Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vacation Time At The Reservation

Well, Mister Wonderful finally noticed the dent and scrapes on the jalopy.  That was fun.  I mean really??? Why the hell is it MY fault that someone else hit me??  How in the world is that even remotely my fault? Seriously?

Doc appt this afternoon to see if they are gonna cut my head open.  Good times.  Super good times.  I sure hope if they decide to do surgery, they find a way not to shave my hair.  I just now finally like my hair!!!

Our office at Job #1 is closed down tomorrow and won't reopen till July 11th.  I sure wish I had some money to actually go do something and enjoy the time off, but I surely am going to be in heaving just not having to BE anywhere for a couple of day.  Of course I will still work some at Job #2 but not every day, that is for dang sure!!!

It's fun getting paid to shop and spend other peoples money.  Just sayin.

Papoose #2 texted me yesterday evening asking permission to go to a friends house.  I said yes.  Boy was I surprised and disappointed when I got home and she hadn't done her chores.  Then MW figures out that she didn't feed his goats, assuming he would do it when he got home.  Ummm, lil missy???   You know that is one of your few chores, and you KNOW we always take care of our animals before anything else.  So now MW is on a tear and is insisting that every animal on the place must go immediately.  He's just in a snit because he has actually had to put his own dog out the past couple of mornings.  He is used to me doing all that for him.  And before anyone gets their panties all in a bundle, the goats always have free access to horse quality coastal hay.  They just get spoiled with sweet feed once a day.  That's all they missed out on, the fat little fuckers.

Be that as it may, very big no no to ask permission to go somewhere when you haven't done your chores.  Taking advantage of mom because she isn't home yet?  I'm gonna go with YES on that one.

Papoose #2 has extra chores today.  Needless to say.  She's a great kid and I know will not pull this stunt again.  For awhile anyway.  Fingers crossed.  Haha.

Ok, there was way more to this post but fucking blogger kicked me off and didn't save it and I don't have the patience to retype all of it.

Have a great 4th, everyone.

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  1. if they shave your hair, we'll match!! just sayin :)

    i got so tired of losing my posts.. .friggin blogger... that i finally got smart and started typing it all using window's live writer... when done i hit publish and it uploads it to my blog...