Monday, September 26, 2011

Sportin Wood

I'm here.  I just haven't had any words really.

Mister Wonderful is on vacation this week, and happened to be in town.  Asked me to go to lunch with him which in and of itself is a shocker.  Turns out, he was trying to butter me up to see if I will cosign for a new Dodge Charger for him.  He's all hot and heavy to get a brand new one.  Yeah.  Right.  Uh. No.

Right as he was dropping me off back at work, he says "You know, I actually was sporting wood on Friday night, but then you opened your mouth and started talking".  That guy.  That crazy funny guy.  Prince Charming.

Papoose #2 took her miniature horse and dressed him up as the school mascot and took him in the homecoming parade. Boy were they ever a hit.

Papoose #1 came home for the weekend again.  Went to the homecoming game with her sis and then hung out with friends till her sis's homecoming dance was over, then brought her home.

Papoose #2 had her cross country meet Saturday morning, and beat her own time from the week before. Very proud of that kid.

Papoose #1 rode with a friend of mine and I down to Hutto Texas to look at a new driving horse.  Man was he nice.  What a fabulous find.  Gonna make-a-da-moolah with that one.  Lots of fun to be had.  He will be delivered in October.  Yay.

Spent the rest of Saturday and much of Sunday at the AMHA Worlds horse show at Will Rodgers.  It's like the superbowl of the A registry for the little horses.  Lots of money in that place, Lord have mercy.  It's still going on, if you all want to go down and wander around and see horses that are about 32" tall on average, that cost people upwards of $22,000.00.  Yeah, NO I'm not kidding.

I have to work tonight.   Closing.  Fucking beating.  I do NOT feel like doing that today.  I'm exhausted.  For some reason, I could NOT sleep last night.  I hate when that happens.  Oh well.

Managed to get my shit together and send in what I think will be an acceptable down payment on the repayment plan on the house.  Have to call them later and find out for sure.  Fingers crossed.  Gonna be a tough six months ahead, even if they do accept it.  Ouchers on a higher mortgage payment, but at least I'm still one of the people that has their house.......

James Earl went four whole days of leash training REFUSING to walk on a leash.  You didn't take that dog for a walk, you took him for a drag.  Literally.  I've had literally hundreds of dogs through my home over the years that I've vetted up, trained and found good homes for, and I have NEVER run across one so hard headed.  I thought his legs were going to end up inches shorter, from the amount of dragging he went through.  I tried every trick of the trade, from talking sweet to using cheese to entice him to step forward.  And about a dozen other things in between.  You take the leash off and he prances right along, you put the leash on, and it's like you super glued the little bastard to the spot.  He sat in the kitchen floor Thursday night for two HOURS because the leash was on him.  Sat there like a statue.  Not even kidding.  He finally gave in late Saturday night at the horse show and started walking along with Papoose #1 while I was helping with the horses.  I gave him the day off yesterday, because I just didn't have the time to fool with him.  We shall see tomorrow if his lesson stuck, see if he walks on his leash.  Crazy ass animal.

I've been so busy and so tired, I can't even keep track of what day of the month it is.  That's terrible.  Especially since I didn't realize it was MW's birthday yesterday till Papoose #2 told him Happy Birthday dad.  Ah well, he'd spent the whole morning cussing me and calling me names anyway, I don't see where I could have fit a heart felt "Happy Birthday Honey" in there anyway.  I still feel like the worlds meanest person over it though.  Sheesh.

I want to take a nap.

I really get irritated with people that make things more complicated or dramatic than they need to be.

Told my friend about our chupacabra weird crazy scary sound incident from when she was gone and I was feeding the farm for them.  Now she's scared to feed in the dark.  Oops.

Well, I know it's boring, but I've been pretty busy and brain dead lately.  Hope everyone is doing well out there.

Remember to stop and appreciate something extraordinarily ordinary today.


  1. Not boring at all!!! CONGRATS on the "uh, no." The nerve of that man! And, that comment? Dirt. Bag. He amazes me.

    I would have LOVED to have seen P #2's horse! That's awesome! Pics? I know my Girl would love to see it herself.....;-) Great on cross country too....!

    Glad you got to spend time with P. #1 and take care of yourself? I'm so proud of the distances you've traveled, the realizations you've had & the overall ThisIsMyLife choices you've made!!! BUT, you still need to be there for know, like fire or poolside w/a GF and a cold one. ;-) It's a Date?

  2. "You know, I actually was sporting wood on Friday night, but then you opened your mouth and started talking"

    Punch him in the nuts for me please. Blame me. ;-)