Monday, June 13, 2011

Me Being Me

It's eerie how ghost town this little burg gets when the kids are out of school.  So quiet on the way to work, very few cars, nobody mobbing the donut shop.  I picture all those kids home sleeping in and enjoying their well deserved summer vacation.  Enjoy it kiddos.

I still want to kick off my shoes and run in the sprinklers when they are going here at work.

My phone is completely jacked up now.  That's what I get for taking it in to the Sprint service center.  I mean, they had my phone for FOUR hours, and it was still EXACTLY the same way when I picked it up as when I dropped it off.  Their answer to that?  Do a hard reset and lose absolutely everything I had on my phone.  Oh, and still not fix anything that was wrong with it.  I'll have to call someone and go all pissed off customer on them today.  I pay WAY too much for these toys and for the service each month, for it not to work.  Especially after I took it to their worthless little workshop.  Bleh.

I have dubbed my hater The Weasel.  Loving the comments on that post guys.  Made me giggle.   Shoulda seen those fat rolls a jiggling.  Yeah, as if!

So, a friend of mine had a daughter that needed a job.  This was months ago, before we opened Job #2 store one.  Now, I rarely vouch for anyone, especially if I don't know them well personally.  But my friend begged me, swore the kid was a hard worker and dependable and responsible.  So we hired her.  This girl was 19 years old and had twin boys who were three years old.   She was one of the best employees we had.  As a matter of fact, she was on track to be made a shift manager at store one when we all moved over to open up store two.  She was going to be making very good money, with a great job that would/could turn into a great career for a gal that didn't even graduate high school.  Then she broke up with her baby daddy.  Her life turned into one big party.  Drinking, drugging, getting tattoo after tattoo, piercings and gauges everywhere.......she started calling in sick to work, don't have a sitter, everything you can imagine.  Then the money started disappearing.  The tips that everyone shares.  A hundred bucks at a time.  NotAGood.  We all care about her and know what a good kid she is.  We have all taken her aside and tried to talk to her and offer to help her in any way we can.  Nothing has helped.  Then yesterday, she showed up to the store in slippers, boxers and tank top, hair a wild mess, drunk and high on X.  She wandered in the back of the store, wanting her tips, then once she had The Real Deal in the office she hit on him hard.  After that, she grabs the phone when it rings and very rudely and drunkenly takes an order that she trashed soundly.  TRD is trying to figure out how to handle getting her out of the store without actually touching her, the rest of us are up front unaware of what's going on.  Finally she stumbles out front and proceeds to get loud and obnoxious, thinking she's adorable as only a drunk chick can do.  They finally get her out of there.

I explained to TRD that all he needed to do if he wanted her out of the store was to tell me about her hitting on him in the office and I would have been more than happy to take care of dragging her jacked up butt out of the store.  By the hair.  Kicking her ass all the way.  Evidently, that is exactly why he DIDN'T tell me about that particular incident before she was gone.  hahaha.   Anyhow, we are all really sad for her that she has made the choice to live her life this way.   I sincerely hope and pray she will find her way back to a healthy path.  She was such a good mother and great employee.  I pray she gets this out of her system before she destroys everything she has accomplished.  I know I will still help her if she sincerely wants it.

Is it acceptable for the 52 year old woman in our office to rock the piggie tails and twin braid thing?  Seems off to me.  Idk.

The cramps I keep getting in my legs are a tad irritating.  Especially when I am trying to sleep.

Whatever the above mentioned 52 year old female coworker is cooking in the kitchen right now smells horrible.  God Almighty.

Funny aside here....Mister Wonderful paid the electric bill this month.  First time he has ever paid an electric bill.  You remember how he cussed and blamed me for the two times the electricity was cut off, accusing me of not paying it when in actuality it was paid up ahead of time???  Well.  Saturday he announces that I don't need to worry about the electric bill this month, he took care of it.  Chest all puffed out.  It was cute.  I thanked him and told him that was very thoughtful of him.  This morning he is in the bathroom shaving and guess what????  THE POWER WENT OUT!!!!   I was laughing so hard, lying there on the bed, that I was crying.  It was PRICELESS!!!  He finishes getting dressed and comes out of the bathroom and just looks at me.   I put on my most innocent face.  He says OH FOR GODS SAKE, JUST SAY IT!!!!!  hahahahahaa.

I love starting my day off with laughter.  Other than a really good round of sex, that is THE best way to start the day.  Well, that and some apple juice.  And a good cup of coffee.

Ok, so I'm easy to please.

Have a great day, all.


  1. what a little slut bucket! it is very sad that she had all her ducks in a row so to speak... i've seen this happen to so many young's like losing the man completely rocks the world and they don't know what to do.... shame... i feel bad for the kids....

    i'm laughing so hard right now... MW and the power... fabulous!!

    we are about done with sprint... we have 3 phones and a hot spot through them.. our service has been exceptionally shitty the past several months... finally yesterday, we got uber fast internet with time warner cable... and we are considering switching companies in october when our plan is up... and i so loved sprint!

    i guess i can't go to work in boxers and my slippers tomorrow?

  2. Danggitt, Jar and I missed a good cat fight.
    Kick her out never to return, unless you call the police.
    Oh, don't we all love that little switch on the wall......

  3. "By the hair." <--- lmao! Right? ;-)