Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gots Nuthin'

Papoose #1 will be in town for a few hours today unexpectedly.  Called and asked if I would like to go to lunch.  I'm happy  :-)

My hair came out nice.  She did some kind of super conditioner on it that she's going to have me do at home once a week, and it made my hair like brand new hair.  Really impressive stuff.  She left all my length and just added a few long layers.  She really made it look different without cutting it all off.  Very happy.  The color is gorgeous.  It's one of those where people keep looking at me like "something is different, what is it...." and so far the people that have said anything about it say it looks good and to keep it that way.  So far so good.

Doc appointment to find out the outcome of all these damn tests.  2:30pm today.  My fave girl that used to run the front office at the docs office doesn't work there anymore.   Now I'm stuck with the ditzy old lady that has no clue what's going on, can't answer ANY questions about anything, and is also the one that called in my opthamologist appointment wrong and got me sent to the wrong type of opthamologist because she's a bimbo.

Speaking of bimbos, the one at Job #2 seems to have gotten pounced on by the cooks enough that she's actually attempting to learn the job now.  Thank god.  Hate to lose a gem like her.  *sarcasm font, bold italic* She has to work with me this weekend, instead of all the horn dog guys that she's worked with all week.  This will be a different school of learning for her, methinks ;-)

Man, everyone jumped on the bash Jar for being boring and domesticated band wagon, didn't they?  He's a good sport though.  Hope you are house training those mutts, buddy  ;-)

I miss hearing from/talking to Kathleen.

I'm worried about Mess.  Going to make the drive to visit her during our plant shut down in July, I reckon.  Give coach some hell.

Mister Corner, drink plenty of water out there.  Be careful.  I had an awful drilling rig dream the other night, and black beauty was there.

That third kitty really needs him a home.  Any takers?

Breakfast for the office tomorrow morning.  McMoobie muffins.  Or, egg mcmuffins and sausage mcmuffins.  And of course orange and apple juices.  Love Fridays!!

Both of the pairs of capris I bought at Ross the other night without trying them on first actually fit me.  That has never happened before.  It's the little things in life that make you smile.  I am easy to please I guess. Haha.

I'm going to go read some other blogs now.  Then I will get back to work.


  1. oh my dear friend... don't worry about me! i'm okay... just dragging the beast along through summer hell LOL

    i'm sending mucho thoughts and prayers out your way today... i hate getting test results even though i anticipate it so much and want to know desperately what they are .... sort of a vicious cycle!

    i wish i could take the kitty... coach will kill me i think

  2. It's good to hear that you are feeling better! Take Care!!!

  3. I would take the third kitty but then I would have three and well, 3 is too many. Though I do love cats and hope to one day own a piece of land where I can have 33 kitties! Or more!