities.  Damn.

Got into a massive cat fight with a passive aggressive coworker first thing this morning.  I don't tolerate that kind of treatment anymore when it is totally unwarranted.  She remembers that now.  *snerk*  She is family to the owner and for years has bullied everyone with her mood swings and shitty treatment whenever she has her panties in a bundle.  Over the past four years that I have worked here, she has learned the meaning of boundries.  I will let stuff roll off my back to a certain extent, but once you've pushed your luck you need to realize that this ISN'T your world and you DO have respect other people at all times.  The other girl in the office here will put her in her place too.  We never stop learning in life, and that is a good thing  ;-)

A couple of new computers have had to be ordered here at Job #1 lately, and somehow we ended up with a spare keyboard and mouse.  My keyboard and mouse are very old and didn't work very well.  Since the new boss has had to use my computer quite often lately, he offered me the extra keyboard yesterday.  I didn't realize just how bad my old keyboard was, till I got to use one that actually works!  haha

Still holding our breath for Store #2 of Job #2 to open....looking like the first part of will be amazing to be able to actually breath.  I've never in my entire life had enough money to live without robbing Peter to pay Paul, no matter how careful we've been, how much we've done without or how responsible we've been.  I cannot wait to go to the grocery store without a calculator, and actually buy what we need.  I can't wait to be able to fix things on the house and car when needed.  I will feel so very spoiled.  I am a simple person, and I don't miss the things that so many other people feel are absolute necessities in their lives.  But man, am I going to enjoy some of the little things I will be able to do and have now.

LabPup is finally learning not to try to eat the kittens.  He still tries to play with them like they are dogs, which has to be curbed do to the 100 pound weight difference, but it's become much more manageable.

Got to see TRD last night.  What a sweet and wonderful few hours.  My soul has been soothed....

Taking Saturday off of Job #2.  Making a road trip to Ardmore OK to pick up a horse and cart.  Really looking forward to it.  I really miss doing all the horsie stuff with all of my horse friends.  What good times we had at shows.  Heck, the days and weeks doing things with the animals to get ready for the shows were just as fun.  Hard work, but so fun.  I didn't realize just how much I missed it till I got the call yesterday for this road trip.

Chicken Express is dangerously good.  Ugh.

I am constantly amazed at all of the blessings I receive every day from my friends and acquaintances.  Both in 'real' life and people I have met and/or stay in contact with on the net.  I learn to appreciate how blessed I am as I worry after them, pray for them and follow their struggles.  I learn camaraderie as I rejoice in their happiness or successes.  I am calmed and soothed by the personalities I am blessed to share space with.  I learn more and more everyday how to be more centered, less selfish, less spoiled, and more compassionate from these people I share my life with one way or another.  Every one of them is a role model to me one way or another, no matter who they are or how I know them.  This is a blessing that I cherish and hold dear beyond any comprehension.

It is never a good idea to push a 20 pound cat off of your lap without warning him first.  Bactine to the rescue.

I love black licorice.  I don't buy it often.  I also love the fact that it is one of the few treats I can have around and not ever have to worry about anyone snarfing it all down.  Heehee.

Have a great day people.  Thanks for being here today.

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  1. and those of us that circle around in your world are blessed by you too.... truly!

    i'm glad you figured out which med was giving you so much grief... my word... the meds make us so much worse dometimes...

    horse & cart?? do tell! is it going to be yours or are you tagging along?