Friday, September 2, 2011


Tragic, sad, scary, confusing, heartbreaking, mystifying..........

Not all, but most of the kids that work for us at Job #2 have become something of adopted kids/family to TRD and I. They tend to look to The Real Deal and I for advise and guidance about many things, not just work.  They confide things in us that sometimes they have nobody else they trust to confide in.  Hell, I've run out and purchased a pregnancy test for one of the gals working for us, so she would know one way or another.  I've grown attached to so many of them and I worry about them.  Cry for them when I see them going through rough times and laugh with them when they have great things happen.  We've waited for, then celebrated, the arrival of one girls twins.  We've wept and sent flowers for too many family members and held the kids as they mourn their grandfather/grandmother/fathers passing.  We've driven over to pick them up when their cars break down, when they've been left somewhere far from home by a ticked off boyfriend/girlfriend.  We've rushed to the side of one manager that was set up by 'friends' and mugged and beat up.  We've helped them study for tests, choose classes to take.  We've listened and advised on dealing with the opposite sex.  We've tried to help them learn how to deal with things in the real world, and how to deal professionally with fellow employees, customers, and managers.

We are a tight knit group.  Everyone has pitched in and most take very personal interest in making our stores a success.  We are a mismatched and at times hilarious family.

One of my boys that I trained and worked with for quite a long time killed himself Wednesday night.  He was only 22 years old.  He shot himself in the head.

He was the very enthusiastic captain of our store kickball team.  He also took all the pictures at each game, of our team as well as the teams we played.

He was drop dead gorgeous and sweet as pie with a sarcastic sense of humor and a laid back attitude about everything.

He had a two year old son with a long ago ex girlfriend.

He did not get along with one person at our store, but it got to where even he and that cook found it humorous, and it was never a heated thing.  He was fabulous with the other employees and all customers, no matter how idiotic they were to him, I was always relieved with that.

All round, just a neat kid to be around.

He and Papoose #2 were great friends and he kidded her incessantly.  I had to tell her last night.  It broke my heart, watching her little face as she processed what I was telling her.  It was one of the most awful things ever to have to do to her, but I didn't want her to hear about it when we were actually at work this weekend, so I don't feel I had any other choice.  All she could get out of her mouth over and over was "You mean Pretty Boy ******?  That can't be right, you must be mistaken!!!" Over and over and over again.  Then she went to her room to cry.

I pray for his soul and his family.  I thank God that I got to know him.  I grieve heavily at his passing.  There are no words.


  1. You already said it, there are no words. Our prayers are with his family and yours.

  2. sad...
    cannot imagine the pain a soul is in to end a life...

    prayers going up

  3. There is something about suicide that the survivors never get over. I had a friend that committed suicide 20 years ago and I still think about it.
    I am so sorry for your burden.

  4. Jesus Christ....that's awful. Suicide is an affliction on everyone involved...xo. I'm so sorry...truly.

  5. so much pain inside that boy. so much sorrow. prayers for him.