Friday, September 30, 2011

Don't Hate The Playa Hehehe

The cause of all the hatin' 

So, Papoose #2 and I went down to Will Rodgers last night and picked up our new baby.  That's him up there, ain't he cuuuuuuute??????????????????  He is out of one of the most famous farms in the world.  Horses from this farm and from his breeding average $12-$15K.  Yes, thats THOUSANDS.  Crazy, ain't it???  No, I didn't pay that amount for him sillies!!!  But I did work a deal where he is mine all mine for the mere price of one U.S. dollar.  Yep, you read that right, $1.00!!!!   We won't go into details, but I may or may not have been hopping up and down squealing in a most unattractive way when the deal was hammered out and they handed me his lead rope  :-)

It was incredibly difficult for me to type and then leave the word "ain't" in the above paragraph.

So, a couple of people that I've known for years and we've shown with for as long as I can remember are incredibly pissy about me getting this little horse.  Jealousy is an ugly thing, for sure.  I mean, I've been envious of people that have nice things that I would love to have, but I've never in any way felt ugliness towards them for it.  I mean, what's the gain in that??  I don't understand how someone thinks being nasty about something like that is doing anyone any good.  Be happy for the person and share in whatever is going on with them, ya know?  *sigh*  Life is just so much better when you choose happiness.  Idk, oh well.   Anyhow, I was SHOCKED at how a couple of these "friends" reacted to me scoring this horse.  Outright green eyed envious venom, amazing.  Darn shame.  Now I'm going to have to go into the show ring and whip their asses with him and take home the checks myself  :-)

Was that catty??

Fuck yeah, it was.

Papoose #2 will be gone overnight with the cross country team.  She was SO excited about this trip.  They are headed to Round Rock.  Prayers for their safe trip and for her to continue to improve her time on her run. Sweet baby girl.

A friend here at work was gone yesterday to attend his Aunts funeral.  She and his Uncle were married when they were teens and she was, I believe, 87 when she passed.  I can't help but feel sad for the Uncle, who is left behind.  They say most left behind don't last much longer once they lose their love, their life.  This never really used to click with me until I met The Real Deal.  I had never loved or been loved that way before, so had no basis for comprehending the pain of loss that something like that entails.  Prayers, Uncle, prayers.

Papoose #2's long time girlfriend is being a real bitch to her lately.  She doesn't like that Papoose #2 has lots of friends and is liked by everyone.  Again, jealousy is nothing but destructive and hurtful.  I find it very interesting to watch how Papoose #2 deals with things like this though.  My kids make me proud of them every day.  They are both really just good people, just really good people.

My shoulder is still torn up from the train wreck I had with that horse a few months ago.  I can't lift it out to the side at all.  I went to put my purse in the back seat of the truck the other night, and it screamed so loud I nearly had tears in my eyes.  Sore as hell.  I'm sure something is terribly amiss.

Getting old sucks.  Shit starts falling off of you like a '69 Impala.

The gelding party at the farm was a huge success.  None of the boys realize exactly what they have lost just yet.  They are just taking tiny steps all over the pasture.  Still calling to the mares, completely unaware of the life change they've just gone through.  Haha.  For those of you who've never been to a gelding party, I shall include pics :-D
Looking dead, ready for surgery 

Waking up, still drunk on special K 

Don't need those anymore!!! 

Those nuts are the size of baseballs.  Incredible, considering they came off of a horse that is only like 30" tall. Yeah, horse people talk about some pretty gross stuff, I know.

And yes, as a matter of fact I DID send that picture to Mister Wonderful with a text that read "Don't go to sleep tonight, sweetheart"  *insert evil laugh*

So how come we haven't seen a picture of the uber cool building Corner bought, or the also uber cool BAHIMBY of Jars??   Holding out on us, huh guys?

Damn my shoulder hurts.

So, worked the house thing out.  No auction for this teepee.   Now to bust ass to pay the massive payments for six months.  This particular challenge is a blessing though, and I will not complain about it.

Well, maybe I'll bitch and whine some, but hey, I am who I am.

I have to get to work now.  You all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hearth and Home

Just got off the phone with the mortgage company.

It's official.  I finally got them to give me my repayment plan.

After 10 calls a day to them, every day, for the past week.

No, I am not exaggerating.

Now, as long as I can work enough hours at Job #2 so I can make the $2500.00/month mortgage payments for the next 6 months, we're golden.

But at least we still have a place to live.

No, I do NOT make that kind of money.  So more hours at Job #2 coming up!!!  I know that amount of money for a mortgage is small potatoes to some people, it isn't to me though, haha.

Hard as it will be, I'm thankful for it.  It was my choice to keep my home.  Now I just have to buckle down and do what needs done.

Some of the stress heart attack in my chest feeling has let up.

Thank you for listening.

Remember to appreciate something small today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because Payroll Wench Told Me I Was Too Noisy When I Walked Into Work Today-Yeahhhh Boyyyzzzzz

Phones and Horses and Stuff

As much as I despise smoking and refuse to be around it, I've always absolutely loved the smell of tobacco before it's lit.  I wonder if that is from my mother smoking her whole life, and equating the smell of her opening a pack of cigarettes fresh?  Idk.

I get to go horse shopping after work today.  Me loves me some horse shopping.  Gotta check out a little yearling while he is here for Worlds and see if we want him or not.  He's in town from Nebraska.  Nationals and Worlds are such a fun time of year.  You get to see/shop horses from all over the United States and all over the world.  Get to meet some really cool people from all over as well.  Good times.

HappyDealUSA  has some fun fun phone covers.  Papoose #1 ordered her a gel phone cover for her Evo last week and it arrived in our mailbox last night.  Evidently she has yet to change her paypal address to the school one, hehe.   So of course, being the good mom that I am, I promptly put it on my phone, just to make darn sure it wasn't defective, you know ;-).  Love it!!  Now Papoose #2 wants this one, loves the colors, and Papoose #1 wanted different colors anyhow, so we will be ordering a couple more today.  Cheapo deapo too.  Made like the Otter Boxes but only like fourteen bucks instead of fifty.  The day I pay fifty bucks for a phone cover is the day someone better shoot me.  Good grief.

Yeah yeah, all you iPhone snobs out there have the zillion dollar Otter Boxes, I know I know.  Haha.

I like my Evo better than anyones iPhone I've ever used.  So there.

