Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hearth and Home

Just got off the phone with the mortgage company.

It's official.  I finally got them to give me my repayment plan.

After 10 calls a day to them, every day, for the past week.

No, I am not exaggerating.

Now, as long as I can work enough hours at Job #2 so I can make the $2500.00/month mortgage payments for the next 6 months, we're golden.

But at least we still have a place to live.

No, I do NOT make that kind of money.  So more hours at Job #2 coming up!!!  I know that amount of money for a mortgage is small potatoes to some people, it isn't to me though, haha.

Hard as it will be, I'm thankful for it.  It was my choice to keep my home.  Now I just have to buckle down and do what needs done.

Some of the stress heart attack in my chest feeling has let up.

Thank you for listening.

Remember to appreciate something small today.


  1. Damn banks! When my ex-husband left I almost lost my home. The bank renegotiated my terms because even if they foreclosed they would not make back what I owed. I ended up paying mostly interest but I did get a bit it down over the years. And it was nice not to have to pay rent. I was grateful in the end. :-)

    Re Last post- How were you being too noisy?