Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phones and Horses and Stuff

As much as I despise smoking and refuse to be around it, I've always absolutely loved the smell of tobacco before it's lit.  I wonder if that is from my mother smoking her whole life, and equating the smell of her opening a pack of cigarettes fresh?  Idk.

I get to go horse shopping after work today.  Me loves me some horse shopping.  Gotta check out a little yearling while he is here for Worlds and see if we want him or not.  He's in town from Nebraska.  Nationals and Worlds are such a fun time of year.  You get to see/shop horses from all over the United States and all over the world.  Get to meet some really cool people from all over as well.  Good times.

HappyDealUSA  has some fun fun phone covers.  Papoose #1 ordered her a gel phone cover for her Evo last week and it arrived in our mailbox last night.  Evidently she has yet to change her paypal address to the school one, hehe.   So of course, being the good mom that I am, I promptly put it on my phone, just to make darn sure it wasn't defective, you know ;-).  Love it!!  Now Papoose #2 wants this one, loves the colors, and Papoose #1 wanted different colors anyhow, so we will be ordering a couple more today.  Cheapo deapo too.  Made like the Otter Boxes but only like fourteen bucks instead of fifty.  The day I pay fifty bucks for a phone cover is the day someone better shoot me.  Good grief.

Yeah yeah, all you iPhone snobs out there have the zillion dollar Otter Boxes, I know I know.  Haha.

I like my Evo better than anyones iPhone I've ever used.  So there.

Mister Wonderful is on vacation this week, I know I mentioned it.  Now, normally I take care of his dogs etc every morning before work.  He just gets up and gets himself ready and goes to work and I take care of the chores around the house, including feeding the dogs.  Well I get home last night to discover that he never bothered to feed LabPup Milo or James Earl.  Really?  You were home ALL DAY and it was too much to ask of you to throw some kibble their way?  Ok, I'm done being a bitch on that now.

Do all men name their penis??

The Payroll Wench here makes the coffee so strong that it's like drinking tar.  Makes me sick to my stomach and gives me heartburn immediately.  I stopped drinking her coffee months ago, and instead bring a thermos of my coffee from home.  I didn't even think to let the other gal in the office know I had real coffee till today.  Now we will share it.  Feel kinda selfish for not thinking to offer her some sooner, knowing that the PW's coffee makes her sick too.

If you're gonna be gone most or all of the day Friday to fuck off with your boyfriend, just say so.  Don't stand in my doorway for 25 minutes throwing out garbage about all the reasons you need to be late and leave early.  I really don't care.  Just go.  Do it.  Beside, you are horrible about remembering all of the detailed lies you tell.  Please stop wasting little bits of my life forcing me to be polite and listen to your bullshit.  Thank you.

Once I get my heavy bills paid off, I'm going to finally start going to the boot camp thing I found close to home.  The only worry I have is, it looks like they may not offer the ever so convenient after work class that they offered a few months ago.  If they don't have that one anymore, I can't do the boot camp thing for a fun way to work out.  All the other classes are right when I need to be getting to work in the morning.  Dammit.  If I can't do that, then I'll be looking for a workout buddy.  Any takers??????   Come on, you know you want to!!!

I feel so awful for Birdie.  I cried when I read of her mom yesterday.  I've been following her blog for a long time now, and we all knew what was coming, but having gone through much the same thing with my mother, I feel so deeply for all she is going through.  Her sweet mother is no longer in pain, but poor Birdie is without her mother for the first time in her life.  No matter what kind of relationship you had with your mother, losing her is like losing part of yourself.  Prayers are with you, sister.

I used to enjoy Kathleens blog.  She's is a super neat person and I really enjoy her friendship.  Other people in the world are psychotic assholes and ruin it for everyone.

I feel for WSpouse, dealing with all her gimpy men!!!!  I think Corner did that on purpose, to get him some special attention  ;-)

I have to get to work now.  Lots of stuff to do that I don't really want to do but must.  Bleh.

Peace out, peeps.


  1. No, not all men.
    I'm not a snob, but I do have an Otterbox. It has saved my phone more than once. Paid $44 online for it and if it saved a $500 phone twice, it paid for itself.
    Ditto about Kathleen.
    Any attention I might have gained from W-spouse surely wasn't in the sentimental form :-)
    Yea, get your butt to!

  2. Hi. Newbie here. At least new to you. I don't need a phone cover, my phone is a cheap one that closes. Don't have to put up with other's coffee. Make my own. Don't have spouse any more. Divorced long time. Good thing too. I might have killed him. I'm 66, retired, with 41 yr old sig other who will feed dogs. You so remind me of some parts of me when I was younger. What fun!

  3. I am just reading this now. Thanks you A.S.