Mister Wonderful is on vacation this week, I know I mentioned it.  Now, normally I take care of his dogs etc every morning before work.  He just gets up and gets himself ready and goes to work and I take care of the chores around the house, including feeding the dogs.  Well I get home last night to discover that he never bothered to feed LabPup Milo or James Earl.  Really?  You were home ALL DAY and it was too much to ask of you to throw some kibble their way?  Ok, I'm done being a bitch on that now.

Do all men name their penis??

The Payroll Wench here makes the coffee so strong that it's like drinking tar.  Makes me sick to my stomach and gives me heartburn immediately.  I stopped drinking her coffee months ago, and instead bring a thermos of my coffee from home.  I didn't even think to let the other gal in the office know I had real coffee till today.  Now we will share it.  Feel kinda selfish for not thinking to offer her some sooner, knowing that the PW's coffee makes her sick too.

If you're gonna be gone most or all of the day Friday to fuck off with your boyfriend, just say so.  Don't stand in my doorway for 25 minutes throwing out garbage about all the reasons you need to be late and leave early.  I really don't care.  Just go.  Do it.  Beside, you are horrible about remembering all of the detailed lies you tell.  Please stop wasting little bits of my life forcing me to be polite and listen to your bullshit.  Thank you.

Once I get my heavy bills paid off, I'm going to finally start going to the boot camp thing I found close to home.  The only worry I have is, it looks like they may not offer the ever so convenient after work class that they offered a few months ago.  If they don't have that one anymore, I can't do the boot camp thing for a fun way to work out.  All the other classes are right when I need to be getting to work in the morning.  Dammit.  If I can't do that, then I'll be looking for a workout buddy.  Any takers??????   Come on, you know you want to!!!

I feel so awful for Birdie.  I cried when I read of her mom yesterday.  I've been following her blog for a long time now, and we all knew what was coming, but having gone through much the same thing with my mother, I feel so deeply for all she is going through.  Her sweet mother is no longer in pain, but poor Birdie is without her mother for the first time in her life.  No matter what kind of relationship you had with your mother, losing her is like losing part of yourself.  Prayers are with you, sister.

I used to enjoy Kathleens blog.  She's is a super neat person and I really enjoy her friendship.  Other people in the world are psychotic assholes and ruin it for everyone.

I feel for WSpouse, dealing with all her gimpy men!!!!  I think Corner did that on purpose, to get him some special attention  ;-)

I have to get to work now.  Lots of stuff to do that I don't really want to do but must.  Bleh.

Peace out, peeps.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'll Never Give Them Up

You know, even if my dreams never do come true, just HAVING them with me every day to explore and cherish makes everything worth it.

Just sayin.

People Watching and Whippin Dat Man Into Shape

You know, the funniest thing about the "sportin wood" comment from yesterday/Friday is that we were never even remotely in a situation that would merit that on Friday.  I mean, he was in Tulsa all week and got back in LATE Friday night and stayed out in his man cave till way after I went to bed.  Then I was up at 5am Saturday morning to drop Papoose #2 off for the cross country bus and get on the road to Hutto.   Too funny.  Asshole.

Man, work went so smoothly last night.  We had everything done for closing so quickly after close, I kept walking around thinking "now, what have I forgotten??"  I love nights like that!!  I'm so thankful it went that way, I was super tired.  I also made it out of there before most of the Cowboys game traffic surged its way up that direction.  I did NOT want to play with those folks.  Still saw a few very swervy and aggressive drivers that may have been drinking.  Or they could have been texting.  Or they could have just been assholes.  Haha.

Another manager bit the dust at Job #2.   About the right amount of time has passed so the flies will separate from the cream.  We will have some flux here over the next couple of weeks, then everything should settle down.  All I have to say is, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that The Real Deal and his Brother brought on board that I warned them would be nothing but trouble and would never be an asset to the company no longer work for us except for ONE.  I am a pretty good judge of character, and I pegged every one of them.  The only reason the last one is there is because shes insanely in love with the Brother and treats him like he lives on Mount Olympus.  Considering the God complex he has, he would never give her up.  Thankfully, TRD is finally getting her to at least do a little bit of what is expected in her job description.  So theres that, I guess.

Isn't it funny how things that you totally loved when you were a kid, just aren't the same as an adult?  That goes from food to entertainment etc.

Please believe that I am not even joking when I say I got stuck behind a sonofabitching PT Cruiser again, on my way from Job #1 to Job #2.  Trust me, also, when I say that lady had NOWHERE to go and plenty of time to get there.

It was fun watching the whole store full of people watch the Cowboys game last night.  I enjoy people watching, and I just went about my work and watched them all cheer for their team.  It was quite enjoyable.  TRD is a very very vocal and active football fan.  It's hilarious.

TRD is settling down and getting his priorities back in order.  This makes things much more in line with making me a happy Squaw.  In other words, he's trying in little ways to show me attention, affection and love, and he spoils me a little.  I like it.  A lot.

He is shopping for a decent place to live now.  All of his bills are paid off, and he has the cash now for the deposits and rent to get moved into a nicer place than the hovel he's been living in for the last two years.  And when I say hovel, dear friends, I am being kind.  Once he is moved I will take pics and share them.  It's awful.  But it was a roof, and all he could manage to afford while he picked himself up and built up his life again.  Now we just need to find him a duplex somewhere close to the stores.  We had found a perfect one, but it rented before he was ready to move in without hurting himself financially.  The hunt begins again.

Ok.  Time to get busy over here.   Not in the fun way.  Work.  I guess I open my mouth and talk too much around here to get busy in any other way, huh?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA omg, I just crack myself up!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sportin Wood

I'm here.  I just haven't had any words really.

Mister Wonderful is on vacation this week, and happened to be in town.  Asked me to go to lunch with him which in and of itself is a shocker.  Turns out, he was trying to butter me up to see if I will cosign for a new Dodge Charger for him.  He's all hot and heavy to get a brand new one.  Yeah.  Right.  Uh. No.

Right as he was dropping me off back at work, he says "You know, I actually was sporting wood on Friday night, but then you opened your mouth and started talking".  That guy.  That crazy funny guy.  Prince Charming.

Papoose #2 took her miniature horse and dressed him up as the school mascot and took him in the homecoming parade. Boy were they ever a hit.

Papoose #1 came home for the weekend again.  Went to the homecoming game with her sis and then hung out with friends till her sis's homecoming dance was over, then brought her home.

Papoose #2 had her cross country meet Saturday morning, and beat her own time from the week before. Very proud of that kid.

