Friday, May 20, 2011

Dickin Around On The Internet When I Should Be Working (or, Lunchtime)

Wow, this makes me incredibly happy I am not an AT&T customer.

I had a pressure cooker once.  Only one time did I ever use a pressure cooker.  Reason?  Because the one time I used it, I was cooking chicken in it and the thing exploded and shot pieces of chicken and chicken broth all over my kitchen and dining room.  I was finding and cleaning up pieces of chicken and broth for the remaining years we lived in that house.  The noise when it blew sounded like we were being bombed or the whole back half of the house had been destroyed.  Scared the living bejeezus out of the whole family.   The dog didn't come out of hiding for three days.  Papoose #1 has refused to be around balloons since that day.  No amount of quick and tasty cooking was ever worth the Post Traumatic Stress we all suffered from that day.  Now I see that we were actually lucky.

One of the gals in the office made some home made pickled jalepenos that are the BOMB.  She said it's a Paula Deen recipe but I am not having any luck so far in finding it.  I wanted to make some this weekend, in between working.  Dang it.

Wonder if Mister Wonderful would be interested in working for this company?

Is there no end to the stupidity of people??????

Woody Allen has always given me a bad case of the skeevies.  That guys is just a major creeper.  Don't like his work either.

Wow, drugs and alcohol are a weakness so many cannot escape.  My mom loved this guy in Taxi.  Of course everyone loved him in Grease.

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  1. huge fan of jeff conway... even on celebrity rehab...poor man... poor soul....

    pressure cookers are evil!