Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrong Kinda Hole There, Buddy!!!!

Very very sore today.  Got into a huge train wreck with a horse last night.  Whew!!  Every muscle in my body is sore sore sore.  It's super fun though, that I'm not afraid to get behind anything and drive them now.  Nothing I can put a cart behind will ever be as dangerous or crazy as this one has been.  I had hooves flying past my head and then he reared up and almost landed on me.  Good thing I had a moment of NOT being my usual clumsy self when I stepped out of his way!!  So freaking much fun though!!

So I get home at around midnight last night, because after the rodeo we still had to haul bags of grain to all the barns.  I go around the house checking on everything like I always do, making sure everything is locked up, dogs in kennels, blinds closed, and I finally get to my bedroom.  There is a hole in my bedroom door, about 8" wide by about 10-12" tall......I was so sore and exhausted I didn't even stop to check it out.  I showered and poured myself into bed.  This morning I ask Mister Wonderful what happened to the bedroom door and he laughed and said "oh, I locked myself out".  Huh????  Who the fuck knocks a hole in a door because they locked themselves out????   Besides, there is a key to the bedroom hanging with all the other spare keys on the mirror in the entryway.  Moron knows this.  It's been that way for the 6 or so years we've lived there!!!  So now my bedroom door is all ghetto with a massive hole all the way through it.  Unfreakingbelievable.

Bummer.  My friends community service has been switched from the police stables to some recycling place. No more fun stories.  Darn the luck.

So, when you live right on the water, like Jar does, do you have a lot of bugs and such around your yard??  Not being facetious,  I've really always wondered that about houses on lakes and ponds and such.

Still totally in love with how much better the jalopy goes down the road with new shoes on.  Man, I feel so spoiled now.

Papoose #2 has A LOT of homework every night from all of her pre a/p classes.  She is doing really well so far about being dedicated to hitting the books and not putting it off.  She is really being responsible about it without needing to be reminded.  That is a huge change from every year before.  All of the work has always come so easy to her, and she's always been one I've had to battle to get her to take her homework seriously. She is really impressing me with how mature she's become.

Piss off Jar!!!  Yes I just got that ice cream truck emailed to me yesterday.  So sue me, I haven't seen everything on the internet yet!!!!   :P   Show off.   *snicker*

God Almighty.  Everyone here at Job #1 are in loud obnoxious pissy moods today.  The other gal in the office and I were just saying how it's good we don't have any weapons or it'd be all over with.

I've never understood people who 'can't wait' to get their kids out of the house so they can have 'their' life back.  I've never felt that way and never will.  

James Earl is beginning to look like a tick.  Man those pugs can pack some weight on in a hurry.  He's in a stage of choosing when he will listen to me and mind me, and when he won't.  MW's idiot dog has been a naughty influence on him.

I'm a boring person today.  I have to go work now.  You guys have a great day.


  1. I'm with you on NOT wanting the kids to leave. Every year during the back to school rush, I'm inevitably the Spoil Sport on the mom-to-mom conversation of, "I'm SO glad they're going back -- it couldn't be too soon, you know?" Nope. I don't. I miss my kids when they're at school. I hate giving them back every fall. They're just arms & legs to my being, I guess.

    Every now and again, someone suggests that I homeschool. Uhhhh, the kids & I want to continue liking each other. I don't have the patience, or the wherewithal, to teach math. ;-)

  2. This sounds funny out of context: "Wrong Kinda Hole There, Buddy!!!!
    Very very sore today. Got into a huge train wreck with a horse last night. Whew!! Every muscle in my body is sore sore sore. It's super fun though, that I'm not afraid to get behind anything and drive them now."

    I'm starting to sound like the Backdoor Intruder.