Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mayhem In Boyd Texas

The monthly donut shop gauntlet was just a little bit more interesting this morning.  Went by the bank, then as I'm sitting there waiting to get back around the corner to the donut shop to pick up the monthly safety meeting donuts for the guys, mayhem was unleashed.  Two older guys had a little oopsie.  In other words, one old guy in a Ford Ranger "T" boned another old guy in a Chevy pickup.  Both trucks looked to my untrained eye to be totalled.  Both guys were ok, or so it seemed.  They were both walking around their vehicles with a "What the fuck just happened" look on their faces.

Yet another example of why I pound into my Papooses heads that just because your light is green, that doesn't mean you go ahead and take off without checking the traffic all around you first.  Too many assholes run lights nowadays, whether because they think they are above the rules and are in that big of a hurry, or because they aren't paying attention.  I don't care why, it happens, way too often.

Just like if I'm waiting to pull onto a road and someone is coming towards me with their blinker on, I NEVER trust that they are really going to turn until they actually do.  My mother was hit by someone that didn't end up turning even though their blinker was on, totalled her car.

Is it wrong of me to get my feelings hurt and get pissy when I don't hear from The Real Deal every so often?  Yeah, I think it's wrong of me too.  Dang it.

Papoose #1 will not be coming home this week to visit after all.  She applied for, and got a job that will pay her $15.00 an hour and she can bring her homework with her and get her studies done.  It's a win win for her, and there is no way I could begrudge her starting her new job instead of coming home.  There will be other days she will be able to come visit, I'm sure.  I intend to take some time off and go visit her as well.  Papoose #2 and I surely do miss that girl......

Moses and Gracie come home today!!!!!!  They are finally old enough.  They are such healthy chubby little thingies!!!!!!   I sure wish Peanut would be here to play with them, poor little fella.  I still miss that little guy.  I've decided to keep them in the master bathroom for the first couple of weeks, since there's nothing in there they can tear up, pee on or get hurt with.  My laundry room is way too small, and they need to be kept somewhere for a little while so they realize that the kitty box is the only acceptable place to do their business.  Then little by little I'll let them have more freedom.  In the meantime, if they aren't being played with or held, they will have a safe room to go to.  So excited to have babies in the house again!!!!

Snuck by the work in progress second store Saturday in between rushes at Job #2.  They are already kicking ass in there.  We look to be on schedule for a fourth of July week opening still, good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed, my peeps.  That store getting up and running is the key to me being able to breath easier and stop being bare assed broke anymore.   Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Grapevine!!!!!!!!!

Sure do hope those two old dudes had their Depends on this morning........................

Friday, May 27, 2011

So Lonely

It seems that a lot of people are having trouble leaving comments on my blog.   I am not having blog issues other than that, that I know of, and I don't know what, if anything, I can do to correct whatever it is that's keeping you all from leaving comments.

Sorry about that, all.

YEAH BABY!!!! Had SO Much Fun At This Concert!!!!

Meow Jar Jar ;-)

Keeping My Eyes On The Horizon

Man, this is absolutely adorable.  Good find Keith.

I can't decide if this medicine is actually working, or if I'm just making the normal cycle out of the dark place.  Either way, it's good to be feeling a little bit better.

Since moving to Texas, I've made more dear friends that feel like family to me than I have ever known in my life.  I am very blessed in that respect.  You can't choose your family, but you damn sure can choose which friends become your family.  I also still have daily contact with my bestie from junior high and high school.  So grateful and blessed that we reconnected as well.

I am also eternally grateful to all of you out there that tolerate my sudden and unexplained quiet times, times when I don't reach out and hold up my end of the friendship string.  Then we pick right back up where we left off, no questions or hurt feelings or anything.  You know who you are, thank you.  It's a good feeling to have that security that you have people in your life, some you've not even met in person, or have only met a few times, others you've known forever, but people that will welcome you with open arms when you can swim to the surface.

Papoose #1 is coming home Sunday and staying till Friday.  That was an awesome surprise for a Squaw and a Papoose #2 that miss their Papoose #1 so much.  I will be taking a couple of early afternoons off to spend some extra time with her while she is here.  Not going to bother taking whole days off, considering the talent the Poose has for sleeping in.  She's exhausted from taking on WAY too much this past year, and will desperately need some well earned rest.

I am feeling froggy and am going to look up some parts online today, see about trying to repair some of the stuff that needs done on the jalopy myself.  This could get interesting.  Sure do wish MW hadn't blown the Explorer up, so I'd have a spare go faster in case I jack this little project up.  Ah well, who needs a safety net???  I'm gonna give it hell.

Where the hell has Jar been lately???  I guess I need to post some Garth Brooks for him on here.

Or maybe a cat dressed up in baby clothes, he loves that.

Ok, I'm going to get to work on this stuff over here.  Chat later, all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

They Always Took Me Away, And That's The Truth

Fortune Cookies and the $*&%^%$^# Government

Since the great transformer outage in Boyd precluded any in town food run today, I decided to make a banzai run to Saginaw for some Panda Express.  Another gal from the office thought that was a fine idea and placed her order. Then the idea spread like wildfire and we ended up bringing food back for 7 people!!  This whole place screeched to a complete halt while everyone strapped on the feed bag.  It was really nice!!!