Papoose #1 rode with a friend of mine and I down to Hutto Texas to look at a new driving horse.  Man was he nice.  What a fabulous find.  Gonna make-a-da-moolah with that one.  Lots of fun to be had.  He will be delivered in October.  Yay.

Spent the rest of Saturday and much of Sunday at the AMHA Worlds horse show at Will Rodgers.  It's like the superbowl of the A registry for the little horses.  Lots of money in that place, Lord have mercy.  It's still going on, if you all want to go down and wander around and see horses that are about 32" tall on average, that cost people upwards of $22,000.00.  Yeah, NO I'm not kidding.

I have to work tonight.   Closing.  Fucking beating.  I do NOT feel like doing that today.  I'm exhausted.  For some reason, I could NOT sleep last night.  I hate when that happens.  Oh well.

Managed to get my shit together and send in what I think will be an acceptable down payment on the repayment plan on the house.  Have to call them later and find out for sure.  Fingers crossed.  Gonna be a tough six months ahead, even if they do accept it.  Ouchers on a higher mortgage payment, but at least I'm still one of the people that has their house.......

James Earl went four whole days of leash training REFUSING to walk on a leash.  You didn't take that dog for a walk, you took him for a drag.  Literally.  I've had literally hundreds of dogs through my home over the years that I've vetted up, trained and found good homes for, and I have NEVER run across one so hard headed.  I thought his legs were going to end up inches shorter, from the amount of dragging he went through.  I tried every trick of the trade, from talking sweet to using cheese to entice him to step forward.  And about a dozen other things in between.  You take the leash off and he prances right along, you put the leash on, and it's like you super glued the little bastard to the spot.  He sat in the kitchen floor Thursday night for two HOURS because the leash was on him.  Sat there like a statue.  Not even kidding.  He finally gave in late Saturday night at the horse show and started walking along with Papoose #1 while I was helping with the horses.  I gave him the day off yesterday, because I just didn't have the time to fool with him.  We shall see tomorrow if his lesson stuck, see if he walks on his leash.  Crazy ass animal.

I've been so busy and so tired, I can't even keep track of what day of the month it is.  That's terrible.  Especially since I didn't realize it was MW's birthday yesterday till Papoose #2 told him Happy Birthday dad.  Ah well, he'd spent the whole morning cussing me and calling me names anyway, I don't see where I could have fit a heart felt "Happy Birthday Honey" in there anyway.  I still feel like the worlds meanest person over it though.  Sheesh.

I want to take a nap.

I really get irritated with people that make things more complicated or dramatic than they need to be.

Told my friend about our chupacabra weird crazy scary sound incident from when she was gone and I was feeding the farm for them.  Now she's scared to feed in the dark.  Oops.

Well, I know it's boring, but I've been pretty busy and brain dead lately.  Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Remember to stop and appreciate something extraordinarily ordinary today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boring Shit Even I Don't Feel Like Reading To Proof


I have my uber awesome fall picture on my desktop for the season.  Makes me soooo happy.  I can't wait to live somewhere they have scenes like this again.  I miss it so much.

This chick cracks me up. She is a lunatic just like I am.  Love it.

It's been so wonderful not having to spend four hours a day, morning and night, feeding the farm.  All I have to do now is drive Papoose #2 in to cross country practice at 6am and head back home, get ready for work, drive in.  That's it!!  Fabulous!!!

My friend still has not made the hard decision for her lab.

The raccoon fell into the half empty swimming pool at the farm and met an ugly demise.  Little bastard.

The Real Deal is coming over for dinner tonight.  Yay  :-)

Can I reach out and ask everyone, please, when you're driving with your high beams on and you see someone coming towards you, turn the damn high beams off!!!!  Especially on these dark back country roads, I have one hell of a time seeing where the road is when those fucktards blind me with their high beams. I swear, if I hit a mailbox or something because of that, I WILL turn around and chase the idiot down and beat their ass.  I hate people.  People suck.  People are stupid.  And selfish.  Even if they don't drive PT Cruisers.

Speaking of cars, Mister Wonderfuls company rented him a Dodge Charger to drive while he is in Tulsa for the week.  As soon as we dropped him off at the car rental place and saw him get into it, I told the girls "I give it about an hour before he decides he's trading the Cobra in on one of those".  I was dead freaking spot on.  Almost to the minute.  Hehe.

That will interfere with my three year plan, in that I had wanted his car to be paid off before the divorce so that he would be in the best financial shape possible when it happens.  Ah well, nothing I can do about his decisions, right?

I love my jalopy, and just can't wait to fix the little things that are wrong with it.  Everyone gives me shit saying that I'd buy a brand new one if I had the money, but they are wrong.  I've not seen another car like mine anywhere.  I adore it.  Pfft, haters!

Papoose #1 will be able to make the horse show we go to every year in October!!  This will be the first year that she and Papoose #2 will compete against each other.  They are finally in the same age bracket.  Uh oh.... hehe.  James Earl will be going to the show too.  He will also be dressed up as part of the costume contest. Good times.

I desperately need new shoes for Job #2.  Anyone with suggestions of what type/brand/style of shoe I should try out, it would be greatly appreciated.  I have to stand on concrete for hours on end.  Need comfy shoes with lots of cushion.  Ideas???  Anyone?????

I am so broke it's ridiculous.  I may have to call in some markers.  Bleh.

I'm hungry, gotta go cook an egg or some oatmeal or something.

Have a great Tueday, all.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I LOVE FALL!!!!!  My favorite time of year, fall, love love love it!!  The cooler weather, the changing colors, the excitement about football and the holidays and just everything it entails.  I switch the candles I burn from fresh fruity summertime ones, to spicy, apple, hazelnut warm fuzzy ones.  Just HAPPY.

Well, I'm officially done feeding the farm.  Man am I ever glad, too.  That was a colossal beating.  That shit needs to be left to those who have no real jobs.  Man.  Love my friends and I know I'll end up doing it again for them, but I cannot begin to express how relieved I was when I woke up this morning and realized I didn't have to head out to spend a couple of hours in the dark feeding.

Papoose #1 was in town for Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday.  She was in desperate need of some new clothes and a few things to use in her kitchen at school, so we logged about a million miles and many hours of shopping getting it done for her.  We had an absolute blast.  I even scored six pairs of flip flops at 3.00 each, because I'm just good like that.

