Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fortune Cookies and the $*&%^%$^# Government

Since the great transformer outage in Boyd precluded any in town food run today, I decided to make a banzai run to Saginaw for some Panda Express.  Another gal from the office thought that was a fine idea and placed her order. Then the idea spread like wildfire and we ended up bringing food back for 7 people!!  This whole place screeched to a complete halt while everyone strapped on the feed bag.  It was really nice!!!

Tomorrow I'm making breakfast and bringing it in for everyone.  That's always a nice time too.  I enjoy that, and really like how everyone takes a little time to just eat and chat.  Totally worth cooking for.

Just got an IM from Papoose #1.  She is going to be home from Sunday through Friday!!!!!!  Happy mommy, happy happy happy mommy!!!

AND she found out that one of the guys she works with is a mechanic and has owned Volkswagons since he was a kid, and was able to tell her that he's 99.9% sure he knows what is causing her car to do what it keeps doing.  The part is only like 15.00 and he said he'd replace it for her.  Said that if that's not the problem, he's positive he can fix whatever it is for her, but that just from her description of the issue, he knows it's something he's seen in VW's a thousand times.  Yay again!!!

So, things have been a little sticky around the office of Job #1 these past couple weeks.  We had a DOT audit and things have gone downhill from there.  It's not that we've done anything wrong, per se, but there was one test that we do differently than the DOT wants it done, so we're having major fallout from that in the form of the DOT sending threatening letters out to all of our customers that fall under that test category and putting the fear of God into them, which in turn leads to rather heated phone calls in to our office because of it.  It's been a beating, and will get worse before it gets better, unfortunately.  Not fun, not fun at all.

My fortune cookie fortune read:  THE PROJECT YOU HAVE IN MIND WILL SOON GAIN MOMENTUM.   Heck yeah, man!!!!!  COME ON JOB #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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