Tomorrow I'm making breakfast and bringing it in for everyone.  That's always a nice time too.  I enjoy that, and really like how everyone takes a little time to just eat and chat.  Totally worth cooking for.

Just got an IM from Papoose #1.  She is going to be home from Sunday through Friday!!!!!!  Happy mommy, happy happy happy mommy!!!

AND she found out that one of the guys she works with is a mechanic and has owned Volkswagons since he was a kid, and was able to tell her that he's 99.9% sure he knows what is causing her car to do what it keeps doing.  The part is only like 15.00 and he said he'd replace it for her.  Said that if that's not the problem, he's positive he can fix whatever it is for her, but that just from her description of the issue, he knows it's something he's seen in VW's a thousand times.  Yay again!!!

So, things have been a little sticky around the office of Job #1 these past couple weeks.  We had a DOT audit and things have gone downhill from there.  It's not that we've done anything wrong, per se, but there was one test that we do differently than the DOT wants it done, so we're having major fallout from that in the form of the DOT sending threatening letters out to all of our customers that fall under that test category and putting the fear of God into them, which in turn leads to rather heated phone calls in to our office because of it.  It's been a beating, and will get worse before it gets better, unfortunately.  Not fun, not fun at all.

My fortune cookie fortune read:  THE PROJECT YOU HAVE IN MIND WILL SOON GAIN MOMENTUM.   Heck yeah, man!!!!!  COME ON JOB #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yes, cars can be money pits.  But I love my little jalopy and as long as the repairs don't get too pricey to refurbish it, I will do what I can when I need to.   I mean, I love my jalopy, but I don't love LOVE my jalopy......

I was off on my days/weeks.....little Moses and Gracie don't come home till NEXT Wednesday.  Darn it all.  I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders, I swear.

Just got off the phone with Papoose #1.  Her car keeps acting up on her and she wants to get rid of it and buy another one or trade cars with Mister Wonderful.  You all may remember that I got that car for her, free and clear.  She's never paid a payment on it, nor has she paid any insurance on it.  It's on our insurance and we pay it monthly.  She's never really cared for it, it's like a 99 and it's just never been what she wanted I guess.  Anyhow, she keeps wanting to get rid of it and now that she's having to spend money on trying to figure out what's wrong with it, she's really getting irritated.  For one thing, MW has put like 6k into basically rebuilding his Cobra in the last year, with all the things that have gone wrong with it, and now that it's finally running well there's no way he'll turn it over to a teenager to be lax in maintenance on it and possibly drive it into the dirt.  So I doubt that will be the solution he comes to when he calls her tonight.  Plus, she's putting herself through college and crying poverty as it is.  Adding a car payment and higher insurance (which I informed her she WOULD be paying if she bought another car) just cannot in any way be justified right now.  I really don't know what to do to help.  I hate to say it, but I fear that even if I dump money into having my mechanic look it over and repair it, I don't know if she will take care of it afterwards.  I'm not saying she hasn't been taking care of it, because I don't know, I'm not around there.  All I'm saying is, there were a couple times she had a phone she didn't want anymore and wanted a new one, and the phone she didn't want anymore didn't get the best tlc, if you know what I mean.  So confusing to know how much to do to fix things for her and how much to let her sort out herself.

Not to mention that she is always 'too busy' to contact me unless she needs something.  I know all kids do it, but it still hurts my feelings.  Only takes a second to send a text out once in awhile.  She won't even take the time to answer texts sent to her by myself or other people that just want to check in and tell her they love her.  Papoose #2 is feeling pretty abandoned by her too.  She was like Pap#2's second mom.  She's having a tough time with that too.

Ok, I'm done now.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Yep, I'ts Monday

Our fence blew down yesterday.  The.Whole.Fence.  Haha.  We got home so late from Job #2 last night it was dark and raining like crazy.  Didn't see the fence.  Then LabPup Milo and I were going through our usual work day morning routine and heading out to his yard, he goes prancing ahead of me with his monkey in his mouth and I've got his scoop of kibble, same exact routine everyday.  Well he skids to a stop and stares ahead with huge eyes, stares up at me, ahead again, up at me....I look up and see how open and beautiful and spacious his side of the backyard is.  hahaha.  It was greatness.

Mister Wonderful had called our insurance company a couple of weeks ago to come check the damage we had to the fence and roof from the hail storms etc.  They sent us WAY less than he was expecting for both.  Just got the check in the mail Saturday.  Now this last storm tore the roof up much more and the fence breathed it's last.  Do I call the insurance company again?  I have no idea what to do now.  Being a grown up is confusing.

Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary.  MW didn't speak a single word to me all day.  Well, what little part of the day I was home.  Worked 12 hours of it.  I have a bizarre life right now.  I hate how it is and am working as hard as I possibly can to get it all sorted out and straightened out and right.  I really am.

