Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swimming To The Surface

I finally slept through the night last night without startling awake listening for a tiny kitty meowing for food.

I've had Moolinium Crunch Blue Bell in my freezer for a week now and haven't had any yet.  That's just about the only sweet that's dangerous for me to have in the house.  Otherwise, candy and cookies can be all over and I don't really bother with it.  Only that ice cream or coffee flavored ice cream, then watch out.  I'm more of a chips and crackers kinda snacker, if I'm going for junk food.

Don't you hate it when you play an awesome word on Words With Friends and then the person you are playing comes back and ads an "S" or an "ED" to it and steals all those points off of your genius??  Hahaaha.  Punk.  Of course, I do the same thing, but that's different, right?????  Hahahaha

I used to LOVE Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers.  I would drink one while I was cooking dinner or whatever.  Loved those things.  Why can't we buy those anymore?  Loved the commercials with Bruce Willis too.

Jar, don't be such a baby.

I think all of my meds are starting to work finally.  I've grown in some eyelashes again and I just generally feel better.  Oh, and the happy pills may or may not be working, I have no idea other than the fact that I didn't have a melt down when I locked the keys in the trunk of the jalopy on Mother's Day.  I know they make me REALLY sleepy for a couple of hours after I take them, and I have to take them in the morning, so I have to fight to stay awake at my desk for awhile.

The Real Deal is sick.  Has no insurance so won't go to the doctor.  He's working so many hours and stressing out so much trying to make these stores a reality and a success.  He's lost so much weight, doesn't eat nearly as often as he should and when he does eat he does NOT make the best choices nutritionally.  We finally had us a little discussion on that yesterday where I pointed out the fact that he is just now getting his career really rolling and is getting so close to having the freedom to really live, why would he throw that all away with destroying his health by not taking better care of the only body God gave him.  I think I may have finally gotten through.  We shall see.  I so wish we could afford for him to get to a doctor though.  Poor guy.

Papoose #1 is out of school for the summer.  She had intended to take a couple classes over the summer break, but she over loaded herself so bad this last semester that she finally decided to just take the summer off and work her job and get some rest.  I whole heartedly seconded that motion.  She already told her boss that she will be taking a few days here and there to come home and see her family.  Made me a happy Squaw.  She also wants to go to Schlitterbahn some time this summer, so we need to be saving something for that.

I would love to have a hammock.  I've never even  used one, and I've always wanted one.  I would love to lay in a hammock and read.  Total coolness.

Gotta get my bootie to work.  Everyone have a great day.  It's absolutely gorgeous out there.

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