Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mayhem In Boyd Texas

The monthly donut shop gauntlet was just a little bit more interesting this morning.  Went by the bank, then as I'm sitting there waiting to get back around the corner to the donut shop to pick up the monthly safety meeting donuts for the guys, mayhem was unleashed.  Two older guys had a little oopsie.  In other words, one old guy in a Ford Ranger "T" boned another old guy in a Chevy pickup.  Both trucks looked to my untrained eye to be totalled.  Both guys were ok, or so it seemed.  They were both walking around their vehicles with a "What the fuck just happened" look on their faces.

Yet another example of why I pound into my Papooses heads that just because your light is green, that doesn't mean you go ahead and take off without checking the traffic all around you first.  Too many assholes run lights nowadays, whether because they think they are above the rules and are in that big of a hurry, or because they aren't paying attention.  I don't care why, it happens, way too often.

Just like if I'm waiting to pull onto a road and someone is coming towards me with their blinker on, I NEVER trust that they are really going to turn until they actually do.  My mother was hit by someone that didn't end up turning even though their blinker was on, totalled her car.

Is it wrong of me to get my feelings hurt and get pissy when I don't hear from The Real Deal every so often?  Yeah, I think it's wrong of me too.  Dang it.

Papoose #1 will not be coming home this week to visit after all.  She applied for, and got a job that will pay her $15.00 an hour and she can bring her homework with her and get her studies done.  It's a win win for her, and there is no way I could begrudge her starting her new job instead of coming home.  There will be other days she will be able to come visit, I'm sure.  I intend to take some time off and go visit her as well.  Papoose #2 and I surely do miss that girl......

Moses and Gracie come home today!!!!!!  They are finally old enough.  They are such healthy chubby little thingies!!!!!!   I sure wish Peanut would be here to play with them, poor little fella.  I still miss that little guy.  I've decided to keep them in the master bathroom for the first couple of weeks, since there's nothing in there they can tear up, pee on or get hurt with.  My laundry room is way too small, and they need to be kept somewhere for a little while so they realize that the kitty box is the only acceptable place to do their business.  Then little by little I'll let them have more freedom.  In the meantime, if they aren't being played with or held, they will have a safe room to go to.  So excited to have babies in the house again!!!!

Snuck by the work in progress second store Saturday in between rushes at Job #2.  They are already kicking ass in there.  We look to be on schedule for a fourth of July week opening still, good Lord willing and the creek don't rise!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed, my peeps.  That store getting up and running is the key to me being able to breath easier and stop being bare assed broke anymore.   Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Grapevine!!!!!!!!!

Sure do hope those two old dudes had their Depends on this morning........................


  1. poor two old dudes... Depends might have been critical for them... Oprah uses Poise lol

    i've never had cats but i sure like them... thinking that maybe when Queen Beulah kicks the bucket (not that she's close) i can talk coach into a cat... nah probably not... damn redneck...

    vacation to see papoose#2!! woot!

  2. Poor wreckage guys....i hate wrecks! The sound of the metal hitting metal [oofph]....been there. Awful.

    And Girls GET pissy & hurt when their Beloveds don't call. It's normal. ;-)