My jalopy guardian angel sent me some info and links about the ambient temperature sensor location on my jalopy and a link to where I can buy the very affordable part.  So I'm all excited to check out my sensor and see what's up with it.  Well, it's not there anymore.   It seats down into the molded wheel well in the front drivers side of the car.  That wheel well is gone.  I don't mean cracked or loose, it's GONE.  That's part of the damage Mister Armadillo did.  The whole front spoiler on the jalopy needs new clips and wheel wells because they were already loose and damaged when I bought the car, but now that one side is just, gone.  And the other side comes loose and rubs on the tire all the time.  It has needed repair since I bought the car, but the attack of the killer skunk and armadillo proved too much for it and it's an absolute necessity now.  Darn it.

I still haven't picked up my glasses from the eye doc, because all of these other unexpected things keep coming up.  New key, new parts for the jalopy, the labor for someone to do the work.  Shootamonkey.

I am very much looking forward to the three day weekend, and the day off that Monday will afford me.  I'm totally staying home.

Still rarely hear from Papoose #1.  Makes me sad.  We used to be so close.  On the flip side, Papoose #2 and I are getting a lot closer than we ever have been, and that makes my heart happy.

I have tried to comment on each of my blogfriends blogs this morning and keep getting a message of Service Unavailable.  Sorry guys and gals, I have tried, honestly.

Have to get to work.  Have a good day all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dickin Around On The Internet When I Should Be Working (or, Lunchtime)

Wow, this makes me incredibly happy I am not an AT&T customer.

I had a pressure cooker once.  Only one time did I ever use a pressure cooker.  Reason?  Because the one time I used it, I was cooking chicken in it and the thing exploded and shot pieces of chicken and chicken broth all over my kitchen and dining room.  I was finding and cleaning up pieces of chicken and broth for the remaining years we lived in that house.  The noise when it blew sounded like we were being bombed or the whole back half of the house had been destroyed.  Scared the living bejeezus out of the whole family.   The dog didn't come out of hiding for three days.  Papoose #1 has refused to be around balloons since that day.  No amount of quick and tasty cooking was ever worth the Post Traumatic Stress we all suffered from that day.  Now I see that we were actually lucky.

One of the gals in the office made some home made pickled jalepenos that are the BOMB.  She said it's a Paula Deen recipe but I am not having any luck so far in finding it.  I wanted to make some this weekend, in between working.  Dang it.

Wonder if Mister Wonderful would be interested in working for this company?

Is there no end to the stupidity of people??????

Woody Allen has always given me a bad case of the skeevies.  That guys is just a major creeper.  Don't like his work either.

Wow, drugs and alcohol are a weakness so many cannot escape.  My mom loved this guy in Taxi.  Of course everyone loved him in Grease.

Nothing Much Friday

The on medicine the doc has me on makes me so incredibly sleep that I started taking it before bed last night, instead of in the morning like the directions say to.  Only problem is, I was still wiped out when it was time to roll out of bed this morning.  Maybe take it earlier in the evening?  Idk, but part of depression is being exhausted all the time and wanting to sleep, so a medicine that makes me even more like that doesn't seem to be the way to go, no?  Plus, if the other side affect turns out to be permanent instead of temporary, this stuff is DOWN THE ROAD and we will be trying a different one.  Squaw doesn't play the no "O" game!!!  Uh uh, noooo way!!

It's so humid and sticky that my arms are sticking to the desk.  That is gross.  All the papers on my desk are limp.  I'm going to turn the dehumidifier on.  Ugh.

I had to work late on Monday to get some stuff done for my boss.  I am curious to see if the bosses sister, the bookkeeper who keeps screwing me out of time on my check, actually pays me for it.  If she doesn't, I will be going in and raising hell with my boss, the owner.  Count on that.

Papoose #2 and I had a mother daughter date last night.  When I met her in town at GoGo's she had an armful of flowers she bought me at the local florist.  They are gorgeous!!  I meant to take a pic of them to post on here and forgot to do that darn it!!  Then we strapped the feed bag on at GoGo's and sat there and visited and talked and really had a good time.  Papoose #2 was getting a kick out of how the male waiter kept kissing up to me and shmoozing it up, directing all conversation to me.  She says "Boy is he going to be surprised when he sees that I'm the one paying, heehee"  And she was right, he was flustered that he had lavished all that kissing up on me, when she was the one with the tip in her pocket.  We had a good giggle on that.  After dinner we went to watch the choir concert a couple of her friends were performing at.  Very enjoyable.  Then, towards the end, one of the girls dedicated a song she was going to sing to her sister who had died at the beginning of the year of a drug overdose.  Papoose #2 made it through the song, but right afterwards she asked if we could leave.  She said she was so upset by the girls pain, and she misses Papoose #1 so much and worries about her all the time and hates her being gone and never getting to see her.  Poor kid.  Papoose #1 has always been basically a second mother to Papoose #2, as we made our way through life.  They are incredibly close, and this seemingly sudden separation has been harder on both of them than they ever imagined it would, I think.

The jalopy was going crazy in the rain this morning. I have GOT to get that temperature sensor replaced.  Hal is going to kill me, cutting the a/c off like he does.  Ugh.  I spend more time talking to that car.  Talking sweet, cussing, cajoling, begging him to just PLEASE for the love of all that's holy, let me use the a/c!!!  Hahahaha

I love love love a good storm.  But I feel guilty about that, thinking of the people that have to work out in it.

