Friday, September 9, 2011

Better Than Sex, But Not According To The Slut Kitty

OMG, the other gal in the office just absolutely cracks me up sometimes.  Everyone in here is being bitchy as usual, and she just got herself some coffee and came in my office and said "If THAT (points towards front of office where the bitching has commenced) is going to go on today, you and I are going to get your cake, get in the car and head to the park.  We don't have to make out if you don't want to, but that's an option too"  to which I replied "Well, lets see how it goes once we have all that chocolate in our system".  Haha.  She is so damn funny sometimes.  Sometimes we laugh till my face hurts.  Love it.

I baked myself a Better Than Sex Cake last night.  Only thing is, I didn't actually eat any of it for my birthday last night, because I like that cake better after it has been in the fridge for awhile.  So I brought some of it here to the office to share with everyone today.  Yummaroonie.  I also made Chicken Picatta, angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce, and garlic bread.

After work last night I stopped by the grocery store to pick up the things I needed to make dinner and my birthday cake.  There was a dude in there that kept showing up wherever I happened to be shopping, and acting like I was totally in his way or something, acting peeved off at the world.  It was so bizarre.  I finally started to have some fun and intentionally get in his way.  Yeah, I'm easily amused.  I thought he was gonna knock my lights out when I decided at the last minute I needed some bananas when he was tail gaiting me in the produce section.  Heehee.

Went home and got the cake in the oven, then I went outside and shot some hoops with Papoose #2.  LabPup Milo was a real sport and retrieved my ball every time it would hit the backboard wrong and go zinging across the yard.  A good time was had by all.

Papoose #2 gave me a gorgeous bunch of flowers, a bag of kettle corn, and a beautiful mother daughter necklace.  I've always wanted one of those necklaces.  I've admired them on women I see at Job #2 etc., and always thought how wonderful it must be for your kids to think of buying it for you.  I have to admit, I cried when I opened it.  It's the most lovely thing ever  :-)

Papoose #1 and I chatted via yahoo messenger off and on most of the day, and she called me for a bit as well.  That was an awesome birthday gift too, we had a blast visiting.  She thinks she will be coming home next Thursday, and staying through the weekend.  I'm stoked!!!!

Mister Wonderful bought LabPup Milo a doggie bed for my room, which he slept next to instead of on, no matter how many times I showed him it was ok to sleep on it, haha.  When it gets cooler I'm sure he will put two and two together.  MW also got me some chocolates and a very funny animated card in the shape of a toilet.  It's a long story.....

The Real Deal sent me a text when he woke up yesterday that said "Happy Bday my love".  Really?  Wasn't even worth the effort to spell out birthday??  What, the IRTH was just too much for ya??  And we worked together Wednesday night, he knew he wouldn't be seeing me for my birthday, I had the night off, and he still didn't get me a card, or do just some little thing to make me feel special?  He never even mentioned my birthday Wed night/Thurs morning when we were texting after closing the store and getting home.  He could have at least remembered it was my BDAY and been the first to say happy BDAY, since we were in communication after midnight.  Oh well.  The first year we were together, he completely FORGOT my BDAY.  I told him how he hurt my feelings by not doing a little something to show me he's thinking of me, and his answer was all about how he can't wait to have the money to do things for me again, and I told him that money is not the point, it's the thought or effort that counts.  I didn't have much to say to him for the rest of the day and night yesterday.  I only got like two or three texts from him all night anyway.  Whatever.  I'm right on this one.  Hurt my feelings.

When I went to put my hair up in a scrunchie last night, something popped between my shoulder blades when I raised my arms up to pull my hair up, and now I have an excruciating pain running from the back of my head, down my neck and between my shoulder blades.  Holy moly it hurts.  Woke  me up several times last night.  I've decided that my warranty must have run out with my 43rd birthday or something.  It's all down hill from here on out!!!  Hahaha!!!!

I wonder how many wrecks we are going to have to have before they do something about the mess at the entrance of the Loves Truck Stop/McDonalds at 114 and 287?  That place is a disaster waiting to happen. What a shitty idea to only have the one entrance/exit.  I hate going down there and have only ventured a couple times.

I hate Internet Explorer.  I only use it to have my other email address open during the day.  Other than that I refuse to use it because it sucks balls.  I use Opera for everything else.  The latest Explorer update has made it to where any time I go to open an email, some kind of stupid warning comes up that I have to ok or deny. There is NO option for "do not show this again".  Pos.

A friend of mine wanted to take me to GoGo's for dinner last night, but that place doesn't blow my skirt up quite like it does everyone elses, and she wasn't going to be able to get there till at least 6, so I asked her if we could get together tonight right after work instead.  She agreed.  We are going to get pedis together after work today.  Yay!!  Of course, it feels a tad pointless, considering my little piggies are trapped in tennis shoes  every single day because of Job #2, but the pedi itself will be fabulous.  Kathleen, anyone, any suggestions on a place to go?  The place we've always gone to in Roanoke hasn't given the service lately that they once did, we need a new and improved place to pedi!!

Slut Kitty 
Well, TRD texted me and dammit, before I knew it I was speaking to him again.  I'm just no good at holding a grudge I guess.  He needs help with getting his hussy of a cat spayed.  She escaped the house and I'm sure got bred again, the tramp.  He needed the number to our vet to get her in to have her spayed.  My feelings are still extremely hurt about him basically blowing my birthday off though.  Very very hurt.

I have to go now.  Need to call the vet and make an appointment for a spay and abortion for the slut kitty.  I'm going to go ahead and get Moses and Gracie fixed the same day.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


  1. Oooo. Trouble in paradise?

    Firefox is your friend. IE is your enemy.

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