Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spiders, Kittens and Hormone Cocktails

When I walked out the back door to take LabPup out this morning I walked through a spiderweb.  It got in my eye.  It stuck to my contact and got tangled in my eyelashes.  Gross.  I still feel it in there, despite all of the cleaning out I attempted.  I hate spiders.

Although, we had one of those huge banana spider things make a nest outside the garage of one of our rent houses and it was there for a dang long time.  When it disappeared I was actually kinda bummed.  It was cool to watch.  But those little zippy bastards???  Ugh, no thanks.

Girl Kitten
My vet contacted me about a kitten that needs a home.  Yesterday they said they have two little ones that need a family.  They will be ready to go June 1st.  One of them was left tied to the door of the clinic and the other is the result of a pregnant momma cat that was dropped off in a box.  The momma cat took in the little orphan along with her kittens.  All of her kittens have homes except one, then the little orphan.  They called me a couple days ago, and I went by to see them yesterday after work.  Too cute.  They will even take care of the shots and all that for me.  Papoose #2 is so excited.  We've been so sad about our little Peanut.  I wasn't too sure about bringing in a new kitten, but after bouncing the idea off of my dear friend, I feel pretty good about it now.  So in a couple of weeks we will have  two bundles of furry chaos in our teepee.

Boy Kitten
The vet tech was trying to help me get pics of my two little furry darlings, but they were so excited to be loved on and play and run around, we had a heck of a time wrangling them to a stand still to get a picture.  We were both laughing so hard we were crying, with trying to get pictures of them.  I have many pictures of blurry fur haha.  We still never got a good one of the boy.  Little rascals.  I think I'm gonna name the boy Moses. Need ideas for a name for the little girl though, so send me your ideas pretty please?

Play nice, Jar!!!!

Papoose #2 invited me out on a mommy daughter date tonight.  I think we're going to eat at GoGo's, not sure yet.  Then again, we may get all wild and crazy and live like we're rich and go see a movie.  She is such a sweetheart of a kid.

Every time we drive to and from town, I think "there's the skunk I murdered, theres the armadillo I murdered"  Ugh.  Of course, Papoose #2 pointed them out to her buddy that drove her home yesterday, and his response was "Wow!!!  Two in a row!!!  Did she AIM for them or something????"  *sigh*

LabPup stepped on my foot and broke off my toenail on my big toe, to the quick.  And it's flip flop season.  I have to walk around with a stumpy toenail in flip flop season.  That sucks balls.

Finally got my new hormone cocktail from the pharmacy yesterday.  Some kind of compound.  Doc said the pills he had me taking weren't doing whatever it was they were supposed to, so we're upping the ante.  This could get interesting.

It's Taco Shack Thursday, yay!!

I'm done boring you now.  I've got to get some work done.  

Have a great day, all.


  1. I love the name Moses!!! That's so perfect. =)

    For the girl, Hope?

    I feel lovely things coming down the pike for all of you. <3

  2. oh!! such sweet kitties!! how great that they came along just when they were most needed... and just when the perfect loving home was available for them! you are awesome!

    hope that new cocktail is helping you out a bit! i haven't forgotten your email... i promise! coach & i have been wiped out... okay, pretty much I have been wiped out when i get home in the evenings....bleh

  3. Kathleen, there was never a question but that the little boy would be Moses, isn't that funny? As for the girl, we are thinking Gracie/Grace. What do you think?

    Mess, it's the height of kitten season, so no shortage of kitties needing homes all over right now, but I did think it was sweet of my vet to take the time to contact me about the ones they had there, very thoughtful of a busy place like that to think of us :-)