I also finally splurged and bought the 4" memory foam mattress topper for my giant king sized bed.  It was expensive, but so worth it.  My friend raved about hers when she bought it, and I was like yeah yeah whatever, it's a damn mattress pad.  Then I stayed at her place several nights while I was watching the farm and man alive did that thing make a difference in the pain or lack thereof while I was resting.  I am not exaggerating when I say that over the past couple of years it's gotten to where I only sleep about 15-20 minutes at a time, because the arthritis in my knees and shoulders hurts so bad that there is no position I can lay in and get comfortable.  Even rolling over brings me completely awake because it hurts me so badly.  With this thing, it gives massive amounts of support EVERYWHERE on your body, but gives in all the right places so I don't feel like my bones are grinding into each other anymore.  It's a miracle.

Saturday night Papoose #1 and I got done with shopping really late, so we were at the farm at like midnight to check on all the animals.  There are five different barns that have horses that need to be fed and watered, and several pastures as well.  When we were in the show barn and I was hooking the hose up to water, I heard a noise above my head, looked up, and there was a huge raccoon.  He was staring down at me and hissing and dancing back and forth from one front foot to the other.  I could tell the little bastard was about to pounce on me.  I think he wanted the sweet feed I was getting ready to hook the filly up with next to me.  Papoose #1 starts yelling "OMG KILL IT!!!  KILL IT BEFORE IT JUMPS DOWN AND EATS YOUR FACE OFF!!!!"  I'm madly trying to get the quick connect on the hose to work because I'm trapped in a horse stall with really nothing else to use for defense but the damn water hose.  I finally get the hose connected and the water turned on, which is no small feat, considering the faucet I have to be at is directly under the eave the damn pissed off coon is hanging off of.....there is NO water pressure to speak of there, so there I am with a limp hose and a pissy little dribble of water coming out, trying to squirt this crazy coon off the rafter before he lands on my face.  The filly is running terrified circles around me, shit infused dust is flying everywhere, Papoose #1 is showing her support by screaming outside the stall door, I'm cussing like a sailor.  I shoot the little bastard in the face and I swear, his eyes got so big around, he looked like one of those cartoon raccoons.  He starts to hiss louder and really gets to dancing, getting ready to jump in that damn stall with me, and thankfully the water pressure kicks in and I really give him a good shot to the face and he jumps down out of the eaves and into the pasture in back.

Papoose #1 clung to me the rest of the time we fed.  Finally we're done except for watering and throwing hay to the llamas in the front pasture so we are walking down there in the dark when we hear the most bizarre sound coming from the hay barn out there.  It was not like any growl or bark we've ever heard.  It was almost like the weird sounds the bigger primates make.  It was incredibly menacing.  Whatever was over there did NOT want us coming for a visit.  We ignored it the first couple of times, knowing the llamas needed their dinner, but when we heard the noise again, along with the sound of something rather large coming through the pasture, breaking the fallen twigs and limbs from the trees out there, we shot that hay out there like a shot put and took off at a sprint towards the car.  We made about a quarter mile in 2.3 seconds, I swear.  The land out there is several inches deep in sand, too, so sprinting is no picnic.  Nobody fell down, I didn't drop my phone (the only light we had at that point) and Papoose #1 got the gate opened in record time.  I didn't have a heart attack.  I haven't run like that in forever. I swear.   Crazy.Ass.Shit.

Our friends made it back from Nationals safely.  Sad news though.  My one friend that lives at the farm has a chocolate lab.  She's had him with her every day since he was born over 10 years ago, since a good friend of hers had the mother.  He's been declining lately, with all the typical large breed problems.  Well, while they were at the show, he started having nosebleeds.  Finally, when one was really bad, our other friend went and grabbed a vet buddy of ours that shows with us and she came over to check him out.  The poor thing has a tumor in his head, as well as several in his stomach.  Now we are waiting for his owner, our dear friend, to make the right decision.  So far she is not willing to do that.  He is in great pain, so we are hoping that today she will find the courage to let him rest.  So sad.  They just don't stay with us long enough.  Ever.

On a brighter note, The Real Deal has all day Tuesday off, and unheard of miracle.  I will get to spend the evening with him, after I get out of Job #1.  Of course, TRD was sweet enough to put people in place to cover my schedule at Job #2 this week, because Mister Wonderful is in Oklahoma for work all week.  We didn't want Papoose #2 home alone all those evenings I usually close the store.  So this will be a lazy week for me, only working Job #1 8-5 and no farm to go feed twice a day!!!

Have a great Monday, all.  Go buy one of those stupid mattress thingies.  I'm serious.  Do it.  I don't care how kick ass your bed is, this thing is da bomb!!  Well, maybe not you Jar, I'm sure Your Highness has the creme de la creme, the Cadillac of beds.  Hehe.

Friday, September 16, 2011

We're ALL Spayed Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slut Kitty, Gracie and Moses all got the big operation yesterday.  No worries about kittens or a tom cat spraying now.  Yippee.  The vet sends me home with forty fucking dollars worth of pain meds for them.  Uh, yeah, nice money making scheme people, those 'poor widdle pain filled kitty cats' were climbing the shower curtain and banking off the wall in the hall this morning.  I'm gonna guess they are a-ok.  And no, the pain meds were NOT optional.  You don't buy them, they refuse to do the surgery.  Crock of shit.

I generally spay and neuter every animal I get my hands on, but Milo the LabPup will get to keep his cajones for a couple of years.  I'm giving him plenty of time to fill out and get all beefy before taking away his manhood.  Aren't I a good doggie mom?  Hahahaha.  He is growing into the most handsome boy.

James Earl, on the other hand, will be half the man he used to be just as soon as I can save the money and recover from paying for the cats.  He needs to lose those things asap.

I hate anything cherry flavored.  Blech.  Orange flavored too.  I love cherries and oranges, but not that nasty fake flavoring that's supposed to pass as those two fruits.

I've been staying at the farm so I don't have to drive over every morning and night while working so many hours.  But last night I had Papoose #2 with me because we picked all the cats up from the vet and had to take Slut Kitty home to The Real Deals place and she wanted to ride with me over there.  So while we were in that part of the world we went by and fed the farm afterwards, so I just stayed home to sleep after taking her back to our house.  I'm telling you, I slept like the dead.  I've not been sleeping worth a crap at the farm. The only cooling the house I'm sleeping at has is one window unit/swamp cooler, and it is positioned in the window that's about 10 inches from the head of the bed.  So first I'm in a strange place, with all the different sounds etc., then I've got the worlds loudest swamp cooler kicking on and off every 10 minutes or so right by my head.  So last night, in my own tepee, my own nest, I don't really even remember my head hitting the pillow.

