Friday, June 10, 2011

Temporary Blindness and The Longest Short Week Ever

One of the girls in the office and I decided it would be nice to grab some breakfast at Subway this morning.  I volunteered to stop by there, she agreed to stop by Braum's and pick up the ever addictive apple juice they sell there.  She ended up late because it took 15 minutes for the idiots at Braum's to get her rung up, I was 15 minutes late because it took me 20 minutes at Subway to get one order of biscuits and gravy and a ham egg and cheese on flatbread because the bitch that works there spends more time running her mouth to the customers about how overworked she is (there were all of three of us in line for gods sake) than she did just making the damn food and taking care of the customers.  I mean, come on, Papoose #1 worked at that store and ran it by herself MANY nights because they are such assholes to work for they can't keep any help in there and are always short handed.  The bitching manager that was there this morning and the employee humping owner are the assholes that run em all off, then stand there and bitch about it instead of just making the damn sandwiches.  Geez.  She finally called over the cashier from the convenience store side of the place to help her.  I had to tell the woman, who was easily in her forties, to please wash her hands and put on gloves before touching anyones food after handling money etc.  Then I had to walk her through how to wrap up the sandwich.  Really?

One small bit of good news.  My optic nerves are not involved in the mass thats going down in my head, so that makes the surgery outcome a whole lot brighter, considering I will still be able to see afterward.  Next stop, neurologist.  After that, surgery.  Whooo hoo  :-)

They did some heavy duty dilation on my eyes yesterday.  The numbing stuff they put in them was flourescent yellow.  I looked like a movie creature for a few hours.  It was kinda fun.  But man, I've never had my eyes dilated and been in so much pain from all of the crap they did to my poor little eyes.  Of course, they gave me the ever stylish plastic sun shield to wear when I left.  I've never been so completely blind from having my eyes dilated and worked on.  I had to follow Mister Wonderful because I have to admit, I had NO business driving.  Too scared to leave the jalopy anywhere though.  We went to eat and the waitress threw away my snazzy shades at some point.  Had to stop at WalGreens and get some of those sunglasses that are made to go over your prescription glasses, because of course I didn't have my contacts in for an opthamologist appointment.  So now I am officially old, I own what equates to blue blockers.  Remember those? *sigh*

I don't watch basketball.   Never have.   Have to say though, watching The Real Deal watch the Mavs doing their thing here lately has been entertaining and really fun to see.  I am SO thankful he isn't one of those people that behave like they have some kind of personal interest in whether a sports team does well or not.  When someone says something like "I've had my heart broken by (this or that) team so many times before, so I am guarded now" makes me want to hurl.  I mean really?  Commenting about sports like it directly affects your life, or like you have some personal stake in it somehow, or like the teams/players give to farts in  the wind about what your 'professional' opinion is is just skeezy.  Seriously.

I stopped on the way home yesterday and picked up a couple adorable bracelets and an uber cute headband for Papoose #1.  I'm putting together a little care package for her, since she can't come home for the summer because she has to work.  Going to put some of her fave snacks etc in there and send it on to her.

The three amigos are still as funny and sweet as ever.  Having a blast with them.  However, my house is WAY too small for three kitties.  One of them will need another home.  Papoose #1 has made noise about wanting one, but the question there is, what will she do if she moves back on campus this fall?  So not sure on that one.  If anyone needs one of the cutest kittens in the world, let me know.  Otherwise, I'm keeping all three of them and MW can kiss my bootie.  Heehee.

Nobody helped me out on the gas thing yesterday.  Have my feelings hurt now.  *pouting*

Have a great day and weekend, all.


  1. I hate watching sports too. Maybe I am missing something but the amount players make is disgusting. The amount of money people will pay for tickets is pathetic. The fighting in hockey makes me ill. If people put 1/4 of that enthusiasm into their families the world would be a better place.

  2. OH, I wear old lady sunglasses too.

  3. yea! glad it's not the optic neuritis thing... whew! that is a very good sign...

    i love that yellow junk... when i had to go get spectacles last time, with the MS beast tagging along, they did and extra thorough exam... i had to pick out frames after they did all their examining and picking and junk... not a good thing to do... next time i will pick frames BEFORE the exam...

    lessons learned...

  4. There's nothing worse than watching men watch sports.

    Wait. Yes there is. When they say "we" when referring to the team's feats as if he were part of the team.

    I kinda do that sometimes when I cheer for TCU but I actually went there so I do have a connection. Still, it's weird. I do it and I think it's weird so something must be wrong with it.

    The only connection most people have is geographical, and that ain't a good enough reason to lump yourself in with a professional sports team.

    Some men take it way too seriously. It's a small penis thing.