Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boring Shit Even I Don't Feel Like Reading To Proof


I have my uber awesome fall picture on my desktop for the season.  Makes me soooo happy.  I can't wait to live somewhere they have scenes like this again.  I miss it so much.

This chick cracks me up. She is a lunatic just like I am.  Love it.

It's been so wonderful not having to spend four hours a day, morning and night, feeding the farm.  All I have to do now is drive Papoose #2 in to cross country practice at 6am and head back home, get ready for work, drive in.  That's it!!  Fabulous!!!

My friend still has not made the hard decision for her lab.

The raccoon fell into the half empty swimming pool at the farm and met an ugly demise.  Little bastard.

The Real Deal is coming over for dinner tonight.  Yay  :-)

Can I reach out and ask everyone, please, when you're driving with your high beams on and you see someone coming towards you, turn the damn high beams off!!!!  Especially on these dark back country roads, I have one hell of a time seeing where the road is when those fucktards blind me with their high beams. I swear, if I hit a mailbox or something because of that, I WILL turn around and chase the idiot down and beat their ass.  I hate people.  People suck.  People are stupid.  And selfish.  Even if they don't drive PT Cruisers.

Speaking of cars, Mister Wonderfuls company rented him a Dodge Charger to drive while he is in Tulsa for the week.  As soon as we dropped him off at the car rental place and saw him get into it, I told the girls "I give it about an hour before he decides he's trading the Cobra in on one of those".  I was dead freaking spot on.  Almost to the minute.  Hehe.

That will interfere with my three year plan, in that I had wanted his car to be paid off before the divorce so that he would be in the best financial shape possible when it happens.  Ah well, nothing I can do about his decisions, right?

I love my jalopy, and just can't wait to fix the little things that are wrong with it.  Everyone gives me shit saying that I'd buy a brand new one if I had the money, but they are wrong.  I've not seen another car like mine anywhere.  I adore it.  Pfft, haters!

Papoose #1 will be able to make the horse show we go to every year in October!!  This will be the first year that she and Papoose #2 will compete against each other.  They are finally in the same age bracket.  Uh oh.... hehe.  James Earl will be going to the show too.  He will also be dressed up as part of the costume contest. Good times.

I desperately need new shoes for Job #2.  Anyone with suggestions of what type/brand/style of shoe I should try out, it would be greatly appreciated.  I have to stand on concrete for hours on end.  Need comfy shoes with lots of cushion.  Ideas???  Anyone?????

I am so broke it's ridiculous.  I may have to call in some markers.  Bleh.

I'm hungry, gotta go cook an egg or some oatmeal or something.

Have a great Tueday, all.


  1. I pretty much hate people too. High beam them back.

  2. Being broke is a good thing, now you don't have to worry about buying anything!

  3. oh i love the blogess! she is a riot