Papoose #1 actually said this phrase in a text conversation we had yesterday "I can't wait to make you a grandma, I've got baby fever like you wouldn't believe"  Uh.  Ummm.  Uhhhhh.  Let's keep our eye on the prize kid, and remember those priorities we have worked on for 18 years, eh?

Enough nonsense.  Have a great Friday, all.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spiders, Kittens and Hormone Cocktails

When I walked out the back door to take LabPup out this morning I walked through a spiderweb.  It got in my eye.  It stuck to my contact and got tangled in my eyelashes.  Gross.  I still feel it in there, despite all of the cleaning out I attempted.  I hate spiders.

Although, we had one of those huge banana spider things make a nest outside the garage of one of our rent houses and it was there for a dang long time.  When it disappeared I was actually kinda bummed.  It was cool to watch.  But those little zippy bastards???  Ugh, no thanks.

Girl Kitten
My vet contacted me about a kitten that needs a home.  Yesterday they said they have two little ones that need a family.  They will be ready to go June 1st.  One of them was left tied to the door of the clinic and the other is the result of a pregnant momma cat that was dropped off in a box.  The momma cat took in the little orphan along with her kittens.  All of her kittens have homes except one, then the little orphan.  They called me a couple days ago, and I went by to see them yesterday after work.  Too cute.  They will even take care of the shots and all that for me.  Papoose #2 is so excited.  We've been so sad about our little Peanut.  I wasn't too sure about bringing in a new kitten, but after bouncing the idea off of my dear friend, I feel pretty good about it now.  So in a couple of weeks we will have  two bundles of furry chaos in our teepee.

Boy Kitten
The vet tech was trying to help me get pics of my two little furry darlings, but they were so excited to be loved on and play and run around, we had a heck of a time wrangling them to a stand still to get a picture.  We were both laughing so hard we were crying, with trying to get pictures of them.  I have many pictures of blurry fur haha.  We still never got a good one of the boy.  Little rascals.  I think I'm gonna name the boy Moses. Need ideas for a name for the little girl though, so send me your ideas pretty please?

Play nice, Jar!!!!

Papoose #2 invited me out on a mommy daughter date tonight.  I think we're going to eat at GoGo's, not sure yet.  Then again, we may get all wild and crazy and live like we're rich and go see a movie.  She is such a sweetheart of a kid.

Every time we drive to and from town, I think "there's the skunk I murdered, theres the armadillo I murdered"  Ugh.  Of course, Papoose #2 pointed them out to her buddy that drove her home yesterday, and his response was "Wow!!!  Two in a row!!!  Did she AIM for them or something????"  *sigh*

LabPup stepped on my foot and broke off my toenail on my big toe, to the quick.  And it's flip flop season.  I have to walk around with a stumpy toenail in flip flop season.  That sucks balls.

Finally got my new hormone cocktail from the pharmacy yesterday.  Some kind of compound.  Doc said the pills he had me taking weren't doing whatever it was they were supposed to, so we're upping the ante.  This could get interesting.

It's Taco Shack Thursday, yay!!

I'm done boring you now.  I've got to get some work done.  

Have a great day, all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Murder, A Stinky Jalopy & A Cross

Tangled Cross!!!!
Lookie what was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home yesterday!!!!!   My GotYoBackGirlfriend created this cross for me.  Aren't I spoiled????   She did an amazing job!!!!  I will try to get better pics of the details on it later when there is some natural light coming in the office.  Thank you friend!!!!!!!!

So last night after taking some vitamin and mineral supplements to The Real Deal and visiting for a little bit, it was time to go pick Papoose #2 up from her friends house.  On the way down 730 towards town there was too much traffic to be able to use my high beams.  I really like my high beams, since it's a little hard for me to see at night anymore.  But I will not use them when any other cars are around, I'm not that rude.  Anyhow, I'm rolling along and out pops Mister Skunk about 10 feet in front of the jalopy.  He was heading towards the shoulder but was still crossing my lane, so the only option I had to miss him was to swerve into the other lane, where a huge work truck was heading my way.  I chose the skunk option over the head on collision option.  The jalopy sits very low to the ground.  Mister Skunk hit the front spoiler and bounced all the way back under the car to the back.  I was horrified.  I've never hit an animal while driving before.  I've had animals hit by someone else when I was a passenger, and had a deer jump INTO the passenger window of a pickup I was the passenger in, but this was the first time the blood was on my hands, so to speak.

Not even three minutes later, a huge full grown armadillo is in the middle of my lane.  Again, only had the low beams going and saw him too late.  Mister Armadillo met his untimely demise at my hand.  I mean, who kills TWO innocent little creatures in the span of three minutes?????????  I was totally mortified.  And in case any of you have never hit a full grown armor plated armadillo with a car that sits a few inches off the ground, it's not pretty.  Not for Mister Armadillo OR the jalopy  :-(   Suffice it to say, that Mister Armadillo was in NO shape to lay a beer bottle on for a photo op.

Not to mention the inside wheel well of the jalopy is torn loose and the car is making some kind of odd squeaking sound now when it's running.  Oh, and let's not even get into how obnoxious the jalopy smells now.

I'm a murderer.   First Peanut, now these poor little things.

