Thursday, September 1, 2011

Boys Are Dicks

Anyone that makes a sweet girl cry on her birthday out of shear selfishness and meanness should be beat with a sock full of rocks.

Store #2 is officially up and running.  Was a fun night for the most part.  Got home about 2:30 this morning.  I always laugh to myself as I'm driving home so late like that.  If I ever get pulled over because of exhausted driving, the police will definitely give me a sobriety test, considering a night at Job #2 isn't complete till you are wearing several different kinds of alcohol from oopsie spills, hehe.

Anytime I work late and close the store down with The Real Deal, he always makes sure to talk to me on the phone all the way home till I am safely walking in my front door, even though he makes it to his place much sooner and could be hitting the hay.  Makes him crazy to not be able to take care of me full time just yet.  He is a good man.  He has dropped everything he is doing to come to mine or the Papooses rescue more than once over the past few years.  It feels good to finally have someone that I know I can count on, no matter what.  I've never had that my whole life.

The Big Boss here at Job #1 is on a rampage today.  The Second Boss dared to take the second week of his annual vacation and boy is the Big Boss pissed.  Second Boss said something to me last week about "well I've NEVER actually taken all of my vacation, because of the attitude, and this year, I fully intend to change that".  Which is great, I know too many people, Mister Wonderful included, that lose their vacation time, sometimes because they are just too busy to take it, but usually because it's just not worth it to them to deal with the attitude they get from the higher ups for daring to do so.  Add to that, Second Boss's assistant needed to take today off for her fathers surgery and that adds up to me being the only one in the office to bear the brunt of a grown mans hissy fit all day.  I've already been hauled back into Second Boss's office and had numerous questions fired off at me that Big Boss knows damn well I don't know the answers to, just so he had someone to bitch at.  And a happy good morning to you too, sir!!!

I sure hope that Assistant to Second Boss's fathers surgery goes well.  He has had a heck of a time of it, health wise, for some time now.  Prayers for he and his family today.

The Wise County fires got right up to a friend of mines property line.  All of their property is ok, but some of their neighbors and friends weren't so lucky.  I found out about the fires via text, from people asking me "So, how close are the fires to your house?"  Talk about my heart in my throat till I figured out where the fires actually were.  I have massive amounts of guilt anytime something like this happens and I feel the relief of "Thank God my house/kids/family etc are safe".  Always feel like I'm being an awful person somehow...

The little horse I was given by my friend is just not going to make a good driving horse.  The more we drive him, the nastier he gets.  He's a fabulous pet and show horse, but he will never make the kind of driving horse I want.  So he will be put up for sale, I believe.  Hate that too, because he is SUCH a sweetheart.  But I am not in a position to have a big ol pet around if he isn't willing to do anything to earn his keep.  Such is life on a farm.

Papoose #1's boyfriend has screwed around and failed out of school and didn't have enough money to go back this year, so he is 'taking a semester off' to work, then is supposedly going back to school.  This has caused him all sorts of mental and emotional anguish within himself, not the least of which is the fact that he's insanely worried about Papoose #1 heading back to school with all of those other guys and him not being around.  He finally carried it to the extreme on Tuesday night.  There was a big school party they were supposed to go to and, as usual, he decides at the last minute that he doesn't want to go.  This is what he did all last year too, and Papoose #1 missed out on every single function because of him.  So this year she's like fine buddy, you stay home, I'm going to have a little fun while I've actually got the night off and have the time!!  He waited till later on and showed up at the party and SNUCK around looking for her there, thinking he would "catch her" doing something "wrong".  What he "caught her" doing was dancing with a whole group of people, some of whom were guys.  He threw a fit and made a scene, telling her it's over between them,  then when she finally gave up and headed home he followed her and made a scene in her parking garage, yelling and cussing and screaming at her.  This was just after midnight, so happy birthday to her, poor Poose.  She finally tells him look, I don't do drama like this, and I'm supposed to be an example for these girls here in this dorm, so I'm going inside, and if you do not leave I WILL call the police.  Needless to say, her birthday was spent wavering between trying to believe herself when she said "That's ok, I don't deserve that and now I can go out and have fun this year and live like a kid finally" and crying and saying "Two years I give him, hauling him around when he didn't have a job or car and had to go for therapy on his leg, practically living together because we're together so much, basically being his friend, wife and mother, and he does me this way...."

Anyhow, I've rambled on about stuff nobody in the world can possibly care about long enough now.

Have a good day all.


  1. poor poose#1! the humans that have those things dangling between the legs sure know how to mess up a girl's world... but if he is that possessive she will be better off in the long run... of course, we know that but that doesn't help her hurting heart...

    yea! for the new store opening!! that has been a lot of work and stress and sweat to get opened... woot!

    p.s. there are many of us that care silly woman!

  2. I just love how boys/men can been *ssholes, but women can't be human without being labeled, "crazy, menstrual," etc. F'in Pfft!!!

  3. do you think one day a woman will be born who doesn't have to learn what she wants and what she doesn't want with a man WITHOUT going through all these assholes and dickers. Didn't/don't we all go through that? Isn't it shit? Worse shit, until we catch on. And we all hope our daughters won't need to....right. Poor Papoose. I hope she turns him loose.

    Congrats on the new #2 store. Hopefully things will start getting easier. It's great that the RD is so sweet and protective. It's no small thing driving home in the dark at 2:30 a.m.

  4. I'm going to dive right in here and..........well, never mind.
    I got your F'in Pfft old gal!
    I really didn't get but one comment missy, and W-spouse wanted to know if your read that comment she wrote you earlier in the week?

  5. I never received any comments from WSpouse Corner??? I never got a thing!!!! I'm sorry!!

  6. Mess, Kathleen and Paula-Don't we all know it, dammit yes I wish there was some way to save our kids from having to learn that people will fuck you over. Hate hate hate it!!!!