Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This N That

The other gal in the office called in sick today, said she has a migraine and won't be in at all.

The engineer had to leave early yesterday because his wifes dachshund bit her over the weekend, and she had an infection that sent a red line up her arm to her shoulder.  Her doctor sent her to the hospital and they admitted her yesterday.  She is not expected to be released today, it's so bad.

My dear friend, one of the people I go do Taco Thursday at the Taco Shack every week with, was rushed to the hospital unable to breath last night.  He was admitted.  They are thinking either a blockage or congestive heart failure.

I was so sick yesterday that I didn't remember even driving to work.   I am feeling much better today, but my poor friends!!!!   Prayers for them all, please.

I've been taking care of my dear friends farm while they are out of town for a couple of weeks.  That is something I would NEVER do on a regular basis, with all the hours I work.  Takes an hour and a half to feed in the morning, two hours in the evening when you have to clean and fill all the water buckets.  I'm animal crazy, but it'd be over my dead body that I would be enslaved by those extra three and a half hours a day before and after working full time plus.  Beating.  Absolute beating.

Yesterday morning when I was feeding, I heard a rabbit screaming.  When I got to the second barn, said rabbit was on a shelf at eye level.  I poured cat food on the little thing before I realized it was there it was so dark out still.  Before I could do anything about it, one of the cats jumped up and grabbed his prize and took off with it.  They were still playing with the poor thing when I finished feeding and left over an hour later.  I didn't bother to try to save it because rabbits are notorious for dying of shock, before any wounds can take them out, and he was way beyond anything I could do for him.

On my way out of the driveway this morning after feeding, I could barely make out something coming towards me up the culvert.  It was a massive skunk.  I must have been blocking his usual route home or something, because he got to the side of the jalopy and sat up like a damn kangaroo or something and stared in at me like "MOVE IT, WILL YA'???"  I giggled about that most of the drive home.

Sunday morning Papoose #2 wanted McDonalds for breakfast, so after we fed the farm and got home and got ready for work I ran her by the one in Boyd.  On our way down 114 we're cruising about 60 mph and from the north side of the road shoots a full grown Lynx.  He's running so fast that he is literally flat out from the tips of his front toes to the tip of his tail.  I slammed on the brakes and just barely clipped the end of his tail.  He kept on gunnin.  He was so close to us, you could see every detail on him, even the tufts of hair on his pretty ears and the color of his eyes.  Papoose #2 was losing her mind, she was so excited to see it.  She kept thanking me over and over for trying so hard to miss him.  I'm thankful we did.

McDonalds food poisoned me with a sausage mcmuffin with egg.  Or maybe I had the flu.  I was so sick by the time I got to work I could barely stand up.  People were giving me medicines and making me drink sprite and I don't even know what else.  I was out of it.  Worked through it though, and many hours later finally got to go home.  Well, got to go by the farm and feed and THEN go home, haha.  I was still out of it yesterday.  Started feeling human again later on yesterday evening, and I'm so thankful for it!!!

Got a call from my doc yesterday.  There has been no change from my last CT scan to the most recent one.

That's GOOD news  :-)

A girl was grabbed and told "You're coming with me" by a huge guy in the hallway that Papoose #1 has to walk down to get to her apartment every day.  The girl stabbed the guy in the face with her keys and got away from him.  All students have been given mace to keep on their keychains and are supposed to use the buddy system and go NOWHERE alone.  I was fiercely worried about Papoose #1 before.  Now I'm LOSING MY FUCKING MIND over it.

Saw Contagion on Saturday.  Was not impressed.  The two actors that were splashed all over the ads as the stars, Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon were bit players and barely in the movie.  The movie had no point and was incredibly unimpressive.  I rarely go to the movies, so if I finally get to go and see a flop like that, it really pisses me off.  Oh well.

I have to work now.  This office is in a fucking frenzy.

Have a good day all, and please, remember prayers for those that are sick, and throw a few in for my baby girl that she is safe and sound.



  1. May all our prayers protect your girl and every mother's girl. Mace is good. Had to use it once. But I prefer the taser. Shhh don't tell.
    I don't know about your CT scan, but am so glad there is no change.
    Thanks for the word on the movie. Won't waste my time now. A gift, considering how much a ticket costs these days.