I totally need therapy.

At this point, I'm lucky I can touch my new cross without a burning sensation.  Oy.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swimming To The Surface

I finally slept through the night last night without startling awake listening for a tiny kitty meowing for food.

I've had Moolinium Crunch Blue Bell in my freezer for a week now and haven't had any yet.  That's just about the only sweet that's dangerous for me to have in the house.  Otherwise, candy and cookies can be all over and I don't really bother with it.  Only that ice cream or coffee flavored ice cream, then watch out.  I'm more of a chips and crackers kinda snacker, if I'm going for junk food.

Don't you hate it when you play an awesome word on Words With Friends and then the person you are playing comes back and ads an "S" or an "ED" to it and steals all those points off of your genius??  Hahaaha.  Punk.  Of course, I do the same thing, but that's different, right?????  Hahahaha

I used to LOVE Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers.  I would drink one while I was cooking dinner or whatever.  Loved those things.  Why can't we buy those anymore?  Loved the commercials with Bruce Willis too.

Jar, don't be such a baby.

I think all of my meds are starting to work finally.  I've grown in some eyelashes again and I just generally feel better.  Oh, and the happy pills may or may not be working, I have no idea other than the fact that I didn't have a melt down when I locked the keys in the trunk of the jalopy on Mother's Day.  I know they make me REALLY sleepy for a couple of hours after I take them, and I have to take them in the morning, so I have to fight to stay awake at my desk for awhile.

The Real Deal is sick.  Has no insurance so won't go to the doctor.  He's working so many hours and stressing out so much trying to make these stores a reality and a success.  He's lost so much weight, doesn't eat nearly as often as he should and when he does eat he does NOT make the best choices nutritionally.  We finally had us a little discussion on that yesterday where I pointed out the fact that he is just now getting his career really rolling and is getting so close to having the freedom to really live, why would he throw that all away with destroying his health by not taking better care of the only body God gave him.  I think I may have finally gotten through.  We shall see.  I so wish we could afford for him to get to a doctor though.  Poor guy.

Papoose #1 is out of school for the summer.  She had intended to take a couple classes over the summer break, but she over loaded herself so bad this last semester that she finally decided to just take the summer off and work her job and get some rest.  I whole heartedly seconded that motion.  She already told her boss that she will be taking a few days here and there to come home and see her family.  Made me a happy Squaw.  She also wants to go to Schlitterbahn some time this summer, so we need to be saving something for that.

I would love to have a hammock.  I've never even  used one, and I've always wanted one.  I would love to lay in a hammock and read.  Total coolness.

Gotta get my bootie to work.  Everyone have a great day.  It's absolutely gorgeous out there.

Monday, May 16, 2011

R.I.P. Peanut

Sleeping dinner off
Peanut napping after dinner Friday  
Little Peanut fought hard for a week, but was just too weak to make it back to us.  He went to sleep Saturday morning around 6:30a.m.  Poor little fella.  I fed and cared for him every second of every day and night for a week, so that I still feel like there is something I should be doing.  I carried him everywhere with me because he had to be fed or given meds every hour 24/7, so I keep thinking something is missing.  Sweet boy.  We buried him under the tree next to my beloved lab Turke.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Peanut On A String

I've been busy 24/7 of this past week caring for a little three week old kitten that was orphaned.  Taking him everywhere with me because he needs constant care.  Fighting with the vets over the past week on numerous visits about them not giving him antibiotics and just telling me 'he's weak from being orphaned and left alone, just feed him and keep him warm. Now, today, when he is so bad that they think he's not going to make it, they decide 'Oh my!!!  He is very very sick, we need to give him antibiotics!!!'  Now that it may be too late.

Kathleen, he is currently at the vets.  I marched in there at 11:30am with a "YOU WILL DO SOMETHING FOR THIS LITTLE BABY AND QUIT LEAVING HIM TO SUFFER OR I WILL RAISE HOLY HELL ON YOU" attitude, insisted on seeing a different doc than I've had on previous visits, and went all crazy bitch on them.  I will pick him up after work.  I will get a picture of him then.  So far I've put off taking a pic of him because he's just been so down, not wanting to jostle or flash him.  But I fear that the time is now or never if I want a picture of him.   Tonight when I get him home.

Frustrating and sad day.

We shall see, we shall see.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Key To My Stupidity

New key for jalopy $178.00 plus tax.

They agreed to take a copy of my drivers license in lieu of the real thing, as long as the picture is clear enough that they can see its me.

Paid $2.00 for a copy of my registration, showing that I own the thing.

Got a ride to the pharmacy in town when I got the ride to the auto registration office in town, so I was able to get my prescription refilled to I don't go cold turkey off of it and kill someone.

MW is safe for another day.

Now I just have to secure a ride to the dealership before 11am tomorrow to get it ordered.  Then it takes about 2 days for them to get the key in.  Evidently, all of these keys come out of New Jersey.  Seriously?  Haha.

Once the key gets here, it still has to be programmed to my car.

Good times, gooooood times.

I am surprised that all of this is actually so dang humorous to me.

Guess the medication is kicking in pretty affectively.

