Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cat's In The Cradle.....

Papoose #2 had her first cross country meet Saturday, and she did pretty darn good.  That kid is a corker. Sweet thing.  We then went on to work her nearly to death this weekend.  She is an incredibly dedicated worker, makes me so proud.

Store #2 is going like gang busters.  It's kicking proverbial ass.  It's knocking our socks off.  It's freaking amazing.  I love that place.  It's going to be the death of me, but I love it to pieces.  We are busy from the time we open the doors till we lock em up again at night.  This weekend we even had a guy show up and pull on the door about 20 minutes after close, and when he saw we were closed the turned around and threw a fit just like a kid.  Swinging his arms in the air and kicking his feet, cussing.  Then he walked over to his car and kicked this crap out of the front of it before getting in and screaming out of the parking lot.  I stood there with a rag in my hand thinking "Wow, now there's something you don't see every day".

Well, I was boring before, but I'm about to get a WHOLE lot MORE boring now.  I seriously have no life other than work.  This will go on for quite some time.  Like Corner says, I don't HAVE to, I GET to, and I truly feel that way.  I actually said my prayers last night, thanking God for bringing me this opportunity in my life, and for helping me to physically be able to do it.

My body may disagree with me on the last part of that last sentence.  It's quite achy.  Haha.

Seriously??  Just got off the phone with the doctors office that handles all of our pre employment physicals and drug testing.  The guys in the shop had a new hire start today that took his pre screen about three weeks ago.  I call the doc office today because I still don't have the paperwork on his screen.  The idiots did the physical and didn't bother to do a drug test.  Then they have the nerve to say they never do drug screens on our pre employments!!!!  They ALWAYS do one!!  That's the main fucking reason we send the miscreants in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So now we have a guy on the clock that I have to send down there for a drug screen, the results of which we won't have till tomorrow.  That boy better not come back hot, swear to green beans.

James Earl the worlds most adorable pug is still the funniest sweetest thing in the world.  He and Milo the LabPup don't care what time I get home, they are always happy to see me.  Good boys.

If I wasn't so sore from my 100 hour work weeks, the cooler weather would have me positively DANCING!!!  I am a cool weather girl, for sure.  As it was, I got out before work yesterday and completely detailed and vacuumed the jalopy.  I even shampood the carpets inside as well as in the trunk!!!  I need to figure out the best way to condition and soften the leather seats.  They are clean, but I think they need some conditioning.  Anyone have any advice on how I go about that??

My older cousin is best buddies with Ugly Kid Joe.  Interesting fellow.  

I am not looking forward to taking care of the farm all by myself while the gals are away for the big horse show.  They will be gone almost two weeks.  It's their farm and even THEY don't do it all themselves, they split it.  Papoose #2 can't come help, because she has cross country every morning, so it's all me.  Bleh.  This is going to suck major donkey dick.  They have so many horses and other animals spread out over 35 acres, that it takes a minimum of an hour and a half to feed in the morning, then about two hours in the evening when you are stocking bags of grain and filling all the giant waterers.  I am dreading this like nobodys business.  And this is ADDED to my work schedule with both jobs.  Fucking blows.  The chaos begins this Saturday.  Meh.

I'm very glad I told Papoose #2 about her friends death when I did.  My entire crew was upset and distracted and sad and talking about it this weekend.  Poor kids.

Mister Wonderful got it in his head to drive out to see Papoose #1 yesterday.  He was quite upset when she told him she had to work.  Evidently she had told him the day before that she didn't have to work till 3 in the afternoon, then when he texted her yesterday morning to confirm he was coming out to see her, she told him she had a catering to do and couldn't visit.  All I know is, he walked back through the living room saying "That Cat's In The Cradle Song, comes true, comes true......"   I felt sad for him.

I wish I could still eat ice cream.  I get horrific stomach cramps if I do anymore though.  I love me some coffee or mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Have a good day, all.

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