Monday, May 23, 2011

Yep, I'ts Monday

Our fence blew down yesterday.  The.Whole.Fence.  Haha.  We got home so late from Job #2 last night it was dark and raining like crazy.  Didn't see the fence.  Then LabPup Milo and I were going through our usual work day morning routine and heading out to his yard, he goes prancing ahead of me with his monkey in his mouth and I've got his scoop of kibble, same exact routine everyday.  Well he skids to a stop and stares ahead with huge eyes, stares up at me, ahead again, up at me....I look up and see how open and beautiful and spacious his side of the backyard is.  hahaha.  It was greatness.

Mister Wonderful had called our insurance company a couple of weeks ago to come check the damage we had to the fence and roof from the hail storms etc.  They sent us WAY less than he was expecting for both.  Just got the check in the mail Saturday.  Now this last storm tore the roof up much more and the fence breathed it's last.  Do I call the insurance company again?  I have no idea what to do now.  Being a grown up is confusing.

Yesterday was our 18th wedding anniversary.  MW didn't speak a single word to me all day.  Well, what little part of the day I was home.  Worked 12 hours of it.  I have a bizarre life right now.  I hate how it is and am working as hard as I possibly can to get it all sorted out and straightened out and right.  I really am.

My jalopy guardian angel sent me some info and links about the ambient temperature sensor location on my jalopy and a link to where I can buy the very affordable part.  So I'm all excited to check out my sensor and see what's up with it.  Well, it's not there anymore.   It seats down into the molded wheel well in the front drivers side of the car.  That wheel well is gone.  I don't mean cracked or loose, it's GONE.  That's part of the damage Mister Armadillo did.  The whole front spoiler on the jalopy needs new clips and wheel wells because they were already loose and damaged when I bought the car, but now that one side is just, gone.  And the other side comes loose and rubs on the tire all the time.  It has needed repair since I bought the car, but the attack of the killer skunk and armadillo proved too much for it and it's an absolute necessity now.  Darn it.

I still haven't picked up my glasses from the eye doc, because all of these other unexpected things keep coming up.  New key, new parts for the jalopy, the labor for someone to do the work.  Shootamonkey.

I am very much looking forward to the three day weekend, and the day off that Monday will afford me.  I'm totally staying home.

Still rarely hear from Papoose #1.  Makes me sad.  We used to be so close.  On the flip side, Papoose #2 and I are getting a lot closer than we ever have been, and that makes my heart happy.

I have tried to comment on each of my blogfriends blogs this morning and keep getting a message of Service Unavailable.  Sorry guys and gals, I have tried, honestly.

Have to get to work.  Have a good day all.


  1. Cars can be such money pits!!!

    How's KittenCare going? =)

    There are so many painful phases of Motherhood, aren't there? Don't worry, she'll phase back your way before long....sounds like she's stretching (and flopping) those wings. xo

  2. Shootamonkey?
    Cali talk?

    Vehicles are money pits for sure, btdt last week.

  3. Kat, kittens come home Wednesday!!! I've gone by a couple times to see them and play with them :-) And I sure hope you are right about Papoose #1, I keep thinking that maybe I gave them such a jacked up life that they just can't wait to get away then they've escaped they'll run as far and as fast as they can..........

    Yep Corner, that and Fuck a Duck are a couple of my favorite sayings :-)