This and That

As a matter of fact, Jar, yes she did know what that meant.  She had an older sister with older friends, and she attends public school.  Hell, she knew what a condom was when she was in the 2nd grade, because some moron on the bus was stealing them from his older brother and selling them to the other kids on the bus and she was witness to this.  Pardon me if my parenting skills are found lacking because of my lack of control over the shit other kids teach mine  :-(   Her idiot father also let her watch a Chucky movie when she was incredibly young that made her terrified of the dark.  I was at work.  Again, no control.  Shame on me and my neglectful parenting.

So, I locked my keys in the trunk of the jalopy yesterday.  Spent four hours with six different locksmiths and none of them could get into the car.  I was at Job #2 which is almost an hour away from home, so one of the wrecker services that has a very secure yard, great customers of ours, said they would put it on a flat bed and store it in their yard till I can send away for another key.  The only problem with that is, you have to show proof of ownership and bring your id with you in order to get another key ordered up.  My purse is locked in my trunk with the keys.  So is my file of paperwork on the car, because I had it here at Job #1 with me last week, working on some things with it.  So, this is my project today.  Calling the dealership to see what my next step is.  In the meantime, I have no car.  Remember, Mister Wonderful blew the engine in my Explorer up a couple of weeks ago, so the backup vehicle I was so proud to have paid off all by myself is no help in this situation.  Guess I'll have to use my broom.

Highlight of my Mother's Day....Papoose #2 works with me at Job #2.  We had had a long day at work, then after clocking out, starting in with the locksmith fiasco.  Well, as I was in the office with The Real Deal, looking up any information we could find on how to get my particular brand of jalopy broken into, Papoose #2 comes in and says "Ummm, I found this on the floor out there"  We turn around to see what she is referring to, and she is holding two $100.00 bills in her hand.  TRD takes them from her and says "Show me exactly where you found these please!"  He was thinking one of the managers was making a drop and somehow dropped it, but she takes him out on the floor by the customers and shows him where she found it.  It really wasn't near a particular table or group of people, so TRD locked it in the safe with a note attached to it.  Several hours later, after Papoose #2 and I were home, about 9:30pm or so, I get a text from TRD, the lady customer was nearly in tears when she asked him if anyone had found two hundred dollar bills and he said yes, as a matter of fact, his youngest busser had found it and turned it in to him immediately.  The lady was shocked that someone would be so honest, and said she honestly was just asking about it on a whim, and assumed that cash was long gone.  She left a 20.00 reward for Papoose #2 and said she is coming in next weekend to thank her in person for being so honest.  I love my kids.

The Real Deal got a ticket on his way to work yesterday.  Evidently his inspection sticker is out of date.  Oops.

Papoose #1 called me and wished my a Happy Mother's Day and was sad she had to work and couldn't be home with me for it.  I think she is taking next weekend off to come see me though, and that makes me happy.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I went out to start the coffee and the entire dining room table was covered with flowers that Papoose #2 had gathered for me.  She had notes all over the table with sweet little  things on them too.  Also, she had used her own money to buy me an amazingly comfortable pair of flip flops and a very cool custom contact lens case.  Such a huge heart in that kid.  She amazes me.  Love her!!!!

All of my keys to the house and work are locked in that trunk too.   As is all of my makeup.  As is Papoose #2's purse and all of her stuff.  As are my meds that I need to take every day.  Ugh.  Double Ugh.   Super duper Ugh!!!!!!  

Called the doc and they are calling me in a weeks worth of my medicine so I don't skip any.

Now to call the dealership and see if they are going to work with me on this.  Fingers crossed.

Have a great Monday everyone.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Auto Correct Madness

I'm sorry, but I could read damnyouautocorrect for HOURS, given the chance.  That is just some funny stuff, I'm telling you.  Probably so funny because of all the times I've made an ass out of myself by not proofreading my texts on autocorrect before sending.  Have mercy.

I once texted Papoose #2 when I was out of town and had a little autocorrect issue.  This was three years ago, she was only 12 at the time.  She had a new puppy and it had some skin irritation and had to be bathed every two days in medicated shampoo.   So I text her to ask her if she had washed her itchy puppy yet and the phone changed it to "have you washed your itchy pussy yet?"  Of course, I didn't realize that happened until my phone beeps and I have a text from Papoose #2 saying  "Mom!!!  That's just rude and inappropriate to speak to a CHILD that way!!!! Bwahahahahahaa".  Funny kid.

Good Sleep Mean Happy Squaw


Yes, that really is how I felt when I woke up this morning.  What a relief not to lay there exhausted but unable to sleep.  Too many days/weeks of that is a killer.

Throat feels sort of swollen and sore.  Perhaps a temporary side affect of the new medicine?  Or perhaps a residual affect from the numerous frosty adult beverages of which I partook night before last.

Went to deposit three of my checks in the bank after work yesterday, one check from Job #1 and two checks from Job #2.  The bank refused to deposit one of the Job #2 checks.  Said it had inaccurate account information.  Ummm, exact same number on the bottom of the check because it's drawn off the exact same account as the prior weeks check, seriously???  The lady REFUSED to run it through her little machine again.  I think someone was having a bad day.  Took it across the street to the grocery store and paid the one and a half percent to just get the damn thing cashed and be done with it.  I couldn't believe how bitchy that bank lady was about the whole thing.  Acted like I was trying to steal money from them or pull a fast one on them.  I sure hope her day got better.  Bless her heart.