My friends that were both in the hospital are finally home.  Both were released yesterday and are home resting and recuperating.  Thank the Lord.

Papoose #1 is coming home today and staying till tomorrow evening.  She was going to come home yesterday and stay till Sunday night but the whole RL thing tied her up yesterday and Sunday. Phooey.  Ah well, it's paying the bills at school!!!!!!!!!!!!  TRD gave my shifts at Job #2 to someone else so I can have the day off to spend with her.  Happy mommy!!

TRDs Brother surprised him by closing for him Wednesday night and sending TRD home at about 7pm.  He came over and had dinner and a sleep over at the farm with me.  It was awesome. We needed that.  He helped me feed, then I made us dinner.  I can't wait till I can make him dinner every night.  We enjoy each others company.  He just better start bringing his A game when it comes to holidays and birthdays.  Hahahaha.

I've been spayed, twice.  First I had a tubal ligation the day after Papoose #2 was born, then I had a tumor in my uterus and had a hysterectomy the first year we moved to Texas.  So I don't feel a damn bit sorry for the Slut Kitty or Gracie or Moses.  Haha.

Gotta go now.  Things to do, things to do.

Take the time to stop and enjoy, I mean really savor, something small and precious and wonderful today.  I sure will.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mental Snapshots

I may be a bitch and oftentimes obtuse, but this is a perfect example of the type of thing that I DO get right.  This is the type of thing I would be all over enjoying, and I'm so grateful every day that I've learned how to slow down or stop and enjoy the little things.

Other things I've learned to really truly appreciate in the past couple of years:

-The sound of my children sitting around the dining room table with their friends, their easy conversations, their laughter.

-The way the sunlight looks through the trees in my backyard as I'm standing at the sink preparing dinner or putting water in the coffee pot.

-The fact that every day I roll out of bed and put my feet on the floor, I know my legs will carry me wherever I want to go, if I will just point the way.

-The kindness of strangers, the smallest friendly word or gesture.

-The fact that God gave me the two most amazing kids I could have ever asked for.

-The way it feels when someone I love hugs me, or touches my arm.

-The realization that I really CAN just walk away from someone or something that is making me sad or hurting me in any way.

I actually physically stop and take time to really feel how these and other things make me feel.  I make it a point to take a mental snap shot of it to relive later on when I need it.

I spent way too many years being miserable and taking so many things for granted.  We'll go camping in the fall, it's too hot now or we don't have the money to do this or that now, we'll do it later......

Sometimes there is no 'later'.   I may be late to the party, but dammit, I'm doing my best to make up for lost time and be the person I always wanted to be, the mother I wished I was, the friend I knew I should be.

I am trying.  I am trying.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This N That

The other gal in the office called in sick today, said she has a migraine and won't be in at all.

The engineer had to leave early yesterday because his wifes dachshund bit her over the weekend, and she had an infection that sent a red line up her arm to her shoulder.  Her doctor sent her to the hospital and they admitted her yesterday.  She is not expected to be released today, it's so bad.

My dear friend, one of the people I go do Taco Thursday at the Taco Shack every week with, was rushed to the hospital unable to breath last night.  He was admitted.  They are thinking either a blockage or congestive heart failure.

I was so sick yesterday that I didn't remember even driving to work.   I am feeling much better today, but my poor friends!!!!   Prayers for them all, please.

I've been taking care of my dear friends farm while they are out of town for a couple of weeks.  That is something I would NEVER do on a regular basis, with all the hours I work.  Takes an hour and a half to feed in the morning, two hours in the evening when you have to clean and fill all the water buckets.  I'm animal crazy, but it'd be over my dead body that I would be enslaved by those extra three and a half hours a day before and after working full time plus.  Beating.  Absolute beating.

Yesterday morning when I was feeding, I heard a rabbit screaming.  When I got to the second barn, said rabbit was on a shelf at eye level.  I poured cat food on the little thing before I realized it was there it was so dark out still.  Before I could do anything about it, one of the cats jumped up and grabbed his prize and took off with it.  They were still playing with the poor thing when I finished feeding and left over an hour later.  I didn't bother to try to save it because rabbits are notorious for dying of shock, before any wounds can take them out, and he was way beyond anything I could do for him.

On my way out of the driveway this morning after feeding, I could barely make out something coming towards me up the culvert.  It was a massive skunk.  I must have been blocking his usual route home or something, because he got to the side of the jalopy and sat up like a damn kangaroo or something and stared in at me like "MOVE IT, WILL YA'???"  I giggled about that most of the drive home.

Sunday morning Papoose #2 wanted McDonalds for breakfast, so after we fed the farm and got home and got ready for work I ran her by the one in Boyd.  On our way down 114 we're cruising about 60 mph and from the north side of the road shoots a full grown Lynx.  He's running so fast that he is literally flat out from the tips of his front toes to the tip of his tail.  I slammed on the brakes and just barely clipped the end of his tail.  He kept on gunnin.  He was so close to us, you could see every detail on him, even the tufts of hair on his pretty ears and the color of his eyes.  Papoose #2 was losing her mind, she was so excited to see it.  She kept thanking me over and over for trying so hard to miss him.  I'm thankful we did.

McDonalds food poisoned me with a sausage mcmuffin with egg.  Or maybe I had the flu.  I was so sick by the time I got to work I could barely stand up.  People were giving me medicines and making me drink sprite and I don't even know what else.  I was out of it.  Worked through it though, and many hours later finally got to go home.  Well, got to go by the farm and feed and THEN go home, haha.  I was still out of it yesterday.  Started feeling human again later on yesterday evening, and I'm so thankful for it!!!

Got a call from my doc yesterday.  There has been no change from my last CT scan to the most recent one.

That's GOOD news  :-)

A girl was grabbed and told "You're coming with me" by a huge guy in the hallway that Papoose #1 has to walk down to get to her apartment every day.  The girl stabbed the guy in the face with her keys and got away from him.  All students have been given mace to keep on their keychains and are supposed to use the buddy system and go NOWHERE alone.  I was fiercely worried about Papoose #1 before.  Now I'm LOSING MY FUCKING MIND over it.

Saw Contagion on Saturday.  Was not impressed.  The two actors that were splashed all over the ads as the stars, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon were bit players and barely in the movie.  The movie had no point and was incredibly unimpressive.  I rarely go to the movies, so if I finally get to go and see a flop like that, it really pisses me off.  Oh well.

I have to work now.  This office is in a fucking frenzy.

