Friday, May 6, 2011

Auto Correct Madness

I'm sorry, but I could read damnyouautocorrect for HOURS, given the chance.  That is just some funny stuff, I'm telling you.  Probably so funny because of all the times I've made an ass out of myself by not proofreading my texts on autocorrect before sending.  Have mercy.

I once texted Papoose #2 when I was out of town and had a little autocorrect issue.  This was three years ago, she was only 12 at the time.  She had a new puppy and it had some skin irritation and had to be bathed every two days in medicated shampoo.   So I text her to ask her if she had washed her itchy puppy yet and the phone changed it to "have you washed your itchy pussy yet?"  Of course, I didn't realize that happened until my phone beeps and I have a text from Papoose #2 saying  "Mom!!!  That's just rude and inappropriate to speak to a CHILD that way!!!! Bwahahahahahaa".  Funny kid.


  1. Wow. She knew what a pussy was at 12? An appropriate response from a 12 year old would have been "but mommy, I don't have a cat"!!

    I had no idea what a pussy was until I was 21 or 22.


  2. hahahahahaha i'm laughing so freakin hard right now!!!!!! that is too funny!!!