LabPup came in the house last night not feeling well.  Don't know what was up with him, but I was extremely worried.  He was hunched up like he had a tummy ache and was sooooo quiet and sorry for himself that I was beside myself.  I know that MW had burned some trash this weekend, and I'm afraid LP got out in the burn pile and maybe got something he shouldn't have.  I was worried he ate some foil or plastic or something like that, in trying to get the goodies out.  I read MW the riot act for letting him get out there in the burn pile and told him if I woke up to a dead dog he better know it was coming out of his hide.  Fortunately, LP seemed a tad better this morning.  Had a little spring back in his step.  My buddy.

Just finished my oatmeal.  Time to take my happy pill.  That thing made me sick as a dog all day yesterday.  But all I ate before I took it was an apple, so this morning I went with oatmeal to see if we can avoid the nausea.  Here we go.

The blog world is quiet lately.  Or maybe it's just quiet around my blog.  I suppose everyone is tired of my whining.  Ah well, this journal has been therapeutic for me, so on I trudge.

Papoose #1 called yesterday and seems to be doing better.  She was given a couple extra days to study for her two finals she was worried about.  If she doesn't get an 85% or better on her biology test, she will lost the Honors Scholarship for next year, so it's the bottom of the ninth, two outs and bases are loaded.  She just took too many hours for a kid that has to work so much to get through school.  Not enough time to work so many hours and still study and hit all the classes.  Lesson learned.  Summer she will only take a couple of classes.  She needs the rest.  I'm sure she won't overload herself and threaten her ability to keep the straight A's ever again.  This was a rough semester for her.

Papoose #2 has friends that are all older than she is.  Most of them will be graduating this year.  She met them through her involvement in band, because she has been playing in the high school band since middle school.  Seriously amazing group of young people.  They have been the closest, most loving group of friends and it has been a pleasure watching them grow together.  Our house has always been the hang out house, which suits me perfectly.  They play rock band, guitar hero, watch movies, we put together bonfires for them weather and burn ban permitting, they pitch tents in the back yard and  camp out.  They go see movies together, go skating.  Heck, they even run errands for us parents together and make it a fun outing.  Some of my favorite memories will always be the times I've retired to my room to read and I will hear them float into some impromptu song, acapella, then float out of it with happy laughter...  Talented and amazing souls.  They will all be missed so much.  Poor Papoose #2 will be adrift for awhile, I fear.

One of the side affects the literature to my new medicine warns us to watch for is weight loss.  Yeah, that's going to break my heart.  Hahaha.

I'm dog sitting for a friend of mine who is flying out to California to see her daughter for Mother's Day. He will be dropped off Saturday night after I get off work and I will have him till Monday, I think.  Let the chaos begin.

I hope all of the wonderful women out there reading this have a special and fabulous Mother's Day.  As we all know by now, I most likely won't get off my lazy butt to blog over the weekend, so I wanted to tell you all now.  I will be working, but Papoose #2 will be too, so we will get to see each other.

Thanks for listening and being my therapy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Sharp Little Pill

I've got a case of the slows today.

Couple of reasons for that, I guess.  One reason may or may not be that I am battling a round with depression that is flat kicking my ass.  I've dealt with it without meds, for the most part, my entire life.  I'm afraid of medication of any kind, after watching my mother kill herself slowly with the cocktails she fed herself.  A couple of times I let the doctors put me on medication in the past.  The first one they put me on, Prozac, made my heart feel like it was jumping out of my throat and scared me to death, so I was only on it a couple of months and said F that!  The second one was Paxil I think, and that one screwed up my sex life in the worst way, and that was back when MW and I actually still had a smokin sex life, if nothing else.  So that one was nixed in a heartbeat.  Many years later my doctor wanted me on something after my mother died.  He was concerned about me, with me being the only child and having no support or help from any of her family through the whole ordeal.  He put me on Elavil and I was only on that for a month because it made it so I couldn't pee.  You cannot take a woman who has had two kids and make it so she can't pee.  That is NOT the way to improve her sunny outlook on life.

So here we are, present day.  I've fought for, and saved, my house.  I've dealt with a rough and sometimes hostile marriage, separation, living together again for financial reasons etc.  I have all the normal issues and challenges that everyone else in the world has.  I'm not special, I realize I'm no worse off than anyone else, and actually better off and more blessed than so many others.  BUT.  I have been living under so much pressure and stress for so long, that handling my depression on my own is just not an option anymore.  Not for awhile anyway.  I need a little help.  So I went to the doc Tuesday and talked all of this out with him.  I just took my first dose of my new happy pills about half an hour ago.  He said we should see some difference in about a week.  So we shall see.

I cannot drink any alcohol whatsoever while on this medication.  No gray area there.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  So that right there is an added benefit, the incentive to be good on that front as well.

Which leads me to the second reason I've got a case of the slows this morning.