Have a good day all, and please, remember prayers for those that are sick, and throw a few in for my baby girl that she is safe and sound.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Uh Huh


Better Than Sex, But Not According To The Slut Kitty

OMG, the other gal in the office just absolutely cracks me up sometimes.  Everyone in here is being bitchy as usual, and she just got herself some coffee and came in my office and said "If THAT (points towards front of office where the bitching has commenced) is going to go on today, you and I are going to get your cake, get in the car and head to the park.  We don't have to make out if you don't want to, but that's an option too"  to which I replied "Well, lets see how it goes once we have all that chocolate in our system".  Haha.  She is so damn funny sometimes.  Sometimes we laugh till my face hurts.  Love it.

I baked myself a Better Than Sex Cake last night.  Only thing is, I didn't actually eat any of it for my birthday last night, because I like that cake better after it has been in the fridge for awhile.  So I brought some of it here to the office to share with everyone today.  Yummaroonie.  I also made Chicken Picatta, angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, and garlic bread.

After work last night I stopped by the grocery store to pick up the things I needed to make dinner and my birthday cake.  There was a dude in there that kept showing up wherever I happened to be shopping, and acting like I was totally in his way or something, acting peeved off at the world.  It was so bizarre.  I finally started to have some fun and intentionally get in his way.  Yeah, I'm easily amused.  I thought he was gonna knock my lights out when I decided at the last minute I needed some bananas when he was tail gaiting me in the produce section.  Heehee.

Went home and got the cake in the oven, then I went outside and shot some hoops with Papoose #2.  LabPup Milo was a real sport and retrieved my ball every time it would hit the backboard wrong and go zinging across the yard.  A good time was had by all.

Papoose #2 gave me a gorgeous bunch of flowers, a bag of kettle corn, and a beautiful mother daughter necklace.  I've always wanted one of those necklaces.  I've admired them on women I see at Job #2 etc., and always thought how wonderful it must be for your kids to think of buying it for you.  I have to admit, I cried when I opened it.  It's the most lovely thing ever  :-)

Papoose #1 and I chatted via yahoo messenger off and on most of the day, and she called me for a bit as well.  That was an awesome birthday gift too, we had a blast visiting.  She thinks she will be coming home next Thursday, and staying through the weekend.  I'm stoked!!!!

Mister Wonderful bought LabPup Milo a doggie bed for my room, which he slept next to instead of on, no matter how many times I showed him it was ok to sleep on it, haha.  When it gets cooler I'm sure he will put two and two together.  MW also got me some chocolates and a very funny animated card in the shape of a toilet.  It's a long story.....

The Real Deal sent me a text when he woke up yesterday that said "Happy Bday my love".  Really?  Wasn't even worth the effort to spell out birthday??  What, the IRTH was just too much for ya??  And we worked together Wednesday night, he knew he wouldn't be seeing me for my birthday, I had the night off, and he still didn't get me a card, or do just some little thing to make me feel special?  He never even mentioned my birthday Wed night/Thurs morning when we were texting after closing the store and getting home.  He could have at least remembered it was my BDAY and been the first to say happy BDAY, since we were in communication after midnight.  Oh well.  The first year we were together, he completely FORGOT my BDAY.  I told him how he hurt my feelings by not doing a little something to show me he's thinking of me, and his answer was all about how he can't wait to have the money to do things for me again, and I told him that money is not the point, it's the thought or effort that counts.  I didn't have much to say to him for the rest of the day and night yesterday.  I only got like two or three texts from him all night anyway.  Whatever.  I'm right on this one.  Hurt my feelings.

When I went to put my hair up in a scrunchie last night, something popped between my shoulder blades when I raised my arms up to pull my hair up, and now I have an excruciating pain running from the back of my head, down my neck and between my shoulder blades.  Holy moly it hurts.  Woke  me up several times last night.  I've decided that my warranty must have run out with my 43rd birthday or something.  It's all down hill from here on out!!!  Hahaha!!!!

I wonder how many wrecks we are going to have to have before they do something about the mess at the entrance of the Loves Truck Stop/McDonalds at 114 and 287?  That place is a disaster waiting to happen. What a shitty idea to only have the one entrance/exit.  I hate going down there and have only ventured a couple times.

I hate Internet Explorer.  I only use it to have my other email address open during the day.  Other than that I refuse to use it because it sucks balls.  I use Opera for everything else.  The latest Explorer update has made it to where any time I go to open an email, some kind of stupid warning comes up that I have to ok or deny. There is NO option for "do not show this again".  Pos.

A friend of mine wanted to take me to GoGo's for dinner last night, but that place doesn't blow my skirt up quite like it does everyone elses, and she wasn't going to be able to get there till at least 6, so I asked her if we could get together tonight right after work instead.  She agreed.  We are going to get pedis together after work today.  Yay!!  Of course, it feels a tad pointless, considering my little piggies are trapped in tennis shoes  every single day because of Job #2, but the pedi itself will be fabulous.  Kathleen, anyone, any suggestions on a place to go?  The place we've always gone to in Roanoke hasn't given the service lately that they once did, we need a new and improved place to pedi!!

Slut Kitty 
Well, TRD texted me and dammit, before I knew it I was speaking to him again.  I'm just no good at holding a grudge I guess.  He needs help with getting his hussy of a cat spayed.  She escaped the house and I'm sure got bred again, the tramp.  He needed the number to our vet to get her in to have her spayed.  My feelings are still extremely hurt about him basically blowing my birthday off though.  Very very hurt.

I have to go now.  Need to call the vet and make an appointment for a spay and abortion for the slut kitty.  I'm going to go ahead and get Moses and Gracie fixed the same day.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


First Corner gets published, now this?

Dancin' Backwards In Flip Flops

I Have A Night Off!!

I've only seen Papoose #2 a total of 15 minutes in the last four days.  I am so glad to have this evening off.

I want a relaxing pedicure in the worst way.  Nay, I NEED a pedicure in the worst way.

Our teeny tiny little store is making between 11-12K every day so far.  We were at capacity and standing room only last night for quite a while.  We're doing good.  We're getting beat to hell, and we're doing GREAT.  My little store is #1 of it's kind in the U.S. so far.  Our first store was #1 before, and is still second only to this one.  Yeah man, yeah.

There are some snobby assholes in Grapevine.  Or maybe they're coming from Colleyville.  Idk, but man are they some snobs.

