Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Didn't Even Hear It Squeal

I wake up this morning actually feeling pretty good.  Not too many leg cramps last night, although the new meds have me suffering through disgusting and unrelenting night sweats now.  Go figure, I don't have hormonal night sweats, been lucky that way, but they give me meds and jack me all up.  Haha.

Let Mister Wonderfuls yappy little dogs out, start the coffee and head back into the master bath, where it appeared that a hog had been slaughtered.  There were massive amounts of blood splattered and dripped all over the place.  I still keep the kittens in the master bath at night where they can be contained and have all of the stuff they need right there, so there were bloody little foot prints all over and everything too.  I thought one of them was dying.  I picked each of them up over and over and checked them over time and time again, but they were happy and healthy little campers.

I text MW, asking why it looks like a hog was slaughtered in my master bathroom and his answer is "I woke up with a bloody nose"  Uh, you wander all over every square inch of the bathroom and drip blood everywhere??  Really??  Then you walk away from it and don't clean it up?  Seriously dude????

So I clean up the mess and proceed to get ready for work.  I poke myself in the eye with my mascara brush, drop my lip stain on my shirt so I have to change again.  Go to fill my travel mug with coffee and realize I forgot it at work yesterday, use my backup travel mug only to find out someone left orange juice or something in it yesterday and it smells like it's fermenting, finally find my keys and head out to the car, only to realize that I had a shirt on that I had just worn Monday then washed and hung up last night, run back inside and change shirts, mess my hair up horrifically doing so, fix my hair again, cuss a little, head back out to the car only to realize that yet AGAIN I have walked out of the house in my house shoes, head back inside to find some flip flops, search for the kitten that snuck into my closet and secreted herself away, head back to the car and finally leave for work.  Balance my regular coffee mug full of hot coffee while I run the manual jalopy and off we go.  Still made it to work on time.  I have no idea how that happened, but dang it, I'm happy  :-)

Papoose #1 was in town for Monday night and last night.  I was thrilled she showed up to surprise me again Monday.  I made her dinner, homemade spagetti sauce and garlic bread, per her request.  Cheesecake for dessert.  Then  yesterday she went fishing and swimming with Papoose #2 and several of their mutual friends.  A good time was had by all.  I get home from work yesterday and Papoose #1 is in the shower then getting cleaned up.  Evidently, after my only getting to see her a few hours here and there over the last SEVERAL months, she chose to spend last night visiting her ex boyfriends family, the mother whom she loathes, for dinner and the evening, instead of spending it home with her family.  Needless to say, I am hurt.  Oh well.  She is a great kid and I hope she is making a great life for herself and enjoying all of her friends.

Papoose #2 has a boyfriend.  They never intended to like each other like that, but it has sort of just happened on it's own.  They have never done more than work together at Job #2, but they are just identical souls.  They really are fabulous friends, and are a wonderment to watch for everyone around them.  They finally got to spend some time together yesterday, away from work.  Even Papoose #1 approves of him, and she doesn't approve of ANYONE.  It was nice having him over.  He also went fishing with all the kids.  A good day for everyone.

My friend is hard at work shoveling shit for the mounted police again today.  I feel bad for him in between giggling at him.

I think The Real Deal has the day off and I may get to see him for a little while tonight.  That will be nice.  I'm kinda forgetting what he looks like and what his voice sounds like.  It's rather scary to me how I can shut my emotions off from someone to avoid missing them or being hurt by either their absence or their lack of effort to stay in touch.  It scares me how easily I can shut myself off when I want to.

Oh shit, I forgot to bring LabPup in.  He is still in the backyard.  Dang it.

Everyones computers here at work are going tits up.  One by one, each computer is biting the dust and having to be replaced.  My boss has done nothing but buy computers for the past few weeks.  That's gotta suck.

I want to hire a teenager or something to detail the jalopy.  I absolutely HATE cleaning the inside of it and detailing it to get all the little dust and whatnot cleaned out of everything.  But damn does it need it.

Ok, gotta get over and peep the other blogs and see what is up with all of these wonderful people.

Have a fabulous day, and all my hopes are with you that it's a fo' reals Hump Day for ya!!!!


  1. You are a strong, roaring woman. If all that had happened to me just trying to get out of the house somewhere between the second shirt change and the flip flops, I would be flat out in bed gasping. And you were still smiling.

  2. your morning sounds like my mornings....

    #2 has a boyfriend? woot! she's such a precious girl... beautiful too! hope the BF earns her love & respect... she deserves to have someone who works for it