Whew.  Had a couple of frosty adult beverages last night, sitting on the front porch talking to Mister Wonderful about everything.  And I do mean everything.  The house.  Money.  My depression and how hard it's been for me to manage it on my own and still be super wife and wonder mom all these years.  The fact that I'm tired.  I'm just plumb worn out.  Exhausted.  We talked about his infidelity,  and mine.  We talked about all the times I needed a partner, a husband, and he turned his back on me.  We talked about the fact that I gave him everything I had to give, and then some, all these years, and the fact that he really never did appreciate all that I did, all that I gave.  He realized how my life has been, as opposed to the life HE has lived through it all.  It was a good talk, once we got past the initial fit he threw, when he asked me why I didn't just kill myself already and get it over with.  I explained to him that not everyone that has a chemical imbalance or is depressed is necessarily suicidal.  Once he saw that his little hissy fit wasn't going to get him out of dealing with some issues that I had decided it was time we dealt with, he settled down with a look on his face like a petulant child and listened.  He actually listened.

This morning he sent me a text apologizing for being the asshole he's been all these years, and said I've always deserved better.  In the end, I think we both came out of the discussion ok.  No promises of trying it again or fresh starts.  I did mention The Real Deal in our conversation.  I let him know that I won't be bullied by him anymore, nor will I be the doting slave I've been to him all our years together.  He let me know that he is sorry, and that he always knew what a selfish spoiled jerk he was, and that it was wrong, but that he honestly thought it would always just go on that way anyhow.  I let him know that he thought wrong.

So, it's a new day.  Everything is going to be ok, one way or another.  It will all end up how it's meant to end up.  In the meantime, I'm going to keep myself busy loving  my Papooses and working my jobs and taking time to look around me at all the beauty and miracles we are surrounded with.

Have to work now.  Have a good day, all.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday?? Really????

Not that I'm cocky enough to think anyone noticed my absence, but I am alive and kicking, haha.

Just been exhausted and not feeling well, so Monday I played hookie and stayed home.  Took a day where I didn't have to interact with anyone.  Phone was even off.  It was great.  I accomplished absolutely nothing, and didn't even talk to the dog.  I needed that.

This office is in a constant state of chaos now.  The shit stays continuously stirred, and it is an incredibly stressful place to be every day.  It used to be pretty mellow most of the time, quiet.  The only wildness we had was whenever my type A boss would get the bit between his teeth on some subject or project and everyone would have to LIVE that subject with him till he worked through it.  Now, constant, continuous, unavoidable conflict and chaos.  It wears thin.

Papoose #2 finally called yesterday.  She's having a rough time of it.  She is ready for summer and a lighter course load and a little rest.   She is also frustrated that the car I got for her is having one issue after another.  Now she needs new tires desperately.  The guy I got the car from had put some fancy rims and low pro tires on it, so the tires cost an arm and a leg.  She is considering selling the after market headlights, tail lights, and rims that are on it to a kid and taking his stock stuff in trade towards them.  Then she will probably give the car to Mister Wonderful, who has shown constant interest in taking it from her.  She wants to go buy herself another car.  I have fought her about getting into a car payment and the insurance that will go along with that.  She doesn't understand, at her tender age, that if having to spend money here and there fixing a car that she has NO payment on and her mother is paying the insurance on pisses her off, having a monthly payment and full coverage that her mother WILL NOT pay for her is really going to rock her world.  Add to that all of the things that can still go wrong with said car so you have the repair bills on top of the payment and insurance, and you've got yourself some shit soup.  But I'm just the mom, and she knows better, right??  *Sigh*

Mister Wonderful has approached me about selling the tepee and moving closer to town and renting something for less money.  At this point in time I am losing interest and energy in fighting with the mortgage company about incorrect late fees and some made up inspection fees that they will not remove no matter how many hours I spend arguing with them.  I jumped through hoops and worked for months and years to get a modification on my home, but none of the things that were supposed to be adjusted after the modification was granted were ever honored by the mortgage company.  So I've basically been paying a double mortgage for over a year now, trying to get all of the bogus fees paid off as well as stay current on my account.  I'm tired.  I don't even have any money left over to fix anything that goes wrong with the house, because every penny I've got goes into keeping it.  I'm tired.  Now that I know I won't be staying there for good, once I get my money coming in from the stores, I'm sorta losing steam over fighting the good fight for that house.

I think I'm going to call the mortgage company, the insurance company (about the recent hail damage to the roof) and see if I'm even legally in a position to put it up for sale.  If it doesn't sell, and I'm still not all caught up, then screw it, I'm out.  If we are in a situation legally with the mortgage company where we can't feasibly put it on the market, then I do believe I will stop throwing good money after bad, and just start looking for a cheaper place to rent.  Way I see it, if I can find a decent cheap place somewhere halfway between here and the stores, I'll be doing ok.  At least then the commute time to each job would be split in half, until such time as I can afford to work only one job again.

Plus, I think it might be good to get MW set up down there closer to where he works and his friends so that when the time comes to pull the trigger and split the sheets, he will be at least somewhat set up and I won't worry about him quite so much.  I think about that, too.

Hopefully I'm thinking through this clearly.  All I know is, that old definition of insanity.....I don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.  My forehead is bloodied from beating my head against the wall.

It's not the end of the world.  It's just bricks and sticks.  Life goes on.