Makes me think  of the lady that came into Euless with her five kids in tow, and saw Papoose #1 scraping the Christmas paint off the windows there and said very loudly "See kids??? This is why we go to college, so we don't have to do things like this for a living"  to which Papoose #1 replied "Yeah kids, I'm working my way through college, so I can OWN places like this"  with a big grin.  That's my girl.

I am 43 years old today.

I miss my mother.

I look like shit today, from being so damn tired.  I think that is by far the worst by product of working 20 hour days, the toll it takes on my damn body.  I look like someone blanched me and smacked me around, it seems.  This too shall pass, this too shall pass.

I got home early this morning and Mister Wonderful was drunk.  Evidently he had  a really rough day at work.  A customer called corporate on him for something she is entirely in the wrong for, an issue he has been trying to help her out with and she is just a bitch and called corporate on MW and his boss for some bizarre reason.  He may be a dick in a lot of ways, but the man has always had an incredible work ethic, and it really upset him to feel like he embarrassed his location by getting a corporate complaint after working so hard to make the lady happy.  Anyhow, I stayed up and listened to him ramble about his day for about an hour after getting home.  I had to work so hard to keep my eyes open, but he needed to vent so I managed. Hope all of that smooths out today.  Poor dude.

I am very grateful for everything that I have, and I am not an envious or greedy person at all.  But man, do I ever wish I was a wealthy woman just for the day so I could go do one of those spa days where they do the whole thing.  Massage, facial, pedi, mani, scalp massage.  I've never done that before ever, and boy do I think that would be an awfully fun way to spend the day today.  Haha.  Again, this too shall pass.

Sometimes I want to smack the crap outta the payroll wench here.  Just haul off and knock the shit out of her. Same goes for her damn kid that works here.  I just don't understand how someone gets through life getting away with being so self centered and obnoxious without someone kicking their ass.

I think I'll try to find a new pair of flip flops today.  New flip flops always make me smile.

Sorry, I just don't have a whole lot to share today.  I hope everyone has a great day today.

Gotta go read my friends blogs now.  I look forward to that each day.  It's kinda the closest thing to going and visiting someone and chatting it up.  Distracting, engaging and pretty relaxing to me.  My deepest thanks goes out to every one of you that takes the time to blog whats going on in your life.  I enjoy it and appreciate it very much.

What should I make my little family for dinner tonight?   I always try to make them dinner on the nights I'm home.  Keep some semblance of normalcy for them.  Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So True, So True

The Cat's In The Cradle.....

Papoose #2 had her first cross country meet Saturday, and she did pretty darn good.  That kid is a corker. Sweet thing.  We then went on to work her nearly to death this weekend.  She is an incredibly dedicated worker, makes me so proud.

Store #2 is going like gang busters.  It's kicking proverbial ass.  It's knocking our socks off.  It's freaking amazing.  I love that place.  It's going to be the death of me, but I love it to pieces.  We are busy from the time we open the doors till we lock em up again at night.  This weekend we even had a guy show up and pull on the door about 20 minutes after close, and when he saw we were closed the turned around and threw a fit just like a kid.  Swinging his arms in the air and kicking his feet, cussing.  Then he walked over to his car and kicked this crap out of the front of it before getting in and screaming out of the parking lot.  I stood there with a rag in my hand thinking "Wow, now there's something you don't see every day".

Well, I was boring before, but I'm about to get a WHOLE lot MORE boring now.  I seriously have no life other than work.  This will go on for quite some time.  Like Corner says, I don't HAVE to, I GET to, and I truly feel that way.  I actually said my prayers last night, thanking God for bringing me this opportunity in my life, and for helping me to physically be able to do it.

My body may disagree with me on the last part of that last sentence.  It's quite achy.  Haha.

Seriously??  Just got off the phone with the doctors office that handles all of our pre employment physicals and drug testing.  The guys in the shop had a new hire start today that took his pre screen about three weeks ago.  I call the doc office today because I still don't have the paperwork on his screen.  The idiots did the physical and didn't bother to do a drug test.  Then they have the nerve to say they never do drug screens on our pre employments!!!!  They ALWAYS do one!!  That's the main fucking reason we send the miscreants in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So now we have a guy on the clock that I have to send down there for a drug screen, the results of which we won't have till tomorrow.  That boy better not come back hot, swear to green beans.

James Earl the worlds most adorable pug is still the funniest sweetest thing in the world.  He and Milo the LabPup don't care what time I get home, they are always happy to see me.  Good boys.

If I wasn't so sore from my 100 hour work weeks, the cooler weather would have me positively DANCING!!!  I am a cool weather girl, for sure.  As it was, I got out before work yesterday and completely detailed and vacuumed the jalopy.  I even shampood the carpets inside as well as in the trunk!!!  I need to figure out the best way to condition and soften the leather seats.  They are clean, but I think they need some conditioning.  Anyone have any advice on how I go about that??

My older cousin is best buddies with Ugly Kid Joe.  Interesting fellow.  

I am not looking forward to taking care of the farm all by myself while the gals are away for the big horse show.  They will be gone almost two weeks.  It's their farm and even THEY don't do it all themselves, they split it.  Papoose #2 can't come help, because she has cross country every morning, so it's all me.  Bleh.  This is going to suck major donkey dick.  They have so many horses and other animals spread out over 35 acres, that it takes a minimum of an hour and a half to feed in the morning, then about two hours in the evening when you are stocking bags of grain and filling all the giant waterers.  I am dreading this like nobodys business.  And this is ADDED to my work schedule with both jobs.  Fucking blows.  The chaos begins this Saturday.  Meh.

I'm very glad I told Papoose #2 about her friends death when I did.  My entire crew was upset and distracted and sad and talking about it this weekend.  Poor kids.

Mister Wonderful got it in his head to drive out to see Papoose #1 yesterday.  He was quite upset when she told him she had to work.  Evidently she had told him the day before that she didn't have to work till 3 in the afternoon, then when he texted her yesterday morning to confirm he was coming out to see her, she told him she had a catering to do and couldn't visit.  All I know is, he walked back through the living room saying "That Cat's In The Cradle Song, comes true, comes true......"   I felt sad for him.

I wish I could still eat ice cream.  I get horrific stomach cramps if I do anymore though.  I love me some coffee or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Have a good day, all.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Tragic, sad, scary, confusing, heartbreaking, mystifying..........

