Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Sleep Mean Happy Squaw


Yes, that really is how I felt when I woke up this morning.  What a relief not to lay there exhausted but unable to sleep.  Too many days/weeks of that is a killer.

Throat feels sort of swollen and sore.  Perhaps a temporary side affect of the new medicine?  Or perhaps a residual affect from the numerous frosty adult beverages of which I partook night before last.

Went to deposit three of my checks in the bank after work yesterday, one check from Job #1 and two checks from Job #2.  The bank refused to deposit one of the Job #2 checks.  Said it had inaccurate account information.  Ummm, exact same number on the bottom of the check because it's drawn off the exact same account as the prior weeks check, seriously???  The lady REFUSED to run it through her little machine again.  I think someone was having a bad day.  Took it across the street to the grocery store and paid the one and a half percent to just get the damn thing cashed and be done with it.  I couldn't believe how bitchy that bank lady was about the whole thing.  Acted like I was trying to steal money from them or pull a fast one on them.  I sure hope her day got better.  Bless her heart.

LabPup came in the house last night not feeling well.  Don't know what was up with him, but I was extremely worried.  He was hunched up like he had a tummy ache and was sooooo quiet and sorry for himself that I was beside myself.  I know that MW had burned some trash this weekend, and I'm afraid LP got out in the burn pile and maybe got something he shouldn't have.  I was worried he ate some foil or plastic or something like that, in trying to get the goodies out.  I read MW the riot act for letting him get out there in the burn pile and told him if I woke up to a dead dog he better know it was coming out of his hide.  Fortunately, LP seemed a tad better this morning.  Had a little spring back in his step.  My buddy.

Just finished my oatmeal.  Time to take my happy pill.  That thing made me sick as a dog all day yesterday.  But all I ate before I took it was an apple, so this morning I went with oatmeal to see if we can avoid the nausea.  Here we go.

The blog world is quiet lately.  Or maybe it's just quiet around my blog.  I suppose everyone is tired of my whining.  Ah well, this journal has been therapeutic for me, so on I trudge.

Papoose #1 called yesterday and seems to be doing better.  She was given a couple extra days to study for her two finals she was worried about.  If she doesn't get an 85% or better on her biology test, she will lost the Honors Scholarship for next year, so it's the bottom of the ninth, two outs and bases are loaded.  She just took too many hours for a kid that has to work so much to get through school.  Not enough time to work so many hours and still study and hit all the classes.  Lesson learned.  Summer she will only take a couple of classes.  She needs the rest.  I'm sure she won't overload herself and threaten her ability to keep the straight A's ever again.  This was a rough semester for her.

Papoose #2 has friends that are all older than she is.  Most of them will be graduating this year.  She met them through her involvement in band, because she has been playing in the high school band since middle school.  Seriously amazing group of young people.  They have been the closest, most loving group of friends and it has been a pleasure watching them grow together.  Our house has always been the hang out house, which suits me perfectly.  They play rock band, guitar hero, watch movies, we put together bonfires for them weather and burn ban permitting, they pitch tents in the back yard and  camp out.  They go see movies together, go skating.  Heck, they even run errands for us parents together and make it a fun outing.  Some of my favorite memories will always be the times I've retired to my room to read and I will hear them float into some impromptu song, acapella, then float out of it with happy laughter...  Talented and amazing souls.  They will all be missed so much.  Poor Papoose #2 will be adrift for awhile, I fear.

One of the side affects the literature to my new medicine warns us to watch for is weight loss.  Yeah, that's going to break my heart.  Hahaha.

I'm dog sitting for a friend of mine who is flying out to California to see her daughter for Mother's Day. He will be dropped off Saturday night after I get off work and I will have him till Monday, I think.  Let the chaos begin.

I hope all of the wonderful women out there reading this have a special and fabulous Mother's Day.  As we all know by now, I most likely won't get off my lazy butt to blog over the weekend, so I wanted to tell you all now.  I will be working, but Papoose #2 will be too, so we will get to see each other.

Thanks for listening and being my therapy.


  1. Trudge on dear one. It's great reading, and I wouldn't know whats going on if you stopped!

    Happy Mothers day to you my newly found blogging friend!

  2. Thank you for that, Mister Corner :-) Made me smile!!

    Tell all your women Happy Mommy's Day from my tepee to yours!!!!!

  3. i have been MIA... ;( life got crazy all last week... work was just nutso... and it continues some into this week... oh i long to stop working! okay not really because the only reason i can do that is disability and i'm not ready for that yet!!

    i love your blog and always get here to read... eventually ;)

    i think all the blogosphere is slow...seems like it did this last spring/summer too... since the sun is out so late seems normal folks are outside doing picnics and gardening and all that other normal shit