Not all, but most of the kids that work for us at Job #2 have become something of adopted kids/family to TRD and I. They tend to look to The Real Deal and I for advise and guidance about many things, not just work.  They confide things in us that sometimes they have nobody else they trust to confide in.  Hell, I've run out and purchased a pregnancy test for one of the gals working for us, so she would know one way or another.  I've grown attached to so many of them and I worry about them.  Cry for them when I see them going through rough times and laugh with them when they have great things happen.  We've waited for, then celebrated, the arrival of one girls twins.  We've wept and sent flowers for too many family members and held the kids as they mourn their grandfather/grandmother/fathers passing.  We've driven over to pick them up when their cars break down, when they've been left somewhere far from home by a ticked off boyfriend/girlfriend.  We've rushed to the side of one manager that was set up by 'friends' and mugged and beat up.  We've helped them study for tests, choose classes to take.  We've listened and advised on dealing with the opposite sex.  We've tried to help them learn how to deal with things in the real world, and how to deal professionally with fellow employees, customers, and managers.

We are a tight knit group.  Everyone has pitched in and most take very personal interest in making our stores a success.  We are a mismatched and at times hilarious family.

One of my boys that I trained and worked with for quite a long time killed himself Wednesday night.  He was only 22 years old.  He shot himself in the head.

He was the very enthusiastic captain of our store kickball team.  He also took all the pictures at each game, of our team as well as the teams we played.

He was drop dead gorgeous and sweet as pie with a sarcastic sense of humor and a laid back attitude about everything.

He had a two year old son with a long ago ex girlfriend.

He did not get along with one person at our store, but it got to where even he and that cook found it humorous, and it was never a heated thing.  He was fabulous with the other employees and all customers, no matter how idiotic they were to him, I was always relieved with that.

All round, just a neat kid to be around.

He and Papoose #2 were great friends and he kidded her incessantly.  I had to tell her last night.  It broke my heart, watching her little face as she processed what I was telling her.  It was one of the most awful things ever to have to do to her, but I didn't want her to hear about it when we were actually at work this weekend, so I don't feel I had any other choice.  All she could get out of her mouth over and over was "You mean Pretty Boy ******?  That can't be right, you must be mistaken!!!" Over and over and over again.  Then she went to her room to cry.

I pray for his soul and his family.  I thank God that I got to know him.  I grieve heavily at his passing.  There are no words.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys Are Dicks

Anyone that makes a sweet girl cry on her birthday out of shear selfishness and meanness should be beat with a sock full of rocks.

Store #2 is officially up and running.  Was a fun night for the most part.  Got home about 2:30 this morning.  I always laugh to myself as I'm driving home so late like that.  If I ever get pulled over because of exhausted driving, the police will definitely give me a sobriety test, considering a night at Job #2 isn't complete till you are wearing several different kinds of alcohol from oopsie spills, hehe.

Anytime I work late and close the store down with The Real Deal, he always makes sure to talk to me on the phone all the way home till I am safely walking in my front door, even though he makes it to his place much sooner and could be hitting the hay.  Makes him crazy to not be able to take care of me full time just yet.  He is a good man.  He has dropped everything he is doing to come to mine or the Papooses rescue more than once over the past few years.  It feels good to finally have someone that I know I can count on, no matter what.  I've never had that my whole life.

The Big Boss here at Job #1 is on a rampage today.  The Second Boss dared to take the second week of his annual vacation and boy is the Big Boss pissed.  Second Boss said something to me last week about "well I've NEVER actually taken all of my vacation, because of the attitude, and this year, I fully intend to change that".  Which is great, I know too many people, Mister Wonderful included, that lose their vacation time, sometimes because they are just too busy to take it, but usually because it's just not worth it to them to deal with the attitude they get from the higher ups for daring to do so.  Add to that, Second Boss's assistant needed to take today off for her fathers surgery and that adds up to me being the only one in the office to bear the brunt of a grown mans hissy fit all day.  I've already been hauled back into Second Boss's office and had numerous questions fired off at me that Big Boss knows damn well I don't know the answers to, just so he had someone to bitch at.  And a happy good morning to you too, sir!!!

I sure hope that Assistant to Second Boss's fathers surgery goes well.  He has had a heck of a time of it, health wise, for some time now.  Prayers for he and his family today.

The Wise County fires got right up to a friend of mines property line.  All of their property is ok, but some of their neighbors and friends weren't so lucky.  I found out about the fires via text, from people asking me "So, how close are the fires to your house?"  Talk about my heart in my throat till I figured out where the fires actually were.  I have massive amounts of guilt anytime something like this happens and I feel the relief of "Thank God my house/kids/family etc are safe".  Always feel like I'm being an awful person somehow...

The little horse I was given by my friend is just not going to make a good driving horse.  The more we drive him, the nastier he gets.  He's a fabulous pet and show horse, but he will never make the kind of driving horse I want.  So he will be put up for sale, I believe.  Hate that too, because he is SUCH a sweetheart.  But I am not in a position to have a big ol pet around if he isn't willing to do anything to earn his keep.  Such is life on a farm.

Papoose #1's boyfriend has screwed around and failed out of school and didn't have enough money to go back this year, so he is 'taking a semester off' to work, then is supposedly going back to school.  This has caused him all sorts of mental and emotional anguish within himself, not the least of which is the fact that he's insanely worried about Papoose #1 heading back to school with all of those other guys and him not being around.  He finally carried it to the extreme on Tuesday night.  There was a big school party they were supposed to go to and, as usual, he decides at the last minute that he doesn't want to go.  This is what he did all last year too, and Papoose #1 missed out on every single function because of him.  So this year she's like fine buddy, you stay home, I'm going to have a little fun while I've actually got the night off and have the time!!  He waited till later on and showed up at the party and SNUCK around looking for her there, thinking he would "catch her" doing something "wrong".  What he "caught her" doing was dancing with a whole group of people, some of whom were guys.  He threw a fit and made a scene, telling her it's over between them,  then when she finally gave up and headed home he followed her and made a scene in her parking garage, yelling and cussing and screaming at her.  This was just after midnight, so happy birthday to her, poor Poose.  She finally tells him look, I don't do drama like this, and I'm supposed to be an example for these girls here in this dorm, so I'm going inside, and if you do not leave I WILL call the police.  Needless to say, her birthday was spent wavering between trying to believe herself when she said "That's ok, I don't deserve that and now I can go out and have fun this year and live like a kid finally" and crying and saying "Two years I give him, hauling him around when he didn't have a job or car and had to go for therapy on his leg, practically living together because we're together so much, basically being his friend, wife and mother, and he does me this way...."

Anyhow, I've rambled on about stuff nobody in the world can possibly care about long enough now.

Have a good day all.